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Do you want to have your free call with me?

Starting in June 2019, I’ve just began offering anyone in the world the ability to sign up and schedule a free one on one call with me.

After almost eight years in business, this is the first time I’ve done this and I’ve got a call coming up in about 20 minutes. I love doing these calls, I’m amazed to see who’s showing up for these calls.

It really is totally for free, you can just sign up and I’ll show you exactly how it works.

You go over to, which is my website, you’ll find a option here that says Book your free one on one call with Jerry Banfield.

Now before we look at the calendar, let’s take a look at how to use your 30-minute call. Because you might wonder, Well, why would I want to talk with you? What is worth talking about? Are there any subjects you don’t talk about?

Yes, one thing after trying this out for a few weeks, is I do not accept Ethical Hacking calls anymore, because I have a whole video course coming out on how to build your hacking career. And I don’t personally know anymore to add to that.

I also maintain the right to cancel any call, a free slot will up for somebody else.

How to use your 30-minute call with me.

One of the best ways you can use it, is to solve a challenging problem in your business online.

These are truly free calls intended to help you, these are not strategy sessions where I just try and sell you something the whole time because I think that’s worthless to be on the other end of it and I’m truly here to help you and be of service to you in these calls.

This helps me a lot to learn and grow myself and to know what’s going on and to know what you need.

If you’ve got a challenging problem in your business, you might enjoy having a 30-minute free call with me because what looks difficult for you might be easy for me. Not because I’m superhuman or anything but I’ve done a lot of things in my business online and I’m grateful that I’m able to solve a lot of challenging problems or provide a little bit of guidance.

I’ve learned to do this myself too. If something looks challenging to me, ask other people, it might be pretty easy for whoever I’m asking.

If you want to talk about teaching on websites like Udemy, SkillShare or your own Thinkific or Teachable platform, you’ll find my experience extremely helpful for call.

If you’re hoping to start a side business or grow some kind of an online business, I often can provide very good feedback for that and give you a preview of what it’s like to talk with me each week in the partner program. During a free call.

I am grateful for the experience I have online, I often can help you make rapid advances in your business online by just coaching you along the way we can do the first coaching call for free and then you can see if you want to do any more of it.

When people work with me consistently every week or so, for months over and over six plus months, generally at the person gets to $10,000+ a month in their business online.

There’s several case studies of this available, if you join the partner group, you’ll be able to get to know these people yourself and on the partners page I’ve got that listed. I’m very effective at helping start from zero and take the right steps to build up instead of taking a whole bunch of wrong steps beforehand.

There’s no way to avoid wrong steps but you can rapidly advanced sometimes with a coach instead of doing it yourself.

If you’d like to discuss a personal problem, something that’s limiting your achievement like addiction, anger, fear, shame, resentment, jealousy, I often and very effective in these problems as well. I go to Alcoholics Anonymous every day, I share my own challenges there and I listened to a lot of other people’s which gives me a good perspective on both what is working and on what is not working. And to provide some relevant context in my mind,

I am a healer, I’m very effective at helping you to see something that might only look bad to you, I can help you see the good of it. Because on the other end of this, I go to a hypnotherapist, I go to massage, I do a lot of self care and, I do a lot of asking for help.

I’ve got entire books, Officer Banfield and Speaker Meeting 2017. If you’d like to really get to know what I can talk about, you might want to read one of those books first.

If you need somebody as a counselor, but you’re not interested in kind of going to a regular counselor or you think you can trust me to start with, I find that working online with people can often be a very good transition to finding the right person locally.

From my point of view, it really helps to have someone locally like a counselor, I go to a hypnotherapist myself, as well as daily Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as weekly massages, as well as opening up and talking to everyone around me.

I find it’s really helpful to have a counselor locally where you can really get into it. And I might be able to help you bridge the gap or answer a specific question.

We do a free 30-minute call to get into whatever you’re dealing with.

If you’d like to hire me for more calls, what you can do, there’s the which has my currently hourly rate on it.

If you’d like group coaching every week, the Partner Program has a link to that.

If you want to interview me, I’m also ready to go for any interview.

Anyone is welcome to interview me for free if you use this call scheduling system.

What kind of limits have we set on this to help all of us have a chance to speak together?

  • A maximum of one free call per person for life.
  • If you cancel your free call, then I reserve the right to cancel any of your additional free calls.
  • If you don’t show for a call, same thing, you need to pay for any additional calls.
  • I take up to one free call seven days a week based on whatever my schedule is and we’ll look at that on the calendar.
  • All calls are conducted thru Zoom, Zoom is available I highly recommend you get your video and audio setup beforehand. So we can make the most of the call, I find video calls are much more effective generally than just audio calls, which is why I’ve set it up this way.

I also prefer to record the calls and then the if anything good comes out of it that’s useful to others, we can share that, however you reserve the right to ask for the calls not to be recorded and, that you reserve the right to request edits or, for the call to be deleted even if you do decide that the call can be recorded.

