Sharing WordPress Posts on Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter Pinterest with Blog2Social

How to Share WordPress Posts on Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest with Blog2Social

Do you want to see how to share all your posts out on social media from your WordPress blog, with a blog to social, I’m grateful I’ve just found this tool because I have been putting out all these blog posts on Jerry Banfield and not even hardly sharing them because it was just too annoying.

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Now with blog2social, I have a very simple system that once I get my blog posts out once a week, I go and schedule the release of that blog post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, which I hadn’t used in years, Instagram and even VK the Russian social network.

This is just a helpful tool I’ve found if you’d like to look at all the helpful tools on my website, I trust you to go to Jerry banfield resources that are on the link here in the upper right if you click on Resources.

I’ve got a lot more of all of these things like for example, the Manage WordPress website hosting is so fast, infinitely scalable.

You can see what I use for email marketing video course hosting microphone, all that stuff’s on there. And when you use my links, you can help me earn a little bit.

So let’s take a look inside blog to social right here,

a blog to social is a plugin for WordPress. And you can see how I’ve got this set up here. I’ve got it set up on my all I’m six different social media accounts up here on the right,

I’ve got my Pinterest profile, I’ve got my VK profile, I’ve got my LinkedIn profile. I’ve got my Instagram profile, my Facebook profile and my Twitter profile all set up here and then what I can do is click on Save connection.

Now I’ve got a blog2social I’ve got a business license. So let’s go over here and look at the blog2social.

If you’re new to this, you can set up auto-posting. That’s how I originally found the blog2social, you can automatically put your posts out. I prefer to be able to manually put each of my posts out once a week, I just go through the schedule for all seven days.

That way if I’m sloppy with having a post, it’s like three posts that come out in one day on my blog, they don’t all tweet at once. Now you can use the blog to social for free. Here’s the pricing.

I bought the $249 it says euros but it’s also dollars. I bought the business one even though I’d probably didn’t need that high of a one for $249 because what kind of a plan says about who you are. So you can do a lot with the blog to social you can use. You have 10 different users per license. You can put 15 accounts per network. You can see there are tons of different networks you can share on you can do purely Automatic posting at a certain level.

Got all those scheduling content curations,

there’s a ton of powerful features on this, which is why I got it.

So what I do the baseline of what I do is I go to the calendar on my calendar and then I click on schedule a post in order to get to my calendar. And if I click off that, it’s going to take a lot of time to load some for simplicity, we’re just not going to do that. Because it needs to go through and pull all the details and get it set up for all the different social networks here. So let’s take a look at each of these. The key thing is the post format.

Now you can just use something like Zapier to just dump automatic links whenever a post comes out. But you want to get the highest engagement you want to put the post in the most engaging format. And what I really liked about a blog2social after hours of researching and figuring out all this, I chose it because of the opportunity to put the hold out in the right format. So this comes out as a photo post on Twitter.

This comes out as a photo post on my Facebook page,

this comes out as a, you can either do an image cut out on Instagram or an image with the frame, the frame looks trash.

So I’m just doing the image cut out, you can do a link post, I do a picture post on all of them on LinkedIn, on VK,

they just don’t have that. And then on Pinterest, you can even choose which one of your boards you want it to go through,

you can then schedule all different times on each different network to help you get the best reach. So what I do is I set all different time so that if someone’s following me on every one of these, there’s a good shot to reach them during the day with one of the posts and then set that as the same time every single day that my posts come out. Now, this is helpful depending on when my other settings, so now in order to get this what you need to do in order to get your profiles up when you’re on this, you need to hit the Add Profile button.

So you can add more over here. And these are the things you can add you can add a Facebook page profile or group now, the Facebook profile sharing doesn’t work exactly right, if you click on a Facebook profile to share it, you still have to manually do it.

So I don’t even do it with my facebook profile because you have to click it I can just if I want to go share stuff off of my page itself back on the profile, and that’s what I do if I want to share it so I just put it up on my Facebook page then on my Twitter profile.

