Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

Welcome to what I imagine will be the best free SEO course for you for 2019 and beyond based on my experience ranking a ton of posts and videos high in Google and YouTube, the top two search engines in the world.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

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I am grateful that Google and YouTube show what I’ve created to millions of people every single month. It has taken me seven years to learn how to be a master of search engine optimization, to think into the very best positions where I don’t have to compete with anyone, where I just do what I love and focus on the details, use a few of the best strategies I’ve found along the way and keep creating over and over again, and Google and YouTube just dump the traffic my way every single month.

If you would like to learn how to be a master of search engine optimization, will you please enjoy this free course because I wish I had found this information right when I got started online, instead of taking all of the wrong tours, all of the missteps, all of the wasted time and money on less effective strategies?

What you will get in this free course right here is a look at the best of what works for me.

If you would like to watch the full version of this course, which has another hour of video, plus includes a video call with me, where you can talk to me on Facebook or Skype, and we can ask and answer very specific questions based on exactly what you are hoping to do, I find calls like this are fantastically helpful for me as a student to really get into the subject I’m learning.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

If you would like to take the full course including credit for that 30-minute call with me, will you please go to the University of Jerry Banfield at u.jerrybanfield.com, where you will find the “Master of SEO” course.

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I imagine this course will do absolute wonders for you and if for any reason it doesn’t, you are welcome to a full refund. It costs $180 and I think of this as an amazing investment in your future potential as a content creator, instead of all the money you might waste otherwise like I did on less effective strategies.

If you would like to get all the 40-plus courses that I’ve made so far, and all that I make the rest of my life, you might enjoy this All Courses for Life bundle for $297, and if you are a lifetime partner, you can private label right this, make it your own course, sell it, and keep all the profits as a partner.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

“Lifetime partners,” this is my membership and coaching group where you can work with me indefinitely, get answers to your questions, etcetera.

I appreciate you getting started with this “Master of SEO.”

This free preview will cover some of the things I think are most critical for success trying to rank high. Therefore, I’ve picked some of the lectures out that I think you will find really helpful from the mindset that we use into some very specific strategies that can help boost ranking, especially on websites.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

I love you.

You are awesome.

Thank you very much for getting started with “Master of SEO,” what I hope is the best free SEO course for you.

Here is the first hour of the course for free.

A mindset of serving viewers and solving problems.

Are you ready to get into the very most powerful thing that you can do to be a master of search engine optimization and inbound marketing today?

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

I’m certain that you are, so let’s look at the mindset of mastering search engine optimization and helping people.

What we need is a mindset based on serving viewers and solving problems. When I started my business out online I was in a mindset of scarcity, of hustling, of limited amounts of money and time and that mindset led me into strategies that I did not like doing, for example, trying to go and find everywhere I could possibly get someone else to link to my new website.

I didn’t like going out and paying people to back link to my website, and then Google didn’t like these strategies either. Google ended up hitting my website with a massive penalty. It was almost to the top of the keywords I’ve been working to get up to four months, I bought back links, and it instantly knocked me down back to page three as Google sensed I was BS-ing its algorithm.

I did that because of my mindset and when your mindset is competition and scarcity it’s very hard to master something like search engine optimization because so many other people have already beat us to it.

Almost anything we google that is kind of normal or mainstream, something like “Internet marketing” or “Facebook Ads,” almost any of these regular terms we google, we will discover that a lot of other people have already worked really hard to get there, and it’s not very easy to just put something new up and compete with them.

If you get to a new position first, it’s very easy to stay there. The mindset of competition keeps us wasting time on less effective strategies. I used to compete with other people that were doing a Facebook Ads business.


There were clients all over the place.

I used to look at other people’s websites and do not feel good enough and waste so many strategies and time trying to compete and look better, and feel better. I even rented an office for a thousand dollars a month, a corner office, because of my mindset of scarcity that I had to prove I had a real business.

Thankfully, getting almost to bankruptcy convinced me that all I needed to do was serve viewers and solve problems.

The way to transcend the mindset of competition and scarcity, fighting with competitors, trying to hustle and get ahead, is to think about the end.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

As Stephen Covey says in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” begin with the end in mind.

After three years I was nearly out of business online. I had run up almost $100,000 of debt. I borrowed all of the money I could on all the credit cards they would give me and I ran out.

My mindset of scarcity proved to be a reality as suddenly I had no money and my business was not getting better over time. What I thought of, I looked around and I said, “If I went out of business what would I wish I’d done? If I’m going down the road of bankruptcy, if everything I will have done will have been for nothing what would I wish I’d have done?”

I thought and I said, “I wish I would have helped people. I would be able to still feel good even if my business failed as long as I served viewers and solved problems.”

That means for me sharing the best information I had learned. When you have got a mindset of competition and scarcity, you won’t often share your very best content. You will rationalize that this is a trade secret, “I can’t tell other people how I’m getting one cent likes on Facebook Ads.” As far as I can see, I was the first person ever to make a video tutorial on YouTube showing how to get one cent Facebook page likes at scale.

In fact, I got over a million likes on my Facebook page using this strategy. As far as I could see from looking at other videos, I was the first person in the world to show this strategy on YouTube and that’s when things started to turn around for me.

Before that, I wouldn’t do it.

I thought, “I can’t show people how I’m doing this because I was getting clients who were paying thousands of dollars for me to then spend $100 on Facebook ads to deliver them tens of thousands of Facebook page likes.”

I said, “If I show people my very best little secrets I’ve learned, I won’t have a business anymore. What will I do for money?”

And yet when my business came towards what looked like an end, I realized the only way I would feel good was to share my very best secrets with everyone else, to share every little trick, every single problem I had solved, to show people that.

That’s why I’ve made this course. It is to help you. I’m doing the same thing I’m talking about. I’m sharing this to help you learn from the very best things I’ve found that work in search engine optimization and inbound marketing.

The mindset is absolutely critical because none of this other stuff will make a difference until the mindset switches. And once you see it, once you contemplate the end of your business, contemplate the end of your life even, think, what would you wish you’d contributed?

It starts to look a lot less risky then, to just share the best of what you know.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

Forget trade secrets. Put it out there. Give people the very best you can and people will get really excited. They will share stuff. Google will see the shares on social media, on Twitter. Google will see the back links. When you give people the very best you have got, you will get all the traffic you can handle just like I do. I can’t even respond to all the comments and all the traffic I get today.

It is so much, and yet nothing I did worked until I started thinking in terms of serving viewers and solving problems. Instead of hustling, instead of making money, instead of getting what I wanted, instead of building an email list, think about, what can I give you that you would be so excited about you would join my email list and read every single email for years?

I wouldn’t have to spam you with an ad, I could just tell you something that would make such a difference in your life that you would follow me for years. That’s what I see on my YouTube channel. I still see people that say, “I saw your cheap Facebook page like strategy and I’ve been following you ever since.”

