Science Fiction or Ancient History?

What if science fiction movies such as Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica were not a work of fiction, but in fact based on our forgotten ancient history? Why are these movies so popular? Explore with me a unique view of ancient history, recognize your Star Wars superpowers and reconnect with the whole.

Science Fiction or Ancient History?

The brilliance of Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica goes way beyond anything you generally see with the creative mind.

I’m going to offer a simple explanation for this.

Science Fiction or Ancient History?

Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica, reality or fantasy?

Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica, are sci-fi. Star Wars is a series of sci-fi, or science fiction movies. Star Trek includes both a series of movies and many TV shows. Then Battlestar Galactica also has a few movies and is a series of TV shows.

The creative genius of these all seems to lie not in their imagination. It seems really in their ability to take things from reality, from actual history that most of us aren’t consciously aware of.

So many things in Star Wars very likely are taken from our actual deeper history, rather than from fantasy or fiction. Now, they are put into a new context. I don’t know if there was anybody named Darth Vader in particular in our ancient history. However, the masked person underneath a spacesuit looking thing with the scary voice, if you look all over in ancient history, that seems to be quite a common theme.

Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica, reality or fantasy?

Flesh and blood beings, often called gods, who wore what looked like Darth Vaderish space costumes, what you might look at today and see an astronaut. Now, picture only seeing the astronaut in their spacesuit. If a flesh and blood being came here from another planet, they might have to wear a spacesuit at all times to exist on this planet.

Darth Vader is very much based on our history, on our ancient history of accounting with all kinds of masked beings. Gods who seem to have superpowers, who carried rods of power.

What do you mean, a rod of power? How about a lightsaber? A rod of power with magical abilities.

The Death Star and the blowing up of a planet, something that seems to have happened in our solar system, written into the very first Star Wars movie. The escape from a planet and being stuck in outer space, as you can see in Battlestar Galactica, being attacked all of the sudden with super weapons and having to run away from the planet in search of a new home called Earth.

I mean, the connections with ancient history just blow me away. I watched these movies and I had some kind of fascination with them as a kid. There was something that just struck a deep note with Star Wars and Star Trek, and then Battlestar Galactica as soon as I watched that as a teenager and young adult, something much deeper than logical.

You can tell the difference with these creative works versus many others because of these ancient history connections. Star Trek, the folding space warp drives, the prime directive that civilizations that are evolving should not be interfered with. The directive to do good wherever you go, explore and find new things.

The nine gods

I just saw an episode of Ancient Aliensthat prepared me to write this blog post for you. There was a little circle of people who worked to contact what are called the nine gods or the nine protectors. These are beings that you can contact in your earthly form, and they exist out of practical time and space. You can contact them, every human being can go contact them, I guess.

There are records of contacting the gods all over in ancient history. Apparently after World War II, during the beginning of the Cold War, there were some US Government tests with psychics who were able to summon contact with these nine gods, which perhaps may be the same gods who were involved in ancient Greece, Zeus and the Olympians and in Roman times and in many other cultures.

The nine gods

In the 50s, they were actually able to summon these. In Britain, a guy set up a little circle of psychics who would summon these nine. Then, he invited prestigious guests from all over the world to come sit in and see what happened when these nine council of gods were summoned. They apparently are protectors of Earth.

Guess who went and sat in on one of those: Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek. Not quite a coincidence because guess what? He then created Star Trek based on what was said in this council and the people who were also there. He created Star Trek based on what he saw in the council, in summoning of these nine gods who are overlooking the Earth, who then explained the position Earth is in. The idea being that they would share this knowledge, which was secret to most of the people, then the people who were sitting in would go find creative ways to distribute this knowledge into the general population in a way that it would be assimilated peacefully, like Star Trek.

If you have seen Star Trek, you are very comfortable with many of the ideas presented. You could probably quote more of it than me, how they have a Federation of Planets, an Intergalactic Federation of Planets. It goes into all kinds of solar systems and all different parts of the galaxy, and perhaps even some of the episodes I haven’t seen out of this specific galaxy through wormholes.

It seems that Gene Roddenberry literally took what he saw and used that to make Star Trek, that the ideas in it, are not creative at all in the sense that they are not new. They didn’t just come out of his brain from nowhere, they were given to him based on the reality of how we really fit into this solar system.

The nine gods

Then, it is as if we are all playing this music together. That’s kind of what string theory is, that the whole universe is really just a song. In Proof of Heaven,” the author says that in Heaven it is kind of like an eternal dance party.

