Remembering We Were Babies Unlocks Superpowers!

If you want to unlock some superpowers, here is a little tip. You can do anything, baby. Remembering we were babies and whatever the essence of that baby is, it is still fundamentally unchanged about who we are.

Remembering We Were Babies Unlocks Superpowers!

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Remembering We Were Babies Unlocks Superpowers!

This allows us to go through our adult lives or maybe teenagers with what can be looked at as a superpower.

I look at my son who is six months old, he is learning how to walk. Imagine the patience to learn how to walk from being a little baby. The only proof or evidence you have that you might be able to walk is looking around and seeing everyone else walking. You have never walked before, so to speak.

Looking at my son, he is just learning how to eat food for the first time. He doesn’t know how to talk. I look at my daughter who is three and a half years old, she runs around and jumps and has such great joy about it. She can talk amazing already. She is great at eating food. She has now learned how to use the potty. From my point of view, she has learned incredibly challenging tasks and had amazing patience with them.

Why is it so challenging then for me to do things that seem fairly easy in comparison?

For example, to start playing video games online and have some patience with building a following and getting supporters unlocked by Facebook, and Facebook inviting me to be a partner, and having some more money in the bank.

Remembering We Were Babies Unlocks Superpowers!

These things look extremely simple compared to learning how to walk and a lot of us forget that we have already conquered these things, that if you put them in front of us and said, “Okay, Jerry. We’re going to take away your ability to walk, talk and eat. Over the next three years, you will not be able to talk to anybody…”

Well, maybe not three years.

Let’s say, “For the next year you will not be able to talk to anyone. For six months you won’t be able to walk and if you put in a lot of effort every single day and have no proof that you can do it, but just have faith based on the people around you, then maybe you can get these abilities back that you currently enjoy.”

This is what I’ve already done. This body once could not talk. I’m showing a picture. These are some of my baby pictures. It could not talk, it could not crawl, it could not walk, it did not know how to eat, it did not know how to use the bathroom and these are things I’ve already done.

Therefore, what else in my life is likely to be as challenging as what I’ve already completed?

Once we see this, it starts to make life look a lot easier. When I’ve responded to several messages last night from people looking for encouragement on my Facebook page and many in the middle of things that as adults we think are challenging, in the middle of money problems, in the middle of uncertainty with where our jobs and career and business online will take us, when I compare that to what I already have been through as a baby and growing up, it looks so easy.

Remembering We Were Babies Unlocks Superpowers!

It’s the context that helps us a lot.

Now, the mind might argue, “Well, Jerry, I’m not a baby anymore.”

Then good.

You are not a victim of anything that’s happened to you before either. You are not a failure because of anything that’s happened to you before either.

Yes, it’s true.

You are probably not a baby watching this, which is good because all the things that have happened before don’t matter either. They have all provided very good experience for today.

I’ve been through a lot of uncomfortable times in my adult life that I remember and ironically they look much easier than what I already went through as a baby.

This little idea helps me a lot today, to remember I am patient, because I wouldn’t have got this beautiful creation this far along if I didn’t have a massive amount of patience to start out from nothing. A single one cell and bam, here we are.

Remembering We Were Babies Unlocks Superpowers!

That, not only is possible, it is certain because here I am. Therefore, everything else in the whole universe is possible. The idea of making a million dollars seems simple compared to taking this little idea of Jerry from one cell into this massive body and evolving it through 34 years of existence on this planet.

What else can I take on that is more difficult than what I’ve already done?

Finally, it helps to have this idea that this body is my beautiful creation, or it could be my nasty ugly creation at earlier points in my life.

I am the artist.

I am the creator of this body.

It’s my idea of this body that holds it together.

This body is not me.

This body is like my painting.

I am the painter on the canvas, that’s who I am.

I’m making this and it’s my continued decision to make it that keeps it here, and if I decide I don’t want to paint this anymore, then I don’t have to be here anymore.

This is my adventure.

This is my exciting life, so to speak.

Remembering We Were Babies Unlocks Superpowers!

It helps me today to take good care of this body and to look at it like, “This is my creation that I’ve worked on the longest.”

My business online seven years is nothing compared to the time and effort I’ve put into this body, and given that I’m the painter and the artist, I can re-craft this thing however I want to. I can make it huge and muscular. I can make it really slim and barely on the edge of fading away.

I’ve made it now how I want it to be. I like the shape it’s in today.

I’m grateful for the chance to share this information with you.

I like the shape this body is in because it functions very well doing this, just making videos and going through ordinary regular daily life. I don’t need to lift a bunch of stuff, and at the same time, I’m prepared if there is a little food shortage. I’m not going to fade away overnight or anything, and yet, I’ve strength to move the body around, do some push-ups.

I get up in the morning now and I do push-ups.

I say, “Thank God I can do these push-ups” because at one point in my life this was something I worked up to, and it’s really exciting when I was 16 years old I was trying to get ready for football practice and struggled to do 20 push-ups and today I can easily do 30 push-ups, and I’m steadily using that patience remembering being a baby.

Remembering We Were Babies Unlocks Superpowers!

I’m using that patience steadily to work my way up to 40 or 50 push-ups, more than I’ve ever done on a regular basis before because I got this thing off the ground. At one point my son could not even push himself off the ground. In several months of trying, he can now push himself all the way up to the ground, he can finally do a push-up on his knees.

How cool is it I can do just on my feet and hands, and I can do 30 of them in a row?

That’s amazing.

Remembering we were a baby also makes it a lot easier for parenting. I look at it equal when I see my daughter, when I see my son, when I see my wife.

These are equals.

Not something that I’m better than them because I’ve accomplished all the things.

These are equals.

And when I respect and equal I am very hesitant to use my larger superior physical size to push around another equal because I realize another equal will push back, and my children mentally one might argue they have absolutely fantastic mental powers and a lot of us as parents bump into that.

We will be pushing around our physical strength and, “You’re going to do this,” and then the mental power of the child comes back and “whoa,” you realize they have a mental power that often as adults we have put down and forgot our imaginations, our ferocious patience and persistence when something is desired.

Remembering We Were Babies Unlocks Superpowers!

I hope this is really helpful for you today.

I imagine it will be.

When you look around at your life and remember you were a baby and you have made it all the way here, any little challenge today is easy compared to what you have already been through, and of course, I’m sharing this so that I can remember it too as I go throughout my day.

I love you.

You are awesome.

Thank you for experiencing this on Facebook, YouTube or on my podcast or on my blog where I try to make something useful for you every day because I love you, you are awesome and I appreciate the chance to be of service to you and your family, your friends and your community, and this world.

Keep talking that, “Blah – blah – blah.”

Remembering We Were Babies Unlocks Superpowers!

“Think you’ll be getting this? Nah – Nah – Nah. Not in the back of my car. Oh – Oh. If you keep talking that blah – blah – blah.”


Jerry Banfield

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