Are You Having Trouble Reaching Spiritual Enlightenment?

If you’ve been looking on how to become enlightened, I hope this is helpful. The only moment you achieve reaching spiritual enlightenment is right now. The key to enlightenment is knowing you are full of all the enlightenment you could ever ask for. In this moment, you are already enlightened right now. You can never become enlightened any time except right now. No one can do it for you. You must do it yourself. You must ask to be enlightened. Ask yourself for everything you want.

All you have to do is be what you are right now. Someone asked Eckhart Tolle what is the secret to enlightenment. He said, “I don’t mind how things are.” Everything is perfect right now. The desire to find enlightenment is to change how things are. You can be enlightened now. You can’t reach enlightenment by trying to change how things are. That is a miracle because that means there’s nothing you have to do. There’s nowhere you have to go. You can be enlightened right this moment. The only thing that can stand in the way of that is your belief that you are not enlightened.

I’m grateful I feel enlightened right now. Everything in the entire universe is perfect just how it is. You are doing exactly what you are supposed to right this moment and so am I. I’m honored to be here with you. I had to do the work inside. If I had listened to Eckhart Tolle before I had done the work , I would have heard nothing he said. It would’ve sounded like things that didn’t make sense or that weren’t true.

I’ve always been enlightened at the core of who I am. All I did is look more into myself. I  looked at who I am. I’m not the voice in my head. I am not everything I’ve done or will do in the future. I am no one. I am here. That’s all I know. I am enlightened.

When all you know is I am, that’s it. That’s enlightenment – to know you exist and nothing else. That’s it, you exist. You accept that everything that’s going on is perfect just how it is. The world is beautiful just how it is. If you want to change and struggle, then you’re separating. You’re making stress. You’re making hell in your life. You’re likely to say I’m not enlightened right now. I shouldn’t feel like this if I’m enlightened. The trick is to realize that you should feel the way you do right now.

That’s enlightenment. Even if you are miserable, even if you are suffering, even if you don’t want to live anymore. That’s what Eckhart Tolle describes. He got to a place where he was suffering and didn’t want to live anymore. That’s when he accepted that everything is fine just the way it is. What a lot of people describe as enlightenment is an acceptance of this moment. I maintain enlightenment even though words are challenging to maintain in this apartment. I maintain enlighten by accepting what is. All the time, each day, every day I accept it. All I do then, is notice when I have switched to no.

Anytime I switch to no, then I’m back in pain and suffering. The beauty is to see that you are the one that controls the switch to yes. If you’re having a hard time controlling how your life is, ask for acceptance. Pray for it. Regardless of what you believe, just talk and ask yourself for it.

Say you’ll do anything to accept this moment. You’ll do anything to feel the enlightenment that I’m talking about right now. You’ll be amazed it will happen, but it can only happen now. When I talk to people, most people have set up some future scenario where they’ll be happy. Where they will arrive. Where they will have made it. I did that so many times in my life and I’m lucky I got that so many times I could see through the lie.

The lie that somewhere some other time besides now will define me and make me who I am. It will give me enlightenment. It will give me everything that I want. No moment exists other than now. Now is all there is. I was lying to myself and saying that  in some other time, everything will be perfect. As long as I did that, now could never be perfect. What existed could never be perfect because it wasn’t perfect now. When I’m in pain now, I ask for help. I say please help me to be of service. Please help me to accept how things are. Then I accept how things are.

That’s how I got to where I’m making this video with you in the first place. If you want to be enlightened and you don’t feel like you already are, ask. Ask over and over. I will do whatever it takes to feel enlightened. Often just asking that you will find that you don’t have to do anything. you will feel it immediately. Try it.

This is a game of effort. If you put a lifetime of effort into feeling miserable, you might have to put a lot of effort now into feeling better. But the best thing is you can do that now. You don’t have to wait and it can start with a deep breath. I know I always feel better with a deep breath. You’re experiencing life. You’re living this beautiful existence with us.

I am here doing this because it feels like the right thing to do now. I love how life is. When I’m in sync with loving life, when I feel enlightened, then I do what I’m supposed to. When I feel enlightenment has slipped, I pray to be shown the next right thing to do. I pray to be a good person. I pray to take care of myself. I will do anything to be of service to do the next right thing. Asking brings me back. If you feel like you’ve had enlightenment before and you’ve slipped, just ask. Ask now to come back to it. I love that I’m here to experience this. That’s all I know, it doesn’t matter about a name or a history or a job or anything else.

Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I’m honored you’ve spent this time with me. I work every day to share more with you. I love Eckhart Tolle’s teachings. I love what he has to say and I listen to him all the time because I hear the truth through what he says. Through that form of myself. Through that form of myself, I hear the truth. When I hear the truth then I’m able to be the truth and share more truth.

When I found Eckhart Tolle, I already was enlightened. I already was loving, I already was appreciating my life. If I had not already done that in the moment, I would be in pain and misery. I would tell you I’m not enlightened.

I am happy and peaceful in every single thing I do. In my most private personal moments and my most personal moments. With my wife and most personal moments I am loving and peaceful. I am who you see now all the time and I’m grateful for that. You are a part of all that which is love and helped me

I hope to be of love and service to you. I do that each day. I make daily inspirational videos and talk about how I apply what I share with you here. You can get them on Facebook, YouTube, Udemy courses or on my Podcast.

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