How I Sell High Ticket Services Online Without a Sales Funnel or Advertising!

See how I sell high ticket services online like without a sales funnel or any advertising by focusing on offering massive value, creating videos on YouTube and blog posts on for organic search traffic on Google, and setting healthy boundaries to free up my time to serve! If you are interested in teaching online, entrepreneurship, SEO, and developing your own WordPress ecommerce website with WooCommerce, you will find this video very helpful which includes the full transcription below!

Imagine waking up to a text message on your phone saying, success. You just sold a service for two plus thousand dollars. I’m very grateful that was my reality yesterday. I just got that message and what I’m going to do here is reverse engineer that whole process. I think you are going to find this really helpful because I don’t do things the way you might think they have to be done. In order for this to be possible, I have no sales funnel set up. In fact, people often go directly from a YouTube video or a blog post straight into buying a service like this without even talking to me without even joining my email list. I have no paid ads running right now either, which gives me a very unique sales funnel and this is something you can replicate. I will reverse engineer it here for you, but to begin, if you want to have any kind of big sale, you need to think of big value up front.

I’ll show you exactly what I sold to begin because if you are going off for something for two plus thousand dollars, it needs to be worth two plus thousand dollars and I need to feel rock solid selling it at that price. Thus, what did a person that buy yesterday from me? I’m so grateful for this purchase. Yesterday I sold a Jerry Banfield partners’ membership and this is what’s included in the Jerry Banfield partner membership. There’s a creative commons license to all my courses, which allows partners buying this to sell my courses after modifying at least 20% of them to sell my courses on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, or absolutely anywhere else. The videos are very easy to download directly out of Dropbox and all you need to do is change the name, description and lecture titles and you can potentially be earning hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month indefinitely selling these courses.

with includes private label rights, lifetime access to all my courses, weekly group coaching calls, and lifetime one on one coaching! I see that these first two options, you might need some help with these or people might want to join and not even care about those. The weekly group coaching calls, the private messaging with me and the networking with experienced entrepreneurs online, especially through our Facebook group. As you can see, I’ve crammed a whole lot of value into one single package that then I consistently mentioned. Each of these things I have tried and put separately. I’ve tried to do just coaching programs. I’ve tested this over the years and what I’ve found is to offer one big ticket item and just stock a ton of value into it because that way I might think I’m selling somebody, let’s say on the weekly group coaching, but someone might actually care more about the creative commons license.

As you can see in order to sell this, I’ve thought a lot about how can I make something that will help you or whoever you are that is buying this make a lot of money off of it. I am the first I know of in the world to offer a creative commons license to my video courses which have over 3000 videos that can be edited and put into all kinds of online courses. I’m one of the first, if not the first, I know of to refuse to put my courses on platforms like Udemy, Skillshare and StackCommerce where I’ve got videos showing how I’ve earned about a million dollars there. I’ve now refusing to put my courses on any of those and allowing other people to do it for me. Thus, I’ve thought a lot, and I’ve evolved this over years and I’ve crammed this all into one package.

As you can see, I also do the basic process to sell these. I do what I call indirect sales videos. Thus, when you click on this video, rather it’s in one of my online courses, or rather it’s been modified by a partner and put into another video course, or rather it’s on my YouTube channel or there’s a link to it on my Facebook page, wherever I’ve put this video, this is an indirect sales pitch. I’m not directly telling you that you need to go by Jerry Banfield partners. My basic strategy is to package what I’m doing into something that’s searchable and make an indirect sales pitch for it. That way you just in theory, watch this video and you might not have even heard of me before this, but you might be watching this now and you might start thinking, Hey, that does sound pretty good.

Whereas if I had just put it up directly as a sales pitch or tried to make a funnel out of it, you might have said no and been defensive and the magic of this sales process is that it is optimized for organic search. If you look across my YouTube channel, there have been lots of skeptics and haters that don’t get my approach, which is fine because, well, it’s my approach, not their approach. If you look over at my YouTube channel and you can see the videos, some of the people have come across my channel. Don’t get this. If you just look at my videos wall, he’s got hundreds of thousands of subscribers on his channel and his views are getting a few hundred views each within a few hours of release, all for free. Unless I tried some ads on some of these, but I’m not doing any paid ads now and I haven’t been, but here’s the secret of my YouTube channel.

