How to Rank Your YouTube Video on Google

How can you rank a YouTube video on Google high?

You can see my complete YouTube passive income tutorial video above.  This post is part of a four part series explaining passive income on YouTube.  Read part one here.

How do I rank YouTube videos on Google on the top of the first page?  All I do is spend a little bit on YouTube ads and my video comes up second in search results now.  Watch a full video on how to do this at the bottom of the page.  And if you look, there’s a lot of other Odesk tutorials on here with thousands of views.  But I spent a little bit on ads and now it comes up in search results.  If you think of this in SEO how easy is that?  YouTube search, this little search bar here is the second biggest search traffic in the world.  Google is first, YouTube is owned by Google and this search bar here is the second main place people in the world search for information.  And if you think about it from an SEO point of view, so if I’m summarizing what I’ve said, so and you’re telling me about it, so Jerry, all you have to do is pay Google a little bit to advertise your videos and it’ll bump you up in search results like this?  Well yes.  It’s that easy.  Imagine if SEO were that easy anywhere else.  And the best part is, I took this search term for less than $100.  I probably only spend anywhere from 20 to 50 dollars to take second on this search term.


Now you might say well how much has that made you?  I don’t know that’s made me anything right now individually but the collective power of my channel, the more high ranking videos I have, the easier it is to rank new videos.  I pull subscribers in off of my videos and it all works together.  So you can see on these newer videos that I’ve done, this one, almost all of those are paid views.  This one, almost of those are paid views.  This one, a destiny is a video game that just got released last week, I spent a few hundred dollars advertising this one right when it came out and I’ve got tens of thousands of free views on that video immediately.  And the beauty of that is, the bigger my channel gets the more views I get on all of my videos.  Everything all works together.  So these I did not pay to advertise and you can see now in just two weeks I get anywhere from like 50 to 100 views for free on every video of my subscribers.  If you want passive income on YouTube, subscribers are gold.  It’s not like likes on Facebook either.  Subscribers see your videos in their newsfeed on YouTube and they see them recommended of them on YouTube.  Subscribers drive great organic traffic.  YouTube is getting more competitive so if you want subscribers you should get started right now posting more videos on your YouTube channel.  Even if it is simple things like, I mean this is a painfully simple way to start off but it works.


Let’s take a look at this video, I asked my upcoming sister-in-law here.  She liked, she does, she’s worked at a big agency and she works at one now and where my brother is, she liked the format of these videos and I’m literally reading a blog post for the whole video.  But people actually watch that and they like it.  And it shows up in search results.  If you search for startup failure story, there mine comes up first.  When people search for startup failure story my story comes up first and on this search term on average when people click the video they spend an average of 20 minutes or they watch on average the whole video.  Now I just went and ruined it with my searching on it but you can see how powerful this is when you get into it.


When you keep doing this.  When you do a little bit at a time using some screen capture software, maybe by using Audacity like I’m doing, and then just uploading a video.  Think of it like this, if you want to make passive income, try and upload a video every day.  You can see I do all right on that.  This was uploaded two days ago, I’ve got two new videos coming out today and then this will be on my YouTube channel eventually.  You’ve got this one I did last week and then you see I did several videos two weeks ago.  These four weeks ago, a bunch of videos a month ago, lots of videos a month ago, you can see I put out videos on a regular basis and I’m working to make more videos more often.  If you can just think of it and try and do a video every day or a few videos every week, you’re on your way to making passive income on YouTube.


So in summary, if you want to be successful on YouTube, YouTube is a huge opportunity right now.  It’s the number three website in the world, it’s the second biggest search traffic website in the world, and with Facebook starting to suck more, especially for business, YouTube is the next likely destination for everyone to jump on top of.  Facebook’s going, is businesses and companies especially are starting to see that Facebook mostly doesn’t work for them.  YouTube is gigantically powerful.  In another year or two the competition’s going to continue to increase on YouTube.  If you want to make passive income on YouTube now’s the time to get started and the very best part of all this, when I make these videos, guess what else I do with them.  Then I share them on my website.  These videos get shared on my website. They get shared on Facebook.


