How I Promoted My Udemy Courses to $200,000/month in Sales!

For making promoting Udemy courses, my own promotion activity was critically important to getting the organic sales and for making a significant amount of money. I’m grateful in November 2014 I made over a thousand dollars on my own promotional activity that means my own instructor coupons and Udemy’s versions of my coupons. For example, when Udemy did a $10 sale if someone used one of my more expensive coupons Udemy would automatically lower it to the $10 sale and still count that as my coupon. That’s pretty sweet.  This scaled up to eventually $20,000+ in my own promotional activity each month before Udemy went crazy and suspended my account without ever issuing me a strike!

You’ll notice I’ve did a bit different strategy going forward than most instructors because I want to really find out the best ways to promote and sell my course. See the top 10 things I did different than the average Udemy instructor at and see how I created 72 profitable courses on Udemy at

This post originally was from December 2014 but I just updated it today on January 1, 2020 after seeing it is one of the top organic traffic pages from Google search on my website. What you see is the post below I originally made and I have to leave it there to make sure I keep the keywords for Google!

Last month, I had 2,269 users redeem free coupons to mostly just my one new course. This month, I’ve earned significantly less in the first half of the month on my own promotions, but what I’ve done is I’ve gotten ten thousand students to enroll in my courses and technically that’s 10,000 individual enrollments.

Often if you look at the redemptions, there’s one person who will go enroll in several courses all at once. What I’m trying to do is push all of my courses up to the top of the search results since you can see this month and last month the majority of my earnings are from Udemy organic and I want to maximize the Udemy organic earnings on all of my courses.

Promoting them on my website and social media is the foundation of how I do that. I already explained, in an earlier lecture, how to get free students with the Udemy studio. What I’m sharing now is how to promote your course especially for sales on social media by showing you how I do it.

The main way that I do it is to drive people to this page on my website here. I ultimately want people to be on my website because there’s a lot more on my website. Even if they don’t get a Udemy course, they might do something else like go to my Facebook Ads campaign services, they might schedule a one on one to talk to me down here, they might watch a YouTube video, follow me on social media, or start other posts, or sign up for my email newsletter. There’s so many things to do on my website. My website is the foundation of where I get to online.

What I want is to sell my Udemy courses through my website. What I’m doing right now is testing with free coupon codes because I want to know which method is most effective at getting people to convert. If the courses are given for free it’s easier to track conversion because there’s more data. I know this works for free right now, to direct people to this page and then all I have to do is change these coupon codes from a free code into a paid code. I know this works very good, so I’m directing people, especially on my YouTube Channel now, straight to this page on my website, both by having the URL here, and this fits on mobile devices too, and on a direct click-through link that tracks on my website here.

I’m using my YouTube channel to do this and I’m doing it throughout my videos I’m sending people to my Udemy page on my website, but I’m also doing it on my Facebook Page, I’ve made a post here and that’s what I’m doing, sending them straight to Udemy. The best part is I’m testing this on Facebook ads so I’ve got tons of social proof on this now all I have to do is make a proof for conversions, I set up the post to do conversions and then I track conversions on my website. Then I can also track how many actual course sign ups I get. That’s giving me a nice paid method to use with good tracking on at least how many people click through to my website.

On Twitter, I’m doing the same thing. I’m promoting my YouTube videos, the direct page on my website. I’m going through and creating all kinds of tweets that encourage people to end up on this page of my website. I like this page of my website for this because they have all my Udemy courses in one spot. Ultimately, I want a student to enroll in every one of my courses, especially when I put these into paid coupons again. I want them to enroll in every single course; I want them to pay for each course.

What I want is to get people in front of all my courses, and then I can easily make this page better whenever I want. I can take some of the screenshots of Udemy reviews and put them up here. I’m planning on having lots of courses so I want everyone to be in the habit if going to this one page on my website to see what courses I have up. I want this one page on my website to get shared and get the traffic.

I’ve already gotten tons of shares on it on Facebook for going that promoted post. I want people to come here and know this is a very popular page on my website so for promoting it on my website itself, I have direct links on some of my posts, then I just have a header menu item.

Last month my header link was the single most effective method of promotion and the second one was straight from a YouTube video in the description. The most effective single link for promoting is in the header of my website. This month I’ve been using people sending them straight to here and getting free codes so I’m getting excellent conversions from that, but I want to use my website and social media to push the overall number of students I have up so then I can get the maximum Udemy organic sales.

At some point when I’m happy with all of the free sales and all the positions I’m getting on Udemy organic, then I can easily go back and turn all of my paid codes on and all of the traffic that was coming to my website, all of the places this got shared, all of the people who are in the habit of coming to this page, then this page is already in position to sell my course because people are already using and sharing the page for free courses.

That’s the beauty of this Facebook post I made here. This post shares the coupons for free, but then makes it clear that once I’ve gotten enough students, everything’s paid. That’s a sweet deal because I can use that now to get free students and then all I have to do is switch the codes on this page to make it paid. I’ve got one united post that for both the free offer and sales that gives me the power to have massive social proof on my ads which helps a lot with getting click through and getting the ad noticed. If you’ve seen most Facebook ads, ads don’t tend to have much social proof on them, but the best ads you tend to notice do.

All across what I’m doing is I’m trying to get social proof and I’m sending people to this page on my website. Also on Twitter, I send people directly to a course. If you look down through some of my recent tweets, with most of them being the YouTube videos, this is a direct link to a course and it has it’s own coupon code so that I can track individual sales through things like these coupon codes. On Twitter it’s a game of brute force, I can afford to promote links to courses directly. On this post, I have direct links on here too, so I use both direct links and the link to my website. The website and the YouTube channel are the foundations of promoting on social media and getting those sales up for my own promotional activity.

I hope this was helpful for you!


Jerry Banfield