How To Help Others By Sharing Your Experiences

Who are you in a unique position to help today? This is how I live my life today. I try to see who I am in  a unique position to help based on my life experiences and the things I’ve been through. Who is more likely to listen to me because I understand their pain and suffering? When I think about who I’m uniquely crafted to help it gives me the motivation to help more people. Everything I’ve dealt with in my life has put me in a unique position to help you and that makes all the bad things worth it.

When you think about who you’re in a unique position to help, you’ll realize the assets you’ve been given by your experiences. All the things you thought were  terrible experiences that you didn’t deserve become assets. You then realize you’ve been through this terrible thing and now you know how to help someone else. If you hadn’t been through that experience, you wouldn’t be able to help someone else.

When I was struggling with alcoholism, I stumbled in to a place where I was surrounded by other people that had the same problem. I wandered into my 12-step support group because I needed help. It was the one thing that got me to go above my fear. Now, I still go each day even though I don’t have the original problem that I went in with any more. I go because my experience with alcoholism makes it easy to help people that are struggling with it.

My problem was alcoholism, but everyone has experiences that put them in a unique position to help others. For example, my mom has been in the position of losing a spouse. That puts mom in a unique position to help any other woman that has lost a husband. Mom could also help a man that’s lost a wife.

Because of my experience with my alcoholism, I’m in a unique position to help people who are not able to stop drinking. I initially went to this support group thinking it was a burden. I thought I was a loser. I thought that if I was a better person I could control this myself.

When I went there, I realized we all have things in our lives that we struggle with. We all have problems we were given that were difficult for us. What might look like an easy problem to you might not be easy for someone else. You might say it was easy for me to not drink.

Sometimes if you don’t have a hard time with something, you’re not in a good position to help with it. If you struggled with something  and you learned from it, you’re in a position to help someone else. I struggled a lot with trying to advertise my business online.   I wasted 10’s of thousands of dollars on stupid things trying to grow my business. I’m in a unique position to help them based on my experience with the exact problem they’ve had. That’s why today there’s over 100,000 people that are taking my courses online.

If you discover what you’re in a unique position to help someone else with, you can do some amazing work in your life. What are some of the worst things you’ve had to deal with that pushed you to the breaking point? Often we feel those things are shameful and we don’t want to talk about it with anyone. The tendency comes to not talk about those things and act like they didn’t exist. Those are some of the biggest gifts we have because they are the things we can do the greatest good with.

I’m amazed at how many people I see that are helping people. For example, Oprah had bad experiences in her childhood, but the work she’s done as an adult is admirable. People love Oprah for being open about all the things she’s struggled with in her life. Helping other starts with being open about your most painful experiences.

It’s funny to me that today my alcoholism is one of the most valuable things I have in my life. I’m uniquely suited to help other people with it every day. That gives me a clear purpose in my life. That gives me a clear objective. It gives me peace knowing that even when I’m 100 years old, I can still be helpful and useful to other people.

Getting old is not for sissies. Many people you see who are older have earned the right to have had social security and other benefits you get from being older. Some of the old people on this planet have the most unbelievable amount of love, generosity and help inside them. I’ve been spending a lot of time with people that are old enough to be my granddad or  great granddad. I’ve been learning so much from them.

I’m here to pass on what I’ve learned to you so that you can use it. You may not have had problems that have pushed you to the breaking point. You may have put them away in a closet and figured it was something shameful you wanted to take to the grave. In reality, the skeletons in your closet can be some of your most valuable assets.

It’s alchemy that you hear about in books novels, or mythology. It’s turning base metal into gold. It’s turning suffering and pain into love and joy. I am honored to be a part of that process with you today. You repay your debt of gratitude for having  been released from the problems and suffering you’ve had is to free others.

It’s like the movie The Matrix. The people that are freed from the matrix free other people from the matrix. If you’re in the matrix today, I’m offering you a way out through seeing that the suffering you’ve been through is for a reason. It’s your biggest asset today.

I pray to remember today that the things that are challenging for me, my pain and suffering until now, is my biggest asset. I pray to remember that the best areas I can help in are those that I can honestly talk about and share with other people. I pray that when I am suffering, I gain the peace from remembering that I’m also being given a beautiful asset. I’m being molded like a piece of metal into exactly what I need to be of service to you today.

I pray that you have the same chance to experience my truth in your life today. I pray that all the pain and suffering you’ve been through is for a clear purpose that you can realize in your life. Thank you for reading this. I’m honored you’ve spent this time today and I hope this is helpful.