That was years ago I put that out. Years.

If you want a massive amount of traffic, this is what you do.

Think about what is the very best thing you can help people with today. What is the very most painful problem you have just solved that you can help someone else solve?

This was a very painful problem for me for many years of my business and I see so many others struggling with the same thing.

How do I get traffic?

How do I get people to find me?

Jerry, how do I get more YouTube subscribers?

How do I get more views?

How do I get more people to find my website?

This is how.

The mindset.

Once you have got the mindset, every one of these strategies makes perfect sense and you will line them all up and use them together. If you don’t get the mindset, you will always waste the opportunities that come along.

I had a ton of good opportunities in my business before I switched my mindset. I always wasted them. I would make some grandiose plan, rationalize hiring a bunch of people to do things. The scaled-up version of the original wouldn’t work out. I would lose every good thing that happened. I would spend all the money I earned and go into debt, and that’s what happened.

Today I’m grateful I see so much abundance, so much opportunity. There are enough keywords for all of us. There are enough people who need help that I guarantee you, if you want to work online and make a full-time income to support your family like I do and like I’ve done for years, I guarantee you it is possible with this mindset.

It is probably not otherwise, and you won’t get happiness probably otherwise. Well, I’ve gone on about this for nine minutes because it is really, really, really, really, really important.

Once you get this, everything else is pretty easy after that. That’s why I have repeated it over and over again because maybe it will sink in, and I’m imagining it is and you say, “Okay, let’s get into the strategies. Thank you for helping me with my mindset. I’m ready. Come on, let’s do this.”

Get 2.5+ million impressions a month on Google and YouTube.

How do I get two million plus impressions every month for free when considering all sources of search traffic recommendations in related search context such as someone searches on YouTube, watches the video, and then sees my video in suggested video views or someone searches on Google, sees my result show up in Google?

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

I’m not even going to get into anything on Facebook for pure simplicity here even though my posts have reached hundreds of thousands of people in the last week on Facebook. Just for simplicity, we are going to leave Facebook out of this.

This just focuses on Google and YouTube, the two top search engines in the world and I will give you a hint. YouTube is really good for Google search traffic because from Google’s point of view, would they rather send you to someone else’s website or send you to YouTube, which is their website?

Google in search has a strong incentive to send you to their own website whenever possible. Therefore, here is the key ways that I get millions of impressions along with the data.

This is my website and then my YouTube channel.

So, Jerrybanfield.com is my website and Jerrybanfield.com/blog is the main page. What you will see is that I have 597 posts on my website and that allows me to rank on a bunch of different search terms.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

Now, obviously, I didn’t do this overnight. This is what I’ve done over a long period of time. Therefore, the strategy I’m giving you is a slow steady and consistent growth. If you tend to be impatient, you get punished really hard when you are trying to do search engine optimization because Google doesn’t trust brand-new websites that just come out of nowhere.

Everything is heavily biased towards websites that are trustworthy and have been around a long time. Therefore the SEO game, the inbound marketing game, is a long-term game. If you try to cheat and hustle, you actually prove that you are not in it for the long term to the search engines.

Therefore, I obviously didn’t make 597 blog posts overnight. I have a strategy that makes it really easy though for me to make blog posts. What I just did today, I narrated a video on my YouTube channel.

So, most of the impressions I get are on my YouTube channel. I will show you my Google Webmaster Tools first and my website gets 1.39 million impressions or so every 90 days.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

Therefore, my website shows up millions of times every three months, hundreds of thousands of impressions, 46,000 clicks.

Now, keep in mind my website is the secondary element of the primary. The primary is my YouTube channel because the difference in someone reading a blog post versus someone reading a blog post, and then watching a YouTube video, or the difference between someone watching a YouTube video is massive.

As you can see here when we are able to be on camera and reach people, the impact on the person tends to be 10 times as much as reading a blog post. We remember what we see in videos better compared to reading blog posts. We feel trustworthy towards creating a relationship with people we have seen in videos.

I’m amazed how much you might feel like you know me just from watching videos. It is very hard to get that same impact reading a blog post. It is possible, but there are also more people trying to do blog posts.

Therefore, I highly encourage to do videos.

You might think, “I can’t do videos, I don’t want to do videos.”

If you want to master search engine optimization and inbound marketing, if you want millions of people coming in it is essential to produce videos.

Now, you might not need to be the one who is actually on camera. You might have someone else in your life who might be better suited to be on camera. I am the one who is suited to be on camera in my business, which works for me.

Some business people prefer not to even be on camera, but to find someone who does like to be on camera, partner with them, and then help the person who is on camera get everything out there, get everything uploaded.

I have a friend Michel Gerard who transcribes. He prefers not to be on camera that much. English is his second language. He loves helping me do things that I don’t make time for. What I do is I do videos, and then Michel helps me turn those into blog posts.

This is a really powerful strategy because you essentially get to double the amount of possible search traffic as the videos sometimes won’t get that much search traffic, but when you turn the video into a blog post, suddenly the blog post gets way more traffic than the video.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

It gives you two chances to try to be successful with what you are hoping to do, which I’m imagining is getting traffic.

So, like on this post, I actually just did this YouTube video, and then Michel turned this into a blog post. I like to do videos also because it is very easy for me to narrate a 20-minute video, and this turns into a long blog post.

Long in-depth blog posts with a video tend to rank really well.

Here is why.

When you type a search term inside Google, when you come up and click on the page, one of the primary factors Google considers is what you do next after you click that page. First of all, of course, it is, did you click the page at all?

But then, it’s what you did on that page. If you click on the page, you stay on the page, you read everything on the page, and then you close the page out, that signals to Google you got what you wanted and Google is here to give you what you want.

That’s what Google is in the business of, it is giving you what you want. If you have a long blog post with a matching video there are very good odds of hooking people on the page. A lot of people, I think, come to my website, they see that there is a video, and then watch the video instead of even reading the blog post, they get what they want watching the video and then close out.

That tells Google that this particular blog post gave people what they wanted even though people ended up coming here and hopping on the video.

Another thing that helps is cross promotion.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

I ask for discussion: “If you enjoy reading and want to contribute to the discussion, will you please join us on YouTube?” because every single comment on YouTube helps the video rank higher. Every single view from my website helps the video rank higher because it is an external source. YouTube really likes it when someone else, another website, sends traffic to YouTube. That signals to YouTube, it’s a really good video.

The number one strategy I have, I would say, that helps me a lot with search engine optimization and inbound marketing is I do videos, I put them on YouTube, and then my friend Michel Gerard makes the video into a blog post. He takes the pictures, he edits the transcription and he makes it so most of these blog posts on my website, if you go to load more, most of these I simply did the video and Michel turned these into a blog post.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

Then, what happens when you go to my Webmaster Tools, and you go to pages, over time a lot of these blog posts that were narrated as a video, end up ranking high in Google.

