Does Getting Banned Lead To Greater Earnings Online? Sergey Kasimov Interview!

Would you like to read the interview of Sergey Kasimov by Jerry Banfield, who is a full-time online entrepreneur because he explains how he makes his money on websites like eBay, Etzy, Udemy and Skillshare?

Does Getting Banned Lead To Greater Earnings Online? Sergey Kasimov Interview!

Are you ready for some laughs?

I guarantee you’re going to laugh during this interview I did with Sergey Kasimov several times. Sergey is a funny guy, and one of the first questions we’re going to answer in this is, “Will getting banned actually lead to higher income?”

Does Getting Banned Lead To Greater Earnings Online? Sergey Kasimov Interview!

I am in luck if so, because I’ve been banned and suspended from lots of websites online. I don’t even remember them all and Sergey addresses that question specifically plus a lot more questions related to working and earning money online that you’ll find really helpful as an entrepreneur continuing your journey, looking for the best opportunities, wondering what other people are doing.

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Does Getting Banned Lead To Greater Earnings Online? Sergey Kasimov Interview!

His videos just make me laugh and I think you might have the same effect.

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Interview with Serger Kasimov

Let’s get started with the interview.

Sergey: I got started on eBay and we’ll need to usle on that platform because I was looking for jobs to do from the house as I was applying trying to get a real job.

Does Getting Banned Lead To Greater Earnings Online? Sergey Kasimov Interview!

And you know the recession hit, I mean I used to work as a teacher at one point, but after that the trade off and the recession hit and it was like no jobs. You go to all the interviews and nobody’s hiring you, no one is hiring you.

I have all my credentials, I have a teaching degree and people are not taking you. What experience, and this is like ridiculous, you know, so while you go and try to get a job, you’re not getting paid.

You have to do something, and I was doing something, but when you have something going on and they had this going on, and before years before it wasn’t doing so well, so why not try that until of course I found Udemy accidentally and of course that place was just stunning.

I got in the exact right time except it would have been better if I got in two years before I would say, but 2014, and I know you’ve been there too and it was going exponentially.

You seem to hit the jackpot a lot faster than anybody else out there, which brought your other enemies as well, so Udemy, I’m still on it, but it’s not the cash cow it used to be.

I think what you did is actually the Walt dome thinking, unfortunately you got kicked out, but that’s actually a good thing.

As much as it looks like a bad thing, you created your own platform that got more potential than anything else you can think because now you own your own platform.

So, if you expand, got one line of business, it’s going to make you a lot of money and people always ask me this question, how do I make money online? How do I go ahead and do this stuff?

The key is for you to do multiple stuff at once, so you’re not just focusing on one thing because you know what happened to you when you were focusing on your one thing.

What happens if that business model dies? What happens if somebody kicks you out of there? What happens if they shut you down tomorrow by putting all your eggs into one basket?

Yes, you can make a lot of money, but you can also lose everything because if that is your only one source of income, that is a problem.

So my thing is, you do eBay, you do Etzy, you do online classes, you do all of those different methods that you’ll make your money online, and you try them all at once.

Now you probably gonna have a few top ones every single year, like I had five at one point that were going so good for me too.

And then they changed the ranking system and our whole thing just clashed after a while.

So that was one site and that’s the thing about this. There was a tutoring website and I had a bunch of students just come in on and off on that site. I was doing well, like two years on that site, I was getting paid and I was doing practically nothing for that specific site.

Then, that thing all totally dried up.

But that’s the whole thing, you have to figure out what you’re good at, keep doing it and get better and better with what you’re doing, and that’s actually the key to success. You have to understand Steve Jobs, and I have classes, I have a gift motivated classes, all of that.

Does Getting Banned Lead To Greater Earnings Online? Sergey Kasimov Interview!

The whole key for you is to practically do something, be good at what you’re doing, and keep on reinventing yourself and doing better and better.

eBay and Etsy are one of those two sites that had consistent good income, constant people on those sites. Now, some sites come and go, but eBay and Etsy stay.

I started with eBay, and then Etsy was just, I created a Udemy class for Etzy, just one Udemy class. Then I thought, “Okay, let me try Etzy for myself.”

