The First Jerry Banfield Show – Conclusion

Would you like to read the conclusion of the Jerry Banfield Show because this will show you why you should trust your intuition?

The First Jerry Banfield Show – Conclusion

John Hunter’s show, we’ll be here next Saturday, same time in place, same day of the week. John Hunter will be a parent. He’s going to tell you about being blessed and unstoppable in your mind. John applying that to me over the last several weeks is what got me ready for this show.

The First Jerry Banfield Show - conclusion

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It’s what helped me see that I needed to ask for help to have people coming to the show. I needed to ask everyone I know for advice. How would you do this? What do you think I should do? What should the show be about? What do you recommend?

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I needed to get confident that I’m offering something that’s truly transformational, that when you leave here, you feel better. You feel better, you think better, even just a little bit. Even just a little bit is a lot of improvement when done repeatedly.

John Hunter who’s helped me so much. I was thinking about that question. Who’s the one person I need to meet in St. Petersburg that’ll make everything else easier or unnecessary at my show?

And this is John Hunter.

John knows so many people around here. John’s the one who’s plugged me into this venue. John’s the one who plugged me into ToastMasters.

Who comes to ToastMasters with me?

The First Jerry Banfield Show

So you guys can see how many people are here from ToastMasters. I mean, the biggest single portion of people in this room is from ToastMasters from John.

Now, if I hadn’t met John, this wouldn’t have been happening right now.

John, next Saturday, if you want to uplift, John’s got some amazing stories too. I won’t spoil it for you. I’ll just give you a little tip.

Can I give them a little tip, John?

You know I’m going to talk about you being a Playgirl model. John was a Playgirl model. I would be so proud of that like women and men want to see how beautiful I am. That’s awesome.

John was also a dancer who went through some amazing transformational experiences. He is blessed and unstoppable, but he knows it and he’s very good on communicating that mindset. John has helped me with that.

Now, instead of paying John hundreds of dollars like I did for coaching, for $20, John will be here on Saturday and you can get that effect for yourself.

Who’s interested in something like that next Saturday?

You want to be uplifted. All right.

So we’ve got a lot of positive vibes going out in this show. The last one I’ll mention is Natalia, on June 17th, we are doing a new venue. I mean, I’ve just been doing this for the first time today. We’ve got another venue where Natalia is a massage therapist that is the Awakening Wellness Center downtown.

Natalia is going to talk about cannabis as our ally, how you can heal yourself and your body with plants. Now she’s so passionate about that and I’ve had fantastic massages with her. That’s where she does her massages and has her studio.

Let me tell you a quick story of how I met Natalia and how we got here today to wrap this up.

I used to go to Handcrafted Healing for massages.

A massage for me has been one of the things I’ve found that is a miracle for my mind and body. It’s one thing that I do that makes all the rest of my physical and mental life easier. It was a suggestion by a lady in AA, six years ago.

She said, “You need to get a massage or something or relax.”

The First Jerry Banfield Show

At the time I thought that’s stupid. But then when I was at home wanting to drink and crazy stressed out, I’m like, “You know what? She’s been sober 25 years. Maybe she knows a thing or two, I don’t. I’ll go get a massage.”

I got a massage and all of a sudden I felt way better. I’m like, “Wow, I’m going to do that again,” and I’ve been getting massages now every week on average for the last six years.

I saw her in passing at Handcrafted Healing when I was working with another therapist, she’d say hi, or that was it. And then she didn’t work there anymore and randomly, she came up on my Facebook, so I hadn’t seen her in person for years.

We weren’t friends on Facebook. Facebook just suggests that I should be friends with her, out of the blue, which I don’t normally just friend people. I stopped doing that in college after I found my first girlfriend that way, just randomly friending people.

I don’t know, I saw her on there and I just had this feeling to add her as a friend and my logical mindset was like, “Why? You don’t know her. You have no relationship with her at all. What’s gonna happen? She’s going to say, no?”

So I added her as a friend, which was unusual behavior for me because I get a lot of people who ask to add me as friends.

It’s difficult saying no and I added her as a friend, and then didn’t do anything about it. I didn’t send her a message. I watched one of her stories, for two months I didn’t do anything.

When my massage therapist that I usually have worked with for the last six months or so, she said, “I’m taking a trip.”

I’m like, “Oh, I need a massage while you’re gone for three weeks. I need like three massages while you’re gone.”

I had a dream one day where I was sending her a message, asking her for a massage, and I immediately acted on it. We’ve done some great massages together. She does massage with her feet, which I’ve had a lot of massages that nobody’s ever done that before.

Then it worked out she wants to be on the show and she’s got a venue like, “Man, that’s so cool. How I never could have planned for that in advance.”

If you’d have told me that’s how it was going to happen, I’d probably have said, “That’s ridiculous.”

What a random string of events!

But that’s where I’m finding miracles happen. That’s where I’m finding, just trusting my intuition. It has some amazing results.

I’m grateful, I see that you trusted your intuition to come there because your rational mind probably said some reasons you shouldn’t come here today, and you trusted that intuition.

The First Jerry Banfield Show - conclusion

So thank you for trusting that intuition.

Thank you for making this an amazing show.

My intuition now is telling me it’s time to be quiet.

So I’ll see you if you’re coming tomorrow.

The Jerry Banfield Show!

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.