How To Quickly Recover From Mistakes In Life

The most dangerous time for me is after I’ve made a mistake. Understanding this helps me to not keep doing the same thing over and over and make the situation worse. In Poker, doing this is called going “on tilt”.

If you’ve ever played poker or played video games I think you can relate to that pretty well. The most dangerous times for most of us in our lives is right after you’ve made a mistake regardless of where it’s at. It could be at home, out in public or traveling. That is the most dangerous situation because that’s when I’m most likely to go on tilt in whatever I’m doing.

The important thing for me is to see how this applies to my life and to be aware of my potential to go on tilt. In poker, you want to take the other guy’s money. I’ve played a lot of Texas Hold ’em and if you want to win, the best situation is right after they’ve made a mistake. This is the most dangerous time for me in my personal life.

In poker, it’s easy to take all someone’s money right after they make that initial bad beat. Poker is not mysterious once you learn. All you have to do is wait for someone to go on tilt. Wait for something to happen that he gets frustrated about and then take their money from that point on.

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Now, if you don’t play poker, this analogy might seem a little nebulous. Let’s take it to a different scenario.

In video games like Call of Duty, the most dangerous time for me is right after I’ve died. That’s the time where I’m most likely to keep dying and making the most mistakes. That the time where I’m likely to rack up a bunch of deaths. It’s not right before hand. The key is after I’ve died once to move on from it.

It’s similar to what we see in football. After the quarterback throws an interception, they’re most likely to go on tilt. That’s when they throw another interception.

The biggest difference between winners and losers often is not that winners never lose, it’s that the winner is not going on tilt. The winners tend not to completely lose it in the face of a mistake. I’m a great example of that in Call of Duty. I didn’t used to be a good example. I used to be the exact opposite. I used to tilt worse than most of the people in my team. If things were going good for me, I could tolerate a death. If things weren’t going good for me, I would drag the whole team down with going on tilt. I’d play like I’d never played the game before.

In zombies, the same thing would happen. I would have one little down that I would be upset about and then I would have a stupid down right after that. It would be one that didn’t effectively demonstrate my play skill. One that often was avoidable.

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This happens in life. If you want to win more often, avoiding going on tilt is often one of the most powerful ways to do it. It’s the same thing with everything else. If you want to have better relationships avoid going on tilt. If you want to do better dating, avoid going on tilt. I did often go on tilt dating but it didn’t affect me trying again.

What I’ve seen with a lot of people dating is something will go wrong for them and they will quit trying. They will go on tilt for years either with not dating at all. I had years of tilt after my college ex left me. I had years where I couldn’t properly date where I went on tilt. I was finally able to forgive that and move on and do better. Today, if you are having a hard time, often it’s because you’ve tilted on something. That comes from not forgiving a previous mistake. If you can get out of going on tilt, that will usually fix any problems you’re experiencing.

It’s fixed so many problems in my life to not go on tilt. For example, if I don’t want to get mad at my wife, the way to do that is to not go on tilt after the first potential upset. The first time she says something that upsets me, I can choose to not get mad. If I start going on tilt after that then I’m in a situation where I can’t help but to keep going down.

The same thing happens with gaming. One of the reasons I win so often is I don’t go on tilt after I die. When I die, it’s as if I start from fresh again. If you’ve seen me play one of the free for all, you’ll notice you don’t see anger and frustration when something bad happens. You don’t see me start to go on tilt. You see me start over and start from scratch. For this reason, I have few death streaks compared to what I’m used to. This applies across my whole life. I’ve went on tilt on everything you could go on tilt on. I’ve gone on tilt in my business and every relationship I’ve ever had.

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I’ve shared this today with the hope that you can gain some insight. It doesn’t matter if you know when I go on tilt or if you can spot someone else on tilt. It helps if you can avoid doing it yourself. If you can spot the next time you go on tilt. The next time a girl or guy says something or the next time you die in a game and start flipping out. The faster you can spot that, the less damage happens. If you can spot a tilt right when it starts, you eliminate 99% of the results.

In Call of Duty after a death you can have a repulsive reaction that it shouldn’t have happened. If you can spot it right there, you eliminate 99% of the suffering instead playing 15 more matches on tilt.

I share this with you today because I want to spot every time I go on tilt as soon as it starts. I can’t stand being on tilt which then makes it easier to go on tilt. Today, I try to apply loving caring understanding to each thing I’m doing and to spot when I go on tilt. Once I spot it then there’s hope.

Once I see that I’m on tilt now, then I don’t have to get stuck in that cycle of it. If I don’t spot it, I’m helpless instead I can try to do the same thing I’ve done over and over again. In other words, if I don’t spot it then there’s no choice. If I see that I’m on tilt, then I don’t have to go on it. You can see just by playing right here in this video, I did not go on tilt in the same situation I went on tilt a ton of times.

It’s not a big deal now because I have a chance to try again. Often some of the best games I’ve had in Call of Duty have been right after a death streak. That is a huge difference from before. One of the best videos I made was right after I went on this epic death streak. I got killed a ton of times and I kept saying “it doesn’t matter what happens, I might be about to drop one of my best streaks ever” and I did. I dropped one of my best streaks ever right after that because I didn’t lose it going on tilt about the earlier deaths.

Today I pray to be aware of how I’m doing. Am I going on tilt or not? I pray that when I see I’ve gone on tilt that I pray for help getting out of it. Often, I can’t get out of it myself, but if I accept what’s happened then that works to get me out of it. I hope that you have the same opportunities I have today to spot when your life has went on tilt. I pray that you have the chance to get out of it. Thank you for reading this. I hope you have a great day.

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