Second Phone Number Privacy with Voice and SMS on Burner at

How do we keep our real phone number private while still having the same functionality on our phone as on a second phone number?

This has been a challenging problem for me for years that I’ve finally solved and I’m so grateful today to give you its solution right here with Burner via burner app. If you’re wondering why would I bother using a second phone number to keep my main phone number safe? If you are doing anything where your phone number is used for two-factor authentication or if you have any accounts that you can log in directly with your phone number or if your phone number is key private information to get into an account, having a second phone number for privacy is a really good idea especially if you routinely give out your number to people that you might not want to have it forever or that you wouldn’t want to give the ability to hack you.

For me, I go to Alcoholics Anonymous every day and this is an exact situation where I want to give somebody a real functioning number that can call me but at the same time, I don’t want to just write my real phone number out to people I don’t know repeatedly on Alcoholics Anonymous. Maybe that’s how it got on the internet last time or maybe it happened by a company selling my phone number.

What happens when you’d put your real phone number everywhere? It’s very easy for it to get out and then once your phone number is out, it’s easy especially when combined with other pieces of data to have a chance to hack various accounts compromised two-factor authentication, etc. Thus, having a second phone number for privacy is a really good idea especially if you’re dating, if you’re a real estate agent and if you go to 12-step meetings and give your number out. I’ve applied for a bunch of business loans and I was using a different solution before where I couldn’t interact back and forth. Why I’m finally presenting this to you now is because this has outstanding functionality.

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Let’s take a look at what I’m talking about here. This is Burner app as you can see in the image above. Burner app did not sponsor this. I just did this because it’s helpful. Burner app allows me to download an application on my phone and then I use the phone number that burner gives me in this application and it works just like a real phone number within the application. What I do is I can make calls on my burner number out of the burner application and I can send and receive text messages in the burner application also. It’s absolutely awesome. How burner protects our number if you’re wondering about this? Burner is just rerouting the call. When someone calls your burner number, it goes to burner and then burner calls your real phone number. If you’ve got text messages, burner takes the text message and then forwards that text message to you and it works in reverse as well.

All you need to do is, you sign up on Burner and you download the app on the app store. Then you have prepaid plans which you can buy but what I recommend is, get a subscription. Mine is $4.99 a month and I have essentially a fake phone number that actually works. I can just drop that number anytime I want to and get a new number in its place. This way I can have people actually call that number. I can take the phone calls in real-time. I can call someone back straight on the number and it works just like a regular phone number except there’s none of that long-term commitment. I gave a girl my phone number in college and now 8 years later she can still send me a text message on it as if I want a haircut. True story. Well as I say I combined a couple of stories there but I did give a girl I met my phone number in a bar and didn’t hear from her for a year and she texted me if I wanted a haircut? So, this is why it’s good to have a burner number because you can just rotate through these phone numbers.

So, I’ve presented this to you because it’s helpful. A question you might have is, how do I see when I’m getting a call? When you install the app in your phone, you just set up the notifications. You’ll need to have all the notifications on because when you get a call, it won’t ring as if it does on your normal phone. It goes through a phone call via burner. Thus, you will need to get used to seeing that burners calling directly on your phone because you won’t be able to see exactly who’s calling on it which is a downside. You can’t tell who’s calling beforehand because in your phone it just rings as burner. You do need to set up notifications on the app if you want to see text messages in real-time instead of seeing a text message. It’ll just go straight into the burner app.

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Jerry Banfield