I will give you the number one post on my website which is currently this post that I originally did as just an inspirational video called “Time Travel is Real.”

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

People are googling “how to travel in time” and thousands of people are pouring into my website every month that are looking to learn about traveling in time.

In the video, I go to explain that you can really travel in time. When you go back to the past or the future in enough detail, you essentially travel to the present moment and you have the ability to change the future and to make the past worthwhile, to use what you learned in the past.

You effectively have the ability to time travel and take it for granted and do it every day. I narrated that as an inspirational video on my YouTube channel, which hardly gets any traffic at all, but then it goes on my website in a blog post and people are finding it like crazy and that’s one of my top posts.

Several other of these pages like the YouTube channel copyright strike, some of these Patreon ones, these Facebook ads and no impressions. Let’s get some more of these posts out.

A bunch of these top ones, Pyramids world on Mars, Patreon Review, Sharing Problems With Others, Google AdWords Freelance Jobs, almost all of these were originally narrated as a video, transcribed into a blog post, and then I’m getting just tons of impressions and lots of clicks, especially when you add up all these together and consider the collective impact of the total.

The beauty of this is then this isn’t even counting all the amazing things that happen on YouTube.

So, let’s go over to YouTube here and we will look at how I’m getting all this traffic.

Now I’ve got thousands of videos on YouTube. I do not currently use any paid advertising. Everything I’m showing you here is purely for free. I have no ads at all running. I have no ads running on Google AdWords, no ads running on YouTube, which is in Google AdWords, no ads running on Facebook.

I tried using paid ads.

In fact, I’ve spent over two hundred thousand dollars on paid ads and I can tell you paid ads are almost useless.

Yes, almost useless.

Almost everything good that’s happened in my business has been free traffic because paid ads bother people, paid ads annoy people. When you get found, when people are looking for you, when you get 8.5 million people who find me, when you are looking for me that is the kind of relationship you want.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

My views are down, I was running paid ads the previous 90 days and I stopped running paid ads after a long time of data showing me they weren’t worthwhile anymore, and in fact paid ads were sabotaging my organic traffic.

I stick completely to organic traffic today. You can see the bulk of my actual impressions are from YouTube, which is 8.5 million impressions, and the beauty of YouTube is I put a video up and that video can actually get views for years.

I have videos I put up five-plus years ago that are still bringing in views. You can see in the last 90 days that I have a half million views on my YouTube channel all for free, millions of minutes spent. An average of four minutes and 40 seconds per YouTube video.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

Therefore, the key strategy if you want to master SEO is to not even play the SEO game like other people play.

The traffic is way easier to get from YouTube Search than Google Search, and in fact, if you want to notice one of the top sources of my traffic for “External” on YouTube is Google Search.

I actually get more people from Google Search that come into my YouTube videos than I get to my website.

Yes, even with everything I’ve done on my website, even with hundreds of blog posts YouTube actually gets me more Google Search traffic than I do with my own website, and that’s because Google has a self-interest in promoting YouTube in search results and viewers tend to love watching YouTube videos for solving problems and tutorials, learning how to do things.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

The number one thing to film and to make blog posts about are tutorials and if you don’t have something you want to know, some of my top YouTube search results are actually on subjects I don’t know anything about like hacking and bash scripting.

I don’t know almost anything about these. I partnered, I literally found someone. I knew this was a popular topic and I was selling courses on it. I paid a freelancer to make videos on hacking. I then put them on my YouTube channel and those are some of my top videos that get millions of views that still get a ton of views.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

Now, the downside of using this strategy is if you are not doing all the videos yourself, you get a lot of subscribers who are disappointed, who sign up for something that then you are not delivering to them.

So, I encourage you if possible to do all your own videos, and then get them into blog posts. Get them transcribed into blog posts. If you want to see what I use for transcription, will you please go to Jerrybanfield.com/resources because I’ve got it listed here under transcription.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

If you click the link, I’ve got it right here and you can see exactly what I use today for transcription. I’ve changed transcription services a few times and the nice thing on my resources page you have got my entire studio set up here all in one spot along with videos and explanations for it.

Getting videos transcribed helps me to make a lot better and faster blog posts because all I need to do is narrate and I can talk like 5 or 10 times faster than I can write, plus I’ve got 30 years of experience talking. I’ve got a lot less years of experience writing, even though I’m very good at writing, talking is much easier.

Then, I just get a camera, set it up, do YouTube videos, transcribe into blog posts, I get a massive amount of traffic and I just keep doing it over and over and over again.

I encourage you, do all your own videos if you can, or at the same time if you need help or if you want to fill an opening in a market, you can collaborate with someone else.

I’m grateful to have this information to share with you. I think it’s important up front to share my experience and to share the actual results I’m getting.

Now, I know there are lots of opportunities for critique.

People say, “Well, why do you only get a few hundred views on lots of your new videos?”

I do videos on whatever I want and I set everything up for organic search traffic.

Now, sure some of my new videos only get a few hundred views. Some of my new videos get hundreds of thousands of views within a couple years of uploading them. They make thousands of dollars of ad revenue. They bring in members. They bring in donations on my live streams. They bring in subscribers and many of my most popular videos I’ve done three-plus years ago and they are still pulling in a ton of views.

You might not think something like an online class is worth putting up and at first you might not get that many views. Give it a few years and you might be amazed how many views you get.

Think long term.

One of the hardest things to do for a lot of us is to stop always thinking about how many views did this video get in the first 24 hours. The number of views a video gets in the first 24 hours is a fraction of the total it’s likely to get for a lifetime. Most of my videos that have got a lot of views only got anywhere from 1% or less views in the first 24 hours compared to what they would get over the next several years.

Think long term.

I think long term.

Keep trying.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

Do video tutorials and help people with problems, and you can get massive amounts of traffic just like me.

Now, the bad news you might say is that this can take a while, but it doesn’t have to take that long. You are learning from my experience. It doesn’t have to take you seven years to get this going.

I’ve had friends who I’ve coached that have been able to do this much faster than me in a couple of years to be getting as many views as I’m getting and to have a full-time business online all of their own with almost no expenses.

The beauty of the business I’ve shown you here is there is almost no expenses. Once you go through on my resources page and you buy the equipment I’ve shown you here that I use, that you know works well enough to impress you at least, good enough to still be here, you buy the equipment I have, you use it how I use it, you have almost no expenses after that.

You just keep using the equipment and keep putting it up. You pay for transcription. Transcription is pretty cheap. You can find a blog post editor pretty cheap and you have almost no expenses. All of the income then is profit. It’s a beautiful business system that I’m grateful to share here with you today, that I’ve given you an in-depth look at so you can see my qualifications as the instructor.