This all fits in then. When you put Star Trek into the picture, it plays the note that even though people don’t consciously remember, it hits this unconscious, ancient history note. People are drawn to it. They don’t even know why lots of times. Now, when it is translated into the conscious brain, things that fit the existing reality are mentioned:

“Oh, I just love the space travel.”

“I love this actor. I watched it. I loved William Shatner.”

“I loved the Vulcan in it. I loved Spock.”

“I loved Bones.”

Now these often would be translated into it.

Why are these movies so popular?

I wondered for a while in my life why some of these things are so popular. The Martian, Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, what makes these movies so popular?

It seems to me that what makes them popular, is that they strike a deep unconscious ancient history note, something that when we are all connected with a higher power, we all kind of embrace it together.

Star Trek, Star Wars, and Battlestar Galactica are a few examples of things I have watched a lot off, and they all strike these notes. I was a big fan for so much of my life, and I continue to see more and more of the brilliance of them as I continue to learn more about ancient history. In my opinion, that shows the creative depth in the sense of basing things on a reality that most people aren’t aware of.

I can’t go into too much more detail on Battlestar Galactica without spoiling a lot of things for you. Let’s just say as you go along in Battlestar Galactica, the creative genius and relation to things we experience is absolutely amazing.

Why are these movies so popular?

Battlestar Galactica is one of the favorite TV shows I have ever watched. If you have never watched Battlestar Galactica, then please go watch it for me. I have watched it three times or so through. I will probably watch it again someday. It is so good.

Some of the parallels in Battlestar Galactica between it and us are amazing. One of the things I love, the Cylons. The Skin Job Cylons are clone robots. They are intended to look like humans, but they are really just a skin covered advanced robot. However, they are programmed to be human deep down. They actually have real organs and everything. They are amazing.

I often look around and see other humans and we are very much a bunch of Skin Jobs. We are a bunch of clones and if you look out at all the humans, there are certain models. It is funny, you hear things about cloning with the assumption everyone has to look exactly the same, but we already look close to the same.

There is a Snoop Dogg song that says, “I was watching a million man march, and I saw the same girl in the million man march that I saw somewhere else.”

We already practically are clones.

“Jerry, wait a minute, I could have really done without that random rap song in there.”

Well, I hope this is unpredictably funny. I try not to cuss, but they are the exact words. We are going to move on.

Battlestar Galactica, the Clones, the Skin Jobs, it is so incredible. Then even, I can’t do too much without being a spoiler alert. The parallels are so amazing.

Have you ever been somewhere and someone says, “I look just like you.”

I saw a guy yesterday, he looks just like Leonardo DiCaprio, I mean just like a clone of Leonardo DiCaprio. The nice thing with this is it gives a great peace about things too. The whole eternal life thing, “Oh what would it be like to be a clone?”

You would be one of them at a time, it is what it would be like. You would be one at a time. Everything is just one at a time.

You practically already are a clone.

Why are these movies so popular?

Jerry, your Cylon nature wakes up.

I won’t go too far into it, but they have what’s called Sleeper Cylons. They have Cylons that don’t know they are Cylons. I’m not getting too far into season one with this. What they have in Battlestar Galactica is what’s called a Skin Job, or a human being looking Cylon.

Many of those actually realized they are a Cylon. They go forward and fight for their side as a Cylon, or they try and sneak in among the humans with conscious knowledge that they are a Cylon. There are a few Cylons then that are Sleeper Cylons. They think they are human. They don’t even know that they are a Cylon.

Then, all of a sudden there is this little Jimi Hendrix’s song, “All Along the Watchtower,” which is so good.

This kind of comes on:

There must be some kind of way out of here,

Said the joker to the thief,

There’s too much confusion, I can’t get no relief.

It is like that song comes on and wakes them up to their true nature, like, “Whoa, I’m not human. I’m a Cylon.”

This is kind of a great wakening metaphor. You wake-up in your body and you realize you aren’t someone. The being you are doesn’t have a birth date and a death day. You wake up to the immortal phoenix being that you are. There is fantastic peace in that then. The Cylons have what’s called a Resurrection Ship, so when the Skin Job Cylons are killed, they simply wake up in another clone body.

Now how deep does this go?

Resurrection ship and clone bodies

It seems very obvious with my daughter who is a little over a year old. She seems to have the same immortal age as me. She seems like she just one day woke up in her new body. Now, in the womb, that probably happened at the very beginning of the pregnancy, or maybe even a little bit into it, that she was in another body before that died, and she wakes up in a new one. She may have been a “he” before. Your immortal phoenix being doesn’t have a gender because it is complete, and gender implies incomplete. The real “me” is more of an “it” rather than a “he” or a “she.”