I’ll show you how all this works.

To start this you click View calendar and schedule your call here.

This will take you over to the calendar. There’s calls scheduled every single day, I do up to one week in advance for free calls. That means as my availability opens up, new call spots continue to open up.

If you don’t see anything on here, you can just check back repeatedly and wait for the next spot to pop open. Since calls for free, can’t be scheduled more than seven days in advance, what you can essentially do is just keep checking over and over, let’s say on Tuesday.

If you didn’t see any calls here, you could keep checking back over and over until you saw blue spot pop up.

Right now the calls are pretty open. There’s only been in the last month a couple of days where there weren’t any call spots available. Just understand if it says no call spots will be available, you can keep coming back and grab a spot as soon as it is available.

I imagine one day this will be so competitive that there might be 10 or 15 people waiting on that first available spot to open up. And if you’re not like constantly refreshing it, you might not be able to get it, right now it’s wide open for you.

Here’s how you actually go forward and schedule the call.

You click on a day you want to, let’s say you want to talk to me on Saturday, then you’ve got a real-time look at my schedule. This syncs with my Google Calendar so, as soon as I add something in, it wipes the call times out which if for some reason you’ve been checking but didn’t book then this is these may change.

For example, let’s say you want a call at 9am. And this customizes to your local time, in theory, at least in practice, it should be customized to whatever time zone you’re at.

Let’s say you hit confirm over here, then you enter your details, your name, and your email address.

If you’d like to have multiple guests, you can put in up to 10 guests that can join us in the call as well.

Then what you do is select your primary call topic.

On your primary call topic, if you see your topic, and it says not available, call be canceled.

That means I’m not accepting calls on those topics because people have already consistently scheduled on them and I found the calls weren’t that productive in terms of and I’m not offering that much value and the person is not getting that much help out of it.

These are the primary topics appear that people are talking about, teaching online, collaboration, interviews, investing in Uthena, business growth -yours or mine- or life situation.

You can also put other if it’s not on here, the more detailed you can be, I usually read these as soon as the call is scheduled, and I kind of mentally prepare in advance, the more details you can be the better.

You can write out “How may I help you” in here.

I would copy and paste some of these just in case it is possible for someone to schedule right over top of your call while you’re doing this.

If you’d like to talk about investing in Uthena, you might put as much information as you can give up there so I can mentally prepare and be better to respond.

If you’ve got an addiction or a relationship issue on to talk about, for example, the more you can give me right here, the better prepared I can be.

When it’s a 30-minute call, you ideally want me to already know as much as possible going in, because then we can really get into it instead of you needing to take 10 or 15 minutes just to explain it.

I often don’t need that long to give a profound answer, I can listen for 20 minutes, come out with a couple of sentences and you might feel like you’ve got a great value out of that call thus I trust your judgment on that.

If you have a website, or somewhere you’d like people to find you please put that in here, especially if you want to do an interview, what we will do with the interviews, as you’ve seen on my channel already, perhaps we’ll put your name and your website up so that when people watch the interview of us, they can go find you.

There’s another question, Can we record the call? I much prefer to record calls, however, I understand it, some of you that want to talk to me really would prefer it not recorded us. I’m flexible on that.

Finally, there’s two more questions. There’s one, I highly recommend you do a text message reminder, because it’s very easy to forget these calls. And if you forget the call, you don’t get to reschedule again for free. You need to hire me at my hourly rate to get credit for a call.

I realized if I’m going to take a free call with someone, I definitely should set it up to automatically email get on my weekly email list.

If you want to schedule a free call, I asked that you agree to be added to my email list.

It doesn’t matter which of these you check that will go in and update the contact in the email list. So if you want to schedule a free call, I ask that you get my weekly update emails, which are awesome, showing you all the newest of what’s created each week, you’ll love that the seeing the influence of your particular call on what I create going forward as well.

If you don’t want to be on my email list, then don’t schedule. Why would you want to talk to me if you don’t want to be on my email list? You can always unsubscribe if you want to. But I’ve got these two questions here.

Once you hit schedule event, you will get a confirmation that the calls been scheduled, I get an instant notification telling me that you have scheduled the call.

Once you’ve scheduled the call, I recommend to try and be there on time. Although sometimes occasionally I’ll straight up forget that I have a call that day. Other times I might run over and come late. I tend to stay for the whole 30 minutes. If you run 10 or 15 minutes late, you can still come in and even 20 minutes late, you can still pop in and make an appearance. That is a lot better than nothing.

If you if you come in late, it’s okay, I will just work on my computer. It’s no big deal. So you’re welcome to come in late if you like.

If you’d like to have additional calls with me, there are two basic ways to do it.

If you want to build up your business over time, for example, if you’d like group coaching, if you want to talk with me every week, the best way to do it is through the Partner Program.