It’s all set up for organic search traffic. Even though if you add up, I’m getting about 10,000 views or so from my people watching every single new video or watching the 30 new videos I put on every day, that’s a small fraction of the total views I’m getting on my channel and if you look at my reach, I set everything up for YouTube search traffic. This allows me to focus all my videos on things that can earn and get viewers in indefinitely. Thus I don’t need a massive audience of people just watching every single video I’m doing and caring about what I’m doing. I make videos and then I set them up in a way that’s searchable. For example, in titling this video and blog post, I didn’t think I didn’t put a title up as Jerry Banfield partners. I put the title up as what would I be able to teach in this video that someone might want to learn and then how do I naturally in the course of the video mentioned my partner program as it’s relevant without having to directly sell it.

This allows me to skip the whole sales funnel and to make sales without triggering all those defenses. What happens with a lot of sales systems people have got out there is that people’s defenses are triggered and the only way to get past that is to have a ton of social proof to have a ton of testimonials and this is so difficult. Most people are not able to get over that hump before. Finally, I’ve found a way around this. My partner sales page has some work to do. I actually only have one video testimonial on here and I’ve got a list of the partners are small selection of the partners and I’ve got kind of a small frequently asked questions. Therefore you might argue my actual sales page is kind of weak and you might think, well there’s no way you could actually sell this that people would actually pay for this and what’s amazing is we’ve got 46 members right now.

Now what I do for the pricing with selling high ticket services, obviously the pricing is a big challenge and I did not start out selling this for $2,400+ in fact, I’ve never actually sold it for that much before. What I did is I originally started out just working with people coaching and a one on one often for free and then evolved to the point of putting it up for $1,000 then tested different price points, tried doing it monthly with payments, tried payment plans and I’ve tried a whole bunch of different scenarios for it and where I finally got a breakthrough, I got a breakthrough. When I went to look at somebody else’s coaching program, I saw what they were charging. One of the odd things about this is I haven’t actually bought anyone else’s 2000 plus dollar service. I’ve not once bought somebody else’s course or coaching program for more than $500 and the only reason I bought the $500 one is because I wanted the one on one call with an instructor, which eventually led to an interview on his podcast given I asked, Hey, can we use this 30 minute call that I got with your course to do a podcast interview?

And he said, sure. And I’ve only bought one other course for $300 this means I’m not the usual customer. And that’s good because if you want to sell, you want to try and reach people who other people are not competing for!

And that’s what I do. I’m going for people who haven’t already bought several other courses from others. I’m going for people who have a unique need for what I’m doing and I offer a lot of value for a much lower price. And one way I figured out the price is I did a free sales call with another YouTuber and they were asking 6,000 or 5,000 if I bought within 24 hours, $5,000 for a 90 day coaching program where I wouldn’t actually get to work with the YouTuber themselves one-on-one at all. And it was with a certified coach under their name. And I said, that’s, that’s horrible. And I only get access to this Facebook group for 90 days after I pay $5,000 and then I looked at my own, at the time I was charging $1,000 for my partner program, which was offering weekly group coaching calls for forever and offering private label rights to my courses, all my courses for life, and the ability to contact me privately and a Facebook group for life.

And I thought, hold up, I’m charging $1,000 for this. And people are paying it and this person’s charging 6,000 for their course. And they said that 30 people were in the course every time. So clearly they’re selling it. Now. The YouTube where I’m talking about has a massive business system spending how over half a million dollars on coaching and a hut from what it looks like to meme anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands a month on online ads to generate all this massive social proof and all this traffic. And then all these testimonials, and I’m sharing this with you today because more likely you’re not going to be able to set something like that up, but you can set this kind of thing up if you will look and see it clearly what I’m doing and are able to figure out, okay, well maybe you don’t have video courses you can plug in, but what could you plug into these spots that would make it worthwhile?

