Why am I here? What is the Purpose of Life?


Thank you for watching this video. The humble purpose of this video is to answer all of life’s biggest questions very quickly and practically.

Are you frustrated with where you’re at in life right now. Are you pretty happy with where you’re at today, but think you could do a little better? Or are you just kind of apathetic?

For most of my life, I lived in one of those three states and I was frustrated with my inability to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. I thought you can’t find those answers, I was pretty sure about that. Then, when I started looking for them, it  turns out, I found them.

I will share them quickly here with you as fast as I possibly can so that maybe  you can feel a little bit better right now and that you can experience the life you were meant to live right now.

The first question: What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? Who am I? Three questions rolled into one.

The purpose of life is to do exactly what you are doing at this moment. There is no purpose to life. The only things that ever matters is what you’re doing this moment. That means your entire purpose in life is to watch this video now, or maybe it ‘s to get up and go tell someone you love them, or maybe it’s to pause this video and realize that you are the person who is aware of the life around you and you are not a function of the life around you.

The entire purpose of life is to experience this moment. My entire purpose of my life right now is to talk you in this video. I ahve nothing else I ahve to do, nowhere else I need to be, nothisng else that’s important except to share what I’m doing in this video with you now.

Share the answers I’ve found to the biggest questions in life. That’s now and that’s all there ever is – now. The past and the future are both creations of our mind. They’re helpful for making appointments or synchronizing schedules with other people, but ultimately they’re very hurtful. The past and present and future are only ever experience in the present – now

You cannot experience the past through anything but now. You can experience or plan for the future any time but now. The only time you have in life is now.

So that goes to the next question: What happens where we die? Where were we before we were born?

You were in now. You are in now and you will only ever  be in now. Now means this moment, experiencing what’s immediately around you.

Upon birth you started to identify with this form, your body and the life around you. Upon death, the illusion that this body and this form are you will be smashed if it hasn’t already. The idea of being reborn or finding nirvana is to know that you lose nothing except this form in death. There’s only ever now. All of eternity is now.

The next question: What do I do in order to go to heaven? How to do I avoid going to hell? Is there a heaven or hell?

Heaven and hell are places you can be. You can never go to heaven or go to hell, you can be in heaven or be in hell. Being in heaven is being at peace with the moment. Looking around you and saying this is an incredible moment.

I am in heaven now. I’m looking around and saying everything is just perfect just the way it is. I was in hell before, when I looked around at the world and was disgusted. That was hell.

You might be in heaven or you might be in hell or you might be somewhere in between hell but ultimately you are the judge of whether you are in heaven, in hell, or somewhere between. You are the only judge of that.

That leads to the next question: What is God? Is there a God? Who is God? How do I find God? Or any other similar spiritual related term.

God is being one with all of existence. There is no God in a physical form that you can go out and put your hands on. There is no God that you can wrap your arms around that is god and that nothing else is God for every this is God and yet nothing is God.

Everything is a part of God. You have god in your as much as God is outside of you. You are God as much as anything else is God but separated from form. So if you take away your body , if you are left only with your soul, there’s no difference between me or you. If you take away everything you’ve done all of your memories. If you just were to have only your soul absent of any baggage of the past or missed opportunities of the future, you have God and that is the power of God all around us, all the time.

You can draw on the power of God by feeling the space in just one breath. So if you take a breath you’ve got the power of God right there. You don’t have to go anywhere else to get it. It’s right inside you. It’s the power of God when you can experience the joy of being alive.

You can’t find the power of God when you’re consumed with your thoughts and consuming with thoughts identifying thoughts as you, which I used to do. I suffered a lot from that.

My thoughts are not me. My thoughts are one sense that goes along with all my other senses. My thoughts are a tool. My thoughts are often ridiculous and they don’t need to be taken seriously, but every thought I have is okay. Thoughts don’t change the world, action changed the world. Actions can only be done now. Thoughts can only be experienced now. You can only experience or find God or whatever you want to call God.

God is a term that’s been used a lot, but God is simply the idea of a higher power, of oneness, of space, peace, and spirituality. It’s not something out side of you any more than it’s something inside of you. So the only things you can do to find God is look within yourself. If you look and listen for the space where there’s no thought, you can find God in that space.

