Showing Up is Half the Battle — Motivation for Overcoming Resistance

Showing up is half the battle. This is the motivation for overcoming resistance today. I hope this helps you and I dealt very directly with overcoming the resistance today.

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I understand for my business, it’s really helpful for me to do live streams every day and there was a lot of resistance that came up into my head saying “No. Don’t bother showing up. You don’t need to do a live stream today.”

Showing Up is Half the Battle — Motivation for Overcoming Resistance

I try and do Livestreams every day or two and I won’t be able to do any for the next couple of days and what got me motivated for this is remembering that 90% of success in life comes by showing up and showing up is half the battle.

Once you’ve shown up, there’s an opportunity to do everything else from there. Almost everything that fails tends to come from a lack of showing up. If you think about relationships, people stop showing up. If you think about jobs, people stop showing up. Health, people stop showing up for their own health and even making an effort.

When I see that just being somewhere is the biggest thing I can contribute then it encourages me to pick where I want to show up very carefully. Showing up is half the battle means that sometimes you’re just surviving things.

Showing Up is Half the Battle — Motivation for Overcoming Resistance

It might not be growing or thriving but sometimes just showing up is the only way to keep going. In a relationship, some days might be uncomfortable but as long as you keep being in the relationship, you’ll find that there’s a lot that’s possible.

I was experiencing a significant amount of resistance on just showing up today for the Livestream even though I love doing Livestreams and the chat interaction. My mind was saying “There’s no point doing that today. Do something else” which is what motivated me to talk about showing up is half the battle.

Once you show up, everything else is possible from there.

Showing Up is Half the Battle — Motivation for Overcoming Resistance

Lindsey: Did you use video gaming to create an audience for your education products?

Lindsey, I did video gaming because it was fun and I enjoyed it. I’ve been a gamer for a lot of my life. I have played video games except for the last 3 years constantly since I got a Gameboy at 6 years old.

I kept showing up to play video games for years because showing up is half the battle and I initially brought my gaming into my business as a hobby and then I took a few different times of making gaming the main thing I did in my business.

Showing Up is Half the Battle — Motivation for Overcoming Resistance

The purpose of bringing gaming into my business was to help carry inspirational messages. That was the primary purpose that I brought gaming in. Also, to make everything work together.

I figured if I was playing video games, I might as well live stream them anyway since I’m already playing video games.

Now, I’ve given up playing video games because with so much of success in life just about showing up, I see that I can either show up to play video games or I can show up to do something else and today I prefer to carry the motivational messages directly instead of doing them sideways.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Just showing up is magical as showing up is half the battle, especially in a relationship. It doesn’t mean you need to linger and constantly just be on top of your partner and text them constantly but just showing up in a way that’s meaningful makes a big difference.

Armin: I have 560 subscribers on my Youtube channel. How do I get to 1000?

I have a whole Playlist YouTube Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Channel in 2019 with Jerry Banfield.

If you want more subscribers, the key is to show up and make videos every day. I’m thinking about a girl on Twitch. She’s got thousands of people watching all the time. She does like 12 hour live streams almost every day. There’s no substitute for just showing up.

Showing Up is Half the Battle — Motivation for Overcoming Resistance

If you want your YouTube channel to grow, you need to put at least one video on it every day.

The amazing thing about my business is that I’ve never just shown up consistently for like a year on my YouTube channel. I’ve always gotten diverted and this is the first time I’m intending to show up for more than a year on my YouTube channel every day because showing up is half the battle.

Anything you want to grow, just showing up every day will make a huge difference to it. If you’ve got a partner, if you’ve got a job or anything you can show up for every day makes a big difference. Now, it doesn’t mean you need to be there all day every day.

Showing Up is Half the Battle — Motivation for Overcoming Resistance

For example, I go to Alcoholics Anonymous and just showing up to a meeting is really powerful even if I only get there for the last 10-minutes of it. Even if I miss people talking during the meeting. It’s okay to miss a day here and there of anything but the idea is to make a habit of consistently showing up as showing up is half the battle.

Lindsey: When are you going to do your first masterclass?

I’m uploading a Youtube to master class to YouTube for free. It will be up as soon as the ads get approved for it.

My youtube channel went through a consistent decline during a period of time when I consistently did not show up. I wouldn’t even look at my Youtube channel on a daily basis. I didn’t consistently put videos on it and declined.

Showing Up is Half the Battle — Motivation for Overcoming Resistance

Now, as I’m focusing on YouTube and showing up every day, I’m very happy with the growth by uploading all the videos I create with hundreds of views on every single video regardless of the topic. I think that’s amazing.