In order to get a service like this, you’ve got to feel rock solid about the pricing. So one of the ways that helped me feel rock solid about the pricing is to see what other people are selling things for. And it has been challenging for me to raise the price on this and I’m so grateful that within just a few days of raising the price that someone actually went and bought it and now I’ve made a system to raise the price consistently. The more value you offer on a service, you see a necessity to offer it at a price point. That makes sense. When I’m offering weekly group coaching calls for life, obviously the more people that join this, the more it lowers the value for everyone else in terms of direct access for me, when I’m having private messaging with me, I naturally, if I’m selling more and more of these, I’m looking at having more and more of my time taken up.

Therefore, how do you scale your price on a service like this? You might not be able to start out selling for $2,000 but I started out selling for much less than I’ve worked my way up to it and this is how it works with the price you and I, whatever we’re selling at, we have to believe that it is worth that. We have to be certain that what we’re selling is actually worth that because if we’re not, we don’t feel good about selling it. When I first raised the price on my services, I was skeptical as to whether it was worth it because my level of belief that I can make a sale for a higher price was lower. So what I’ve done to address that is I systematically raised the price every time somebody buys it. That way there’s not as much potential for the value of it to get diluted as more people buy it.

And I know if I’ve sold something for say a ha $1,000 I know I can sell it for $1,090 I know that when I keep raising the price steadily over time, I am had a very high level of belief that I can sell it for that slightly higher price I, that’s how I’ve got to selling the partner membership for 2,500 now is because I’ve steadily raised the price as more people have bought it and paid more and more for it. Thus the last person paid $2,345 for it. Therefore, I just put times 1.09 to increase the price by 9% I somebody will buy it for $2,556 because someone just paid 2300 for it. And the beauty of this is you can start your service at a much lower price. You might have absolutely nothing in your head that you can think of that you’re going to sell for $2,000 but if you can think of something you could sell for $500 and you can just increase the price by say nine or ten five 20 whatever percentage you feel good about.

If you can think of a service for much lower and just steadily increase the price over time, you will get better at selling it and the price will continue to match it as, let’s say you set a service at $500 and then you raise the price maybe a hundred dollars every time, you will be up to $2,000 relatively soon. As long as you’ve got a good system to sell it. Another thing I do is visualization. I imagine someone buying Jerry Banfield partners for $2,556 I imagine it very clearly and I imagine the person buying it for $2,345 I imagined how excited I would feel when I saw the text message come in on my phone saying success. This person bought Jerry Banfield partners. I imagine how good it will feel. In fact, I even go up to a bit farther level. I take a piece of paper and I write down 100 times some variation of thank you and how may I help you and I was just doing that earlier and I spread it out to over 10 different days because in my view, putting out 10 times on 10 different days is more powerful than doing a hundred times all at once.

Thus today, right before doing this, I wrote out 10 times. Thank you very much to name of the person who just bought Jerry Banfield partners. I write on the next line. I don’t write the same thing every time to keep my mind engaged. On the next line I write, I am grateful for the chance to serve you as a member of Jerry Banfield partners and I’m write their name in every single line of it. This, in my view, just puts out a really good energy because if you’re buying a $2,000 service from me, I want you to feel really good about it. And what I’ve noticed is in the past when I’ve sold things at a price I didn’t feel good about, then I wasn’t as grateful for it. The person didn’t feel great about it and there were times when I refunded, I want, if you’re going to spend this amount of money with me, I want you to be really happy about it and for you to be really happy about it, it makes a difference for me to be really happy about it because giving is receiving.

So I give him put out a lot of good vibes and I get that back. I write on different lines. How may I help you to make this service really worth it for you? I read out 10 different things like that on 10 different days and that’s part of my gratitude practice and service practice. I also have an automation set up to let me know immediately so that I can manually send the person to email instead of a generic email saying, thank you for selling. I will get an automated email set up. I had one before I changed. Long story short, I will get an automated one setup, but I also have a dedicated email inbox just for people on this level of service that that is the only email I get on my phone. Now, this is one of the challenging things for selling something is setting up boundaries and this, I see no coincidence that I just was able to raise the price successfully, feel good about it.

