How to Promote a Single Release on Spotify with Auret Music!

How to promote a single release on Spotify? Auret Music just released a new single named “Masterpiece.” I love it and I’ve listened to it at least 10 times already. I’m just starting to get the lyrics down.

How to Promote a Single Release on Spotify with Auret Music!

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How To Promote a Single Release on Spotify with Auret Music!

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How To Promote a Single Release on Spotify with Auret Music!

Without further ado, let’s start the interview with Jewel and Auret.

Jerry: Welcome.

Auret: Hello everyone. Thank you so much, Jerry, for having us here. How’s it going with you?

Jerry: My pleasure. I’m so excited to do our 3rd interview together here and specifically talk about “Masterpiece.

Auret: Yes, we need to put like a karaoke track down, so we can get you to sing today.

Jerry: Well, that’s not a good idea unless you want to hear me sing.

Auret: I think it would be a good entertainment piece.

Jerry: Yes, I watched your video behind the scenes with “Masterpiece” and people often won’t watch the whole video. So, what’s a tip you can give somebody upfront?

You’ve gone through this whole process of promoting your single. What’s the tip you can give people upfront right away like “Hey, you definitely want to do this and especially if you didn’t do it before.”

Auret: Yeah, make sure you have enough time to plan out your promotions. Don’t do everything the last minute.

If you know you have a single that you want to release on a certain date, don’t wait until that date even that week or that month.

If you want to do it right, there’s so much that goes into thinking about “How to promote it properly?” The most valuable thing that you can think of is the hook or the story behind the song that you’re releasing.

It is because when it comes to promotion time, you don’t want to just post everywhere saying, “Check out my new single.” You really want to share with people the story behind it. What is it about? The emotion behind the song, etc.

So, getting that is like your pitch in a sense, the pitch for the song, but in a more like human way.

Have people connect to that story because that’s what’s going to be the push behind all of your marketing efforts and Jewel has helped a lot.

She’s also on the Auret Music channel helping a lot with video marketing. She’s a great video editor and everything. She helped put that video together that you saw, Jerry.

So, you know, we hope we set that thing up with just a more intimate conversation where I was sitting on the couch just telling the story about making a masterpiece, and yeah, she’s great with the video.

How To Promote a Single Release on Spotify with Auret Music!

Jewel: How we came up with that idea is because first of all, Auret was coming up with a song “Masterpiece” and we didn’t have a full-fledged music video, like a full professional pre-production setup.

Eventually, we will be getting a professional music video done here probably filmed in Vancouver, but we didn’t have that right now, and we thought, “Okay. What could be something that’s different to show people?

At the time when she was recording that song over a year ago, I had taken just random clips of her in the studio. I had also done a Facebook live at that time.

I was telling her, “Why did you write this song and why did it take you so long to write this off”? Because she had her previous song “Cleopatra” actually released in 2013, and it is 2019 right now.

You know, it took her a long time and I was like “Work off of the energy like actually show people why it took so long. Let’s share that story, do something different and show a behind-the-scenes.”

So, Auret wrote out a little mini script. The video isn’t very long. It’s less than 10 minutes long. I believe it’s like 8 minutes something long, and it shares the story of why it took her so long.

She actually went through like an emotional thing after the success of her other song “Cleopatra.”

Auret: Yeah, that whole video that we did was for the purpose of getting people to connect with the story behind the song.

So, this was before we even released the song. It went up on a page that people had to unlock. It’s called “The Social Unlock.” You can either ask for like a Spotify follow or Instagram follow or whatever you want them to do.

I also gave people the option to put in their email address because now a lot of people have Spotify. So, that was the hook to find out the real story behind “Masterpiece” and why it took 6 years to release the song.

So, it was a hook for people to opt-in with a Spotify follow or give the email address, and then they would get the video on the next page.

It all just again relates back to connecting people to the story, which I think is really the number one thing, you need to pay attention to before you release a song.

Jerry: To recap what you said: “Make sure you have enough time with your single in advance preferably at least a month where you can prepare to promote it.”

Auret: I would say 90 days, or more than a month at a bare minimum.

Jerry: At least 90 days to promote your single in advance and not just all of a sudden drop your single like “Oh, it’s out today” and you didn’t even warn anybody about it.

I did not do this on any of my albums. In fact, I have a new album coming out and I sent one email about it. It’s coming out on Black Friday, and that was like way more than I had done for all the others.

I literally just dropped an entire album in a day like “Hey, my album’s out”. That’s a really good tip and the second thing you said is to connect people with a story.

The story of how you actually made the song, why you made the song, what it’s about and connect people with the story beforehand.