The Partner Program is my highest level service online it’s $6,543 and 21 cents, because it is worth much more than that

The partners who’ve joined and consistently showed up for calls, some of them have earned $10,000+ working with me, others have started from earning a few hundred a month and hoping to pay their rent and now are best selling instructors in their niche and earning $10,000+ a month, have several people working for them and, a outstanding business presence online.

This coaching program, in my opinion, is 10 times better than some of the other offerings I’ve seen for the same price because you get a lifetime of coaching calls with me not like 90 days or anything a lifetime you can pay once and show up indefinitely.

I also accept payments via cryptocurrency and via cash.

If you want to just mail that in the mail, I probably wouldn’t send it in the mail. But I do take different payment methods. In addition to credit cards.

In addition to the weekly group coaching calls, you obviously get to:

  • Interact with all the other players partners.
  • You get access to the partner group on Facebook,
  • You get full access to all my video courses and,
  • Private Label Rights on all of them.

To me the intention is a lifetime of returns with the partner program and that’s what we’re seeing from the partners who keep showing up.

This is not something you throw $6,000 into and hope something good comes out of it, you’ve put the money and put your time and energy in and then you get twenty-fifty, a hundred thousand? Maybe more out of it over the course of a lifetime.

If you’re not interested in the group coaching calls, or if you’re here for some reason, besides building your business, the other option to have continued one on one calls, you can use the Hourly Services by Jerry Banfield.

This page gives you the ability to buy hours of service with me, which can be used in many different ways. For example, if you want only one on one calls with me every week, you can buy this package for 27 hours, my lowest hourly rate is with more hours when you buy 27 hours at a time. It’s my hourly rates $189.72 per hour,

This is subject to change and can be raised at any time. I’ve already raised it once since putting this up and since the first person bought it.

This is based on my workload, the more things I have to do, the more I’m able to charge for my time, I’ve got a lot to do already, which is why I charge this much for my time. And because it’s worth it.

I’ve helped clients to save thousands of dollars in a single one hour video call, it’s worth it.

If you’d like to get some more hours to just talk with me one on one or even have me do any other kind of service for you, you can use the Hourly Services by Jerry Banfield,

This is on Uthena, under Services and then you can go over to Hourly services by Jerry Banfield.

The pricing is as follows the baseline hourly rate to start is $270,72 to an hour and then you get a $3/hour discount for every group of hours you buy.

You can do one time options for one hour here, you can do 3 hours and that gives you $9 an hour off and, you can buy packages up to 27 hours.

If you want to make sure the hourly rate never increases on you, you can get a subscription for example, you can subscribe for, let’s say you want one video call a month with me, you can subscribe $270.72 a month. And then as I expect to continue to raise the hourly rate over time, your hourly rate will never go up, you can lock in that price indefinitely. And the hours are good indefinitely as well.

Let’s say you subscribe to this and don’t use any of the hours for a year, then you find a project you’d like me to work on for 10 hours plus do two hours of calls about you can do that. So these hours are good indefinitely.

The maximum package I have is a 27 hours a month package.

I based my hourly rate on how many of these we have active thus, what you’re seeing right now is me just launching this and having one person that’s bought the one hour package

As more subscriptions come in the hourly rate will continue to increase. And you can also buy a package here and then use the hours at any time. And the more outstanding hours I have, the higher the hourly rate will go also because if let’s say there’s five people bought the 27 hour package, then at any time, I could be asked to do 100 hours of work. Thus, I wouldn’t want to have a whole bunch more people buying until I’ve called we’re out some of that workload bus.

These are my ideas on how we can help each other after a free call.

I’ve talked about these things now, that way you already know about this stuff, I don’t need to sell you anything in the call.

These options are out there if you’d like them, the purpose of the calls is to help you and yes, when I help you I realize the calls have a good shot of escalating or advancing into a Partner Membership or into Hourly Services when I really help you on a call for free.

That’s my basic system with this. I have a tutorial coming out soon I’ll show you how I got the call scheduling setup. So if you’re wanting to set this up yourself, you can do that.

Thank you for making it all the way to the end of this post.

I am excited for the chance to talk with you, I love just helping out for free. I’m so glad I started this I overcame so many mental blocks to actually offering this you wouldn’t believe the rationalizations, I’m like, I charged over $200 at them. I add the minimum I charge $189 for my time. Why am I going to take free calls people should pay people have already paid people have paid as much as $1,000 an hour to talk to me at the height of the crypto popularity. -Why should I take anyone’s call for free?

Well, I got some good answers on that, how many people are out there and easily available to just help you with the kind of experience I have. How much would that mean?

My mom told me that her divorce attorney that charge $500 an hour gave her really helpful advice totally for free. She never paid him. And yet she still remembers that to this day.

That’s my vision with these free calls is to give you that kind of help because then even in most cases, people having the calls, don’t ever pay anything and or have paid and bought courses before and I’m finally available to talk in person.

Wow. I can really can talk about anything forever.

I love you! You’re awesome and I will see you in a free call soon.

Jerry Banfield

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