Resurrection ship and clone bodies

The Cylon, the Resurrection Ship is so good. Now, the one thing is, they tend to remember between lives. When the one Skin Job body is killed, they wake up in another Skin Job body that then remembers all of the previous lives. This even applies to some of the lower levels of Cylons, like the ships that just have a little brain. They die and wake up in another ship. The one ship that died can learn from its mistakes, wake up in another ship, and go back out.

An incredible level of technology, and yet, doesn’t this strike some cord deep down when you wake up and realize that you are not this little limited being you thought you were, that you have got a deep history, that you are just in another clone body right now, and that you can have as many of these clone bodies as you want to?

You can go spend them stupidly in a war if you wanted. You could go get in a car accident or whatever happens. You could get old and get cancer and die, and you will just get another clone body. As long as you want one, you will get another fresh body.

Now see, that’s what motivates me to make a better world, because I realize I might not have very good control over where I spawn next time. If I try and take a bunch of things for this clone body in this lifetime, what if I spawn on the other side of that next time? That doesn’t sound so fun.

The whole Sleeper Cylon thing in Battlestar Galactica is just incredible. It is that internal desire that we want to wake up to our true nature, wake up out of this dream that all we are is the clone body we are in right now, and remember how many times we have done this before, and feel connected with the bigger picture.

Resurrection ship and clone bodies

I don’t remember all the clone bodies I was in before. I get a sense I can feel all of them though. The complete other lives that I don’t even remember, all the other husbands, wives, daughters, children, I don’t even remember them. When you see your problems this way too, you look Battlestar Galactica, the cloning thing, it just removes that sense that you are unique and special. The different clones tend to all behave the same way. There are certain models that tend to act the same way.

I guess I can’t spoil it too much by explaining what each model does. What I can say, each model tends to behave in line with the other models. When the models vote on things, they tend to all vote the same. This is nice in a practical sense because all your problems then are not special. They are problems that are relative to the clone body you have. All you need to do to see what works to fix your problems is see what works to fix the other clone body problems.

For example, the clone bodies I’m in tend to suffer from alcoholism. Therefore, simple solution: look and see what works for the other clone bodies who have the same affliction. There is no uniqueness, there is no individuality in it and there is nothing special. The line of clone bodies I’m in, that’s how it works.

The brilliance of some of these things in Battlestar Galactica, now if you have seen it, let’s talk about the ending and I won’t talk about it in detail to spoil it.

Some people didn’t like the ending, tell me the brilliance of that ending. That is the most epic ending I have ever seen.

“Oh my God, Jerry! I have to watch it now. Don’t ruin it.”

That’s the most epic ending I have ever seen for anything. It is the just most beautiful ending. I love it so much. If you haven’t watched Battlestar Galactica, I hope I have sold you on it by now.

Star Wars, The Force

Let’s talk a little bit more now about “Star Wars, The Force.” If you talk about God as the Force, or if you talk about Qi as the Force, it is an extremely good metaphor. The Force is something invisible. Of course, in the earlier, not technically earlier in the sense of produced earlier, but in Star Wars the I or II, they start actually measuring “Mitochondria” or whatever they are taking as indications of the Force.

Star Wars, The Force

They try and put a concrete way to grab a hold of and measure and define the Force, which is the same thing, basically as trying to concretely stick God in a box or stick your Qi in a box, or stick your whole being or a presence, or whatever word you want to use for a higher power being connected with all the universe, all the life energy, the unmanifested.

The Force is very much a living representation of God that goes along with everyone. It is funny, just like in Star Wars, in real life certain people think that they don’t have a good connection with God or with the Force or with life energy. They don’t have magical powers.

The only difference in Star Wars is that you could say that people realize they are strong with the Force. The truth seems to be that everyone has the ability to be strong with the Force, and that everyone has magical powers. Here is a magical power similar to Star Wars.

In Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi in the first Star Wars rolls up to this Stormtrooper. A Stormtrooper is a white Imperial trooper, very much ancient history astronaut looking style, in a complete space suit. Obi-Wan walks up to the Stormtrooper and he won’t let him pass. Obi-Wan does this little gesture. The Stormtrooper suddenly changed his mind and said, “Okay, you can go forward.”

With the idea being that Obi-Wan just used the Force to wipe this Stormtrooper’s mind and brainwash it. Then there is the moment when you realize that when you walk into a room, you have changed the entire chemistry of that whole room. It is as if you have added a new electric charge to all the other electric charges. The moment you are sitting in a room and you realize that you have the ability to communicate with every other person in the room without speaking, without even looking at them, and if you look at them, it is greatly enhanced.

