Pyramids All Over the World Even on Mars

While I thought pyramids were something local to Ancient Egypt, it turns out there are pyramids all over the world and even evidence of pyramids on MarsWhy then the need for these pyramids all over the world? Why would ancient civilizations all over the world build the same type of pyramids, the same type of structure?

Pyramids all over the world even on Mars

Pyramids all over the world even on Mars

Building pyramids versus skyscrapers

Why would ancient civilizations all over the world build the same type of pyramids, the same type of structure?

Look at all the things we build today. We don’t build pyramids. What you do notice is that we tend to build skyscrapers all over the world.

Building pyramids versus skyscrapers

You can see today as we build skyscrapers all over the world, that they are in so many different shapes and sizes, and you would think that they all share a common purpose which they do, to have people work or live inside them.

What you notice today is that the skyscrapers all have a lot in common. They are all built basically by a globally connected civilization that is aware of skyscrapers in other places on the Earth. If all of our civilizations were local, it seems very unlikely that a civilization would choose to build skyscrapers in one place, if they hadn’t seen it somewhere else.

The same goes for these ancient civilizations. Why would they all build these pyramids?

What do they use them for? Often it is said in Ancient Egypt that the pyramids are for burial.

Would you build a pyramid to bury someone?

It seems crazy.

Look at our skyscrapers. They are there for practical purposes, they do something. People go to work and live in skyscrapers. It takes a massive amount of effort to build a skyscraper and it has a practical purpose. It seems logical then that these pyramids all over the planet were built for a practical purpose, not as some burial ground for a previously deceased ruler or even for a ruler in their own image.

What you might not realize about these pyramids is how difficult they are to build. In fact, it is unlikely with our publicly available technology today that we could even build a pyramid, and in fact, why would we build a pyramid today?

You might think someone would build a pyramid somewhere just because we could do it. There is no motivation to build something just because you could though. It has got to do something. It appears that these pyramids possibly are part of either local power stations and/or global power networks. The pyramids seem to be designed to draw the natural energy out of the Earth.

Most of the pyramids seem to be put in very specific locations relative to the Earth’s natural energy that we don’t even understand today. We can see certain things that the pyramids are lined up in certain shapes, certain star constellation shapes. Pyramids all over the Earth tend to be aligned up exactly with certain features of the stars in the sky which often seems to indicate when exactly they were built.

Pyramids are old and it’s incredible how old they are. The engineering methods are even more incredible.

Here is how we build most things today. The house I’m in is just kind of thrown together quickly, wood and concrete, plaster, along with a poured concrete foundation, as far as the simplest explanation I can put it in.

Most of our buildings today are also similar in the sense they are built from concrete and steel and I’m sure there are lots of other things I don’t know about. But that’s the basic idea, concrete and steel or similar types of metal are the basic building blocks of our civilization today.

Do we have the technology to build pyramids today?

These pyramids are built often out of granite. The difference between granite and concrete is a lot. Granite is incredibly hard, dense and heavy, and these are solid granite blocks. Often blocks are 300 tons, and a ton is about 2,000 pounds, so they are incredibly heavy blocks. These are blocks that could not be moved by cranes and if they could be, it would take a whole bunch of our best cranes today to even try to move one block around. Very likely it would be a disaster

The whole pyramid is made of these huge solid blocks of granite and in Ancient Egypt, the granite is a long distance away from where you actually put it into the pyramid.

Do we have the technology to build pyramids today?

That doesn’t seem like much until you start thinking about it.

How thousands of years ago, would they have moved an incredibly fantastically heavy block for 90 or 100 miles or whatever it is over, and then lifted it up and put it in place in a pyramid?

It seems that all of these pyramids around the Earth have been built with technology that is even better than what we use to engineer today. They seem to have been built to last way more than anything we build today to last. These things seem to have been built to last tens of thousands of years.

Today would be extremely expensive to use gigantic solid granite blocks, move them from wherever you get the granite from, put them in an exact position on the Earth where they need to be, and line them all up. It would be fantastically expensive.

Granite is very profitable business today for putting down things like granite countertops. I have a friend who with his family are in the granite business, they make real good money now. Picture building an entire pyramid out of that in solid blocks.

It is incredible. The technology that must have been used to build these pyramids is amazing.

Pyramids all over the world

It is even more amazing that they are all over the world. They are in Peru, Mexico, the pyramids in Egypt obviously, you know about China, all over the place.

