Would you like to know how I simplify my life because you might want to consider doing the same?


Today I’m grateful to share my journey and simplify, simplifying my life. Over the last few years, I’ve built up a very complicated life online, especially mentally with all kinds of different lead pages and land systems and ads, all kinds of cameras, equipment and courses, and it’s really nice today to just simplify and literally do little live streams on my phone.


When I had this complex setup before, doing a little five minutes live stream on my phone didn’t seem like it was even worth doing.

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We’re having partner calls every week still. Good to see you on the live streams.

A simple life, it’s easier to be peaceful. What I’ve found is I’ve been overwhelmed a lot of times in the last few years and I’m overwhelmed because I have a complicated life. I’m not cutting the things I need to cut and now after selling over $5,000 of equipment, I’m feeling so good simplifying my life and being with people in person.

What’s up? Good to see you. Thanks for being the first on the stream.

The simplest way to create content online, if you want to make videos, it is just to do little 5, 10-minute live streams every day. It’s so easy, just do it on your phone.

Yes, I’ll send you the link, Dunamis.


A lot of us want to get so fancy with our businesses. We want to do these things that are amazing and we want to have this stuff set up like we see all these people online have these huge systems and lead magnets and opt-ins.

What if we don’t need all that?

What if we don’t need all that stuff?

What if literally our camera and a little live stream is enough? What if that’s enough?

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A lot of us want to do things perfectly.

I just heard about Alex Becker and a mentalist recently.

Hey, thanks for watching from India.

It’s so much easier to just have the smallest number of things possible. I’ve just cut hundreds more dollars of expenses by doing things like cutting down on my phone bill, cutting off services that I don’t really need those services. I cut my web hosting down to the minimum that’s effective. It’s saved me hundreds of dollars a month.

It’s easier to be peaceful and relaxed in a simple life.

I’ve had a lot of anxiety over the last few years and I’ve found that in simplifying my life, my amount of anxiety has dropped hugely.

Today I went and played tennis. I saw my kids a little bit this morning, and I met a friend, a fellow entrepreneur locally for Car T and I had lunch.

It’s been such a simple day and I’ve had no anxiety today. I’m not thinking about all this stuff online. I’m hoping,


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A lot of us are thinking that it’s better to have these complex, fancy lives and fancy houses and fancy cars, and I’m finding there’s a lot of joy in having a smaller number of things, and then really appreciating the things that are there.

I have a friend who has, he’s got a couple of different women that are in his life and while my mind often spins up like “that sounds nice,” the reality I’ve gotten talking to him is that it’s complicated. It’s more complicated than just having one woman and I’ve found that with my business, it’s more complicated to have four cameras instead of one.

It’s a lot easier to just say, “Hey, I’d like to do a five minute live stream every day on YouTube, Facebook, and that’s it. I’ve got messages I want to share, good, stick it into a five-minute live stream and if you can say it in a five-minute live stream, well that’s probably too wordy anyway.

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Thank you.

Thank you for all the love and support. I’m thinking about how I can help you every single day and what I’m learning is it’s important to help my neighbors with the majority of my energy. It’s important.

For the last several years I’ve been trying to help all of you online as the primary thing I’m doing and I’m seeing it’s time to simplify and help my neighbors, help the people next door to me, and then take five or ten minutes a day to show up and just do an honest live stream with what I’m learning.


Now when I see it’s over five minutes, it’s time.

Yes, life is in different phases and I’m grateful I’m in a simplification phase right now.

If you’d like more live streams that you can follow on both my personal profile and my page, I intend to do one live stream a day on YouTube for five minutes, one a day on Facebook, on my page and one on my profile.

Now that it’s over, five minutes, it is time to cut it off. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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I love you.

Have a fantastic day and I hope this is helpful for you.

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Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.