Just your presence changes and communicates with the entire room, that you literally communicate and show your entire being everywhere you go, all the time, and that the other people, who you might say are strong with the Force see that.

Star Wars, The Force

Now, often we perceive this consciously as, “Oh, he’s really likable,” or, “He has such a great personality.” If you put it in Star Wars terms, as someone strong with the Force, and they seem to have superpowers, then it makes more sense, and yet ancient history shows us and tells us that we all have superpowers. It is more of a waking-up and using the tools around us. All the descriptions of gods sounds mostly like beings aware of their superpowers and using tools like certain technologies to enhance them.

Do we have Star Wars superpowers?

Why are so many things like these comic book hero movies popular?

Because all of us deep down know that we have superpowers. Yet our minds have put us in this spot where we are just another clone body who doesn’t do anything special.

Star Wars, these are people who have been liberated from The Matrix. I also love The Matrix. So many of these things are replicated and shown in a different way in The Matrix. The people who are strong with the Force in Star Wars often essentially unplugged from The Matrix. They realize some of the superpowers they have.

Now the superpowers may not translate exactly directly to things you can mimic. For example, in the Ice Cave, Luke is hanging upside down in the Empire Strikes Back and Luke just reaches out, and the lightsaber shoots out into his hand.

There are all kinds of accounts of human beings with similar types of superpowers. In fact, China found and studied hundreds of thousands of children with what you might call enhanced human abilities: Some of them including telepathy, or even including being able to move things without touching them.

Do we have Star Wars superpowers?

Star Wars doesn’t show imaginary things, it shows things that are real. All of us have superpowers. The question is, will you look at and see what yours are, instead of looking around and seeing what you don’t have?

I do not seem to have the ability to move things without touching them. I am aware of my superpower, or an ordinary power that I’m simply aware of. When I walk into a room, I can feel the chemistry, I can feel what I have brought in join what is in that room, and that I can feel out alters it. When I’m with a group of people, I can feel my ability to communicate with all of them without talking.

I don’t have to talk to you or even look at you and I can communicate with you. Everything my body does, everything my mind does, it communicates with yours, even through this. In fact, you have even summoned me for some reason to continue reading this blog post.

The idea is, I’m aware of more of my true ability to communicate. It is beyond mind reading. Mind reading is when you can take someone else’s thoughts. You might think, “Oh, it would be so nice if I could mind read my husband, or my wife or my kids.”

I can do beyond mind reading because it is kind of pointless. I don’t care about the content of your mind. I want to connect directly with the immortal being in there that is beyond thought. Then, we dance. I don’t need to know what you are thinking.

If I look at your body, I can see and feel everything I need to know. It doesn’t matter if you are thinking about whacking me over the head with a stick or rushing up and hugging me, or giving me a million dollars. The thought is irrelevant. All I need to know about you, I can see in real time when you are in front of me.

It is cool, I have had, even what you call relationships like this, like my massage therapist before. I hardly talked to her at all. I didn’t feel the need to ask her all those usual questions. “Where are you from? What do you do?” because I can see the full immortal being right in front of me in the form it has chosen to take. What else do I need to know? I’m liberated when I choose to be from that mind world and I generally choose to be.

These are Star Wars level superpowers that you can literally walk around and see everything you need to know about every person immediately. It is beyond thought. How does this workout? This often works out to knowing exactly what to say at exactly the right time without even thinking about it.

Do we have Star Wars superpowers?

I said something yesterday to a person at my AA meeting: “You have nine months and two days of sobriety.” They just lit up and they were so happy to hear what I had to say. I didn’t think about it. It just all of a sudden came. Say this. Same things with other people. They do it to me all the time too. I didn’t go figure this out on my own. I watched someone else. I saw them use their superpower.

There was what you would call a Grand Sponsor. You have a sponsor, who is basically like a friend in Alcoholics Anonymous, or often I guess it works other way in similar twelve step recovery groups, that you have someone who has been working the problem for a while, and living ahead of you in the sense of they know how to live a good life without drinking or drugging, or without whatever addiction is going on in their life.

They know how to live a happy life free from the addiction. My Grand Sponsor’s name was Ty, he was my sponsor’s sponsor, and he passed away this year. I saw it in him, when he would walk into the room, I watched how the whole room just changed. It didn’t matter what time he walked in. It didn’t matter how he walked in. When he walked in, the whole room got this new energy to it.

I don’t know what happened, if he maybe gave it to me one day or helped me see. He was talking about how he had cancer and was dying, and how it hurt. I was standing across from him and all of a sudden, the things you normally identify as bad, like anxiety, anxious energy and fear, and all this energy, all of the sudden, I could just see like that clone body was expiring, but this one had everything that one can appreciate.

