The Second Jerry Banfield Show – Self-Worth!

Would you like to know about self-worth and going through a transition because this will be useful if you want to achieve your dreams?

The Second Jerry Banfield Show – Self-Worth!

John said another thing, self-worth is believing, you’re worth more than what you’re doing or more than how other people see you.

The Second Jerry Banfield Show – Money Mastery! Self-Worth!

I’ve got a message from a guy on Instagram and he said, “Hey, how much is the consultation with you?”

I said, “It’s $199 for 30 minutes, worth $299 for an hour.”

He sends me a message back that says, “Man, I can’t wait till I can make $300 an hour.”

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I am grateful for that message because it reflects a lot of our state of minds. I’ve made as much as a thousand an hour that people have paid me to talk to me on the phone to try to sell me something like, “Will you pitch my crypto currency?”

They paid a thousand an hour to talk to me at the height of my crypto popularity, and today I know that if I’m going to do something for somebody else, I’m going to charge at least $300 an hour.

If you want me to drop everything else I’m doing, and focus on what you’re doing, I will not accept something less than that and that’s because I know my worth, and that comes from within.

The Second Jerry Banfield Show – Money Mastery! Self-Worth!

But obviously I didn’t start from that point, knowing my worth, it takes a lot of help from other people. It takes for me looking at, “Well, if I do a call with this guy for $300, what am I not going to do with that time?”

I’m not going to be able to see my family. I’m not going to be able to exercise. I’m not going to be able to do this show. I’m not going to be able to go to an AA meeting and I’m not willing to trade my time for less than $300 an hour now because I love my time.

Any question?


Okay, you don’t want to go back to what you were doing. Could you see this off shooting you possibly into another career? Could this be the threshold to another avenue, direction in your life, another career direction? What do you think?

I mean, the Jerry show is all you’re thinking right at the moment, but do you think this is an offshoot to, you know, bigger or better maybe in some other, not related to the computers and the Internet?


Nancy said, do you think this show is an offshoot to something? Or could it be bigger, better like this leads somewhere else?

Definitely, it’s going to lead somewhere else. I don’t know exactly where, but eventually rather I do the show for another week or another 30 years. I mean, in the long term, it’ll definitely lead somewhere else and I don’t know where that is.

In terms of bigger and better, that’s a great thing to think about because what I’ve noticed is sometimes bigger is just the same. It’s just different.

This is really nice how intimate this is. I know everybody’s name in here. You all can ask questions. If there were 10 times, as many people in here, it’d be a lot less personal and in some ways that’d be better in some ways it’d be worse.

So, I think what you’re getting at is, am I hoping to use this as a stepping stone? Or am I open to possibilities?

The Second Jerry Banfield Show – Money Mastery! Self-Worth!

Oh yes, there’s no going back. There’s no going back because once you’ve kind of completed something, it’s like Ishmael’s been through a similar transition and he has helped me, coach me into this transition. Once you’ve been somewhere and you don’t want to do that anymore, there’s no going back to it.

So for me, I don’t see that there’s any going back to filming courses online, to what I know because I want to learn, I want to grow and expand. I think all of us do.

Does that answer?


Yeah. You need to be out with humans. I think you have a message and putting you in a room, I don’t know how you did it because I don’t know you very well, but I know your personality is very alive. That’s something that’s a rare thing in this day and age to see people who can present themselves that way, and it’s a wonderful quality to have.

A lot of young people don’t have that in this world, right now. I think you still are a young person, and that is really something you could be so beneficial to young people, to let them know that life is real. It’s not all technical, that’s what’s missing. That’s something you do have. You had the ability to communicate that life is real with feelings.


Maybe putting you in that room brought me here today. I know that room was no longer a safe place. It’s time to rock and roll. Without that room, you couldn’t be who you are today.


Yes, and we all go through transitions and I think this is kind of a collective thing.

I’ve often been kind of on the forerunner like I got on the Internet before it was cool. I dated online before it was cool, and when it was really awkward and uncomfortable. Now I’ve kind of been feeling this kick to stop living on the Internet.

I’ve lived on the Internet for 20 years as my main from video games. In high school while people were having fun and I was sitting on a computer googling all these different things. When people in high school were having fun, I was playing video games all day.

As soon as I got home, I played as many video games as I could. I’ve been obsessed with the Internet. So I imagine this is part of a bigger transition where people are going to kind of get burnt out on the Internet.

This is helpful to navigate to one place to another, but it’s not fun sitting on Facebook all day. You actually feel antisocial being on Facebook, even at all.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.