Now note, Twitter says that you are not to put the same post up from multiple profiles and blog to social does a good job warning you about that within the interface. So just use one Twitter profile even if you have multiple ones.

Then you can put an Instagram profile Pinterest profile and all these other profiles you can put these in there. Each of them has its own authorization process. Most of them are pretty straightforward. If you create an account with another network for example, if you use Pinterest, if you sign up for Pinterest by using your Facebook account, you’ll need to go back over to your Pinterest account, change your password, and your email address so that you can actually log straight in.

You can’t log in with Facebook, into Pinterest for a blog to social the that is one possible complication you might have. That was only an issue on my Pinterest account on all the others. That was pretty straightforward.

Now what I do on each of these is I’ve got the chance to write out my own custom intro and what you’re going to want to do is do that.

You’re going to want to write out your own text on here to make sure it looks right. So what I do is I start with Twitter. Now you’ve got certain things that are fixed based on it, but then this is the actual tweet area. This pulls the image from the post. So make sure you’ve got the image from the posts. And I now will write out something in real time to show you how this works and how I figured this out to all this is going to go out as a tweet on my profile,

I want it to be the most engaging possible. And what I’ll do is “what are people going to be thinking?” And I’ll think about what are people going to be thinking as their browsing through maybe “how to earn money podcasting here is my income report for the first three months podcasting with free hosting and built-in sponsorship on

and then I can also go through over here to go real tryhard on Twitter, I can go over and actually find I think I’m following.

So you can make sure to get the exact profile correct. And you can even you could put it in there that way like you could put at anchor on it if you wanted to, and see what hashtags Now the key thing to notice in here to put when you’re sharing these, you want to make sure to get in the right hashtags

and I also could even link in my actual anchor podcast. So I am going to do that I will link in instead of putting Why not just link my actual podcast in there take the capital letters off that looks kind of stupid in a tweet, but it makes sense in the post itself.

So I go through here with free hosting a built-in sponsorship on there so now I can even put at anchor in here, hashtag anchor and then I go look for anything else in the anchor profile hashtags. They’re usually using anything else that might be related. So I so far I’m not seeing anything like they don’t seem to use the anchor FM hashtag that much. I can look over here to see tweets and replies.

And I can I can go through and look over here.

It doesn’t look like there’s any now here’s another thing now, hashtag, see the hashtag. So this is a really good tool to use with this as well. You go over here to hash

And this little tool helps you figure out what exact hashtags you might want to put so I hit podcasting in here. I look over and see what other hashtags go with the podcast so I get the podcast

podcaster money business. So now I go back over here after checking this out.

And I can also look for other things like I can see, is there anyone using hashtag on here.

And what are they talking about? And I can see “okay, these are the tags are using.” So I’ve got these podcasts, and then I can just put I’d see now notice I didn’t actually put podcast in. So I put podcasts in and I want to fill out and make sure I’ve done a good job at using my hashtags up in here.

So I could put hashtag Spotify. I’ll just click the back button to look at the last set of results here. No, I won’t. Alright, let’s put podcast in here and see tags related to podcasting.

We’ve got a business entrepreneur. Now what I want to do is see if there are any little niche keywords that I should do or any related things I’m missing. So just general things like a business entrepreneur can be good. These can be especially important on things like Instagram to help get found.

Now I’ve got this complete tweet written for Twitter. Now what I can do is go back over here and paste it out here.

So in order to do that, now on Twitter, I’ve got a, I don’t have the link to the video, I’ve got my podcast, but on these other formats, I’m going to be able to actually put more than that in there.

And I can go in here to watch, watch, watch at or read at

they are so now I can actually get the links in here before the hashtags. Since there’s more room for that now. I will expand this so you’re like, well, what else quick What did you do? I just added since as on YouTube, I put the link to the YouTube video, And directly in here on the post, then that will come up there.