I did and it was doing good, and then I kept on putting more time into it. This thing was making me almost as much money as eBay, like on and off it does.

So Etsy was actually a good way to make money online and I have one of the sites, “Niche Pursuit” that featured my class right on it.

I didn’t even know this guy featured my class until I accidentally found it. I read about all these ways to make money online, and then I see my name, he’s telling this is the best class on Etzy.

I was like, really?

This is like unsponsored, the review by a website that just teaches people how to make money, you know, all kinds of niches.

So I was like, “Wow, that’s pretty cool. They actually like my site enough to feature it as the best one on Etsy on Udemy.”

Unfortunately Udemy doesn’t think the same because on Udemy there are all sort of people on that site. When you’re buying Udemy classes, one thing for you need to understand, they are not the best just because it is featured, it is not the best class.

There was a class that was five or six years old that is still being sold and nobody updated it in five years, and it’s still number one because they put them on the mailing list, they slap it down and they forget about.

Jerry: You said that it’s important to figure out what you’re good at. How do you figure out what you’re good at?

When you were teaching, you had a regular job, and then all of a sudden you’re online trying to make money. How do you figure out what skills you’re good at and how to turn those into things you can actually make money on?

Does Getting Banned Lead To Greater Earnings Online?

When I was teaching, I didn’t like the job because I was doing special Ed and most of the time you’re not teaching anybody anything. You’re just dealing with people who don’t know how to behave and it was like I was sitting as a prison guard in the jail and you can’t get out of there.

All you’re doing is gleaning those papers of kids who refuse to listen to anything you say, regardless how good you teach it to them, and you still get paid the same amount for that whole entire year regardless of your performance still.

But the thing is how do you figure out what you’re good at?

You’re really figuring out money. Money is the thing that talks. It’s pretty much it because it tells you if you’re good at something or not, especially when you’re doing commission sales, when you’re selling things on commission.

The only way you know you’re good at something is if somebody actually pays you money for it, it is really that simple, now it actually differentiates itself with fashion. So, just making money is one thing, having passion to do something is another.

If you lack the skills and the passion to what you’re doing, you’re not making good money because you hate your job, and because you hate your job, you’re not going to be good at what you do.

Unless of course you’re like a doctor or something where you make your money regardless of how bad you’re doing the job.

So unless you’re doing that, that’s a different story. But we all have had those people who were not good at what they do. We all know about those people. They just collect a paycheck, but nobody can fire them.

But when you’re working as a commission sales like we do, it’s not like they have a choice. We have to be good at this otherwise we’re not getting paid.

So eBay or Etsy, everybody’s telling us the same thing, but it’s not a real job. YouTube, everybody thinks the same deal. This is not a real job.

Why did they think so?

Because it’s commission pay and because most people who try this stuff never will get anywhere.

That’s why I didn’t consider it as a real job because if you’re really good and you have the talent, you can be number one in YouTube. You can make thousands every month. You can make thousands on eBay.

You can become a millionaire with eBay, Etzy and YouTube, those are the sites that give you the potential to be rich in America. If you have the talent, the equipment, and you do not need much equipment, you just need really good talent and the ability to communicate on camera.

Jerry: What’s your income distribution like both now and how it’s been historically? Where do you make the most of your money? How does that all work out?

For example, last month I made about 30% of my income on my website, maybe 20% on StackCommerce, 15% to 20% on Uthena, 10% on Skillshare, and then some smaller percent from there.

What’s your distribution like?

Sergey: It’s really crazy because every month is different. Sometimes it’s Udemy, another time it’s YouTube, which is actually starting to get pretty high too.

Does Getting Banned Lead To Greater Earnings Online?

We also have eBay, we have Skillshare.

The problem with those things is that it competes with itself and also the way that you this actually works. In the winter you get eBay hitting big and Etzy, and Udemy sometimes too, but then as the seasons go by, some of them fall down, some of them go up.

I also have people actually ask me for coaching, private coaching and private lessons. We also have people who want private label, maybe buy a class from me and they want me to set them up a Teachable school for them.

