How To Simplify Your Lifestyle and Have More Than Before

Have you worked hard in your life to get more; to make more money get a bigger house, get more things, have a bigger family or have a bigger following online? How much have you worked in your life to have more? The surprising thing that I found especially when it comes to having things is that the secret to having more is to simplify your lifestyle. Having just what I need is perfect and having more than what I need is just as much of a burden as thinking about having less than what I need.

For example, I have a house full of things and I feel the weight, I feel the burden of having things I don’t use very acutely in the house. For example, I have a mini fridge that is barely new sitting here. I am going to put it out on the street corner today and put a note on it that anyone can have it for free and give it away because having more things that I need, having things that I don’t use is a burden. Yet my mind resists the idea of giving up anything I own. My mind resists the idea of letting go of anything, even things I don’t use because there’s some sense of me in those things. There’s some sense of I in those things.

The key in life is to have just what you need and not anything else because having more is having less. I’m grateful to see this today and to be able to see this and share this with you today because for most of my life I’ve been on a constant quest for more and I thought more would make me happy. I wanted more money, more girls that like me, more respect at my job, more rooms in my house and every time I got the things that I wanted, I may have been happy for a little while, but then I was utterly miserable as I briefly had a void of wanting something. I didn’t know what else I needed to want and now I try and get rid of things I don’t use.

I try and get rid of things that I own that I don’t need. I try and live a simpler life today I’m grateful I’ve borrowed a lot of money and now I’m grateful I’m finally making some good money back on that and I’m grateful that I don’t feel the need to go out and get new things. In fact, the main thing that I feel is to use less things and have less things because once I have what I need everything else starts to feel like a burden.

I gave away my Xbox last year because having an Xbox sitting around that I didn’t use in front of me while there were so many people that would love to have something like that who would use it all the time, that felt like a burden to me. Having a mini-fridge turned off next to me feels like a burden and every time I see it there, then it’s something on my mind. I start thinking of ways I could put it to good use. I start thinking of to put it to use are more of a pain then just getting rid of it and not having it. You might think shouldn’t you put this on Craigslist and try and get some money for it.

Then the idea of it being mine sinks in even more and then I have to deal with someone else, I have to deal with some amount of money for it, I have to deal with someone else’s scheduling. For whatever amount of money I would get for that mini-fridge, I’d rather give it away and not have to deal with the struggle of trying to have to schedule and get I contact with someone else, put it on Craigslist, take pictures of it and try and sell it and then just let someone have it. Someone who’s driving through my neighborhood today will probably go in like an hour or less off the corner outside. Give someone a gift. They’re driving by and they see this nice mini fridge and they’ve been looking for one or they are willing to go sell it and make some money for them it’s like gift from heaven.

That, to me, is worth giving and I’d rather feel generous and feel like a lighthearted, light state of being then trying to go through the process of turning it into money or trying to keep it and use it somehow. In keeping it and using it somehow, I prove I was right by buying it in the first place. It was very useful, I’ve used it a lot in the past few years, but I don’t use it anymore. Having more in your life is having less. Having more things than you need becomes a great burden and the more things you have in your life than you need is like those horcruxes that Voldemort has in Harry Potter, he puts a little piece of his soul into all of these objects. That’s what all of us do in our lives. We put little pieces of our soul into these little things we own.

Even online, we put little pieces of our soul into things like a YouTube channel or Udemy courses or a rank on a leader board or some amount of friends we have on Facebook. We put little pieces of our soul on there, but what happens when our soul is split into more horcruxes. It’s hard to live, it’s hard to embrace life. It’s hard to feel where our soul is when it’s so scattered it’s easy to feel vulnerable then because while Voldemort with all his horcruxes was not able to just be killed outright, he had to worry about all of them all the time because  a little piece of him could die and he wouldn’t even know about it. When we have all these things in our lives, like a house, car, money, all these possessions, all these things online, we have to worry about them all the time and they can die without us even knowing about it and then a little piece of us has died and then we have to grieve that loss. Today I try and be light. I try not to carry around the heavy burden that carrying around the heavy burden that owning all these things around comes with.

I try to remember that whenever I’m thinking about acquiring a new thing, when I’m thinking about acquiring a new thing, my thought process is to let go of something else so the net result is zero. If I have what I need, then I don’t need to acquire all these new things. If I have what I need, and I’m going to buy something, then I should be willing to give something away to replace that spot in my lie. If I get something new, I have to let something old go.

I hope this is useful for you in contemplating the things in your life and how owning them actually works with you and in the quest for more and thinking about whether or not you really want to work really hard in your life to get more when more might not make you any happier, it might not give you anything you don’t have in this moment.

Today I pray to be completely happy and satisfied with what I have in my life right now. I pray to not need anything outside of what I have right now. I pray that when it’s time to give up the things I have today that I still have what I need in giving them up. Thank you for being here and spending this time with me today. I’m grateful to have the chance that you can watch this on YouTube, on Facebook, on Udemy, and even listen to this in a podcast. Thank you for spending this time with me and I hope you have a great day today.