Worst of SEO!

What are some of the worst SEO strategies and inbound marketing strategies that I have confirmed on your behalf or I’ve seen other people doing them that I can tell you are terrible, that you do not waste your time with?

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

Number one, never ever, ever, ever buy back links.

I bought back links as I’ve said several times already. It destroyed my search engine ranking. It absolutely wrecked it. Everything else I was doing to my very first website online, it was ranking great, I had it on the first page, I bought back links to try to take the number one spot, it went from the first page down onto the third page shortly after buying the back links.

Meanwhile, the seller gets to keep the money because it took a little while for that to happen.

Never buy back links.

Number two, don’t waste time trying to hunt other websites down and getting them to back link you. The amount of time it takes, the annoyance and aggravation to both, you and the other party, is a big waste of time.

Don’t bother asking for back links.

Make great content and people will back link you without asking. Don’t waste your time trying to hustle and hunt down or subscribe to some service that promises to offer emails of webmasters.

No, don’t waste any time with that at all. It’s all a waste of time because you are not creating anything useful.

When you do a great job over and over again of serving viewers and solving problems, people will back link to you like crazy. People will drop your YouTube videos in playlists without you asking. I don’t think I’ve ever asked anyone to drop my video in a playlist and my videos on YouTube are as far as I can see in hundreds of thousands of playlists on YouTube.

Don’t waste time doing that. It’s not wrong. You can do all this stuff if you want to. I’m saying if you want to learn from my experience, this is the easy way.

Another strategy, stop putting keywords into keyword research tools and trying to make the perfect keywords and trying to make all of your posts just perfect. Just do the post, just do the video, write a decent description and be done with it.

All that extra time you waste trying to get the perfect keywords checking what your competitors are using, it’s all a waste of time. All that little stuff doesn’t matter, if you just focus on the limited amount of time you have got and doing the best quality videos you can and the best quality blog post you can, and then just write an ordinary regular description.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

Do take the time to put the most important things in the title. Do take the time to imagine what our viewers are naturally going to search for.

That’s why you don’t want to put a bunch of time into keyword research because you will write a title that you will be so focused on keyword stuffing it, you won’t go put the actual things that people are trying to search for in it.

Don’t waste a bunch of time worrying about being wrong on things. What I do, I just do videos and if they don’t rank very well, if they don’t get very many views it doesn’t matter because I just do another one at some point anyway. I did a search engine optimization video a couple of years ago, it didn’t rank that well.

So what?

I am making another one today.

I did a search engine optimization course, not that many people took it.

So what?

I’m doing another one today.

Lots of times you might need to iterate. The second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the tenth time you do something, it might really rank well. With my Facebook tutorials, I did probably 30 to 40 Facebook tutorials on YouTube before I got an absolute superstar destroyer on Facebook marketing.

I finally did one, something like the “Best Free Facebook Marketing Tutorial.” It’s wrecked on YouTube. Hundreds of thousands of views for free, thousands of dollars of ad revenue, thousands of students enrolling in my courses, course sales, memberships, all kinds of good things from that one video.

I tried a lot prior to getting that one right, you might say.

So, don’t worry about trying to do it perfectly.

Just do it and do it again.

Do it and do it again.

Do it and do it again.

Don’t feel like you have to stick to a certain niche all the time. I see people that consistently make things that are great, and then abandon them because they were hustling. I have a friend, he has put up so many websites that have got traffic and they always go downhill because he was just hustling. He was trying to make money off of AdSense and trying to get traffic.

Don’t just try to get traffic.

Do stuff you care about.

I could do things that would make the traffic just pour into my YouTube channel.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

I know all kinds of things.

For example, I could pay a couple of ethical hackers to make me videos and just dump ridiculous amounts of traffic in my YouTube channel, but why would I do that?

I don’t know anything about ethical hacking. I could learn ethical hacking and put tutorials up and probably get a ton of traffic and make more money than I’m making.

I don’t want to do that because that’s not in my heart. It is not the thing I need to create. Create what’s in your heart. Share what you really are passionate about.

I put a video up today about how to end a rant in an argument without even talking or fighting. I had a massive amount of passion about that. I’m still really excited about that today.

Now, sure, if I learned ethical hacking and put up a bunch of videos on YouTube, I could probably get a hundred times as many people watch them and I could probably make a lot more ad revenue.

However, I really care about helping people get through rants in the head and ending arguments without having a fight or even a talk because that’s hugely helpful.

Think quality.

Think making a massive impact on the viewer and what you really want to talk about.

I’m passionate.

I love being able to talk with you about this because, my gosh, I’ve learned the hard way so many times.

I’ve hustled.

I’ve hustled all kinds of Facebook ads clients and Facebook page likes and that was a big waste of time in a lot of ways because I was just trying to use it to make money and always hoping I could do something that I would like better.

Don’t waste your time doing things you don’t want to do forever, that’s why I recommend for branding to do everything on your own domain name and your own YouTube channel.

Try to avoid things like company names because you often won’t be able to keep doing that forever. You will get bored with it and if you keep trying to do it even though you are bored, your quality will go down and it’s really frustrating.

Try to brand everything under yourself because you will have consistency.

Lots of people critique my YouTube channel “Jerry Banfield.”

“You post videos on all kinds of things. From gaming to music making, hacking tutorials, cryptocurrency stuff.”

It’s my channel. I can do whatever I want with it.

I do whatever is in my heart, that way, you don’t abandon all of those previous things you have worked so hard for.

My channel and my website get so many people because I’ve stuck with them so long. When I used to do company websites, I would do well with them for a while and abandon them.

One of the worst things you can do for SEO is put a bunch of effort into a new website, and then abandon it, and then do it again and again and again.

So many entrepreneurs I see do the same thing as me. They are always doing some new company or new project, never sticking with one website and one YouTube channel.

Just stick with one.

Trust me, it works really, really well.

That’s why I’m grateful for the chance to do this today. It works so well that I’ve got this information to share with you today.

Now, a couple more things with SEO that are a really bad idea.

Stop googling the keywords and looking at your ranking.

Quit that stuff.

And the next time you go to do it, you are essentially slapping yourself on the face doing that. You don’t need to do that, you don’t need to see where you are ranked. It’s none of your business where you are ranked. It’s not. It’s not my business where I’m ranked. It’s my business what I’m creating and how I’m helping people and how people are responding.

If people are leaving comments saying, “Jerry, oh, my God that video really helped,” then my ranking is probably good enough.

So what if it’s third place?

If my video can really help at third place, my blog post can really help on the third page for the few people that find it, that’s good enough.

Stop competing with your competitors.

Stop agonizing over where your page rank is.

