Interviews Your Viewers Will Love Using Evaer Skype Video Recorder


Do you want to see how to record calls on Skype side-by-side with video in HD? I’m going to show you exactly how to do that now using this Skype video recorder softwareย . There’s no point in me trying to say it because I’ll probably butcher the name.

I have the licensed version of it, I did a lot of research online before I got this to try and figure out exactly which would record in maximum resolution, side-by-side, in an mp4 file on windows exactly how I wanted it. I’m going to show you as I make an actual Skype video call now.

What I already did was go in, I hit the settings, and I got my setting the way I wanted them. I got recording so manually record calls, side by side, mp4, I got the video resolution fixed at 1080p and the frame rate, record both sides of the audio, and then I went through and managed this. I’ve got the settings all ready to go and hit record.

Evaer custom options

I’m calling my friend Robert, he has a website called Wall of Coins ย I’m a big fan of which is Bitcoin buying. I’m going to show you as I do this with him live.

I hit the video call button, and then I’m going to hit record as soon as he answers.

press record on evaer

I tried to do one earlier today, by using Camtasia studio and that was a total disaster, it didn’t record the other guy’s audio.

Now that you’ve seen me record the call with Rob, let’s take a look at how it came out. I just double click and…

Side By Side Skype call with Evaer

This is how the actual output comes out if you do side by side. The pictures look nice. You can see how the camera comes out is a little bit different than what actually happens in the file itself. Let’s take a look at the actual video file, open the folder in here. The actual folder, the actual file came out. Let’s take a look at the properties. It comes out in Full HD, if you notice the windows, there’s a lot of black space on it.

I like the whole frame to be filled myself. If you want the whole frame to be filled, you can change it to a different set up. If you do picture and picture then you can expect that it should fill up more of the frame that way, but if you like the side by side so it’s balanced, you can do it that way and you can also separate the video files to do them independently.

You can do just this computers video, you can do just the other user’s video, or no video at all. I like the side-by-side look, that seems to be popular. I’ve heard it referenced several times and for me I’m going to cancel because I don’t want to change anything. For a podcast, this seems to be a good way to do it.

You’ve got equality here, my face is zoomed in a little bit more, you’ve got me over here and you’ve got Rob talking over here. It’s a nice balanced approach instead of having one face giant or another face really small. The picture quality looks beautiful, too. It should work with just about any webcam. I’m really impressed with the recording ability on here of this program.

I am making this video for you because I searched quite a while, I took a look at a lot of different programs and I want to show you the one I found that I liked the best and that you’re liable to like the best and it includes all of the features you are likely to want. This has all the features I wanted which is why I showed it to you.

I got the licensed version because you can only record 5 minutes at a time on the other one. The licensed version is $19.95 on PayPal. It was quick and easy to purchase and then I got my license code in the email.

I have no previous relationship with this company, but I guess I ought to be an affiliate doing this if I’m going to show their software, but I like to make videos about solving problems. That’s what I do so you can see on my YouTube channel that I like to make videos about solving problems.

I’ve made hundreds of videos, I’m grateful to have thousands of subscribers, and I like to make videos whenever I have a problem to solve and you can see I like to make podcasts and I like to make a lot of different videos so this software is proving helpful for recording calls to make a video podcast and I hope it’s helpful for you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this demonstration.

If you like what I’ve showed you I hope you’ll visit my YouTube channel or my website. I have a ton more on my website. You can see I have a huge following on social media, and I’m grateful for that and if you want to join us take a look at my website. There’s tons of articles. My Udemy course is at the top.

My website links at the top have the very best of the information I have. Thank you for watching this and I hope it was helpful.