How to Setup Call Scheduling with Calendly and Zoom for Free Consultations

You are about to experience an awesome way to schedule calls online and conduct them with Zoom. I’m Jerry Banfield. I’m a full-time Youtuber. I’ve struggled for 3 years online to take calls and to do it in a way that wasn’t annoying. What I’ve got right now is a system with Calendly and Zoom where you don’t need to give out your phone number or your Skype. You can have the call scheduling fully automated and just have a unique link to join it every time. It’s super smooth. I’ll show you how to set it up so it automatically syncs with your calendar and you can even put this directly on your website so that you don’t even have to talk to people before scheduling. Let’s look at each of the components to this.

First, you don’t even need a website for this. You can just use the Calendly link and then share that to your calendar. Thus, if you’ve just got and you don’t even have your website, this is so sweet. It’s on Calendly. I’m just sharing this too because it’s helpful. It’s what I use. If they have an affiliate program, I probably should have looked at it but this is Calidly. Here are some of the features on it.

You can connect automatically with your calendar and have the appointments go directly in your Google Calendar. As soon as they’re scheduled, you can have email confirmations. You can have one-on-ones that you can have multiple people do this. You can set buffers. You can set daily limits which are nice. It automatically handles timezone and minimum scheduling. This is awesome.

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Now, let’s look at the pricing on it to see how much it costs in the image above. There are 3 plans,

  1. Basic
  2. Premium
  3. Pro

I’ve got the pro plan for $12 a month. The free plan has some of the basic features on it but it doesn’t have some of the more awesome things you do want to enable like SMS notifications. It’s very easy for people to forget they schedule a call with you. So, having SMS notifications on there is nice. You can put Calendly on your website with any level of plan and the Zoom integration. You do need to have at least a premium plan to do the Zoom integration. So, what I’m showing you with Zoom does require the $8 a month plan. Here’s how it works,

You Sign up for Calendly and then you also need to Sign up for Zoom. Zoom is a video conferencing and calls software which to me I think it works a lot better than Skype. People consistently have their audio and video easily connected. It’s much easier to use Zoom without having to give out something like a Skype name or a phone number. Zoom also can be done for audio video screen sharing and all of the different ways. Zoom has free plans that you can do up to 100 participants, unlimited 1 to 1 meetings, a 40-minute limit on group meetings and you still use the video conferencing features. You will need to use the pro plan. I’m on one of these plans and the key thing you may need is the API interface to connect with Calendly. So what you do is you sign up for both of these and then go to the integrations.

This is what Calendly looks like once you sign up as you can see in the image above. You go in the integrations and within the integrations, you connect your Zoom following the instructions that Calendly gives you. That will auto-populate when someone schedules a call with you. It’ll automatically put in the Zoom link and that’s what makes this system so sweet. No more phone number exchanging or Google meeting invites or Skype friend requests. This handles all of it in one link. It’s so helpful. What you do after you’ve got the integration set up then you have individual events you can customize. I have 3 different events on my screen and I disabled the 15-minute meeting because people consistently need to talk longer than that and with the booking limitations I’m about to show you, you might as well do at least 30 minutes.

So I have a 30-minute free call with me that can be scheduled on my Website. So what I’ve got on my website is an application to apply for a free call because people were scheduling free calls with me every day. Half the time wasn’t even showing up so we got this application to require more commitment but still allow the call to be for free. The awesome thing with this system is you can set different boundaries on each different event. I’ll give you the overview first of what these are then I’ve got a 30-minute partner call that has different limitations than 30-minute free call.  If you would like to join the Partner Program, it’s at We’ve got weekly group coaching calls on Zoom. We use this system which I have shown you here. You can use this exact system to schedule a one-on-one call with me every month just as I’ve shown here to get help with your business. What I do with “30 Minute Partner Call With Jerry Banfield” is, I give this link out to partners only. Then “30 Minute Free Call With Jerry Banfield” has different limitations than the free calls only. I also have an hour link “60 Minute Call With Jerry Banfield”, that’s for anyone who has hired me for hourly services. So I’ll show you how each of these setups.

Each of these has a different link to it so all you need to do is give someone a link to your call scheduling page. For example, I just click on “Copy link” and the link is copied to the clipboard and then I can give this to someone on my website. You can send that via email and the call will come up. Once you’ve got the call link then what it does, it pulls up a calendar as you can see in the image above.

You can go through the calendar. You can see exactly which times are available and these are linked with my google calendar. They are always set up in the recipients actual time zone which makes this easy.

30-Minute Free Call With Jerry Banfield only allows scheduling a week in advance. If we go to edit the there are the basic options you’ve got i.e. the name and when you integrate with Zoom, you’ll have the option for the location to be handled automatically by Zoom and this is what makes this whole process a real superstar. It makes it easy to have fully automated scheduling and it’s so simple.

The next thing you can do is set limitations on when people can book the event. This is helpful because you can take calls for different lengths of time and here’s what I do. I only allow calls to be scheduled at a certain time in advance for my free calls. The limit is 7 days. You can’t schedule a call more than 7 days in advance because then I know on my calendar for my availability. I need to be ready for those free calls a week in advance. You can put your time zone in here. Then you’ve got your calendar availability here and you can set it by day of the week. You can even do it differently if you want to.

You can hide this event from your main page so that people who just go to your Calendly link can see it. This is what I set for the Partner Program and the Hourly Events. Once you have customized it, you can hit the advanced options. You can put the increments of availability at different times. What I like about Calendly is the event max per day. You can set a maximum number of total events that can be scheduled and then as soon as one person schedules, it takes that whole day out of the calendar. With my free calls, I do a maximum number of one per day.

Meanwhile, with my partner calls, I allow 2 to 4 of those depending on how I’m feeling. I’d allow 2 to 4 of those to be scheduled in a day instead of just the one free call. You can also do your scheduling notice and you can do event buffers. I really like the event buffers. It means in my calendar, there have to be at least 30 minutes open in advance and at least an hour open afterward. Therefore to schedule in my calendar for the free events, there has to be a 2-hour open block in my calendar then the call can be scheduled 30 minutes into a 2-hour block. That allows me to have sufficient time where I’m not running late from one call into another one.

Then you’ve got these invitee questions in the image above. You can ask people much more than that. When I used to have my calendar straight on my website, I put a bunch of additional questions but I’ve just made it now so you have to apply to get access to my calendar beforehand and then once you’re approved you get access to the calendar.

You can set up a notification and canceling the policy. I highly recommend that you have all of these on because it’s so easy for people to forget about something like scheduling a call. I have email reminders on and text messaging reminders on and calendar invitations. Yet people would still forget like a third of the time to even show up to calls. The text, email and calendar reminders would help make it easier. You also have a confirmation page you can use on that can give you the option to schedule another event. You can even collect payments if you use the integration page if you want to charge for your calls.

That makes this live scheduling system here on Calendly extremely powerful and what I like the best about it is, you don’t have to use any of the phone numbers or Skype information. If I edit the 30-Minute Partner Call With Jerry Banfield, it can be scheduled over 30 days and it has some different boundaries up to 2 partner events and not as much of a buffer because I’m going to tend to know the partners better but this event is hidden from my main Calendly page. All you need to do is change the URL. Your scheduling page just looks something like in the image below. You use Zoom & Calendly and the 2 of them together work spectacularly.

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Jerry Banfield