Shift From a Focus on Views and Likes to Quality and Interaction

Shift From a Focus on Views and Likes to Quality and Interaction

For YouTubers, Twitch streamers, and Facebook pages, especially those of gaming video creators like me, I am seeing the opportunity to focus more on what I am giving than what I am receiving because what I pay attention to, seems to grow.

Shift From a Focus on Views and Likes to Quality and Interaction

I have noticed the most unhappy parts of my life included a huge focus on “what do I want?” and “what I am getting?” while the happiest times in my life are “how may I help?” and “who am I helping?”

While today the majority of my life is centered on service and giving, I just noticed that I have an opportunity to withdraw a bit of attention from the amount of views and engagement I am getting on each live gaming video which frees my attention to better look at who I am helping.

I am doing this by removing the part of my interface that shows how my reactions and views the video is getting because this is too much of a distraction for me. During the live stream, I am often checking the views and modify my excitement based on the view count.

This kind of thinking leaves me feeling excited after a stream with a lot of views and disappointed when the views are less. When I focus on what I am contributing, I see that the views and reactions are none of my business on each post.

You give back what you want to, based on what I have given in terms of responding to what you have to say and the presence/vibe I bring to the stream. If you think this might be a minor detail, try applying it to something most important like a relationship.

When I used to focus on how often I was getting what I wanted in my relationships, I rarely considered what I was giving and how much I had to offer. This focus left me very disappointed when single as I was getting nothing and not much of a partner when I was in a relationship because I rarely considered what I was giving.

Instead, focusing on what we have to offer allows us to be happy whether single or in a relationship because what we have to offer and give does not change. Ironically, a focus on what we have to give encourages us to set health boundaries with people as we respect our limitations and motivates us to take great care of ourselves to maximize our giving.

Thus, I practice today a look inward to see what I have to give and a look outward to see who needs it and is interested in receiving from me instead of an inward look at what I lack and an outward look at who can fill the void.

Thank you for reading this today which I hope is useful for you and helps me to completely focus on what I am giving and what you are saying instead of what I am getting and what you can do for me!

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Shift From a Focus on Views and Likes to Quality and Interaction

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