I had to set boundaries first. One of the things I offer with my partner membership is a private messaging. Now think about this for a minute. I have weekly group coaching calls and private messaging as a benefit of being a partner. Now that’s valuable if I’m not just offering that to everybody else. What I was doing before this week is I was doing all the sales for this myself. In fact, in an effort to try not make the best sales and earn the most and learn the most and get to know my potential customers, I was actually doing all the sales myself and here’s what was happening on my contact page. I’d put up a direct email form to reach me and even my WhatsApp in a text message, phone number and what was happening. I was having people who are asking me about the partner membership and they were essentially just getting everything for free.

I would talk, I even at one point was accepting free phone calls. People would come in and do a phone call with me for free. People would then private message me, add me as a friend on Facebook, exchange a bunch of messages with me, ask a bunch of different questions. Jerry, what do you recommend here? I’m on you to me, how do I make more sales? Well, how do I set this platform up and I would be putting my daughter to bed and responding to these messages and then getting resentments that the person had got all this on me for free and when were they actually going to buy something? What I did in looking at how do I make this partner program outstanding and truly make it have the value it does and I realized, Oh, if I’m going to offer a benefit like private messaging that can’t be available for free, and what does that mean?

Well, this has been a scary proposition in some ways because there’s lots of people who try and reach out to me. Most of them are purely trying to sell something to me or get my attention in order to have me do something for them without much of a regard for what I’m going to get in return. This is normal and I’ve done a lot of that. On the other side of it. What I’ve done is I’ve set a boundary and I said, I refuse to obligate myself to respond to any message or email from anyone who is not one of my partners. If you’re not in the partner program, I have no obligation to read or respond to your message. If you are on the partner program, I do have an obligation to read and respond to your message because you’ve paid me a lot of money and you get a, and I’ve agreed that you get that level of service.

Now, this was a bit more difficult than I thought it should have been and I’ve struggled with this a lot over the years to just set a boundary and say, look, if you’re cold emailing me or cold friending me on Facebook and I don’t have to read that, I don’t need to respond to that, and finally I’ve been able to do that. Somebody just friended me on Facebook, sent me this long message request for what I participate in their virtual summit. I deleted the friend request and ignored the message because that is not something I offer for free. The ability to send me a private message. Now I encourage starting out and building a business and beginning, yes, this is a very good thing to do to learn to get to know what people are doing, but I’m not a beginner at this point and if you want to sell $2,000 services, you’re probably not a beginner either.

And what I’ve noticed this frustrated me is the boundaries people tend to have at the levels of selling things like $2,000 services. As I mentioned with that YouTuber before for $6,000 I wasn’t even going to get a one on one call with them or private message. As I can see, it’s important for me to set boundaries and then that makes the services I’m offering much more valuable if I don’t have boundaries. The service itself is not valuable either. One of the best benefits of Jerry Banfield partners is intimate access to me and why would you buy it if you can get that for free by adding me as a friend on Facebook and sending me a message, which I was looking at those and responding to those and getting frustrated or if you can just call it, email me. The my partner program has no value.

If I end up then I don’t believe in selling it either. This all came into play the other day because my, I got a referral, I got a referral who added me on Facebook and sent a message and I felt obligated to respond because I really wanted to try and make some money off the situation and I sent all these messages back and forth and then the person says, well, can I have a phone call? And I immediately got upset like, no, no, I don’t want to talk with all, I’ve given you all these answers to questions. I don’t like doing phone calls and I’ve got a partner program. If you want to talk to me, that’s where you can get on a call with me and I’d already mentioned it and basically the person wanted to do a sales call with me about the partner program, which I was annoyed about and then they therefore were annoyed about and didn’t buy anyway. And that’s when I realized boundaries. If I want to sell 2000 plus dollars services, I cannot be doing the sales calls myself.