I’ve helped attorneys dump hundreds of thousands of dollars into ads because they wanted to be up on the very top of the page and they were only second place.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in the ads when they already were second place, but one other law firm was ahead of them.

I know I used to do that all the time and it did nothing, but bring me misery.

I don’t even look where I’m ranked today unless I have some very specific purpose like when I’m doing a tutorial on how to rank high, then sure, I will look at some of my top videos, go look at where they are ranked.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

When one is ranked high, then I’ve got good evidence to teach a course or make a tutorial, to say, “Look, if you want to rank high here it is.”

I have certainty, when I do a good job, when I help you, I will rank high exactly where I need to. When I used to obsess over rankings, I wasted a ton of time and it never helped me rank higher. It did help me waste time, it did help me suffer unnecessarily.

Forget where you are ranking.

Do a good job and you will rank high.

Keep doing a good job, be consistent, stick with the same website and YouTube channel for a long period of time, keep helping people, keep serving viewers, keep solving problems, you will rank high and you might rank high in things you never imagined and you might have great things happen that you never even could have comprehended as I’ve seen happen.

Over and over again people just come to me and give me a thousand dollars and ask almost nothing in return to be a member of my partner program. They just want private label rights for my courses. The ability to sell all my courses as their own, to put them up on YouTube.

I get a text message, “Jerry, this person just paid a thousand dollars to be a partner for life.” They never even email me. They never even talk to me. They just drop a thousand dollars in.

That’s what’s possible when you stay away from all these worst of SEO strategies.

Where to start?

At this point, I’m imagining you are saying, “Okay Jerry, I’m sold. I want lifetime connections. I want to do videos. I want to solve problems. I want to serve viewers. But where do I start with that, Jerry? How do I know what video to make? How do I know what subject to talk about?”

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

Fix what you see. Start with what you are in the middle of. You don’t need some amazing topic or perfect tutorial. Just do whatever is in your heart and what it is might be low quality. It might be dumb in your mind’s analysis of it.

My first video on YouTube was literally different ways to say the F-word. That was my first video. The ones after that were not much better. I made videos about Charlie Sheen and Miley Cyrus that almost no one except my friends watched. I made a video about the Casey Anthony case that offended lots of people enough to leave a dislike on the video although my friends laughed and left likes on it.

I made videos talking about how to drive safely while I was driving, like literally holding the camera and driving. I nearly wrecked making one of the videos on how to drive safely. I made videos trying to share stories over and over that people didn’t watch. I made trashy tutorials trying to sell my service and product.

After two years of making almost total crap, I finally made a video sharing some insider secrets that I had learned that helped me solve a problem. I wanted Facebook likes for my page. I wanted to get them legitimately through Facebook Ads and not through buying them off of Fiverr.

I learned how to do that with Facebook page ads. I learned how to get one cent likes from most of the countries in the world globally, and I then did a full webinar for free on YouTube in a live stream showing exactly how to do that. That was the first video I made that had a huge impact because it solved a problem that I had had for a lot of my business and it showed other people exactly how to do it.

It also destroyed my existing business of getting clients to pay me to do exactly what I had just shown how to do.

Now, any client who took a look at my YouTube channel and saw how I did what I did, did not want to buy it. They just did it themselves saying, “Oh, Jerry said to use this image. Jerry said to write this text. Jerry said to target these countries. I don’t need him. I’ll get 10,000 likes for a few hundred dollars like he did instead of paying him a thousand dollars to do the same thing for me.”

It forced me to innovate and make a new business. The best places to start are often the things you least want to talk about. I go to Alcoholics Anonymous almost every day and lots of the best things I share and that I hear people share are things people prefer not to talk about like embarrassing problems, uncomfortable struggles, difficult and sad things in life.

I often have the best things to share on a bad day, and in fact, it even makes the bad days seem worthwhile because I’ve got something better to say. A lot of times, we don’t see where to start because we know where to start in our heart and we won’t go there.

Now, if I hadn’t made videos on YouTube that were trashy, that were terrible, that were full of cussing, would I have ever got to making good ones that millions of people have ended up watching and got over 22 million views on my channel?

Would I have ever got to that if I hadn’t made the low-quality ones?

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

Sometimes you need to start with the worst in order to get motivated to do better. Sometimes you need to use your really low-quality camera or your laptop that’s too slow to get motivated to go to my resources page and say, “Let me get the good stuff like Jerry uses where I’m able to film a video instantly, as soon as I’m done recording.”

You can do this for free with OBS or you can pay like $1,000 to do it with Wirecast like I did. You can just record a video and hit record, and it’s done. You have already got the video file and you can directly upload it. If you want to edit it, I’ve got a very fast computer that can tear through a 60 frames per second 1920 by 1080 video, render it out in a few minutes, even if it is 20 minutes to 12 hours long.

I’ve got three computers. I have an amazing setup. If you try to do some of those things and you are frustrated with their quality that will often be good motivation to upgrade your setup. My audio annoyed me so many times that I upgraded it. It continued to annoy me and I upgraded it.

Now, my audio is pretty professional at this point and I hope I never have to do anything with it again.

Where to start?

Fix the problems in front of you and especially fix the most painful, most embarrassing, most challenging, most frustrating problems. Help other people with those and forget about your views. Forget about your search engine ranking. Just try to help people. Fix the problems in front of you, put something out there and do it again and again.

You see scarcity if you are always trying to aim to get the results. You see abundance when you see how many things there are that there is not good help for. Try googling something and the next time you don’t find a good tutorial on it, make one. There is where to start. The next time you search for a problem and you have to go to 15 different websites to figure out a good camera to use for live streaming, make a video.

“This is the camera I use for live streaming. This is a really good camera for live streaming.”

That’s what I do over and over again. You might need to make a hundred or two hundred videos and posts before you get one that really does good work, and the one that does well will boost all the other ones up. The better all of them do, the better every new one will do.

Where to start?

Right where you are at with the problems you have got today, and you see suddenly that every problem, every struggle and every challenge you have got is an opportunity to help someone else and to make a video, to rank high in search and to get organic traffic, and to have the life of your dreams.

There it is.

Wikipedia style

When we want to crush those organic rankings: Wikipedia style. That’s what we want. We want to be all over that encyclopedia. You want that Wikipedia style up in here.

“Y’all gonna make me lose my mind, up in here.”


Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

We want that Wikipedia style because that’s what Google loves and so many people have a good experience.

If you want to get those high rankings, if you want to have people watch, you often need long-form content. You need blog posts that are generally 2,000 to 10,000 words long.

You may think, “How am I going to make that?”

A video is a really easy way to make it because if you are like me, you can probably talk about 10,000 words in an hour whereas if you tried to write that, it might take you five or ten plus hours to write 10,000 words.

