You’ll Love Using Restream to Be Live Everywhere | Video Course!

Thank you for discovering with me. What is it? Restream is a website streaming service that allows us to send one feed of our stream, and then Restream sends it out to all of the destinations.

You’ll Love Using Restream to Be Live Everywhere | Video Course!

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You'll Love Using Restream to Be Live Everywhere | Video Course!

This is awesome and I’m very grateful I’ve just started using this.

Restream goes out to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Twitter via Periscope, VK, the Russian social media networking website, Dlive, a live-streaming website on the blockchain, Smashcast, and a bunch more destinations.

We might ask, “Well, why stream on all these websites at once? Why not just do one of them or try to do maybe two?”

What happens, I’ve noticed on my streams, is I will have someone discover me on Mixer, then when they find out I’m also live on Twitch and on YouTube and Facebook, they go follow me on all of those other places.

People on Facebook will be watching and realize they prefer to watch on YouTube or Twitch, and they will go to follow and watch over there.

It allows me to make the most of every single opportunity that’s possible. 90% of success in life is just showing up.

With Restream we have the chance to show up on all the main live streaming destinations, and therefore, to be positioned to have great things happen to us.

You'll Love Using Restream to Be Live Everywhere | Video Course!

For example, I got in the “hype zone” on Mixer and all of a sudden 150 people from three, it went from two or three to 150 people watching in just a few minutes, which even though I’ve been streaming a bunch on Facebook was more than were watching at the time on Facebook.

If I wouldn’t have been using Restream, I would not have been streaming to Mixer, and from that, I got new followers. Often people are coming from Mixer and following everywhere else and vice versa, coming from Facebook and going over to Mixer.

This gives me the opportunity to just keep my streaming simple. I used to use one computer to stream to different destinations.

Why do that?

Restream makes it so easy because integrated chat is so difficult. Restream has a chat interface that you can pull in most of your streaming destinations, except Facebook currently, and put them all in one chat screen. Not only that, but Restream can even mirror the chat from all the destinations to all the others.

For example, when someone posts a comment on Twitch, it will put it up on YouTube, it will put it up on Mixer. A bot from Restream will put the chat everywhere else.

That way people on YouTube are actually able to chat back and forth with people on Mixer or on Twitch and that keeps the chat active, which gives me the ability to make the very most out of every single live stream I do today.

You'll Love Using Restream to Be Live Everywhere | Video Course!

New streamers are asking me, “Jerry, what advice do you have?’

Use to stream everywhere and keep everywhere in mind. Do your streams in a format that can be successful on Facebook, on YouTube, on Twitch and on Twitter and Mixer.

Do your streams in a format to position yourself for success in every different destination. It takes a little more time and effort to get set up and to get all the platforms synced and think about all this, but if you are serious about streaming, then it’s absolutely worth it.

What we will do here is going through with you, help you see that this is really not that hard to set up, that you can absolutely get this set up on as many platforms as you want.

What’s beautiful is, it’s no big deal on Restream whether you want to stream to two different platforms or ten, it’s just about how well each platform individually syncs with Restream.

We will go through that.

Thank you for getting started here with me.

I’m so excited to share my enthusiasm and the knowledge about with you.

Final Words

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You'll Love Using Restream to Be Live Everywhere | Video Course!

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You'll Love Using Restream to Be Live Everywhere | Video Course!

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You'll Love Using Restream to Be Live Everywhere | Video Course!

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