Sharing Social Proof of Sales on Thinkific with Zapier and Airtable

How to Share Social Proof of Sales on Thinkific with Zapier and Airtable

When you’ve got your own online course platform at using thinkific or you could probably set this up with a different platform.

How do we share social proof of the sales?

How do we prove to other people and stay accountable for what we’re selling and how much it costs?

Why would we want to do this?

What I see is that transparency is one of the qualities people consistently mention why they love my YouTube channel, why they go in there and hit that subscribe button, which I hope you’ll join us.

I see that transparency today in a world of edited videos and the opposite of transparency of hiding things like money and sales numbers, that transparency is a huge opportunity for trust and social proof.

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Thus, I am have this report out that I think you’ll find amazing and I’ll show you how I set it up.

On Uthena, which is a startup platform where we are empowering anyone to learn, work and connect all in the same place.

We’re currently seeking investor funding to build out to take it off and thinkific course hosting and to build it into a true platform on its own. What we’ve got on Uthena and now is an amazing sales report that helps give anyone who’s browsing Uthena proof that people really are buying the courses exactly how much they’re paying, what courses are being bought.

So if you look on Uthena we’ve got 325 courses right now you can get all these for $9.81 a month, or lifetime access to every course we add for $333. Currently, what you can do on the top here is you can click on this sales report and I’m going to show you how to make this right now.

What we’ve got on our website is a sales report showing every single thing that’s sold on Uthena how much the instructor earns how much the affiliate earns if there is one and then how much for the Uthena platform fee, there’s an exact time that it was sold at and the payment method which is stripe or PayPal by default, but we also offer cash and cryptocurrency payment methods.

I love this because it helps me calculate the instructor earnings. This makes it easier for me, as the founder of Uthena to calculate how much does everyone get paid. It also shows exactly what’s happening on the platform.

For example, I’m grateful since June 2019. We’ve got 4700 net sales, that means after deleting refunds, you can see the total sales numbers. Anyone can just look right at this and see exactly how much everyone on Uthena is earning from the total sales in the instructor earnings, the affiliate earnings and the 20% for Uthena I love this transparency.

And I imagine how awesome this would be to see this on something like Udemy Imagine seeing how many sales came in and what courses were being bought.

The downside of setting this up is imagine people going on Uthena and going to the sales report and seeing that someone paid less than them for a course. What this sales report encourages is honesty and fairness in pricing.

And within a few days of setting this report up, we eliminated free coupons, we changed all the course pricing to the same because when you look at a transparency report, you can see when we first set this up, we had coupons for $9 for courses and then yes, and then I just felt bad about well, someone paid $27 and didn’t use a coupon with it. And then how I know I just don’t think very much of a company when I buy something at full price. And then they’re like emailing me, “Hey, get half off.” I’m like thanks, just dropped $500 on that I could have saved $250 with that coupon.

But now I’m not going to be bothered to email about it. I like the transparent pricing, especially in a world filled with discounts, where we don’t really know how much things are being paid for. And this to me promotes a lot of trust in a platform, someone who’s willing to put out exactly what’s being sold, how much is being sold for then you don’t need to fake social proof either. And she could have your friends go buy the course just to get some initial sales, but then that you’re not tempted into doing things like paying for fake reviews to try and or just putting in fake reviews yourself.

Especially if you’ve got your own platform, the hardest thing to do often is get some social proof that people are really buying these things. And this little spreadsheets is how to do it all I do is I put you just take this Airtable form and share this out here and also show you how to actually set it up.

So you can see you can see how awesome this is. And this is a way to get social proof on your course platform it without having to do reviews or anything else.

So how do we actually set this up…

I’ll take a look at what this is. So this is air table. This is an Airtable spreadsheet.

This an air table spreadsheet inside of my airtable account. And if you’d like to join Airtable I trust you use the link in the description to help me earn $10 off my bill.

Airtable has the ability to do all these collaborative online spreadsheets is kind of like Microsoft Excel completely online. And what I do is we just have this air table spreadsheet which has all the sales get entered into it as they happen in real time. So thinkific has an integration with Zapier.

