Sendinblue First Campaign Suspended — What to do BEFORE Importing Contacts to Avoid Suspension

First Sendinblue campaign suspended! Would you like to learn what happened because this might prevent you from getting the same issue?

Sendinblue First Campaign Suspended — What to do BEFORE Importing Contacts to Avoid Suspension

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Sendinblue First Campaign Suspended — What to do BEFORE Importing Contacts to Avoid Suspension

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Sendinblue just screwed up my entire account and what I’ll do is share how this happened and what you can do to prevent this from happening.

If you’re thinking about using Sendinblue or any other email marketing provider, if you’re planning on switching or moving lists, this is likely to happen to you as well.

I hope this will be useful for you.

Let me explain.

I was trying to switch over to Sendinblue because it’s way cheaper for having a list of 12,000 subscribers. I still think it’s a good email marketing software, which is why I researched it and was ready and did hours of work to switch and film tutorials yesterday and put them up on YouTube.

I got this email saying my account was validated, I imported 12,000 subscribers via a CSV file, and it said that you’re welcome to schedule a first campaign.

Sendinblue First Campaign Suspended — What to do BEFORE Importing Contacts to Avoid Suspension

An hour after that, when they start sending my campaign, I get this email.

It says, “When reviewing your campaign report. You will note it was successfully sent to any pre-existing contacts.”

Sendinblue First Campaign Suspended — What to do BEFORE Importing Contacts to Avoid Suspension

What they did is they started sending to the first 500 contacts in alphabetical order, so a lot of the email addresses were things like admin at such and such or all kinds of emails. They literally just sent to the first 500 contacts.

Then, they decided as we can read down here, these new contacts, “Open and click rates indicate they did not recently up directly opt in.”

All these new contacts, everyone after the first 500, which means over 11,000, those who had not previously received a message have been declined and may not be contacted again.

Now, I can’t even clean my list and bring it back in. I can’t do, I can’t bring those back in.


This is something you have to prevent because once this is done, you are pretty much screwed with using them.

You can see my statistics right here.

The delivery rate, they delivered only 4% of my first email.

Three of them hard bounce, one person unsubscribed, 24 opened and that was in the first hour or so.

Email Marketing

They didn’t give it time. I guess it says, “Average time to open six hours,” but they sent this email within an hour or so of my account being validated, and within an hour or so, they decided based on their data that it wasn’t, I couldn’t deliver my list anymore.

Thus, what they did is they sent to my first five under contacts and based on the data said, not only can I not send any more emails to the contacts, but as far as I can see, I can’t put those same contacts back in even when I do clean my list.

Thus, I asked them for a full refund, and canceled my account.

What I’m going to do instead is simply go through ActiveCampaign and clean up my unengaged contacts because then I can reduce the amount I’m paying per month by not paying for all these unengaged contacts.


I’ll tell people in every email to make sure to click on the button to stay engaged, otherwise I will remove them automatically from the list after such a period of time.

This is something that I imagine almost every email provider has in some form or another because email providers are responsible for the emails they’re delivering and therefore any time you’re likely to switch from one email provider to another, be aware, they’re going to have some kind of automated data that you have to please them and your numbers have to look good enough.

I guess the open rates probably need to be higher than 10%, the unsubscribe rate was probably okay, but three people bounced, and 95% of my emails did not get sent.

Thus, another thing that didn’t go quite how I planned it.

However, I still think Sendinblue is a good email marketing provider. I would use them if it were much easier to just clean up my ActiveCampaign account and keep what I’m already doing, thus either of those are very good options.

I sent Sendinblue some constructive feedback.

I said, “Look, if you’re going to have these things, then you should have told me about them ahead of time and not expect me to somehow know that you’re going to have these metrics. You expect my list to hit and those metrics should be apparent. If you expect me to have a 10% open rate when I’m sending my emails are higher than that, then please tell me that upfront to let me know I need to clean my list beforehand.”

You could say, “Well, shame on you. You should have known.”

Now I do and how I do?

Email Marketing

You need to clean your list before you move over to a new email marketing provider.

Glad I could learn that the hard way, but maybe you can learn it the easy way because you read this post.

Now, a few will want Sendinblue or ActiveCampaign and you can feel great joining either of them and hopefully get some better results than this.

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

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