Recording Online Courses with OBS for YouTube, Udemy & Skillshare!

Recording courses with OBS is easy, and I can film a 30 minute video course in an hour of real time. It is great if you don’t need to edit your videos that much, just go from start to finish and go fast.

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Recording courses with OBS

This is the link for OBS Studio, it works on Windows, Mac and Linux, it’s totally free, it is constantly being updated and it has very powerful features.

Recording Online Courses with OBS for YouTube, Udemy & Skillshare!

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I have a full tutorial on how to get started on Camtasia and OBS already. The key thing you need if you’re using OBS is something like Final Cut Pro X to do the video editing if you want to do any video editing. Let’s finish up with the software section, now we’re getting into websites for teaching. Again, if you want to download or use anything, I’ve got links for you.

Now we are getting next to where do you teach online. I recommend you film your video course platform-neutral. As you can see on the income before I went all in on Udemy for the first two years that I did any teaching online full time and for the long term that was a big mistake from my business. It has probably cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost earning because I filmed a bunch specifically for Udemy and then putting those courses on other platforms is difficult or not possible, and then when Udemy banned my account as the top 10 instructor just because they felt like it, they chose some policy things that weren’t invalid and that can happen on any platform you’re using that’s not your own.

Recording Online Courses with OBS for YouTube, Udemy & Skillshare!

Therefore, as you can see while I earned a lot on Udemy it is very easy to have a problem to get banned, especially if you do well on Udemy you draw more attention, more criticism and you may just trigger egos of people at Udemy. Therefore, I recommend to not film for any one platform specifically, make your courses platform neutral and that means you can put your course on Udemy, you can then upload the same course on Skillshare, you can then upload the same course at StackCommerce, you can then upload the same course on my platform Utena, you can then upload the same course on your own hosting and that will give you 5 platforms that you can put your courses on.

Then you can focus all of your promotional efforts specifically on your own platform and if you want to make your own platform, I use Thinkific to host you We have 300+ courses on, we make sales every day and therefore I recommend using Thinkific to host your own platform. If you’d like to use Thinkific I trust you’ll go to this link here to sell-host on Thinkific, click that because your help me earn 20% of whatever you pay when you sign up and you also get a 1-month free trial of the Pro Plan which has everything you need to make a strong start. In the Thinkific bundle you also get several video courses that will show you much more about building your online course, especially on your own self hosting.

What is the Progress on Uthena Until Now?

We’ve got 421 courses. We’ve got bundles of courses which are just collections of courses and we’ve got services.

For example, you can hire me hourly. We’ve got graphic design services. I’ve got a sponsored video. We’ve got Kickstarter and online course design services. I’ve got a new option to advertise and do guest posts.

If you want to make a guest post or do a banner ad on my website, for example, I’ve got a banner ad at the bottom. I’ve got a sidebar spot on my website. You can have your ad over here. I’ve got these up on Uthena.

Recording Online Courses with OBS for YouTube, Udemy & Skillshare!

I’m imagining eventually having a development team build a version of Uthena that has even more features. I’m not sure when exactly that’ll manifest. By doing a great job with what I’ve already got, that’ll get to make the best transition into what will come.

Who built your website?

I did my website. I have a graphic designer at Uthena. You can hire her. She has done the graphics for my website.

Recording Online Courses with OBS for YouTube, Udemy & Skillshare!

If you go to services on Uthena and go to this custom PDF and graphic design services. Now, it’s a thousand dollars. You can start with $250. It’s based on design credit. I work with a graphic designer, Auret. She’s an outstanding designer.

She has done the graphic design on my website. She did this PDF. For example, you could get a PDF like this for your design services with her.

Recording Online Courses with OBS for YouTube, Udemy & Skillshare!

So, if you go to Uthena, click on services and my graphic designer is available. She’s very good and very consistent. I’ve spent over $15,000 with her this year on graphic design.

The basic strategy I recommend if you want to earn the income that I’ve got and do even better yourself, I recommend using this basic strategy: film courses for your own self hosting, post free previews of them up on YouTube, promote your own self hosting, charge much more for your courses at $27 at a minimum, maybe even 50 or $100, charge more for your courses and promote them directly. Then you can just put your courses on all the other platforms and take whatever money they give you and that’s what I’ll walk you through doing right now. has a deep selection of online courses which gives you the best chance to make sales without having to do anything on Udemy. You can literally make sales doing nothing, and that’s the best way to profit. Where you lose real return on your investment with Udemy, once you hit the become an instructor button you lose that return on investment when you try to compete and you try to promote your course. You can get some friends and family to take your courses on Udemy and to give you some initial reviews on them and get a little of a foundation however I wouldn’t do anything more than that and giving away free coupons to promote your course on Udemy.