This addresses the element of scarcity and limited time offers. What most systems try and do is force you or trick you or give you some artificial scarcity because yes, you need to have some kind of timeline. Many of us are so busy, we’re doing so many things. If you don’t set some kind of a limit on the time, well why bother? As with my partner program, before, I had no limits on it. It used to cost $1,000 all the time and there were never any sales or ups and downs and people who thought about buying it would just put it off and then forget about it. Now what I do, I make it clear that I raised the price 9% every time somebody new joins, and that means today’s price is the lowest price it’s ever going to be again, and if you are looking at the price today and it’s much higher, that’s because you can literally do the math and see how many people have bought it at this from this particular stage.

You can literally just put it in the calculator and put, for example, 25 five six I’m doing the calculator over here. You could literally just put that in times 1.09 and it enter the next per the next one, it cost 2,700 then 3000 then 3,300 3,600 et cetera. This allows to have an offer in every day. Say this is the very best price it’ll ever be again. I know I can sell it at 9% lower, therefore why would I sell it at any less than 9% higher? And I know that the more I increased the price, the more that helps me stay focused on the people in the partner program. What I’ve noticed with selling a service like this, the expectations on the level I’m in needing to give are pretty high. When I buy a course from somebody from $10 I don’t expect anything out of them.

When I buy a service for $37 or so, I don’t expect that much out of it. When I pay $500 for an online course and it says it comes with a one-on-one call, it better freaking come with that one on one call and I expect even three years from whenever I bought it. To be able to use that. When you sell services that costs a lot more. You need to be prepared to deliver a lot higher level of service, which is why I’ve found setting effective boundaries is so important. Setting effective boundaries allows me to be available to serve the people in my partner program. What I’ve done instead over the years is I’ve tried lower price points to get more people in. I’ve then got so many people in. I couldn’t do a good job with people who were in the program and then they stopped participating or in the case of when I had a monthly membership canceled, therefore I spent all of this effort before to get people in and I didn’t do a good job for them.

You might argue that is the absolute worst case scenario. You might say that it’s better to leave people wondering and wishing and hoping they could join some day. Then to let people in and have them be disappointed and then whenever they talk about it with someone else. Oh yeah. I joined Jerry Banfield’s partner program. That wasn’t very good. He was, he wasn’t even available to respond to my messages. He didn’t even read my posts. He didn’t give me very good advice. Why? Because I was trying to do too much and if you want to sell a two plus thousand dollars service, in my experience I’ve learned I have to slow down and do less and this helps guide my creative process. Today, I have the partner program on all these people who are expecting me to make great online course videos. Therefore, I must keep making great online course videos to serve the people already in my program, which makes it simple.

I need to show up and teach and make online courses and respond to my partners every day and I’m grateful for the chance to be able to do this. Now I intend to continue to improve my sales page, get some more testimonials on there, and that can help me as I continue to increase the price, the testimonials, other partners will continue to be more and more important and therefore I’m in a great position to continue selling members to my partner program every single day. I hope this has been very helpful for you to see how to sell two plus thousand dollars services here because obviously this is something a lot of people want to be able to do and it’s something that a lot of us struggle with. One final thing to let you know about you might wonder. Okay, well Jerry, that’s great. Let’s assume I set everything else up.

Let’s assume I get a great value proposition. I get a testimonial or two. All right, a couple of questions I’m imagining you’re thinking you’ve watched so much. You’ve got a couple more questions. One is, how do you get your first testimonial? You get your first testimonial. By often, you might need to let someone join your service for much less than do a great job for them. You might even need to do it for free. When jewel and I rejoined, the cost was $1,000 for life and I ended up paying them almost $20,000 now for graphic design services and they did an outstanding testimonial for me. Thus, you might need to charge a lot less when you start out just to get that first customer, but once you’ve got the first customer in a first testimonial, it’s time to charge more and steadily increase the price of it.

