The Benefits of Sharing Problems With Others

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The next time you’re struggling with something , you can remember that you’re not alone. It helps me a lot to know that I’m not alone with anything in life. The worst part about struggling and being frustrated is feeling like you’re alone and no one understands. There’s no one that can help you. You’re stuck in a place with this problem no one can solve and no idea what to do.

I’ve spent a lot of my life in a place like that. The entry way to having it be better starts with knowing that you’re not alone. Once I realized I’m not alone with my problems I prayed for help. Then I realized there were places I could go where I could talk to people with problems exactly like mine. I could talk to them about their problems and they could talk to me and we could all help each other.

They say a problem shared is a problem halved. When you share your problem with someone and they share theirs with you, then both problems seem easier. For me it helps to hear what other people are dealing with. I can see I’m not in this place all alone where I’m frustrated and struggling. Everyone all the time has things that they’re struggling with.

If you told me everything you’re dealing with, there’s 1000+ other people who are dealing with similar things. If you all sat together and explained your problems, I couldn’t distinguish between any of you. It’s amazing when you look at the world from your point of view. From my point of view, I see a lot of people dealing with the same kinds of problems.

When it’s my problem and my point of view, then it seems like this is a unique problem given to me and only I am dealing with this. I feel like only I’ve got this problem and I’m all alone with this problem. When I hear other people share what they’re struggling with, it kind of all sounds the same. That helps me to recognize the same thing in myself. This has been a week that’s more challenging than all the weeks I’ve had this year. There’s been a lot of crying, prayer, more anger than usual, directed at myself. There’s been less forgiveness than usual.

Still, it’s been much better than it has been most of my life because I know I’m not alone in dealing with my problems. I don’t struggle alone. In fact, I taking care of myself as much as possible because I am being reflected in everyone around me. If I’m struggling and having a problem, that becomes everyone else’s problem around me.

When I’m having a hard time and beating up on myself, it makes it easier for people going through the same thing. That way, the work I do in here on the inside is influential to the entire world. It is for everyone. The work that we do to be in the best place we can be influences all of us.

It seems like sometimes the collective human conscious puts down certain things on us to deal with. It seems like that when there seems to be weeks where more people than usual are struggling.  That’s when it helps to see that you’re not alone. It helps for me to see other people’s problems. A couple of weeks ago there were a lot of other people struggling and I felt pretty good. I realized that sometimes everyone just gets dealt a tough hand that day or that week and it’s okay. It’s nothing personal. When it’s not personal, there’s not this story with it that’s so hard to get passed. It’s something impersonal that can get dropped like a hand in poker. You get dealt a hand and if you don’t like that hand, you fold it and take another one.

I try to ask, when I see that I’m miserable and struggling, I pray for another hand, like another hand in poker. I pray for a new attitude. I see that I’ve been dealt a bad attitude at that moment and I pray for a new one. I pray to do  the things right that I know are important. I pray to take care of myself and be a good husband, father, family member, friend, and teacher.

that helps me focus on what I’m doing around me instead of what I was doing before or what I will be doing in the future.

I hope what I’ve shared with you is that if you’re struggling with something you’re not alone. As many people have said about all the ideas I make, I have a hard time, too. My hard times hurt a lot when they come.

The only miracle in it is that I can get through things and minimize the damage that is done both inside and around me. Most of my life, I threw a temper tantrum and everyone around me had to or I would pay attention. I would just get  worse until they did.

Today, it’s an honor to suffer myself and get through it without having everyone be dragged in with me. I don’t have to drag them all the way down with me.

Today I pray to remember I’m not alone when I need to know that in a moment of struggle, frustration, or challenge. I pray to remember how grateful I am to know I’m not alone so many times and it’s helped me to get through things faster. It’s helped me face the things I’m struggling with and to share them with other people. I’m thankful for so much relief for so many of the things in my life. I pray that you have the same chance today. You can see you’re not alone with what you’re struggling with. You can ask for help knowing you’re not alone. You can know how to get through what you’re dealing with today, tomorrow or whenever it comes to you.  Thank you for reading this. I hope you have a great day.