In an hour you could talk a video out, pay $60, and then pay an editor maybe another $50 or $100, and you could have a 10,000-word post on something that’s got a great shot to be the definitive good level guide on that subject.

I’ve done a bunch of these, over and over again with things like Facebook Ads, tutorials on my website. Most of the top-ranking posts on my website are long, in-depth videos that have been transcribed and edited into a blog post.

From a keyword standpoint Wikipedia rocks because those really long pages on Wikipedia have all the keywords related to a subject. If you just do a little 300 to 500-word article, even the lawyers my wife is doing work for has an attorney helping them build their search engines.

They are starting to figure this out. If you want to crush the rankings against other law firms, you need longer articles about subjects than those law firms have.

If you are trying to put a bunch of different small articles like every different angle on one particular type of court case and you are doing a bunch of these 300 to 500-word articles, you don’t tend to rank as well as if you just make an entire master article that covers every different aspect.

For example, if you are a DUI attorney, that just covers every single angle you can imagine. A 10,000 plus words article can become the Bible of DUIs in your particular city or county.

You want really long-form content because that increases the odds on a post that people will search and find what they are looking for. It also gives you a ton of keywords you can rank on.

All those niches, you can take just tons of niche keywords all on one single post and one post that does well on one keyword has the chance to rank higher on different keywords, and when you have got 10,000 words in one post, that’s a lot of keywords you can rank on all at once.

Videos do better long form also because on YouTube some people will just click and start watching a video and go AFK, and then come back, the video is still playing, then you get extra watch time.

Or when you get that viewer who will watch essentially any length of video and another guy has put up a ten-minute tutorial and you have got an hour-long tutorial, the guy watches the ten minutes one, then watches your full hour-long one, YouTube decides that the hour-long one is better than the 10 minutes one because the hour-long one kept someone on YouTube for an hour whereas the 10 minutes one only kept someone on for ten minutes.

Most of my top videos are one to four plus hours on YouTube, in-depth, entertaining tutorial videos.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

I will have a few videos that are shorter form, that are less than an hour or I’ve got a couple on dating that I paid a girl on Fiverr to do that are only a minute or two long.

So, sometimes, if you just have in your heart, a short-form video can do well, a short-form article that no one else has answered that particular question.

That said, if you are in a crowded niche and you know all about a topic, if you really want to rank on it, you need to go deep, deep, deep on one single page and/or one video, if you want to get the very best rankings Wikipedia style.

A scalable web host

You have got a ton of tips before this that are more general.

Now, it is time to get into some very specific tips that will help you, especially with a website, to rank a website higher.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

One of the very best strategies I’ve ever found to get a higher search engine ranking is to get the very best web host. One of the most frustrating things that came up for me in the first several years of working online was getting website hosts that could not instantly scale.

Most of the website hosts you are going to get for cheap have almost no scalability. If you do go viral one day, your website will crash and you will miss 95% of the potential traffic you worked so hard to get.

I have a friend who is an entrepreneur, he was on that cheap website hosting, his article went viral and then guess what?

His website host crashed, then people report the link to Facebook because the website host crashed. His post gets removed from Facebook right when it was starting to go viral and getting amazing traction. He probably missed 99% of the potential traffic to his website he could have gotten.

That happens to almost every entrepreneur I know because most entrepreneurs go cheap with the web hosting or go with a web hosting that doesn’t have built-in scalability that they got sold on by some affiliate program that doesn’t actually give you the best deal.

I tried several of the popular website hosts and every time, the better my website traffic got, the worse my website hosting got, and then they would give me some ridiculously expensive option like a dedicated server that would cost hundreds of dollars a month.

Then, what happens if my web traffic goes down for a while?

Now, I’ve got this dedicated server that no one is using, and still even with a dedicated server if you drop a million views in one day, you will crash the dedicated server.

You need that instantly scalable web host, so that you are ready for that viral traffic you have been searching for, that you have been hoping for, that you have been praying for.

Now, what website host do I use?

Let me tell you how I found this website host first. The website host I found, I searched for “Google cloud managed WordPress hosting” because I used to use Google Sites. It was one of the website hosts I used. Google Sites was the fastest and most scalable web host at the best cost that I had previously used.

The problem was the content management system, in other words, the ability to edit posts and put things on the website was terrible because it was all built from Google.

You couldn’t use hardly any WordPress things from it, it didn’t integrate well with almost anything, and I ended up switching to WordPress in which case I got into all this garbage shared servers, then I tried a dedicated server, then I did a virtual private server, and they all had one big problem or another related to scalability. They couldn’t handle big ups and downs in web traffic.

Therefore, I searched for where I can get Google Cloud quality hosting. In other words, my website is hosted on the Google cloud infrastructure, the same infrastructure that hosts Google. Then, I searched for a company who will essentially just put my WordPress install on the Google cloud.

If you are technical with things like Linux or Python, you can put your own WordPress website directly on the Google cloud. You can put it on Amazon Web Services. I know a lot of the big websites that are hosted with Amazon Web Services because of that scalability.

So, I searched.

I said where can I get my website easily on one of these cloud services?

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

I found a website host that uses a Google Cloud platform with WordPress where I could take my WordPress website, which is my favorite content management system over on to this host, which would then put that on to the Google Cloud platform, which gives me instant scalability.

A hundred million people can come through my website in one day, it will not crash. It might cost a fortune, but it will not crash. All I need to do if a hundred million people come through my website in one day is to pay the bill. I need to pay the bill for the bandwidth and the data those people used on the Google Cloud infrastructure.

That’s what you want because you get the ultimate in speed. The Google Cloud infrastructure is just as fast as Google, it wrecks. One of the subtle things you learn after you have been doing SEO for a while is you learn one of the ranking factors Google uses that’s not very obvious, is how fast your website is getting crawled.

There is a crawl stats data where it shows you how fast your website is getting crawled. The faster your website crawls, that is a ranking signal to Google. I got this in the old version, and it’s under “Crawl Stats.”

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

This is one of those little tiny ranking factors that most website hosts aren’t aware of until it’s a problem.

From Google’s point of view, the time spent downloading a page is a good indication of how fast the website is. What I found on every other web host I used is a slow page downloading crawl.

The last garbage host I was on actually got up to one plus second to crawl a page. That’s a signal to Google of a not good user experience. That’s a good way for people to click, the page doesn’t load, and they click out.

You need a web host that provides extremely high-quality delivery globally to any number of users wherever they are at in the world and the easiest way to see this is the crawl stats, and this can be seen in the average ping, the latency.

You want this page load time to be low.

You can see my average is 122, the highest 366, and the lowest is 27. Most days the page load time is very fast and you want that.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

That is a huge ranking factor both directly and in user experience, and that is directly related to your website host. If you have a slow website host or your traffic starts going up, what happened, I switched to a virtual private server on a new website host and at first the page crawl time was good, then it went up and up as I got more traffic, and then I was looking at either having to get a dedicated server, but the problem is even with a dedicated server, the page load time, the traffic, it will continue to go up.