Udemy has outstanding opportunities to earn in these two specific strategies: number one – if you can make the very best course on a popular topic on Udemy you can learn a lot. That might sound easy or it might sound hard. If you’re me I thought, “Yeah, I can make the best course on my topic I can” and I did that on several topics. However, the competition since I got the best course in several topics is 10 to 100 times as much on Udemy as it was when I did that. You are up against people who have massive business systems that I’ve taught them to build on Udemy. You’re up against people that have big YouTube channels that are funneling hundreds of sales a day in their courses from YouTube. You’re up against people using paid ads for hundreds of dollars a day to promote their courses. The top popular courses are so lucrative on Udemy that there are massive business systems and publishers setting up to take those spots. That said if you have one topic you’re an absolute expert and it might be ideal to just try to aim for one of those top spots but you risk what happened to me on Udemy.

The Udemy earnings for me have been stuck for 3 years at $661,000. Imagine how much I would have made if I had directed all my promotion to my self hosting and sold the entire time instead of directing so much to Udemy.

It can be a big risk to go for the top spot on Udemy but you can also make a top reward. Always use Udemy as marketplace tool to check how much money you can make on the top of your niche. On some courses, there will be a hundred thousand a month you can make with the top course and the competition will probably be insane for that. On others there will be only maybe two or three hundred a month that you can make with the top course in that subject and that might be something you could take on easily but there also might be heavy competition for a $200 or $300 a month. You can look all this up in your Udemy instruct dashboard using the marketplace insight tool. The best strategy is just to put your courses on Udemy and don’t worry about it.

How you can make good money on Udemy without competing is the second strategy – to make a course that there is nothing else on Udemy on that exact topic. That’s what I recommend if you want to try to intentionally make some money from Udemy. Go up in the search bar and find a subject where there is no course at all on that topic. That’s a great opportunity because then you have no competition and you’ve got Udemy full business system that can help you if there is an interest in that topic.

What you can do with this is make a short course on the topic, you can make a detailed course on it but to start the basic strategy is to make a short course, see if anyone buys it and gives you a good review. Then when someone buys your course and gives you a good review, what you do is make it better.

The reason it’s so hard to compete with the top courses on Udemy is that most instructors are on these top courses focus their energy on maintaining that top spot. That means the instructor is constantly updating the video and constantly adding new material and there’s almost no way you can compete. That’s the basic strategy that I used to take the top spots on Facebook, on YouTube, on teaching on Udemy, on ethical hacking, on Wirecast, on Linux, etc.

I had a best-selling course on a bunch of different topics and that was my strategy. To just put a course out that is pretty good and if it started getting good reviews, then aim for the top spot, make it by far the best course on that subject and then promote it.

What you can do is find topics on Udemy that no one’s made a course on, just try to make as many of those as you can and then just make it better and better courses as people take them. All of this effort you can then duplicate on every other platform.

Udemy’s business system, if you’re new to Udemy, is people pay up usually $10 to buy a course on Udemy. Udemy completely control pricing and just recently changed their pricing system where you can’t even offer instructor discount for your course for over 10%.

I imagine a bunch of instructors will leave over this as they’ve left with previous pricing changes Udemy made. You can set the initial price in your course, but you can’t discount it more than Udemy allows you to discount it. A lot of the sales on Udemy are where people are conditioned to $10 courses and won’t pay much more for other courses. That’s the basic business model on Udemy

Recording Online Courses with OBS for YouTube, Udemy & Skillshare!

Skillshare’s business model is pay one cost, which you can see if you can click premium, it is $15 a month monthly or $8.25 month annually which is $99 a year and you get access on Skillshare to over 30,000 classes. You can find out the exact amount when you use my link to join Skillshare. Skillshare is another great opportunity to teach online. I recommend to, if you want to teach on Skillshare, become a premium instructor and watch some courses on Skillshare to understand the student experience. Skillshare is much easier than Udemy to get your course up, you can literally sign up and put your course up really fast on Skillshare where in Udemy you need to verify your identity, you need to go through all their various course review instructions and guidelines. On Skillshare you can just put any course up and you also can immediately make $10 referring people to join Skillshare.

I imagine as Skillshare grows this is hurting Udemy a bit as people realize there are 20000 or 25000 courses that are on Udemy that are also on Skillshare. Why by $10 course on Udemy when you can just sign up for Skillshare? It’s similar to Netflix or Hulu for Education, you just pay the flat fee and you get access to all the classes. This is good in terms of being able to get students.

On Skillshare as an instructor, you don’t have to sell anybody on your course, which is really good. On Udemy you have to sell your course, if somebody doesn’t buy your course, you get nothing. On Skillshare you don’t have to sell your course because it’s available to subscribers and anyone that searches for a class can enroll in your course on Skillshare paying nothing, which is great, except you only get paid by minutes watched on Skillshare.

It’s about $0.05 a minute or so right now, which means if no one watches your course regardless of whether they would buy it or not, you get nothing.

As you can see, this can be frustrating on Skillshare because on Udemy you might do a great job selling your course to people who mostly won’t watch it, that’s the secret of Udemy. People buy so many courses they don’t use them and when I tell them about Skillshare, they don’t buy that many courses on Udemy anymore.