And since these can be longer, and some of the others but for this one since an example in this kind of a real-time tutorial, we’re going to shorten this up. So what I’ve done is I just copy and paste these to every different platform.

Now I’ve got a link to my actual podcast, I’ve got a link to watch on YouTube and I have a watch to a link to the actual income report itself. I’ve got related hashtags I’ve tagged anchor on it, and this is ready now on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, VK, and then if I had any other networks, it’d be ready.

Now the last thing to do is to schedule a specific time so which one of these do I want to come out first thing in the morning? I often make my posts at night on Instagram if I’m doing something like, with just say, just posting a picture of myself this, I think I’ll actually put this first thing in the morning.

So what I’m going to do is schedule this earlier in the day on Instagram like 10:45 am.

And we’re going to click then Save As best time for this network.

So I’ve scheduled Instagram in the morning, then if I want to put up another photo of myself, as I do is some kind of selfie like trying to flex or something then I can put that up later. Then if I don’t make a post that day, the days really covered now on my Facebook page. I often have made most of my posts already earlier in the day on my Facebook page, and I rarely make a post after like 6:45 am, but then lots of times people aren’t online.

So it there’s the time the schedule a post can make some of the difference but if people are really following you the just look for it. Anyway, on my Facebook page, I’ll put it up about 4:45 pm

because I really am ever posting anything after that. And I could put it a little bit later because there we want to schedule and kind of stagger these all out. So the Instagram went out at [10:45] to Let’s do the Twitter at let’s say [12:30] Let’s do the Twitter at about [12:30] that’ll be kind of right in the middle of the day.

Then we’ll have the Facebook at [6:45] Instagram’s at [10:45]

I wanted to be staggered so if someone’s following me everywhere, they won’t get them all at once and then this is this will be let’s do LinkedIn in at 8 am bright and early for those business people getting right to work

and looking on their feed VK’s in Russia. So we’re actually going to put the Russian one right in the middle of the night.

And because in Russia it’ll be about 13 or 14 hours in the afternoon in Russia. Not that anyone looks at my VK profile but I’ll go over here now we’ll put this Pinterest one at night.

Now, I’ll save this as the best time for every network. So now my posts are really blitz creaking someone, if you follow me on every single platform, you just get blasted with my blog posts all day, every day.

So now I click Save As best time for this network. And now what I can do is when I go do this again, I can hit Load my time settings

and this will automatically put those in at the same time. So I’ve got these scheduled around the clock now I’ve got a very specific and written just for social media in here. And then these that all have their other automatic information.

And then I click when I’m done with this now, I go down here, and I click on share. And now this is scheduled to come out tomorrow across to all of these platforms at all different times of day to my followers.

And that that is really sweet. And I can show you, I can show you what some of these look like in each different area. So if we look, I can go to just the main Jerry Banfield homepage, we can look at my Instagram account and my Linked in account and I’ll show you my Twitter on here.

So let’s see what these actually look like when they come out now where the way they look how nice this looks. Look, this is an image tweet.

It’s got a direct link on it. It’s got the exact right hashtags actually has the post link in it twice. Now, this is set up for ideal results here. This just came out five hours ago even though I scheduled it last week. If you click on it, it takes you straight to the post on my website which has a video on it

which is perfect to get people engaged which has affiliate marketing on the site right next to it.

If I show you why I’ll show you why I set this up, I’ll show you how crappy my posts looked auto-sharing them before this.

So before this, this is how my posts looked in the news feed before

I probably should have put this at the front of the video. But you get to see this that you’ve watched now this is probably one of what I should have shown you that look, look how crappy that looks with the automation I had set up before. And I go up here and show you look Look how good that looks. Now what I just showed you where is that? I mean, look what a difference that makes in the newsfeed and this makes a huge difference. If you want to maximize your reach.

You have good looking tweets like that come out, and then you’re much more likely to get more impressions. Look at the difference this tweet versus that other little tiny automated one.