Now, assuming that you may be, haven’t even got a customer yet and you’re thinking, Oh, Algeria, that’s all, this is great, but how do I market this? How do I get someone to find that I’ve even got this service available? Let’s close up with that. What I do, I showed you some of this at the beginning but I’ll go into more detail. I make relentless tutorial videos to the exact kind of people who are likely to find the partner program extremely helpful. Let me show you an example of that. This video is an example of that, but another example of that, this one yesterday is named what I learned making $663 on Udemy, this video is targeting the exact kind of people I want to buy my partner program, and again this video does not directly and overtly pitched the partner program until a little bit at the end.

This video is intended to get people searching and to get the most views on YouTube and then to get the that right special person to come wandering over to the partner page. This one over here was made to attract partners and I believe this is the video that attracted the partner. Now, if you look at the views, 380 views for free within the first three days or so is outstanding. Now, unless you look at my subscribers and you think I ought to get more. The beauty of it is that’s all the views you need within several months to make a great sale. What I do a lot of, I put a video all every day. I put videos out from my online courses. I have all kinds of these very specific tutorials and when people are searching and search for something, say how to speed up my website with amp or how to accept Amazon payments or how to add a new product on woo commerce or how to put video courses on LearnDash.

I’m repeatedly making videos over and over again that are targeted at the exact right person to join my partner program and that often means I don’t get to have as many views on every single video because my videos are so targeted and specific. Not everyone who’s subscribed often to my channel for things like gaming videos or hacking videos. Not everyone on my channel is going to be interested in how to speed up your website or how to put Amazon payments on your website with woo commerce or how to put a new product on woo commerce. Everyone’s not going to be interested in that, but the person who’s likely to join my partner program is also likely indefinitely to find these videos in YouTube search because YouTube search tends to be evergreen. The videos on YouTube search often can come in four years on one single video.

In fact, if you want to sell something like 2000 plus dollars services like Jerry Banfield partners, you often will need to have a longterm sales strategy, and this can be kind of frustrating because you might need to lay the groundwork to get found in organic search to really get that sale and this is how you do it without any ads or without any funnel, literally directly from YouTube straight to my partner program and didn’t even have the person’s email address yet. That’s how you can do it. You really need that organic search traffic on very highly focused topics and you can simply do that by putting up video tutorial after video tutorial after video tutorial up on YouTube and then what I do, I package it into online courses on my website. For example, if you scroll through Jerry you’ll get a great look at my online courses that are on my website.

I package them into courses on my website and that way if people want to buy at a lower price they can, but it also gives validation to it. Also get partners directly with my program. The courses show you exactly what value you get in the partner program and then you can see all these courses. I could take these and put these up myself and this allows me to sell online courses and what a lot of partners have done. A lot of partners have bought an online course from me and then years later or months later came back and enrolled and joined the partner program. A lot of how I started out with my online courses, I just gave them away for free. I gave them away for free and then future partners ended up joining after taking one of my courses for free. Therefore, you, if you’re starting and this is seeming impossible to you, just give out absolutely as much value as you can to the exact kind of person that might want to buy your service.

Give as much as you possibly can for free. Set some healthy boundaries on yourself as that’s been the toughest one for me, and then set a price that you are certain it’s worth that much and you can sell it at and then just steadily increase it over time. I’ve given you a whole lot of details on this because that way you’ve got essentially you’ve got all the tools you need in this one video to go through and do something like this yourself. Thank you for giving me the chance to serve you today and tell you how I sell the services. I hope this is helpful for you and as you can see, I trust if you’re not already in the partner program, you’ve by now, I don’t even need to directly sell you on the partner program because I’ve indirectly told you so much about it that there’s no point in even asking you to join by now. Either you already really want to join by now or you don’t. And either way, that’s fine. I’ll keep putting up videos that I hope are helpful for you every day on YouTube and putting them in my online courses and in my partner program folders and see this as something a partner could chop up and put it into. They’re all an online course if desired, and that’s what gives it so much value. Thank you for watching all of this. I’m so honored you’ve watched so much of it and I’ll see you in the next video or blog post!


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