Pyramids all over the world

There is a pyramid in China that is buried underneath a lake. It is buried underneath China’s second deepest lake. It is about the size of the Great Pyramids in Egypt.

Here is the amazing thing: The last time that area was not underwater would have been before the last Ice Age. We are talking ten plus thousands of years ago. That is an old pyramid under there. What is it doing under water?

How did that get built before the last Ice Age? How did that get built in an area of China? There are pyramids all over China.

There is a pyramid in the middle of a mountain in China. It appears there is a giant living structure in that mountaintop via a pyramid, most of which is all protected and underground. In China, the history says that this was the center of the universe. That’s where Earthly people connected with the rest of the universe, which in today’s term, we would say human beings connected with the interstellar, extraterrestrial beings.

Even in Egypt where the lore around the pyramids focuses on them being a place where a Pharaoh ascended to Heaven or ascended to the stars, a burial ground would also indicate a transcendence back into the stars. Even in this sense, the pyramids are linked to what goes on above.

Are pyramids part of a power network?

It seems that the pyramids are all part of a global power structure. It seems possible, based on Nikola Tesla’s work who mysteriously disappeared after somehow jumping out of a window and none of his work is found, to have a global wireless power network.

Now that might have seemed pretty unimaginable a few years ago. Look at our technology today. We have all kinds of wireless Internet on our phones. We have all kinds of wireless services like radio, television, all kinds of things that are transmitted through the air. Now, imagine if you knew how to take the Earth’s power from deep down or wherever you get it geologically, harness that in a pyramid and then shoot that up into a global power network, that perhaps, is even managed by satellites in space. Each individual pyramid would shoot up to a satellite in space and then the satellite in space would spread it over to a global power network or redirect it to other areas.

Are pyramids part of a power network?

It seems these pyramids were built for a very practical purpose and the most logical purpose is power. If you knew how to harness the Earth’s power, wouldn’t you want to do that and wouldn’t you want to build something that would do that for a very long time?

We don’t actually know how old these pyramids are. If you have learned a little bit about how age is determined in archaeology, it is often done by what is called carbon dating and similar methods. Carbon dating looks at the amount of isotopes you have based on what is normal in a living organic body and then how that decays over time once the body has been dead. What I’m saying is that it is difficult to accurately date something that is made out of granite because there is no good way to just look at the granite and definitively say how long that granite has been there.

There are all kinds of ways of guessing. These pyramids may be way older than anyone realizes. Now some of the records in Egypt say when they were built, but many of these other pyramids on Earth may be way older than the ones in Egypt. They are built so good that they are still here some of which may be 10,000 plus years old.

In 10,000 years, pretty much everything we have built will crumble down back into nothing. These pyramids are still standing because of the fantastic engineering. The granite blocks all put meticulously together as if someone had antigravity technology and built them exactly like a kid might put together a toy. Just pick them up weightlessly and drop them into position.

Are pyramids part of a power network?

Now, if you had technology to harness the Earth’s natural power to build a power plant out of granite that required minimal wires and processing that it was built so good. It looks like what it just need is a few little parts inside. There are some little mysterious shafts inside these pyramids that we are not sure exactly what they do today.

It seems the material, the granite, is part of the actual power plant which seems to be why they used it as well as how long it lasts. Then, perhaps something like a court’s top on the pyramid. What’s interesting, all of the tops of the pyramids seem to be missing as if someone came around and collected them, as if they were all taken or they fell off into the earth or something.

If you had the technology to harness the Earth’s power and build something like a power plant, wouldn’t you do that all over the Earth?

What I’m trying to get at is that pyramids are clear proof that there has been a global civilization that built these pyramids on planet Earth, and it has been here all along. In fact, it has never not been here. There has been some highly advanced technological species. It could be beings that look just like us, it could be different, it could be a mixture. Someone or something has built these pyramids all over the Earth, and they built them for a practical purpose, not to worship gods idly or to bury someone. These are built to do something and the most logical thing is they are built for power.

If you look at our civilization today, what is the most critical component of it, the one thing you absolutely cannot substitute?


All of the great things we have need power, pull the plug and we instantly revert to being able to do pretty much nothing, except run on the fumes of what our power previously made.

Sure, we could still use lots of things until the batteries ran out or until whatever was produced with the power ran out. Something like guns, you need power to be able to make the guns and the ammo. You could use the guns until your ammo ran out, until the weapons wore out, and then you would need power again to go forward and produce more parts for those.