If your traffic goes up and up, your pages load time will still keep going up and up, even on a dedicated server. I’ve said all of that to give you the essentials of what you need to know about a web host because I want you to have the best user experience, that’s what’s first.

Now, secondary, if you want to use and research, and try the exact same host I use because you saw my website, you know it works for me, if you want to do that, will you please go to Jerrybanfield.com/resources and use my exact link to sign up for the same web hosting I have because you will feel good about helping me?

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

I’ve signed up through my friend’s affiliate programs. I love helping my friends earn affiliate commissions on things I would use anyway. I’ve told you eight minutes before this, so you can see my primary motivation is for you to have a great web host and for you to get the best results.

If you want to help me and you go to the resources page on my website, and you click on “website hosting,” then you will see the exact web host I’m using.

The exact web host I’m using is Kinsta because of exactly what I said. The features: Google Cloud platform, ultimate speed, free migrations, and fully managed.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

“Our clients love us because we never settle on these.”

Kinsta is outstanding.

You can see some of the huge clients working with Kinsta already. You can start for as little as thirty dollars a month and the nice thing is it’s instantly scalable.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

If you go viral, all you need to do is pay a bigger bill.

I’m on the hundred dollars a month plan and some months I’ve gone over my bandwidth and my hundred thousand visits, and I just need to pay a little bit extra.

I can stay on that hundred dollars a month plan because most months, I consistently use more than the “Pro” and you have also got a free SSL with it, with plenty of space on it.

You might want to cheap out on the web host and say, “Jerry, come on, I can get a server from this company for $300 for two years.”


Why do you want to cheap out on one of the most important things for your website?

If you are going to spend money and you got a website, the web hosting is the foundation. You go and pay for that cheap website host like I did, the amount of frustration you have, the amount of money you waste trying to work with a better web host, the amount of money you waste on paid ads because you can’t get organic traffic because your website is slow and people don’t like your website,

When you are on a website host like Kinsta, there are other ones, I use Kinsta, if you are on a website host like Kinsta that uses the Google Cloud Platform or one that uses Amazon Web Services or another cloud platform, you have got the chance to never miss out on that viral growth.

You have got the chance to make sure that when things go well you are prepared for it. I’ve seen entrepreneurs that are not prepared for things to go well. Things go well for me now because I’m prepared for them to go well. I can take a hundred million visitors in my website in one day.

The bill might be a hundred thousand dollars for that, I am ready for it though. My business is ready for a bunch of people to want something from me all at once. I’ve got my system set up to handle things going really well. If you want to rank higher, good website hosting helps. Great website hosting gives you great results.

So, if you would like to use the same website hosting I do, will you please drop by that resources page, click on the website hosting link directly when you sign up, and then immediately sign up after that because then whenever you get your website hosting, I’m very grateful I earn a commission on that?

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

Kinsta did not have an affiliate program for the first year or so I was with them and I signed up anyway because I wanted the best website hosting and now I’m grateful they have added an affiliate program.

So, you can see that you have the opportunity to help me and at the same time my primary motivation is to get you on the best type of web hosting rather than to get you on my particular web host.

Thank you for getting all the way through this section. I hope this saves you the thousands of dollars and hours I wasted with less effective solutions.

Email marketing to build relationships

How do we keep people coming back to our websites in order to share them, and then to get higher rankings from those shares?

When we do get someone to come to our website and read one of our blog posts that we have worked so hard to get them there, how do we keep people coming back?

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

One of the best ways to do that on websites is with email marketing.

With email marketing what we do is we put on a form to ask someone to subscribe and get weekly email updates and with me I’m grateful to have a list of almost 10,000 people who get my weekly email updates. That’s a list of 10,000 potential people that could back link, that could share my posts, that could help get more word-of-mouth and organic traffic on every single email I share.

What I do is I have a really simple email form that’s created directly by Active Campaign, the best email marketing software I’ve used over several years. I will talk more about it, I will show you how that works in a minute.

First I’ve got a form directly on my website and I’ve learned not to do annoying pop-ups because it is kind of like asking for sex as soon as you start the first date.

Now yes, you may want to have sex eventually on the date, you probably do want to talk about all that before you do it, but give someone, let people get to know you first for a minute.

I hate when websites as soon as I pop on, and then I’m going to leave they ask me immediately for an email address or they immediately pop some annoying thing up like, “Do you want to lose weight?”

And yes, of course, I want to lose weight.

Well, actually, no.

I don’t want to lose any more weight.

But you know what I’m saying.

It’s one of those things you are intended to say yes to it.

“Do you want to make more money?”

Well, yes.

Of course, I want to make more money.

Well, then subscribe.

No. I just found this website on Google Search. I’m not ready to give you my email yet.

Put the email in an area on your website like your blog or at the bottom of a page like I’ve gotten it on blog post. I’ve just got a little email thing on the side here. It’s not too obtrusive, but if you are looking to subscribe to my email list you will find it.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

I’ve also got one down here on the homepage of my website and I might put one back in the footer where I think I had one.

Now, I’m not trying to get you to join my email list. My email list is if you want it. I have made it available, but I’m not trying to force you into it. If you are on my email list, I want you to genuinely want my emails because if you just try to get everyone on your list, you will invariably get problems as I have gotten before with getting your emails reported as spam, especially if you do ads or you have a pop-up, people will forget they gave your email address, report you as spam, and your emails won’t deliver.

That’s hard enough even building a list the way I do it. The more you try to build a list and just try to focus on building a list, the more you will get crap results with it and you won’t get all the good things happening.

What I do is I’ve got a little place to subscribe on my blog and on my home page. I might put it back in the footer, so there is an additional spot on every page, and then from there, every week my friend Michel sends a weekly email update on what’s new on all the things I’ve created this week from new podcast episodes, and I will show you the email.

I’m grateful there are over 9,000 active contacts on my various lists. The partners’ list is the most exclusive. You have got to pay to be on there. All these other ones, you can just sign up to be on.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

Then, I’ve got these different lists that Active Campaign makes all this really easy to just separate these lists and to do great automation.

For example, I have automation when you sign up to be a partner, you get a very specific email for joining the partner list and I can add additional automation just for that list.

What is important to do then is just having campaigns like this one Michel sent out last week.

It just provides, “Hey, this is what’s new.”

It says there are about five hundred opens on the last email, but the opens don’t always correctly track. I’ve tried to remove people from my list in the past and the email marketing software very often does not successfully track whether someone opened it or not because it only works in specific programs, etcetera. So, I don’t even pay attention to how many people are opening my emails.