Twitter wants the very best to images and Twitter wants engaging things like this and all the social media platforms do so instead of having that one little stupid link like that, bam, it’s got this huge image just like this. Now that makes a world of difference over here on Twitter.

So now if I go look on Instagram, you can see this one just actually came out on Instagram.

Now, this is when I was using the pre-cut out one, it’s going to cut the sides off from now on. But again, look at this, you’ve got all these.

I know you can’t click links on Instagram, but you’ve got all these hashtags in it that help it have the best chance of getting found. And before this, I was not publishing any of my new blog posts.

Even though I was putting out hundreds of blog posts. I was not publishing any of them at all to my 16,000 followers on Instagram. So now every single one of my new posts is promoted on Instagram.

I mean, I was just literally not even using that. And this makes it so easy. That now the posts are able to get published by Instagram. And then when people like kind of a legit Instagram photo I put up,

then there’s more of a chance to help people get into my business system. So these are the cutout ones but the ones in the future will come out a square on Linkedin,

then I’m getting more profile views. I’m getting more posts views every week

because I have thousands of connections on LinkedIn, I couldn’t even be bothered to share any of this stuff before on Linkedin. And now it comes out every day and any impressions are better than nothing that I was getting before.

And if I look at my Facebook page, we can see how these came out on my Facebook page as well. And scroll down, you can see these

now I’ve got new photos being added. When someone looks through the photos on my page every day there are new photos, instead of not and if someone clicks on the photo there are lots of there are links to my blog

and some of these photos are getting pretty good organic impressions now from the view I took here I can’t show you how many they’re actually getting but if I go over to the business one,

it’ll it should show you now this has given me a lot more impressions for my blog every single day which is nice.

And for some reason, I’m logged out totally on Facebook right now. So anyway, this is giving me thousands of extra impressions on my blog every day, which is why I’ve taken the time to show this to you because I care about helping you make the best business possible.

I’ve not gotten compensated at all for this just for transparency. I just signed up for this. I found it really helpful so I thought I’d make it tutorial. Again when I’ve shown you here is a blog2social with WordPress.

If I get an affiliate link at some point, I’ll put it in the description or maybe I’ll just forget to put in the description that’s totally possible. So blog2social the pricing is for the value you can deliver with it is really good, it does have a free option.

But realistically, the free option doesn’t have a lot of what you’re going to want, but you can get it for $69 euros or dollars a year.

And that’ll give you most of the features you want. The Pro has all the features you really are going to need on it.

If you’d like to help me earn something you can use my link to sign up for managed WordPress website hosting on the Google Cloud Platform with Kinsta.

If you want your people to actually find your posts on Google having a great web host like Kinsta makes a fantastic difference. And the Kinsta do not just some server in a room somewhere with an affiliate program trying to tell you how great it is. Kinsta uses the Google Cloud platform which is the same hosting Google uses and offers essentially infinite scalability, most website hosts.

If you get 100,000 visitors in one day, when your blog goes viral, your website will crash because your host has often a cheap shared setup. Or even if you’ve got something nicer, it still is just on one server. And if you get a bunch of traffic, you’re going down on Kinsta I had that happen so many times and other websites, I google really hard. I found Kinsta like, this, I can have a million plus visitors in one day.

And I’ll just get a big bill from it. Kinsta that will keep Kinsta too, because it’s on the Google Cloud network and immediately scaled, you get a ton of visits all at once. You just get a really big bill from it for all the time you used on the Google Cloud Platform.

I’ve got a lot of other resources on my resources page at Jerry Banfield.

And this is one of them. So having a great business online is often a function of just getting the right tool set up to make the most of the content you have to get it out there.

And if you want to follow me I trust you will go use all the social media account links on the upper right of Jerry Banfield, and then you will get to see amazing posts like this five times a day.

I love You’re awesome. Thanks for making it to the end of this and I trust you hit that subscribe button on YouTube as a follow button on Facebook or you’ll listen to my podcast or you’ll follow me in every single way possible to make sure you’ll never miss anything amazing like this again.


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