Why is it so Hard to Find the Right Person To Love?

For most of us, finding right person to love will be the hardest thing we ever do.

A few will get lucky finding the right person to love but most that do make their own luck.  I failed hundreds of times on my way to meeting my wife on match.com.  I had several serious relationships and the closer they were to my goal, the more it hurt when I realized they would never get to being the right person to love.  I got cheated on in my first serious relationship, I ruined my career as a police officer over a coworker, I stayed in a city I hated for a girl, I moved from that city later to get away from a different girl, and I suffered through a boring relationship where I had clearly stayed with someone that was not the right person to love for way to long.  To be fair, every girl I was with suffered as much or more as I did in realizing I was not the right person to love.

That’s just scratching the surface.  I got hundreds of phone numbers with plenty of fakes, I had to avoid going to the gym at certain times, I sent long pitiful emails, I stalked and got stalked by people on Facebook, I created a bad situation with one of my Mom’s friends, I found myself in a trailer trash neighborhood with an ugly mother of three, I ruined good friendships, I smashed and burned things, I drank myself to puking a lot, and I had my feelings hurt thousands of times.  I got excited, let down, ignored, rejected, and somehow never got my ass kicked.  I left a girl at a bar, I left a girl at a movie theater, I told girls I never wanted to see them again, I dumped a girl on Facebook, and I told all of my friends all kinds of details no one else should have known.  Two girls threatened to kill themselves if I left them, one girl threatened to get me in trouble at work, one girl did put me in a position where I quit working my dream job, one girl faked a pregnancy scare, and one girl made me sleep in the living room with a fucking snake.  Hundreds of girls never responded to my emails, my phone calls, and my winks online.  The bottom line is that if you think finding the right person to love is easy, there is a very small chance you are right.  Most of us have to suffer through doing it wrong a lot before we do it right.  The better you want to do, the most you can count on suffering.

Finding my wife as the right person to love was by far the biggest challenge I have ever completed.

Before I found her, dating consistently was the biggest frustration in my life even when I was in a relationship.  My point is that finding the love that makes your life worth living is really fucking hard most of the time and you should be prepared to run a marathon when you are dating rather than finding a quick fix or a sprint.  I write the posts on my website to help you do it a little easier than I did.  I did it the hard way but you only have to if you want to.  Check out any post in the dating or love category to keep reading!