How I Promote Udemy Courses Successfully in April 2015.

How do I promote Udemy courses I create?

Get answers to my Udemy promotion strategies and much more based on these answers I gave to questions asked in the Udemy studio about how I make sales on Udemy!  This is a free preview of my Udemy instructor success course at

How am I driving people to my courses outside of Udemy asked by Andrew McNaughton?

  • Mostly through YouTube on my channel where I have a lot of organic search traffic especially in Facebook ads. I then send people to my website here where then I send to Udemy. I am not able to send people straight from YouTube to Udemy using annotations which seems to be where I get many sales. What I have been doing is I put around an hour of the 10 hour course on YouTube for free and then in the video tell the viewer they can get the rest on Udemy on my website.

How can you get started with your first earnings on Udemy asked by Tushar Grover?

  • My very first sale was to a potential client in exchange for a discount on a future service that they never ordered. My first organic sale came in close proximity to this. I started getting more sales after I let thousands of students take my first course for free. A few of these students enjoyed the course, completed it, and left reviews. If I had to start again, I would approach people individually, give them my course for free, and keep in contact with them throughout their use of it. I would ask them to give me feedback about the course and to leave a review if they liked it so I could make it better. Most of the work creating a course comes not in the initial creation but in making it better. At the same time, most new instructors spend so much effort creating a course that after it gets no sales or very few sales, there is no motivation to try to make the course better. I am not sure why I kept going even with no motivation to make the course better!
    Why does it take courses so many months before they get traction asked by Huzefa Kapadia? I would guess that it takes courses a while to start reaching their potential because like nearly everything in life, the seed must be planted and have time to grow to harvest. When a new course comes out, it usually is only appealing to early adopters. This is perhaps 10% of the total. When a course has lots of good reviews, a lot of material, a lot of existing students, and an established good ranking, then the masses become aware of the course. My SEO course I created last year is finally now getting some excellent sales around 5 to 6 months after I made it. My Facebook course took around 8 months to start making hundreds in sales every month. The crazy thing I am wondering is what will happen when all of the courses I have now are 8 months to a year old? Udemy seems to be a long term strategy game where most instructors have to work hard a long time before getting any good results. The nice thing is that you have a lot of instructors now that show you the effort is worth it!

Is my warrior forum offer putting together good results asked by Ana Filipa Pereira?

  • In the last two days, I have received $240 from the warrior forum collection offer they made and around 60 new enrollments in my Facebook course. Including my first WSO for my Facebook course, almost 500 warriors have taken my Facebook course for free and the warrior forum has paid me in total around $1,200 between this and the other offer. They have made around $5,000 on it. The opportunity to be included now in three different emails to all warrior forum members is one that I would not have believed possible 2 years ago when I signed up and started posting on the warrior forum. One of their marketing team members approached me about doing a WSO and I now do whatever they ask me to do including a warrior ask me anything later this month and several more WSOs coming up for my courses. The point of sharing this is that when I tried to get these kinds of opportunities, I never got them. When I started to focus on creating as much value for as many people as possible, this opportunity find me through no effort of my own. I try to focus on giving as much as possible and the ridiculous thing is now I get more than I ever did trying to be a go getter.

What is my tip for people just getting started on Udemy asked by Marcos Gabriel D. Dos Reis?

  • First, decide if you like making lectures for your courses enough to do it for free because to begin you probably will be doing it for free. If you like it that much, commit to making a few lectures every day and track it with a spreadsheet. This way you can look and see how much your work has added up to. Then, take other people’s courses especially in areas you want to teach. See what they are doing right that you can do and what you think you could do better. Finally, accept that getting started is supposed to be challenging and comes with lots of failures. It might take making 5 courses before you get one that sells well. It might take ordering three microphones before you find one that works well. You might have to buy a new computer or change from windows to mac to make lectures at a good speed. Your course probably will come with 8 required fixes after you submit it and then not make any money once it gets approved. You might have to give your course away to 10,000 people before you get an organic sale. Getting started is much more challenging for most instructors than anyone would like to admit. If you love creating and giving to your students, you will get through the challenges.

Udemy studio changing from free coupons to income sharing.

  • I did love the free coupons in this group too. When I first saw Alun Hill sharing his income here, I was disgusted. I thought he was trying to show off and make everyone else feel small. I said if I ever made that much I sure would not do that to other people. When I started to get my personal life together, then Alun’s posts started to look more like an opportunity than an ego showing off. I figured if he could make that much, I probably could make a full time living at least. Now that I have been blessed with many sales, I feel it is my duty to pay it forward. I realized that sharing income here took courage because many people might react the way I initially did. What I know is the better we all do, the better everything is for each of us individually! I bring thousands of students new to Udemy here that not only buy my courses but who also buy other instructor’s courses. If we all keep doing that, all of our sales grow!