Everything I’m telling you is just pointing to the truth in you. I can’t hold your hand and walk you up and introduce you to God. I can point and say God’s over there or God’s in here but it’s up to you to find God. I’m grateful  I have received grace, I have become awake. I’m aware of the life around me and it happens slowly and it’s still happening slowly but every moment I am aware and I work to be awake every moment.

Being awake is to know God. To look around at the world and notice all of the little details. To look at a flower blooming and say “WOW!” But not with thought, absent of thought. To just  look at it and be a part of it and to realize all that beauty in the universe is beauty within me and I am a part of that inseparable. The only suffering I can experience is to not accept the present moment.

That leads to the next question: How do I stop suffering? How do I deal with bad things in life? How do I deal with grief? Loss? How do I deal with that?

All of the solution in the present moment. Right here right now in accepting that everything is the just way  it’s supposed to be right now.

If you think something’s not the way it’s supposed to be. For example, I used to think a lot that I thought my dad should be alive. If I think that my dad ought to be alive then I suffer. When I accept my dad in his physical form is not alive and that dad at the core of his being is no different than I am. Then I always have dad with me and I’ve always have dad with me and have never been separate from dad except in my mind.

When I accept that that is the reality of now, then I have no reason to suffer and I also accept the same fate for myself. I look in the mirror and I’m grateful to be alive and  to be just where I am right now. I look in the mirror and I’m grateful to have that chance to enjoy the moment and I’m okay with what happens in the future because it’s a certainty at some point this physical form I call my body will get old, decay, and fall apart. That’s okay. That’s how life is.

I have no purpose in life except to be here right now and so that answers questions about time.

Universe – How did the universe start? Will it end? What happened before and what happens later?

It’s all the same answer – Now. Everything is now. There’s nothing but now, all of eternity is now. The universe needs no start and needs no end because the entire universe and all of reality is experienced in now.

Thinking the universe started  before in a certain form  and seeing it demise in a certain form is a reflection of our own existence and awareness of this body. You were created with a big bang. And your life will end in separation and falling apart of this form, but you have no real life to lose.

You already have eternal life. That’s the realization that is connected to being and feeling at peace with all of the world. To not worrying about day to day things that happen, but simply interacting with life on life’s terms, doing the next right thing, accepting that things are just fine just the way they are, absent of any of my own judgment.

All of these things I am saying from a point where I feel awake peaceful and happy for the first time ever in my life I feel these things and what I’m doing now and I’m hoping to honestly sharing them with you.

These questions have always plagued me and frustrated me as if I was plugged into the matrix and everything always seemed wrong all the time. To unplug from the matrix is to separate who I am from the world around me.

I am that which is eternal who is always here. I am that who is aware of the life inside me. I notice my body breathing. I notice thoughts come across my mind. I notice my hands and my feet. I notice this camera in my face. I notice my computer monitors, and the trees outside, the microphone. I notice that. That’s all I ever do is watch and I can put into action in this form from watching.All I ever do foe all of eternity is watch.

Upon death and before birth, these things are perfectly clear. There’s no reason to be afraid of death, not only because it’s certain, but because it removed the illusion. It’s like waking up for a dream, but you can wake up from that dream now.

It’s like lucid dreaming. You can wake up from the idea of life, from the dream of life. You can be awake inside life and look around and see the miracle all around you. You don’t have to wait until you die to experience an amazing life, to go to heaven. You can only ever experience an amazing life, heaven, fulfilling your life’s purpose, knowing God. You can only ever experience those things now. You cannot experience them later. You can’t have experienced them in the past. You can only ever experience them now.

I like to thank Edgar Toli for being a particularly helpful spiritual teacher and I have to thank my own suffering if I hadn’t had such a difficult life that I made difficult for myself I would never have found the motivation to do any better and in looking for a better way of living, I have a spiritual awakening that I am one with everything around me, but all I can do is point you to the truth. All religions point to the truth. No religion can take you there. You must take yourself there.

I am sharing this out of love for you because I know you and I are one in the same. It’s my purpose in life right now to share the light that is inside me with you and if you want to experience that, you can do that. If you don’t, you don’t have to. You can only ever experience and have everything you want now.

Thank you for watching this video, I value your feedback on it. I hope it’s been helpful but it’s not up to me to decide. I do what I can now. I share out of love, hope, and faith with you and if you feel a part of that light then that’s up to you.

Thank you.