All Michel does is send a message every single week with what’s new because again that’s what I’m responsible for. I’m responsible for sending out what’s new each week.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

Michel does that. He makes these beautiful emails. The forty-ninth of these in a row that he has done and he puts out a new YouTube video, other new YouTube videos, a link to subscribe to my YouTube channel, new blog posts, use a direct link and there is an affiliate link to my Skillshare, new blog posts to read right here, new podcast episode with links to iTunes, new books I’ve got out, and then this bottom one is for a product if I’ve got a new course or whatever. Then Michel’s got his email right in there that you can contact as well.

A beautiful email and it’s very easy to do emails that are of this quality in Active Campaign, that you can just repeat them every week. They look great and all it does is talk about what’s new with me every week.

Therefore, there is always something to talk about. Even if I don’t create anything new, Michel goes back and gets some of the stuff that he wasn’t able to cover on some of the weeks where I’ve done more than he could cover.

This helps people who just want to check on me once a week to very quickly see the best of what I’ve created, to quickly scroll through the email and see anything they want to do.

It also helps make something massive out of every single email subscription. What you have got out of all these email subscriptions is probably thousands according to the campaign software, at least 500 people opening the email probably every week, and then getting to know what I’m doing, and I’ve noticed lots of times right after that email goes out, I get really good traffic to my website after that from people going to read the post.

Rank 1000+ Blog Posts and Videos #1 in Google and YouTube

They didn’t go check on my website, but when they saw the email, then they went to go click and read a specific post, and if you want higher rankings on things, you want people to be able to have something like an email list where they can easily just get the best of what you have done every week, especially if you are creating a lot.

Now, the email marketing software you use makes a big difference. I use Active Campaign because after trying some of the cheaper ones, just like with the web host, Active Campaign is the most scalable.

When I want fancy features, even though I’m not using it, I’ve got the ability to put a site stripe on top of my website that synced up directly with Active Campaign so that viewers on my website can get unique messages based on what email lists they are subscribed to.

Active Campaign has amazing automation, there are all kinds of things you can do.

For example, if someone clicks a specific link in a video, you can automatically add them to a new list. You can do very ridiculous and fancy welcome sequences.

In Active Campaign, you can go to automation, you can set up like 20 or 50 welcome emails that you send once each day. You can easily integrate all this stuff right in your lists and put it all together.

It’s fantastic email marketing. It’s way better than the cheaper stuff I was using before. It costs more, but at the same time again, it’s another email marketing software you can scale with.

What I’ve found is that if I start scaling and it gets too painful, I will generally just stop using whatever it is or do something halfway. In email marketing, when I was using the cheaper software what I kept doing, the cost would keep going up as my list would grow, so I’d keep paying the same higher and higher bill, but then I would stop sending emails because it got to be too much of an annoyance to try to manage these different lists, and then when I wanted to add something new like have site messaging or direct integration with some other plugin I used, then I would get aggravated and I would just stop using it all together and eventually delete my list.

I deleted my list two or three times on other email marketing services and started from scratch because if you get a stale email list, that’s bad. You can get a lot of spam complaints. You can ruin your whole email list if you don’t email your list for six months and all of a sudden you send an email out of the blue and people say, “I forgot about you. Who the F. is this? Report as spam.”

I use Active Campaign because it’s the best I’ve found. My friend referred me to Active Campaign because he found the same thing. He helped me stop wasting my time. I was about to create another email list. I was about to use the same software I had used before and deleted my list three times.

He said, “Don’t do that. Don’t do the same mistake again. I’ve tried a better one.”

If you would like to use the same email marketing software I do, will you please go to my resources page and click on the email marketing link, and then sign up for an account with Active Campaign because once you do that you will feel good knowing that Active Campaign will give me 20% of whatever you pay.

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You pay the same thing either way, but Active Campaign will give me 20% and I feel great knowing my friend gets 20% of my Active Campaign.

If I had signed up without him they would just get the whole thing whereas he gets 20%.

I am very grateful Active Campaign has such a great referral program and unlike the crappy free software I was using that almost no one ever signed up for through my link, it’s very easy to be an affiliate with Active Campaign and if you like using Active Campaign, it’s very easy to make referrals.

Like with my friend, with the pricing, especially if you have got one friend who is building a big business, the Active Campaign like where I’m at, the 25,000 contacts on the “Plus” plan, my cost is $3,800 a year for my email marketing and it’s worth it.

It helps my organic traffic way better than what I used to use. It gives me something I can use indefinitely in my business and for the first time I’ve committed to getting help with my email marketing because when you pay for almost four thousand dollars a year for email marketing, it’s worth paying someone to make sure they get good emails out to the list every week.

So, that’s my experience with Active Campaign and that’s my experience with email marketing. It really helps to keep people coming back and you really need people to come back to maximize your organic traffic.

Final words

I’m honored you have made it all the way to the end of this video. Given you have got here, I am imagining you enjoyed and found at least some of it helpful.

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If you just can’t hear enough of my voice and you really want to get into the rest of this, will you please go to the University of Jerry Banfield?

Go to the University of Jerry Banfield at u.jerrybanfield.com.

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You buy the course and ten years later you decide, “You know what? That course didn’t really help me.”

I will give you your hundred and eighty dollars back ten years later assuming you use the same contact and sign-in information you did in order to get here.

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Or, if you like the very best option, if I had had access to something like this when I started out online, I pray I would have been smart enough to do something like to get this lifetime partner.

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Because the biggest mistake I made and all the stuff I did with my business, especially with trying to rank higher in Google and YouTube, I didn’t get a mentor.

I didn’t work with anyone who had more experience than me. I just tried to do it all on my own. When you become a lifetime partner you get access to a Discord server, you can private message me, you can add me as a friend on Facebook, you can ask questions and you have then access to me as a mentor.

Not only me, but a community of other people with you, who have done the same thing, who you know have a strong interest in having a self-sustaining business online, whom you might be able to collaborate with and work with.

I imagine that any lifetime partner that works with me consistently will earn at least 10,000 plus dollars as a function of being a lifetime partner. I’ve helped several partners do that already through just mentoring and providing some simple suggestions.

For example, my friend Tomas, why don’t you put a free preview of your “Logic Pro X” course out on YouTube?

The video now has hundreds of thousands of views. He is now up to more than twenty times or so the sales every month that he had when he came to me. Those YouTube tutorials have brought him a ton of students, have helped him rank the highest. I suggested that he followed the directions, and he got outstanding results.

That’s what you can do in the lifetime partner with all courses.

Thank you for getting all the way to the end.

I love you.

You are awesome.

I could talk for another ten hours, but I think we have had enough time together in this particular video.

I appreciate you being here.

I imagine I will see you again soon.


Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard at www.michelgerardonline.com.