How to raise your immunity

Would you like to raise your immunity today because it is what I discuss today in this live stream?

How to raise your immunity

You can raise your immunity with these simple tricks I’m about to share with you right now. Really, they’re not tricks, they’re more like a lifestyle.

How to raise your immunity

Number one: eat a whole plant-based diet.

Read the book, “How Not To Die.”

What you eat has a huge impact on your immunity. Eating certain foods can actually cause you to have allergies, to be sick. I tried this elimination diet before, it was turkey and rice.

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Within a few days I got sick.

A lot of us have this understanding of germs is something that we get, and then the germs immediately make us sick, but that’s not what really happens.

What really happens is there are germs all around us all the time. Our bodies are filled with things that could make us sick if they get out of balance. What happens is we eat foods, then do other activities that knock our immunity down.

When we knock our immunity down, then we get sick.

I’ve seen this time and time again in my own life. I would do a hard workout at the gym. I would get drunk all night, and then I’d get sick right after that.

During times I was extra stressed out like before my wedding. I was sick for two weeks before my wedding. It wasn’t because I got germs, it’s because I knocked my immunity down.

If you want to raise your immunity, you need to avoid doing things that knock your immunity down. Drinking alcohol will knock your immunity down. Doing a really hard workout that’s way above your capacity will knock your immunity down.

If you want to be able to do hard workouts, you want to be able to work up to it gradually. If you are very stressed out and you’re thinking all the time, that will knock your immunity down.

If you think you have some kind of disease and you’ve locked this in, I’ve heard so many people lately tell me, “Oh Jerry, I’ve got this at auto-immune disorder,” or “I have some immune condition,” or “I have this disease.”

These are ideas we have in the head.

How to raise your immunity

Yes, you can get various things. I’ve had lots of different diseases and illnesses and sicknesses in my life. Most of these things are meant to come and go. If you’ve got this idea of yourself as a sick person, that’s taking your immunity down.

What works for me is to eat a whole plant-based diet, exercise every day, 30 minutes at least on a walk, preferably a little more vigorous exercise, get out in the sunlight, get a good night of sleep, release stress through things like massage, listening to inspirational books and coaching, spending time with my family.

All of these things…

Hey, thanks for that first like on the live stream, AdaywithDestiny. What’s up?

All of these things raise my immunity.

Wayne Dyer said, and I believe him in a lot of his books, that if you’re operating at a high enough frequency, at a high enough level of consciousness, you will not be able to get sick.

In fact, you have to drop your consciousness. You have to drop your mind and your body to a lower vibration at which point you can get symptoms.

Having the idea that you can get yourself to such a healthy place, you’re immune to all illness is a powerful way to raise your immunity, and that’s what I do today.

In fact, when I get the tiniest bit of a symptom, I get excited because this is a time to really practice what I’m talking about.

I get lots of little symptoms that come up and I focus on raising my consciousness. I’ll get a little indigestion in my belly or I’ll get a tiniest bit of a little backache or neck ache.

I used to have pain every day.

I’ve thrown up hundreds of times in my life. I used to experience all kinds of illnesses and sickness and what I’m here to tell you is, your body can heal anything you do to it if you let it heal.

How to raise your immunity

Yes, Sergey says, that’s why he has no mask.

Yes, my point of view is I want to take in whatever’s around me and build immunity to it. Another way to build your immunity, I had a massage therapist that grew up in Vietnam and she said that the air conditions there were disgusting, and you just got everything and built immunity to it.

It’s when you’ve not been exposed to something at all, you’re most vulnerable to getting the sickest by it. If you’ve got a little taste of it, then you’re much more likely to come out doing well.

I appreciate you watching this. I hope this is helpful to change your life, to raise your immunity.

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Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.