Remembering Reincarnation

Why is it really helpful to remember reincarnation, I say remembering reincarnation because it’s not something you need to believe in.

As much as for me, is just knowing what feels true to me that I’ve incarnated in many different forms, many different times and this particular form is proof of that. It’s not the only one I’ve ever been in forever and it helps me to have a piece about things like death, about whether it’s myself or other people. It also helps me to see that I have and will and am taking many different forms literally, my body is not the same yesterday, as it is today.

Literally, according to our science every seven years our body has almost an entirely new set of cells. And seven years before that these bodies literally are not the same as they were seven years ago. There’s different atoms in our bodies.

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It comes from remembering the nature of the soul and reincarnation is a great gateway.

Many people around the world already either believe or know the truth of reincarnation.

In the place where I live in the USA is one of the places where still the belief or the remembering of reincarnation is much lower than others. I read it in one book that Christianity used to have reincarnation in it and it was taken out because it made things too easy.

“Oh yeah, this just let people reincarnate. You can sin all you want to and just dying reincarnate again, we got to take that out of there who’s gonna listen, when they go to service when they know they can do whatever they want in this life, and just reincarnate and have another shot and the next one, take that reincarnation out”.

Then, people will have and give them something to be afraid of and then they’ll do what they’re told. This is what I’ve heard and the idea of Jesus’s resurrection, from what I read is simply the same thing that all of us do.

We all rise from the dead is we’ve risen from something that was dead before into this new form. If you want to have help remembering reincarnation, I suggest go to a hypnotherapist and do a past life regression.

If you are completely new to that I suggest reading Many lives, Many masters you will be blown away by what Brian Weiss shares.

He was a psychologist who had no interest in getting into any of this and he had a client that shocked him into it, that put facts about his life. He could not believe that she told him she hardly knew her at all. She told him intimate details of his life no one could possibly have known from a state herself of in between one life and another.

It is possible to remember our past lives, I’ve had past life regressions, I have remembered details of several of my past lives from a life in ancient Egypt where I died in the sand storm that to this day.

Frequently throughout this life I have been inside a grocery store and thought my gosh, I must have died and came to heaven -Look at all these groceries in here. Look at all this food and all this water. It’s amazing- Like I’ve seen a grocery store as someone who was starved to death out in the desert would imagine it.

I relived the the key scenes in that life, I was in a hypnotic, really ultra-relaxed state similar to dreaming but still awake. I went through and got key moments from three or four different lives.

One life from Germany during World War Two, which was a brutal life to say the least as a German soldier. And then a recent life where I died young, through violence in Detroit as a young man, African descent, of the black skin tone and I remember feeling a lot especially when I was younger in this life that my outer skin did not feel match the way I felt inside. I felt like I was a young black man and yet look in the mirror. And my skin was a white man when I was in elementary school. There were a lot of young black kids near us and I felt like those were my people.

The past life I had before that apparently I was a young black man and I died young through violence and then I reincarnated in the same city, into this particular body.

The nice thing with remembering reincarnation it also annihilate almost all the problems we have in our society.

When I have memories of being past lives as a war criminal past lives as a different race. I have not gotten any different gender past life memories. I want to go pull some of my memories as a woman.

I know I’ve had some past lives as a woman. I just don’t remember any of them yet. And I will get some help with that.

You might wonder Why, why? Why we reincarnate? -Okay, I’ll just play devil’s advocate here- Why don’t we remember that? Wouldn’t you think everyone would come into this life remembering reincarnation?

Here’s what happens, we kind of cross over a river of forgetting so to speak.

When we reincarnate, we kind of start from scratch, there’s a amnesia block that’s put in when the baby is born. That before the baby is born, the baby in the can actually still remember the past lives and what they’re doing. But upon birth, there’s a forgetting that takes place. Not with everyone but with most people. And the reason for this is a fresh start.

If you remembered your past life, let’s say from my last life, I died violently. Well imagine if I come into this life, I might want vengeance on the people that hurt me in the last life that murdered me last time. You think if I remember that, there’d be the opportunity for just to ridiculous things to happen like babies coming into the world holding a grudge from a previous lifetime.

The key thing the block seems to be in place for is the learning. If you came in and remembered all of your past lives right away, it make things too easy. you’d remember -Oh, well, I’ve incarnated 586 times, really nothing to worry about- It might be kind of hard to get involved with the world and care about and really participate.

It’s forgetting reincarnation that allows us to really get completely consumed by the world. What happened with me is that I forgot, until around 29 or 30 years old in a great deal of pain, it seems to be happening to lots of other people, I started to remember.

I often had a lot of these indirect memories earlier in my life, for example, when we moved to Germany, when I was 13 years old, I came to Germany as a very happy young American child and I left as a very confused and in pain teenager. And what it seems, is that being in Germany awoke some of these past life memories on an unconscious level and all I got in my mind was a bunch of pain and misery and hating the world and being confused.