When you make these videos, it’s very easy to share what you’re doing all over this place so that’s what so cool about it.  The more videos you make the more trust and credibility you build for what you do.  And then if you want to do things like say on your website you want someone to click through and then you have affiliate marketing like if you’re doing something like trying to get someone to look at webhosting reviews or something like that, you always want to send people to your website or straight to something like Udemy.  YouTube’s not very loving and understanding when it comes to direct affiliate links.  So having a website is the central place you send people, that’s what I do on YouTube and most of my traffic comes from YouTube to my website.


I get, I’m growing my organic search results fast on my website but my YouTube Google search results are giant and this could be risky because I haven’t done this lately, let’s see, Facebook ads tutorial 2014.  This is where I pull in Google search traffic.  When you search Google for something then, oh my Facebook ads tutorial comes up right on there, and that is where you can get some awesome things to happen for you.  When you set it up so that you can get, there, now look, that’s another thing, free online Facebook course.  My YouTube video comes up right there.  If you really want to get rolling on passive income, getting your videos up where they’re ranked high enough on YouTube for Google to stick them in search results up on the first page, that’s gold right there.  That is gold.  So when you do that, you’re looking at beautiful passive income by pulling in organic search traffic on the two biggest search destinations in the world.


Finally, let’s wrap up with the beginning.  Why do you want to make passive income on YouTube?  Why should you make passive income? Why should you make money on YouTube?  Why should people pay you based on your YouTube videos?  Are you going to give them something that’s great?  Are you going to share something that’s helpful with them?  If you want to give and share things that are helpful with people, YouTube is an easy way to do it. And once you do that, and look for those positive reinforcement loops like I showed you, I figured out people would watch my Facebook ads videos so I kept making them.  Now my Facebook ads videos are all over YouTube.  I just continue to make videos in areas that people watch about.  If you find that value proposition that you offer, then you can have opportunities for active and passive income on YouTube.


Once you’ve done that, then you might have the chance to live the exact lifestyle you want and you can be set up to have your whole work be related to making things on YouTube.  Most of what I do now is related to making these trainings and things on YouTube because I make enough money from my passive income sources and the active clients I’ve already got, that I can sit here and give you the best of what I know for free, because that’s what matches my why, and I can do that, and that’s my job, that’s my company, that’s what I do all the time.  My whole week’s planned around that.  That’s my work.  This is my work today.  If you want that, I’ve given you the keys to get started with it or to advance what you’re already doing.


If you want to push ahead farther, and faster, having a community where you can learn and network with other people trying to do this, might help a lot.  So you can see, I’ve created a new community here.  I’ve created a community called My Online Success Group, and this community is a community I’m hosting of people like me and like you.  We get together, we meet online each week, we have a Facebook group that we coordinate our meetings in and I’ve just launched this as of September 22nd.  I just launched this group.  So I have a link to it on my website,  And you can click here to apply, there’s an application on here.  So if you want to join this group, I call it an 80/20 spiritual profits community.  So we look to work smart, not hard, but we work hard with working smart.  So we talk about the very best of what works.  We’re spiritually founded, we’re in this to give value for everyone.  We’re out there to accomplish our why, to be a part of fulfilling our divine purpose together.  So we’re in this for that aspect of it and we focus especially on profits because if you’re not making money, it’s hard to help others if you can’t help yourself.  When you create enough value that people will pay you, then you can create more opportunities for other people.  So that’s the purpose of this community.  If you want to join, just go to and apply.


Thank you very much for spending this time with me today.  I hope what I’ve shared with you about making passive income on YouTube is helpful and I value your feedback on what I’ve created.  Like I said about the positive feedback loops, I would love to know what you think of this.  When I know what you think of it then I can do a better job of creating even more of what you love.  So please take the time, tell me what you think of it and then I can do even better of making what is useful to you.  So thank you and I will hope to continue connecting with you soon.


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