Skillshare Classes by Jerry Banfield

Watch all my Skillshare classes below free for 2 months when you join using any of the links below which also helps me earn $10!

  1. Vertical Video Production with TikTok for Stories on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!
  2. TikTok for Beginners
  3. Fast Video Course Production from Filming to Published Class in 1 Hour!
  4. Top 2019 Digital Marketing Best Practices on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google in 30 Minutes!
  5. Start Python 3 Coding Today
  6. Code 4 Apps in Android Studio! Build Your Own Video Player, Camera, Music, and Drawing Applications! 
  7. Android Studio Setup + Coding from Emulator to Admob Mobile Ads and Programming 10+ Apps!
  8. Start a Podcast Today Free on with Sponsorships!
  9. Master of Android Development: Build and Publish Your Mobile Apps!
  10. Crowdfunding on GoFundMe for Fundraising, Donations, Charity, Startups, Memorials, and Emergencies!
  11. Restream Live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Twitter via Periscope, VK, DLive, and Smashcast!
  12. Master SEO and Inbound Marketing on Google and YouTube Search with Videos!
  13. Influencer Marketing on Famebit with Branded Content for YouTube, Twitter, Vine, and Tumblr!
  14. Quality Content Revealed: Produce Powerful Videos and Passionate Podcasts!
  15. Airbnb Experience Creation: Host Events for Business, Art, Health, and Entertainment!
  16. Facebook Gaming at FB.GG: Master Live Video Production, Studio Setup, and OBS Streaming!
  17. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for SEO!
  18. Start Live Streaming Today on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer!
  19. 31 Secrets of Influence Online 
  20. The Complete Fiverr Course: Beginner to Top Rated Seller!
  21. Freelancing with YouTube, WordPress, Upwork, and Fiverr!  
  22. Make More, Work Less! Time Management + Productivity Skills!
  23. Instagram Marketing: What to AVOID?
  24. YouTube Ads with Google AdWords for Video!
  25. Genius in 21 Days: Week 1!
  26. Twitter Marketing in 2017 with Manage Flitter for Following, Unfollowing, and Scheduling Tweets.
  27. Employed.
  28. QuickBooks Self-Employed Basics for Business Owners Online!
  29. The 7 Basics of a Beautiful Business Learned with 7 Painful Failures as an Entrepreneur Online!
  30. Speaker Meeting 2017.
  31. Audio Book Publishing on Audible with ACX!
  32. Self-Publish Books on Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace Today!
  33. Wirecast 7 for Live Streaming and Recording Videos on YouTube and Facebook!
  34. Shortcut Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant.
  35. Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies for 2017!
  36. The Complete Google AdWords Course: Beginner to Advanced!
  37. Podcast and Vlog Live on YouTube, Facebook, and iTunes with Wirecast and Buzzsprout!
  38. Email Marketing with MailChimp, WordPress, LeadPages, Skillshare, Facebook, and Google AdWords!
  39. Cryptocurrency Investment and Retirement Planning with Bitcoin/Altcoins on Poloniex and Bitfinex!
  40. Best Facebook Marketing and Advertising Class for 2017!
  41. The Complete Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Course!
  42. Best WordPress Website Creation and Hosting System with Affiliate Marketing!
  43. Fast and Beautiful Thumbnail Design!   
  44. Introduction to Facebook Advertising! 
  45. Google AdWords for SkillShare Enrollments with Responsive Display Network Remarketing Ads!
  46. Email marketing without asking for an email address! 
  47. How I Make New  Skillshare Classes!
  48. YouTube Bumper Advertising in Google AdWords for Video!  
  49. The Magic of Imperfect Artistry.
  50. Start Making Music Today with FL Studio 12!   
  51. 12 Steps for a Spiritual Solution to Any Problem!
  52. Teespring First Campaign and Storefront!
  53. Camtasia 2 Essentials: My Favorite Recording Software on Mac!
  54. Retargeting PPC Ads in Google, Facebook, YouTube, and AdRoll.
  55. Camtasia Studio for Windows: Record your First Screen Capture Tutorial Today!
  56. Software/Hardware I use to Live Stream on Twitch & YouTube.
  57. 10 Daily Goals for Humans!
  58. Final Cut Pro X: My Software of Choice for Advanced Video Editing and Rendering.  
  59. What Makes an Amazing Ad on Facebook?
  60. Learn Like a Genius Today!
  61. The Complete YouTube Course: Make Viral Videos and Rank #1 on YouTube.
  62. Creativity Productivity Challenge: Starting Over!
  63. PPC Advertising Training for Business with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, mMedia, and Twitter Ads! 
  64. Do Better Social Media Marketing! Go Viral on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram!
  65. Facebook Event Promotion Tips from Start to Finish!  
  66. The Power of Live Giveaways Online with Bitcoin!
  67. Introduction to Facebook marketing! Learn the basics and see where to start.
  68. 100% Happy!
  69. Genius in 21 Days: Week 2!
  70. Genius in 21 Days: Week 3!
  71. Introduction To Twitch TV Video Game Live Streaming
  72. How I Built a Simple Website + Sold it on Flippa!
  73. Amazon Prime Publishing with Video Direct!
  74. The Art of Editing Fast! 
  75. YouTube Partner Program Secrets
  76. Equipment I Use to Film My Video Courses
  77. Buying and Selling Bitcoin with Cash on Wall of Coins