People like me are really excited when its a song release. I’ve watched the video and I’ve been waiting for it. Then on release day, I’ve literally got it in my Google Calendar like 8:00 a.m.: “Auret Masterpiece

Auret: When it came to releasing day, I had people messaging me in the morning saying, “I’ve already listened to it, I already saved it, I already purchased it.

I hadn’t posted yet on that day saying it’s been released, and it’s because of all of those efforts beforehand, which was really cool.

Jewel: Yeah, it was cool because that day that it was released, we had a personal training session and we walked into the gym and saw another trainer, who isn’t our trainer, and he was already listening to it for like further warm-up and stuff.

They were already telling Auret how much they loved it and it was really cool that you hadn’t actually posted that it’s out yet, but people already got the notification and were waiting for it.

How To Promote a Single Release on Spotify!

Jerry: That’s awesome. It’s 2 days after you release the song now. How have you been feeling about the results you got and how much effort did you put into promoting this that I’m not seeing?

I saw you made a video landing page. You took a whole video course. how’s all that?

Jewel: First of all, Auret had never done Spotify before. It’s completely new.

Auret: I actually started at 2 followers and they’re right here i.e. Jerry & Jewel.

Jewel: Probably you were the first follow Jerry. I think we just checked just before this interview and Auret hit her first 1,000 streams.

Jerry: Nice. That is awesome.

Jewel: Everything starts at zero. So, to get your first 1,000 streams was amazing.

Auret: Yes, and to answer your question of how it feels now 2 days after, it feels like a huge weight off of my shoulders. We put a lot of work into marketing it. Honestly, it never feels like it’s enough.

For me, it never feels like I’ve done enough. I always wanted one up and do the best that I can to get the song out because I just want people to listen to it, purchasing and downloading the song.

I just want you to listen to it and feel good when you listen to it. So, it always feels like it’s never enough, but at the same time, I know that I did the best that I could in terms of marketing it and all of the efforts that went in.

That includes setting up that landing page, doing daily posting on all social media platforms, etc. That’s what I was doing. It was not really a countdown, but again doing it around the story of the song.

So, we went on a 3-week trip to Berlin, London, Israel, and Amsterdam in October and I gathered a lot of images from that trip. We did some really cool adventures there and everything.

The song “Masterpiece” is really about creating life as your masterpiece. It’s about letting go of negativity, negative thoughts, doubts, past, people’s negative opinions, etc, and just diving in to create something really cool.

There’s a line in the song that says, “We are the artists of our lives.” So, the whole thing is “Let’s make it a masterpiece.” We have the ability to create something really cool with our lives and let’s just enjoy that.

So, taking that whole message and story, I was posting an image of us riding camels in Israel’s desert and riding this motorcycle through the windmills in Amsterdam.

With every post, I will hashtag #makeitamasterpiece and also write something about it that pertains to living life to the fullest, just you know, creating something really cool.

Jewel: And you did that how many days out until the release?

Auret: So, this was two weeks out. I started posting all of those images from the trip with the hashtag #makeitamasterpiece for a week, and then a week before the release was when I was posting daily to promote the landing page to get people to opt-in with a Spotify follow, so they can find that story video on the other side.

It was really like daily posting because this is stuff I was doing all on my own. I didn’t purchase PR or anything like that. This is something that is all up to you in terms of how you want to get the word out there.

I was heavily using social media, and also, I was doing some ads. I was running some ads. I actually purchased a course from Aris Take Academy. If you don’t know, it’s like a DIY musician blog. He releases a lot of cool tutorials and tips on promoting your music and just music in general for the DIY musician.

His academy is called “Aris Take Academy” and he has a course specifically on Spotify streaming and Instagram growth. So, I actually ended up purchasing his course because I was really compelled by the results of the artists who were taking this course.

The artists were from all different genres that have implemented doing these Instagram story ads.

His course is all about creating Instagram story ads with your music and channeling people to wherever you want them to go i.e. Spotify, Instagram, YouTube channel, etc.

So, I was learning a lot about that and promotions. I was doing it before I went on the trip.

Therefore, I did it for 3 weeks and I knew that on the trip, I wouldn’t be able to monitor it as much. So, I kind of paused the ads, but during that time, you know, I saw my streams going up.

I didn’t get as many followers as I would have wanted it to for Auret Music, but it’s all because running ads is something that you really have to pay a lot of attention to in terms of finding your target audience and dialing in to find your audience.

It’s like manipulating the countries that you’re sending the ad to or the age of the audience or their interests. For example, I put one of the artists like Katy Perry or something.

I don’t sound like Katy Perry. It’s a pop genre, right? So, I put that as an interest, and then I would switch that out if I saw it didn’t work, which it didn’t.

You have to change one variable at a time. It takes that kind of detailed work to really get your ad out there.

I’m going to start that up again now, but just to let you know, paid ads are a part of the promotion that includes social media posting, videos on the channel, etc.

