Sponsor a Dedicated Video with Jerry Banfield

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Promote your business, website, app, or startup with a DEDICATED sponsored video by Jerry Banfield which will be shared with millions of followers on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and WordPress!  Every sponsored video also includes lifetime access to all of my online courses!


Why Invest in a Dedicated Sponsored Video with Me?

  • BIG POTENTIAL! With a following over 2 million on Facebook, 288,000+ subscribers on YouTube, and hundreds of thousands more followers on other platforms, the best performing videos can reach millions of people for free!
  • SEO! Your sponsored video with Jerry Banfield will be converted into a blog post to maximize reach giving you backlinks from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and!
  • 10K+ VIEWS! We guarantee a minimum of 10,000 views within a month of publication for every sponsored video calculated by combining the views on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and!
  • SEE FOR YOURSELF! Take a look at the 3 recent sponsored videos below to get an idea of what we can do!

Cloudways Case Study!

Cloudways ordered a dedicated sponsored video with me on September 16, 2019. Over the next three weeks we figured out the best video format to make for long term success including mailing me a shirt which I wore for the video below and published on October 9, 2019!


Hostinger Case Study!

On September 25, 2019 Hostinger ordered a dedicated sponsored video which was published on October 12, 2019!


Where Are Sponsored Videos Shared?


How Long Do Videos Take To Produce?

  • You can expect the video to be finished and released on YouTube within 30 days of placing your order here!

Content Creation Terms?

  • We collaborate in deciding on the best video to make to help viewers and promote your brand! Once you have given me everything I need to make the video and we have agreed on a title and format, I will record, do any edits I think are necessary, and give you the link to the video in Dropbox prior to publishing. Once you confirm you are happy with the video and ready to release it, I will add it to my publication schedule!

Content Ownership Terms?

  • I retain the copyright to any sponsored videos I produce while you as a sponsor get a lifetime license to use the video as you wish!


  • I will film videos in my home office studio related to our sponsored video. Anything outside of my studio requires an additional fee.
  • Anything I do in a sponsored video must be something I would share with every member of my family from my children to my wife, parents, and siblings.
  • I eat a whole plant based diet and am sober meaning no meat, animal products, alcohol, drugs (prescription or otherwise), or supplements that are not whole food vegan.
  • All videos I make must match the same criteria necessary for approval on Google and Facebook ads.
  • No edits or revisions or modifications are included with sponsored videos.  If you want me to edit, refilm, or revise the initial video, the fee is half of the original price.

Sponsor Multiple Videos?

  • You can enjoy a BOGO (Buy One Get One) on each purchase after the first.  For example, after the first video when we are both happy, you can buy another sponsored video and get one free!