Video Shoutout

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Imagine having me make a personalized video just for you!  When you want me to answer questions, consider a joint venture, or make a quick video you can use as your own, add this video shoutout service to your cart today and tell me what kind of video you want (up to 2 minutes) in the “Order notes (optional)” field at checkout!  Make sure to include there any links you want me to view or any proposals you want me to consider!


Video Shoutout Details!

  1. Use the “Order notes (optional)” field in checkout to tell me exactly what you want for your video!  Make sure to include links to any videos you want me to watch, websites to visit, business proposals to consider, or anything else you want me to know because the order notes field is all the information I will have to make your video!  Note the maximum length I agree to watch or listen to is up to 10 minutes with the maximum length of video I agree to produce is 2 minutes without any edits, revisions, or more than 8 minutes preparation!
  2. Your video shoutout can be created in either mobile first vertical video for stories on my iPhone or professionally done on my recording studio setup in 1920 by 1080 HD at 60 FPS!  Please let me know the format you want the video in which includes 1920 by 1080 (horizontal) or 1080 by 1920 (vertical for mobile) with either talking head or no talking head.
  3. You can expect delivery via email for your video shoutout using a dropbox download file link within a week of ordering with most videos delivered within 72 hours assuming you give me all the details I need to film right away!
  4. We will share copyright of any videos made upload delivery meaning you and I both own the rights to do anything we wish with the video!
  5. Your video will be filmed once without any edits and delivered.  If you want another video filmed, please order again!
  6. If you want me to share the video on my social media accounts, make a blog post out of it, learn a new software, create a complete tutorial, watch/listen to anything longer than 10 minutes, promote a product, or do anything else not specifically included above, please order the dedicated sponsored video service at
  7. BONUS: Get free access included with this service to my autobiography course Speaker Meeting 2017 at

Video Shoutout Ideas and Examples!

  1. You think I would make a great follower and want to introduce me to your song, website, YouTube channel, brand, product, or app!
  2. You have a question you want a private answer to!
  3. You are making a minor or major decision in your business and you want feedback!
  4. You want to propose a joint venture or collaboration!
  5. You looked at the sponsored video package and want to get started!
  6. You have a new or ongoing struggle you would like me to provide my experience or feedback on!
  7. You saw my partner program and want to get an idea of how it would benefit you!
  8. Your new product is ready for launch and you want me to make a quick video introducing it for your channel!


  1. No sharing by me!  Given this is a video for you, it will not be shared on any of my social media accounts or my website unless I want to use it as an example of what I can do with this service. If you want me to share a video for you, please use my sponsored video service at
  2. Up to 10 minutes total! You can request any video that will take me 10 minutes of real time from seeing your order to finishing recording the video (which I do in real time) meaning no edits or learning anything new.
  3. Family Friendly! I assume any video I create could be seen by my family/friends and I trust you will help me create within those boundaries.