An ancient civilization is likely to have had the same limitation that power would have been absolutely necessary, especially if they were an interstellar space-traveling species. Power would have been essential, and more than likely then, these pyramids are a global power network.

Are pyramids part of a power network?

Today, we essentially have our own primitive version of what already existed before with all of these messy cables running everywhere. Imagine a wireless power network. We are not that far off from that. When we can have all of the wireless things we do now, we are pretty close to having wireless power.

Once you have wireless power, then that frees the whole world up, doesn’t it? I’m looking at my studio setup in here and the power cords have gotten to be the most limiting part of it.

I could go do a whole lot of things with my studio that would be amazing and crazy, if I didn’t have all the power cords attached and if the wireless internet was better. It is funny how we think today that we are the most advanced civilization. In many respects it looks like, especially when you look at the pyramids, that whoever was on this planet before was far more advanced than us.

Are there pyramids on Mars?

They had great knowledge of the Earth and power that we have no idea about. Even if power is not necessarily what the pyramids were for, the fact is that there are pyramids all over the Earth.

There is no way the Incas in Peru, the Aztecs in Mexico, the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Chinese, and all the other people all over the world who built all kinds of pyramids, possibly even in Antarctica and on Mars, there is no way they just by chance without having heard what was going on in another part of the world that they just put together all these things.

Are there pyramids on Mars?

In fact, many of the histories of the people who were around these pyramids say that they didn’t build them, but the Gods did or that they were built with help from the Gods. Most of the ancient people that we have records of don’t claim they actually built them. Even in some of the Egyptians things it doesn’t necessarily say they were built by the Egyptians. It says when they were built. It doesn’t necessarily say that the Egyptians even built them. It says they were built during the time of this Pharaoh.

If we still haven’t even discovered many of the secrets of these pyramids, if most of the population doesn’t even know that there are pyramids all over the world, this is a big breakthrough I hope for you personally. I’m excited about the pyramids. Everywhere on Earth, I would like to go see some more of them. They come in slightly different shapes and sizes, but there is a consistent theme with all the pyramids, the same basic triangular built structure on most of them, often built on the Earth’s power points and built for a purpose that doesn’t seem obvious. Usually, if something is not obvious, that means there is a chance to learn and do something, it is a chance for advancement.

If you look at the pyramids today, that is the most undeniable evidence that we have a deep ancient history of advanced technology, of a globally connected civilization. It seems logical once you assume that all of the ancient civilizations must have been in contact with each other.

Pyramids and a globally connected civilization

How would they have been in contact with each other?

They must have been able to travel across the ocean somehow.

How would they do that in very basic ships with no GPS, no phones, not even having a map of the other side of the world?

It seems likely that ancient civilizations actually had access to flying crafts of some sort. Many of these pyramids also seem to have some sort of a landing spot for a ship, or what you might hear of as a spot for worship or something like that.

Pyramids and a globally connected civilization

It is something like Stonehenge, which looks like it was the ancient structure of something that might have been a space port. There are features like this built all over the Earth. If you are not familiar with Stonehenge, there are really fantastically heavy stone blocks sitting out in the open with no apparent purpose.

If you put this in the context of pyramids, this probably had a very practical purpose. It wasn’t for druids to do weird rituals. It was probably something like an ancient building. If it wasn’t a power building, it seems logical it was something like a space port. If you had something for spaceships to land on, you would probably want it to be solid and that is probably so old, and maybe it was even destroyed in some kind of a war.

There are lots of places, especially in conjunction with pyramids, that it seems like there is also a landing spot. There is another similar built up structure that often is not high, it often is flat. It looks like somewhere you would land a spaceship. A spaceship, interestingly, doesn’t have to have a runway like our planes today. It just has a little circular pad like the spaceships you might see in “Star Trek” or “Star Wars,” and they can just land straight down.

That appears to also be in conjunction with many of the pyramids, and that makes logical sense. If you had a power plant and a spaceship you would want to land your spaceship near the power plant and recharge there. Then you could take off and go somewhere else, kind of like an ancient airport.

Many of the same things we have today seem to have existed in the ancient world, especially if you look at pyramids: power plants, space ports, power networks and a global civilization.

It is amazing how awesome and fun our history is today.

I’m honored to have had the chance to write about pyramids today as a part of that.

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