I was very drawn to WWII games for a long time until I did a past life regression and got this whole German life and it fits in with all these random things that didn’t make sense.

To me this also explains why a lot of people have what seems like an irrational fixation with certain periods of time in the past -I love the Old West. I imagine I had a life in the past in the Old West, which is part of the reason I love things like Western so much because they remind me of an existence that otherwise on a conscious level, I have forgotten about.

Remembering reincarnation has a huge value for us as a world right now.

I’ve I’ve been black, I’ve been Asian, I’ve been African, I’ve been Egyptian. I’ve been on a whole bunch of different things before and this is very temporary then this helps me feel true love and compassion and understanding for everyone else. And it also helps me create a world where I would be willing to come back anywhere.

Because as we have all these weapons that can wipe people out with just a couple of people letting it happen. And as as we have more challenges than we’ve maybe ever experienced on a world, having more of us remember that we’ve reincarnated that this is not our first or our last iteration more than likely and to identify that this is kind of a temporary manifestation of me as for right now a 35 year old middle 35 year old white man, this is a very temporary manifestation of who I am.

My life’s work today is to work on making a world where I don’t know what kind of crazy idea I’ll get consumed with reincarnated. Next, I might come back as a young girl in Bangladesh. After this life, as Jerry Banfield is over, I might come back as a young boy in Iceland next time.

My vision is to make a world where I’d be happy to come back in any particular spot.

Now, when you think about reincarnation, you might wonder -Well, why would a soul even reincarnate?- and that helps us look at our life’s purpose and take total responsibility for our life as it is, and drop all the victim stuff.

When you get into reincarnation, you drop the victim mindset of your parents. And for me, this is felt very true for a long time, especially since being a parent.

When I look at my parents, I see those are the parents I chose. I knew everything about them beforehand. I chose those two parents, I chose where I reincarnated in the world. I made that decision and I continue to make the decision to stay with this incarnation.

I have the ability to leave this incarnation whenever I want to, all I need to do is make a wholehearted choice to leave this incarnation and science will explain that whether it’s a heart attack, or a car accident.

I used to go back and forth, deciding whether I wanted to stay or go stay or going I used to make the decision back and forth and I got close to leaving this incarnation several times.

I’m very grateful. I’m still here today to tell you about this.

During one of the times I was on the edge of leaving, I had this feeling even though my mind said this is all there is and that if this life is over, that’s total annihilation. And yet I knew deep down that wasn’t true that if my life ended, I would simply rise out of my body. Watch and look around at what I done. And then come back here again.

That scared me more than anything else because to leave before it’s time to go, guess what you’re going to do come right back.

This helps to see a fundamental justice in the world as well. Because what I can see my incarnations I’ve been the different side of things in World War Two in Germany, I was on the side of the brutalizer, or the perpetrator.

In the life I immediately reincarnated after that, as a young man in Detroit, and I was on the side of the victim, I was murdered in that life at about 18 or 19 years old.

I remembered coming out of the body and how mad I was in disbelief how my own people murdered me, I was so mad and I still carry that over into this incarnation of fear of being murdered by my own people.

I carried the previous incarnation over as well. Lots of times, there’s illnesses in the body, that are related to things that happened in past lives.

That’s how the author of Many Lives, Many Masters. Brian Weiss, that’s how he got into past life regression because he had a client, who had drowned in a Egyptian past life. She was afraid of water, and nothing in her current life, explained that.

He asked her before he got into any of this, he’s he got frustrated, and he said -Okay, we’ll just go back to whatever time caused this fear of water- and then she jumped into this past life on him.

Totally unexpected and after she remembered that past life, she was cured of her fear of water. I’ve read a bunch of stories of people just remembering past lives and being cured of present life, phobias, present life problems.

In fact, I’ve read a bunch of stories about things like neck pain and back pain going back to ways that people died in previous lives.

That’s why I’ve shared this with you today, to help you be curious or to stay curious to read. Look into this because it helps so much to go through each day with a conscious remembering of reincarnation, it helps to not be afraid of death.

And if you’re not afraid of death, it’s difficult to fear almost anything else.

After all, what does an immortal have to fear, an immortal soul that can’t be confined or constrained?

Really, the worst thing you can do as an immortal soul is make an environment you don’t like and then forget who you are.

That’s why a lot of us have created hell on earth. We’ve our immortal souls, we’ve forgotten our nature and we’ve created an environment we don’t like. And really that’s from an I see is about as bad as it can possibly get.

I hope this is helpful for you today, to see a way out of that, which is why I’ve made this and talked about this with you.

I am sober, I don’t take any any kind of medication, or do anything that would alter my sobriety at all. I don’t even drink caffeine. I’ve seen the comments people saying you must be on drugs. This is a human being in a natural state of love, peace and connection.

And that’s the state I share with you today.

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Jerry Banfield