I Scheduled a Free Strategy Session with a YouTuber and Got a Sales Pitch for a $6000 Course

I scheduled a free strategy session with a fellow YouTuber on what I thought given it said, a free strategy session. I was under the impression that it would have some free strategies during the session for my own channel.

Instead, it was purely a sales pitch for a $6,000 video course, and a 90 day program that went with it, where you basically got group coaching and you only actually got to do group coaching with the YouTuber themselves every other week, and then you got access to a Facebook group for 90 days for $6,000.

Now, perhaps that’s helpful to some people, I was a bit disappointed that there was no actual help, no actual local review of my YouTube channel.

I’m not mentioning the YouTuber themselves, because the purpose of this is just to tell you this story, and I don’t wish to promote them. Thus, if you want some real value online, it can be difficult to get sell a true free strategy session.

And you can get sucked into something where you end up spending a lot of money and that does not mean you’re going to get a lot of value out of it.

The one place that spending money does consistently bring value is in how much of an investment means to you.

When you put $6,000 into something, then you may be certain that you’re going to make it work.

But you don’t have to put $6,000 in to make something work. And if you want some group coaching, there’s a lot better option.

The youtuber I scheduled a call with had a YouTube channel similar to mine, I hope that a free strategy session would involve a little:
-Hey, what do you do on your channel? Here’s some of what I do on mine.

I hoped it would be a direct session with the Youtuber themselves. And what I looked at it this was a good learning experience for me to see how other business systems operate.

I personally don’t go around buying courses like this because I see that what I put into things. That’s what matters the most. It also takes a lot of time.

I looked on the case studies on the sales page that I was given for this. And I saw a common theme on the sales page.

A common theme that I could easily pick out from looking at the case studies was this:

  • Do How-To Videos
  • Consistently have professionally designed thumbnails with your face on them,
  • Have good links in the description that often will bring people directly to you. Along with mentioning those in the video.

What really helped me is seeing the business systems other people offer to know the value of my own system.

This helped me set the value and the benefits of my partner program because in this free strategy session, I was really disappointed with what it offered. And in fact I unsubscribed from the YouTuber and no longer want to watch their videos because it was deceptive.

It says free strategy session, it should say hour-long sales pitch.

Instead of a free strategy session, I genuinely do offer free strategy sessions for the first time in like eight years of my business I just started,

I genuinely do offer free strategy sessions where you can go to JerryBanfield.com, and you can schedule with me and I will actually talk you can you have to apply for a call, which not all calls are approved. But you can apply and I will do a real free strategy session directly with you if there’s a call spot available in my calendar.

If you’d like to get some group coaching with me, you don’t need to pay $6,000 for 90 days, my partner program costs a lot less and I imagine offers a lot more value.

Because my partner program is built on flexibility.

This strategy session was really helpful for me to isolate the value of my partner program, I saw the key thing they were selling for $6000 really was a group coaching call, once a week.

The videos and the system itself was pretty easy. You could look that on YouTube, you could figure that out for yourself, or you could go on Udemy and buy a course for $10 that have about the same information in it.

The the video course I heard from somebody that is in my partner program and took it, is said is pretty disappointing, the video course itself not that good, much more helpful to get coaching from someone directly who does YouTube instead of the what they offer there.

That helped me to isolate the value on my partner program and say -Look, when you’re in my program, you get a one-on-one call with me directly. And you get weekly group coaching with me every week, as long as you’re a member of the program- and it costs a fraction of $6000 is paid monthly, which means you can use it as long as you want to, you can drop it whenever you’re done like the same offer, we have our own private Facebook group for members. But unlike the $6,000 offer that I was pitched in the free strategy session, you are a member of our group, as long as you are a partner with me.

You can find a ton of value online, often for a much smaller price. For me, the key is I need to feel good pitching something directly, actually, after wa raised the price of my partner program to $6,000. Because I’m like, well my partner program offers more value than this does, it should cost at least the same amount.

I got feedback from people, and I didn’t feel good selling something for that much. Because even if it does offer that value, I like to offer far superior value for a lower cost and then have a scale of things that is really worth it.

For me, I didn’t feel good about pitching my partner membership program for $6,000 and the downside of doing that was I wasn’t selling it.

There’s nothing wrong with pitching something for $6000. There’s nothing wrong with buying something like that for $6,000.

I personally don’t do that, even though I have the money, I could do it, it just doesn’t.

To me, that’s someone else’s business system with inflated pricing, most of us like getting a deal. I like getting a great deal. And I like giving a great deal as well,

My partner program does go up based on the amount of members involved, for example, delivering the same services to 30 people a month versus 1000 people a month, the cost per member needs to escalate between the two of those, which is understandable.

Maybe one day, and based on the demand, my program will will be that much.

What I’m saying is it’s okay how other people do business and yet I’ve put this story out there to hopefully show you that if you get into this kind of situation, it’s okay to back out.

For me, it was very easy to say no that sales pitch because I have confidence. I look on the sales pages. I’m like, I know exactly what this is going to tell me because I can see what the YouTuber themselves is doing on their channel, I can see what the case studies are doing and I don’t hate to face $6,000 to get told to do the same thing that I can already see how to do for free.

If I’m going to do group coaching, I’m going to lead the calls, instead of taking an hour to go to somebody else, and I’m going to offer it for a lot lower price because that’s that feels really good to me.

I feel proud of being able to do that.

I’ve shared this story with you because the thing is, if it all didn’t work out, what would I feel good about when it’s time to go to the grave would I be proud that I sold somebody course for $6,000? Which I’m sure I could do that. But would I feel good about that? And what and if I failed to sell a course and I spent a ton of time and energy to fail to sell a course for $6000, what I’d feel good about?

What I look at today is I feel good about putting all of my information out for free.

This is why I’m a full time youtuber now, I don’t make video courses anymore. And if you hit that subscribe button, turn those notifications on, you’ll be able to see all of my new videos.

I don’t do video courses anymore. I put everything up for free on YouTube, I put it up for free on Facebook and if you follow and turn those notifications on first you will be able to see it.

I feel good about just giving away everything I know for free because when I go to the grave I love the idea that I taught and did everything I could and I gave it to every single person I possibly could with the least resistance and asking the least in return.

I don’t like joining a free strategy session being sold something for $6,000 that I could go buy Udemy course for $10. Hire a great YouTube coach for a fraction of the cost to do a better job for me.

I don’t feel good about about being sold that in a free strategy situation, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to do it. It means it motivates me to do what I think is something better.

If you’d like to get something better I trust you to join in my partner program, we’ve got outstanding value for you at an affordable cost and that I feel good about. I’ve already sold a whole bunch of the partner memberships but if no one else buys it I feel good giving it a try so ultimately that’s what really matters

I was trying to stay under 10 minutes by went over on this video.

I love your awesome, this feels like a totally crap video on my mind but I never know what’s going to be good ahead of time.

This might be useful for you so if it’s useful I trust you let me know that.

I’ll stop now.

Jerry Banfield