How To Create Perfect Sales Images Photos

Here is how you use resources you already have to create thumbnails to sell your online products. I use SnagIt because it’s easy and it works for me.  I hope this tutorial is helpful to show you a basic format that works for me to sell my courses.

Here’s the basic format I need. These are my courses from UdemyI grabbed thumbnails from them and put them on my website. I put the things I need on them.

I’m going to show you know how to do this. It works really well when you match your products with branding from the platform you already use.


To make a good sales thumbnail online or to make a good Buy Now button, you want to match what people are used to seeing. Udemy updated the color of the button and the reviews look a certain way. I want everything to be exactly the same as  Udemy so people feel comfortable with my website.

Google chrome has a zoom function so I can click control and the scroll button on my mouse. I can scroll in and images I capture will not be   pixilated. You can zoom in on Google Chrome and they won’t be pixilated. Then, you can use SnagIt to capture the screen. Now you have a nice, but image that is full sized and it’s not pixilated. It looks nice, it scales well, and you can put that with the exact reviews matching how it is on Udemy.

I zoom in to 150% so that everything matches size-wise. I want to have the number of students in the course, the image, the title, the teachers, and the coupon.  I also need a promo code to link. You have to have everything set up  on the page just right.

I will just need to capture one element at a time. I take each individual element I want. First, I want this buy now button and it’s in the same format people see on Udemy. Then I want the course rating in a different set up.


I want to be able to have all the course instructors on it. That means I will grab my co-instructor’s image and grab a screen shot of me. Then, I can put them together to make one thumbnail.

Now I have most of the individual pieces together. The key is to get this set up the way I have it on my courses page. I can grab the number of students and ratings from Udemy also. Thankfully, Udemy makes these the exact same size.

It’s important to keep the borders as professional as possible. I’ve got these lined up and that looks pretty good. It doesn’t need to look perfect, it just doesn’t need to look crappy to the naked eye. Now, I paste myself in here and drag Joseph up. I will also need to bring it to the front and adjust for spacing.

Those things are detected by the user on the eye as little trust cues. When something doesn’t look right, that’s something people will tend to see and that’s a cue not to buy. That says this purchase isn’t safe. You want everything laid out as nice as possible here. You can always Control+Z if you mess anything up. You should try to create something that looks nice for you.


Now, this isn’t perfect, but it matches the format that Udemy has in case someone stops by. Now, I have something that if you look at it, I have something that matches the format on Udemy. The format, the ratings, and the students are the same so the appearance is in line with Udemy branding. It also has some social proof now. It has lots of students, lots of ratings and I think this looks nice and professional.


To me, this is how you make a nice thumbnail sales image with SnagIt, using existing content online. You can customize it to see exactly what you need. If you’ll notice, Udemy actually cuts my J off, so you can just do the best what you’ve got. To finish this off, I then go to save.

I have a nice thumbnail and when I do repeat courses, I’ve already got the whole bottom set up. All I have to do is grab the YouTube course and it’s much easier to repeat the same method with the YouTube course.


Now I have another course done here in the same format. The more consistent they can be the better that is for buyer trust. That looks pretty good. It’s not something you’d pay $1000 for, but it does look good for something quick. Now, I can put these thumbnails on my website or in promo emails to sell the course in a nice compact format. If you’re on, I show how I sell a lot of courses at once and not just one course on one big landing page. Thank you for reading this.