Michael: I showed up to work today. Now what? Film a hypnosis video?

Sure. Whatever you care the most about. I show up consistently almost every day for whatever I care most about, for example, exercise. Just showing up and taking my dog for a walk every single day makes a big difference for my health because showing up is half the battle.

Showing up in my office to do something makes a big difference. So, yes.

Showing Up is Half the Battle — Motivation for Overcoming Resistance

Sometimes we need a little guidance on where specifically to show up, but once you get to wherever you need to show up, often what’s challenging is you don’t know ahead of time what you need to show up for until you’re there.

For example, with writing, putting anything down and being willing to do something poorly. Just to put anything down that makes a big difference. You could argue a lot of my live streams aren’t that well done. They haven’t made a big difference.

If you want to do something amazing though that the recipe seems to be to just keep showing up and the magic will happen. I’m grateful if you look at the sales report on Uthena, we’ve had almost a thousand dollars in orders today.

Showing Up is Half the Battle — Motivation for Overcoming Resistance

I show up every day for my business and some days, there are nothing and other days lots of orders.

Motivation is pretty easy for me on a daily basis now. I’m not even sure exactly how it happened. I just wake up every day so motivated. It’s difficult to get out of habits. I look for anything that’s blocking my motivation.

For example, I was feeling kind of demotivated like it doesn’t matter if I do a live stream which humility tells me whether I show up or not today, you’ll be just fine rather or not I show up.

Most places where I don’t show up tend to dwindle. After taking a year and a half off of gaming, the gaming following dwindles a lot and when you don’t show up, it dwindles. If you’ve got a partner and you stop showing up for them, if you’ve got kids and you stop showing up for them, that makes a big difference.

What’s challenged me today has been thinking about showing up for my mother. I haven’t visited her in 4 years or so. She has visited me several times and I was thinking about when to visit her and the limitation is if I go visit my mother then I’m not able to show up for the rest of my family.

Now, yes, text messaging and phone calls can make a big difference. That said, being there in person is generally the highest form of showing up as showing up is half the battle.

I’m grateful I have the courage to just keep showing up because sometimes our minds will try really hard to get us to not show up. When I started going Alcoholics Anonymous, for example, my mind said, “You don’t need to go every day, just go a couple of times a week”.

Then I got to the point where I knew I needed to stop going or show up more often.

When I get to work a lot in my office, my mind says, “You don’t need to go in and check on your wife and see how she’s doing. You’ve got important work to do. So, just keep doing that.”

As a parent, just showing up at least a little bit every day for my kids is very rewarding even if it’s putting my daughter to bed and spending an hour with my son in the kitchen. Just showing up and being there every day, there’s no substitute for that as showing up is half the battle.

I remember I had a relationship in college where I stopped showing up. Sometimes the basic first thing that happens when showing up is thinking.

If you want to show up somewhere, you’ve got to think about it. I don’t even know what giving up looks like in some ways and at the same time, it’s important to pick what you keep showing up for versus what you’re flexible on and that can be a challenge.

For example, I am willing to give up individual things I do in my business. However, I’m not willing to give up my business itself. I’m willing to stop doing a big part of my business like gaming but I can’t imagine what I’d do without my business and without showing up like this.

When I used to drink a lot of alcohol, I showed up every day one way or another for alcohol. I’d think about it. I’d planned the next time I could drink and the more I showed up for alcohol, the less I was showing up for my marriage and business.

Tinku: What do you do except creating online content?

Here’s what I’ve done today. I woke up this morning. I walked my dog for about an hour. I usually listen to audiobooks and then spend about an hour with my son in the kitchen. He’s about 15 months old.

Showing Up is Half the Battle — Motivation for Overcoming Resistance

We made food and spent some time together in the kitchen. I took an hour to create content and then another hour to eat and hang out with my son in the kitchen. During both of these hours, my wife was able to do her work online. I’ll go pick my daughter up from school. Then I’ll go do personal training for about an hour.

I’ll go to my Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. When I come home, I’ll put the kids to bed. I’ll watch or listen to something inspirational like a master class on how to make music or I’ll jump on my trampoline maybe or I might not.

I’ll take a shower, watch a little bit of “Lost” with my wife and that’s my day and almost every day 7 days a week except when my daughter’s not at school then we do some other things sometimes but almost every day of my life follows that basic routine.

One of the reasons I lost my passion for gaming is because I see there are so many gamers already out there doing a great job gaming, inspiring, and motivating. It attracted me to go somewhere else where there’s more space.

I’m consistently attracted to wherever there’s space. If something’s really crowded, I tend to feel the urge to move somewhere else.

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