That’s obviously a poor way of describing it in words. What I’m trying to describe doesn’t have any word content to it. When I saw him standing there vulnerable, open, and yet fully alive, just as alive as me, I could feel the full aliveness in myself.

Now, I continue to work on filling that and I share as much as I can. I’m aware of my own power in that respect. Just like in Star Wars with using the Force, it is a great responsibility once you are able to see. I feel like most of us are scared to see our superpowers. We are scared to see that we are a Jedi who can handle a lightsaber, who can move things with thoughts, who can influence and communicate people without words and without thinking, to see that we can allow the divine purpose of the universe to be fulfilled through us, and to see what a demon we could be with our superpowers, that we could put on a Darth Vader suit and grab a lightsaber and strike people down all over the place. Seeing these things in Star Wars and their brilliance in real life, and their connection in ancient history, all of these things together are so liberating.

When you see the things in Star Trek, like the spaceships using warp drive, you may think, “These really exist.” Not only that, some of the people I know or I have met, or I have walked down the street, may have flown these ships. Ships like this are likely patrolling the Earth right now, and there are humans on Mars using these ships to go recover more ancient technology, like Battlestar Galactica, we are very much continuing to be in the middle of that.

Do we have Star Wars superpowers?

It is amazing to see what others have created and to realize they didn’t create it out of thin air. They created it based on the life already around them. If you have the potential to create things just like that, to look around at the life around you, learn what you can.

I talked to a family member last night who essentially said that my book World History Reloaded is nothing special in the sense of that I’m just talking: “You’re just talking. That’s not going to ever work. No one’s going to really like that. This doesn’t have any potential. I can’t picture anyone liking that book.”

That family member said all those things, something along those lines. Yet, to me, that family member is just scared to access their own superpowers, to acknowledge that if a family member has become aware of some of their superpowers, if a family member has woken up to more of this, then isn’t that possible for them too?

There is almost a certain defensiveness needed lots of times. If you will notice some of the people who just haven’t watched Star Trek, Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica and just don’t like it based on what?

Based on a few things they have seen or heard here or there. The world is full of beautiful creations that are explaining our ancient history to us, that are showing us our superpowers based not on things that are new, but based on things that have already been done.

This is the brilliance of Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and so many other movies, The Matrix and Indiana Jones.

“Basically any movies you’ve watched, Jerry.”

No, there are definitely some movies where it is a lot harder to see the creative genius in the sense of it is more of the same. More of the same things we already have today, that it just replicates in a different place, like a lot of these murder mysteries and a lot of these drug running action movies.

I mostly have watched action movies in my life. A lot of action movies just pretty much copy what already exists. When you see how hard it is and practically impossible to do true creativity, and you see that true creativity almost has to be downloaded from the master record of all creativity, and all unmanifested things, you see how powerful creativity is that’s taken from something that actually exists.

Being connected with the whole

Why are movies like The Martian so popular?

Because on some deep level, we have been there and we want to go back.

On some deep level, we remember living on Mars.

On some deep level, we remember our intergalactic space travels. On some deep level, we are connected with the other humans, and similar life forms who are in the middle of real Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica.

Being connected with the whole

On some deep level, these things reconnect us with the whole.

What is the main problem most of us have?

We are not connected with the whole. My life today is beautiful because the point of the Alcoholics Anonymous program, is to reconnect you to the whole. Drinking is but a symptom of disconnection to the whole.

Now, alcoholic drinking is not having one glass of wine after dinner every three weeks or something like that. No, drinking like an alcoholic is a symptom of being disconnected from the whole. You could say a higher power. You could say disconnected from God. You could say cut off from the Force.

When you are disconnected from the whole, you are a little fragile, a vulnerable human being who lives and dies, and there is nothing more to your life. You are reaching blindly at things like the idea of Heaven. You are afraid of things like Hell. When you are connected to the whole, a lot of things just go away.

I feel like a lot of these movies help us feel connected with the whole. A lot of these creative works that are based on these unconscious things reconnect us with the whole.

I hope this blog post is useful for you in that sense of maintaining, analyzing your connection with the whole. I’m grateful to have this chance with you today.

I’m grateful so many other human beings, so many other creators or movies like Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica helped me to feel connected with the whole.

Creators of Ancient Aliens,” so many other people have done such good work that has helped me feel connected with the whole, that now I hope this is a productive part of you feeling connected with the whole.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I invite you to learn more in my book:

World History Reloaded

World History Reloaded

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