On the Skillshare if you don’t get people watching your class and keep watching your classes you make nothing and it can be very easy to have courses that earn nothing. I’ve got like 80 course up on Skillshare and I don’t even earn $1,000 a month on Skillshare because a lot of my classes aren’t getting watched and I stopped promoting it.

Recording Online Courses with OBS for YouTube, Udemy & Skillshare!

The opportunity on Skillshare is, since there’s not as many classes, you might find a topic that there’s no class at all on Skillshare and as soon as you put the class up on Skillshare you can get immediate students watching your courses without marketing it at all. That’s what makes Skillshare great.

There’s a massive downside to Skillshare though. Skillshare is the easiest platform to get banned as an instructor out of all the platforms. Skillshare took my profile down over a mistaken DMCA request by a football team in Argentina and took them a month to put my course back up. Skillshare has automated systems in place to ban instructors without warning and that can happen in several ways. I’ve talked to several instructors who got banned from Skillshare and they weren’t trying to blatantly break the rules or the policies. Skillshare has some arbitrary policies about what courses you can put up so make sure you read the instructor terms on Skillshare before you put a course up because I know of one instructor who got immediately banned because his topic wasn’t allowed on Skillshare even though the topic was on Udemy, on StackCommerce, on Uthena and all over the place but not on Skillshare.

Skillshare doesn’t allow you to put courses up that don’t teach a specific skill. Skillshare doesn’t allow things like dating courses, you can’t put just a general self-help course up that doesn’t teach a skill, thus Skillshare to me is definitely not something you want to do your business on, it is the least reliable out of these platforms I’m showing you.

The problem is that the more consistently you create on Skillshare the more nearly certain it is you will just arbitrarily or accidentally run into either an automatic ban or you will run into some kind of policy violation. For example, for me they changed the policy, and I uploaded a course that was fine originally but then they changed the policy and I got a strike on my account.

At Skillshare you have to narrate the course which means, unlike Udemy where you don’t even have to narrate the course, you can pay someone to make the course and put it up on Udemy, on Skillshare if you’re not narrating it you’ll get a strike. For example, as I’ve done for uploading a course on Skillshare I did not narrate, even though it says on the terms and conditions you can have company accounts on Skillshare and therefore many instructors I still got a strike despite what it says in terms and conditions.

Skillshare can be a great place to just throw your course up there and see happens. However, just like Udemy, I don’t recommend building your whole business on Skillshare. Just take the money they give you and be happy for it. That’s what I do, I don’t even check my Skillshare stats; I don’t even put new courses up there, I just take whatever money they give me and I’m grateful for it.

The next place that’s an outstanding opportunity to teach online combines really well with all these other platforms. The goal of sharing all this with you is to allow you to make an entire business. That’s why I go into detail on each of these specific platforms here for you. I think when you put your courses up on every single one of these platforms and promote them as I’m showing you you’ve got a great way to do a full-time business.

Recording Online Courses with OBS for YouTube, Udemy & Skillshare!

The next one I’m recommending here is StackCommerce. StackCommerce can sell your course on top websites like which they will even write a complete sales pitch for you. I’ve got a video showing exactly how pitched my courses for me and made thousands of dollars in sales for me. StackCommerce has an outstanding set up with publishers and StackCommerce is the totally hands-off business system. You literally just put your courses up on StackCommerce and forget about them and take the money. When you’re doing the same thing on Udemy and Skillshare you get all these paychecks that just come in even if you haven’t film a course in a while, it’s really nice.

You need to apply to be a vendor on StackCommerce and I recommend getting your course up on Udemy first and then you can use your Udemy URL, you can put online course then. If you got your own self hosted website, that’s ideal and you probably want to wait until you got that done.

On StackCommerce you can see the business system, they’ve got a lot of top publishers that will get your course out to a niche audience. The downside of StackCommerce is it takes months to get things rolling sometimes. For example, I put a course up that on other platforms started selling almost right away including on my platform on Uthena and by the time the course started selling on StackCommerce I’d already made thousands of sales or something like that on my platform by the time StackCommerce even made it available for sale.

The upside of StackCommerce is if you get the course in a bundle it can sell for years sometimes, even after the course itself is way outdated. StackCommerce as you saw on my income report earlier StackCommerce is actually the second highest income place that I’ve earned on and in terms of time and effort vs. earnings StackCommerce is number one in terms of least amount of time and energy for the biggest return. Therefore, you definitely want to take time to apply to get on StackCommerce, to get your courses up there and upload them there.

One last platform you can apply on is my platform Uthena. We’ve got a business system that combines the best of Udemy and Skillshare and StackCommerce together. We have course bundles and that is where StackCommerce shines, selling course bundles. On Uthena we’ve got a subscription service similar to Skillshare, we’ve got course bundles like on StackCommerce and like Udemy you can purchase courses individually and we are also the only platform that will help you put out a video on YouTube that will sell your course by sending people directly to Uthena.That’s the main way we make sales on Uthena with these free video previews.

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