So, it’s hard to figure this out until you go and do your taxes at the end of the year. I’m one of those people, I don’t know about you Jerry, I think you do all, I think one of the reasons you get grown out so fast is because you go and light everything single down.

You keep track of every single number and in terms of income too, you’re like, “Okay, I made this much every month.” And I’m like, I don’t even know how much I make. It’s not one of those things until the end of the year.

“Oh man, I can’t believe I made this much.”

But, but one thing that I don’t do, and you do, pretty much I try to keep my expenses, I do spend a lot, unfortunately. I’m a big spender on stupid stuff. I buy stupid stuff all the time and I decided to post them up on YouTube.

I like new things, new cool stuff. So I buy them up and I start to make my own show. I feed you all this stupid stuff that I buy, I post it up and I show what kind of stuff that I buy, and review them, that’s pretty much it.

That’s another way to make money. I found, this is just an interesting way that I make kind of money. So not only I post that and review it, I get paid from the commission sales. If somebody buys that product, which is not that much, Amazon doesn’t pay this much.

So it’s a three hundred bucks for you, it’s not a lot of money, but considering it’s another source of income, it’s good you know, it all adds up now.

So, I did say I spend things on stupid stuff.

One thing I don’t do, I don’t like to take out loans. I don’t do that if I don’t have to.

In fact, in order to get my degree, I had to get that. But when it comes to everything else, I don’t like to take out loans, which actually means that I try to keep everything that I make. I just save and I try to save a certain amount.

Then, I can buy a brand new car, or what if I need something else?

I don’t like to go ahead and take out a loan for it because once you take out your loan, you have to pay interest payments and that’s how they get you eventually become a slave to the system instead of becoming free.

So pretty much you’re a slave to the financial system and that’s something I don’t want to happen to me because that’s how you get no sleep at night.

One thing I do, is gamble, like you. So one of the ways that I was able to lose a huge amount of money is gambling and it was in the stock market.

Well, initially I was playing it and I played it the wrong way.

So you play the wrong way and you try to make money faster. The faster you try to make money, the faster you lose more money, and the more you get scared, the more you panic.

At that time I was thinking, “I’m going to do full time trading.”

That was one thing I talked about and I was like, “It seems like so easy. Everybody’s making this money and talking about it.”

Well, that’s nonsense.

I got good at this stuff, but the thing is that I lost a lot of money and commission fees.

Fortunately now, they got rid of all the commission fees.

I was like, “Man, they should have done it years ago. I probably would have made so much more.”

But the thing is I lost a huge amount of money just before I started using Udemy.

I thought, “How am I going to gain this back?”

I saw there was some people in Udemy making thousands of dollars.

I’m like, “Okay, here it is. Here’s the way I’m going to get all this money.”

Interestingly enough, I put all this money in the stock market and the less I played it, the more I was making.

So, the thing is for you to understand is why it will with money. It is something, the easiest way to make a lot of money is to take your time. It really comes to that. The fastest way to make money is that people who you see them in jail because they think they can make huge amount of cash fast.

The faster you want money, the faster ways you have to get. So the fastest way to get money, of course, for criminals or anybody who thinks the fastest way is to go into the bank and get the cash.

Does Getting Banned Lead To Greater Earnings Online?

Of course he doesn’t think about the next step, which is the consequences. What happens after you get out of there?

So some of that people say, “Okay, I’m going to plan this out and I’m going to do this over the years.”

Guess what?

All this time you were planning out to rob this one bank, you could have been working at a real job, and make more.

What I’m trying to say is like the fastest way of trying to make money, most of the time you’re going to be losing money, and that’s when people fall for all of those stupid scams online.

They constantly fall for the scams because the scammers notice for a fact, and they try to tell you the same thing, “Fast way to make money.”

That’s how Bonnie has made all this money.

He convinced other guys that he’s going to give them the big percent. Then, he fooled all of the smartest people in the wards.

Those websites that I’m telling you, eBay, Etsy, those are real actual websites that you can make money.

Read the second part of this interview in our next post.

I love you.

Youโ€™re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Jerry Banfield with edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.