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Skillshare hosts video classes which I find helpful for learning new skills and to earn income teaching! Skillshare also offers a $10 per sign up bounty for each free trial user referred! Would you started by signing up for a free trial yourself using my link at https://www.skillshare.com/r/user/jerrybanfield because then you will know you can repeat the process with others? As a premium member on Skillshare, I am able to share a link to any class on Twitter, Facebook, email, or with a direct link. I earn $10 if anyone clicking the link signs up for a free trial of Skillshare Premium the same as if you use any of my links at https://jerrybanfield.com/freecourses/.

Why consider this? As a student on Skillshare watching video classes from other instructors, I think it is the best value I have ever seen in online education! Over 15,000 paid classes are available for one month for free and then $96 a year which is $8 a month or $12 a month with no commitment? I wish this was available when I signed up to borrow thousands to go to college which taught me mostly useless skills which I often hating learning! The affiliate marketing opportunity as a student is to just naturally share which classes you love like I do and then when friends ask, explain why you enjoy being a Skillshare premium member. Each month I am now earning thousands of dollars through Skillshare referrals to mostly my own classes and to those of my partners at https://jerrybanfield.com/partners/.

Who can teach on Skillshare? Teaching on Skillshare is open to anyone because there are no requirements in terms of having a degree or proven expertise! While most people are tempted to teach what they know best, I often enjoy learning from instructors that know just a little more than I do about a subject and teach some of my classes the same way.

When is a great time to start? Today! Watching video classes and learning new skills for me has consistently been one of those things I “would like to do if I had more time” that consistently used to not happen because I would put working and earning money today always as a high priority. What I have learned is that self-improvement is the best investment I can make especially when it comes to learning new skills. What gives me the ability today to charge AND have people actually pay me $200+ an hour is a function of how many different skills I have learned AND how I can put them all together into amazing projects and help that almost no one else can match worldwide. Skillshare helped me just today with learning more about making music as I watched a class by Tomas George at http://skl.sh/2oc3tiF.

Without these Skillshare classes, I doubt I would have had the courage to try making music which I think has the highest happiness, impact, and income potential out of anything I have ever done. Today I make watching video classes and learning new skills a priority because I love the process of developing new skills and I love the result in increased abilities. If there is any day ever to start, it is today because today is also all there is. Taking a leap of faith in spending time to learn and grow takes courage. I am doing it each day and invite you to join me while opening up an opportunity to also earn what I hope is good income for you as an affiliate just by sharing classes you enjoy! Thank you for reading this and I hope it is helpful as the subject of my tip #4 video which you can watch below!

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