So what I do, Zapier is a really valuable skill I highly recommend get to know Zapier. I wish that an affiliate program and the learn to use the zaps on Zapier and you can automate amazing things like this. So what I do in order to do this is I use my thinkific account which is currently where we’re hosting Uthena when we get some venture capital I intend to hire a development team to build you seen it into the true platform it’s meant to be but for now I’ve made something that’s functional.

Where you can see people are actually buying it just off of my organic traffic to it not even with any paid ads or anything. Which is incredible and it’s nice the sales report is great social proof for things like investors also when you to create this what you do first, if you don’t have a perfect account, I trust you use my link in the description because supposedly I’ve actually I paid anything yet but supposedly I earned 20% on anything you pay with thinkific and I am very happy using thinkific to host 300 plus courses right now. So I imagine you’ll be happy with it as well.

To start the zap you go into Zapier and you make a New Zap and then what you do, you’ll need to connect your Zapier account to your thinkific account first and that that is done in here.

So you just hit thinkific you connect your thinkific account right here, doing what it says then it you edit the options on the options you put each individual order and the downside of doing the spreadsheet.

The way we’re doing it is as we’re continuing to add more courses if you want to get your courses on Uthena just go ahead to the teach option. Apply here read all the terms and conditions.

First, you currently have to have a Udemy course of proved in order to teach on Uthena, or you can join the partner program and we’ll put you right on there.

The downside of doing this is we need to add every single course that we put on new theme manually into this step of the options.

So in this step of the options, what you do, you need to put every single course or bundle in this specific option for it to work on the outside. If you want to exclude something from the sales report, you could do that. Then the next step is you go into Airtable, and you create a record over here.

And then you put in the template for it based on however you want it to work.

So you take the thinkific data, when there’s a new order, you take the new order data from thinkific, and you plug it into the template. So what I’ve done on here is I’ve stripped it of personal information.

So what it has you picked a base, which is kind of the collection of spreadsheets, you want to put it in, then the individual table is the exact spreadsheet to put it in, then you just put the fields you want to fill in.

So I put the course name in the product, I put the price from the order in the price, and I put the affiliate code if it is in there, and then all the rest of these, I push stripe PayPal because it only automatically pulls orders from stripe PayPal.

In order to do that, then this is how everything actually shows up in the spreadsheet here. Then on my WordPress website at Jerry banfield. I just embed this as an iframe and have it on the sales page, it currently wasn’t working that good to put it straight on the way the display was screwed up. So I just put it on my website to make it look good and to get the traffic from Uthena to my website where I can then link more of it.

And I’ve also got a product list down here. So anyone can see if something sold the instructor of that course and the exact course link that way.

If you saw something that sold and you wanted to buy it, you could actually go look at it and find it right here like today. I’m very grateful. We just had a purchase on two of my courses, the master Facebook Live gaming, and the complete YouTube course thank you for those purchases. I’m very grateful for that.

And I’ve set it up so I’m I get a text message. I’ve done another Zapier widget that anytime there’s something added to this Airtable spreadsheet, I’ve got another Zapier widget that sends me a text message as soon as it picks up a new record and I get a text message, which is awesome, because all my products and services now go straight through Uthena. And then I get a text message whenever there’s a sale.

So I get really excited. Whenever I see a sale, I also configured the text message to tell me rather an affiliate sold it or not. So I can see that it was sold organically or with an affiliate.

This is a good example of why you want to be able to know how to use Zapier and be able to use Airtable because there’s some creative things you can do in here. I also can have Michel who handles customer support. He goes in whenever somebody wants a refund and just deletes the price. And then you can see over on the payment method.

You can see on the payment method, it says refunded. In the cases we’ve refunded, so you can see exactly what was refunded.

And this to me provides a level of transparency I would like to see from every company. And this shows that when someone’s buying you when you see that all the courses are bought, or you can see exactly what people are buying, it might help guide your buying decision and it provides awesome social proof.

So I appreciate you learning how to set this all up with me today. I hope this is helpful for you’re trying to share some social proof of your sales with something like Zapier or Airtable.

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