How To Promote a Single Release on Spotify!

Jewel: Another thing that we were doing that I don’t think many artists are doing is on Auret’s music channel and we did this because we have a channel called Essetino Artists.

It’s our business channel and we put out free tutorials. You know this Jerry, when you put out free content, right?

So, I said, “Okay, as an artist, you need to help other artists and share your journey.”

On Auret’s music channel, we are doing tutorials on basically what she’s going through in her journey. So, her setting up her Spotify, she does a tutorial video on that giving away free value like exactly showing what she’s doing.

Then at the end of this tutorial, we do a little outro thing with her music and say, “Cleopatra is streaming now on Spotify” to get people to see that she is also an artist.

We did that to show people that she is walking the walk, talking the talk, and doing exactly what she’s teaching in the videos. She’s constantly saying, “I’m here on the journey with you guys. Follow me on my journey and people have been.

It’s pretty crazy like the channel is still very new with the tutorials and stuff, and people are responding quite well to it. They actually really like following Auret’s journey.

So, that’s another free method that we’re doing, which is giving and putting out value to other artists in order to get follows, streams, likes, and subscribers. We’ve actually been growing the channel and it’s starting to get daily subscribers. It’s been really cool with the freemium model.

Auret: Yeah, I think that for music artists watching this and wanting to get some tips out of releasing a new single, it is super awesome.

You really need to ask yourself, “What do you want to achieve with this single? What’s the purpose of it?” For me, I wanted to get that message and the story from surrounding the song. That’s what I wanted to get out there.

At the same time, I love helping other creatives, artists and stuff. That’s our business if you put Auret Music aside, that’s what we do on another channel.

A lot of fans or music artists like me also tune in to what I’m doing. It only made sense for me to start releasing those tutorials to help them out because I’m not posing myself as a Spotify expert or whatever.

I’m just sharing my journey. I learned how to do something, I learned how to set up my Spotify profile and I created a video on it and there are comments on there saying, “This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much.”

When you connect with people like that with your music, and as a person who you are and what value you put out, people are definitely going to check out your stuff. They are going to want to really look into what else you’re doing.

It’s like you didn’t just put a post out there saying, “Check out my new single.” It’s like you kind of earned it in a way.

So, really ask yourself, “What is the goal of the single and what do you want? What do you want other people to get out of this release?” and plan out your marketing efforts from there.

It’s a really long answer to a question that I don’t even remember what question you’ve asked.

Jerry: I asked a really long in-depth question. So, I appreciate you giving such a complete answer to that and thank you all for watching or reading.

Shawn Melody: This is an inspiration. Music promotion is something I have a lot of difficulty with.

How To Promote a Single Release on Spotify!

Jerry: Yes, that’s the same thing here. Despite how big my following is online, getting people to listen to my music has proven to be challenging.

Now, I’m hearing answers here like, “Well, you gotta mention your music more than once a month and share kind of a story with it.

I love your approach to help other artists. The Auret Music YouTube channel got over a thousand subscribers already and there’s so much good information on there.

I love the idea of helping other artists. That way you’ll also run into other music influencers who are always looking for the latest things and happen to find your video.

I imagine, if you haven’t already, you’ll get out some playlists that way by people looking around, researching music market like, “Oh, I found Auret’s song. I’ll add her to my playlists,” and things like you wouldn’t even expect or to have tried to do it that way directly.

Have you got anything like that’s happened that you can remember to help us?

Auret: I haven’t gotten any invitations to be added to a playlist or anything like that. That was actually something that I was thinking about doing.

I was planning to reach out to other playlist creators and maybe interviewing them on the channel and also interviewing other music experts on the Auret Music channel.

That was another thing on the list, which I didn’t get to. There are so many things that you can do, but I did get a lot of messages from music artists.

They somehow knew right away to message me on Instagram before we put my Instagram handle on the videos. I guess they would like kind of dig in the description to find it, but they found me on Instagram.

I got so many messages from different music artists saying, “Thank you so much for the Spotify video that you were doing or thank you so much for doing that little review on Aris Take Academy video. I was looking for that.”

That’s specifically what actually a lot of artists have messaged me about is this course because it’s quite a valuable course, but it’s more of a long-term strategy and you need a budget for it obviously because you’re running ads and stuff.

But, you know, before someone purchases a course, they want to know that it’s working their money. They go check out the reviews and they were asking me about progress.

I’m just like, “No problem. I’m just telling it like how it’s going for me” and I even created another video showing my 3-week progress with the efforts that I’ve followed through on that course. That’s on my channel as well.

It feels really good to help other music artists and show them that I’m on this same journey with you, right? I’m there creating in the trenches, hustling, marketing, and anything that I learn along the way, I love sharing with other artists on the channel.

Read the second part of this interview in our next post.


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