A Whole Plant Fruit and Vegetable Meal Replacement Smoothie

  • How do I start my day off with a smoothie that has all of the fruits and vegetables I need for an entire today?
  • What are the benefits to starting my day out with this crazy juice drink?
  • Where is the information to prove the preventative health benefits of having a juice drink like I do each morning?
  • Why do I include fruits, vegetables, spices, flax seed, and nuts in my smoothie?
  • Who inspired me to start making this smoothie?
  • When will you give this a try?

These questions and many more are answered here in this blog post showing my whole plant fruit and vegetable meal replacement smoothie that I start each day with!

First, what are the benefits to starting my day out with this crazy juice drink?

  1. Energy! I have all day every day energy.  This smoothie has so many natural vitamins and minerals loaded into it that my energy levels are higher than they have ever been in my whole life!  The low energy I used to have and explain away with age I now see was a reflection of not eating the things I needed to eat.  Today with the help of this 72 oz smoothie for breakfast and lunch, I am 100% as soon as I start drinking it through bed time.  When it is time to get off the couch, I no longer feel like it is some huge task.  I literally burst off the couch even at night, I stand up all day to do my work, and my body feels 20 years younger.  At the same time, the energy is controlled unlike when I was a teenager.  I have all the stamina I need and I am not overly anxious or ADD because of it.  My mom asked about this smoothie for increasing her energy after seeing how it is impacting me.  I wrote this for her and for you today.
  2. Prevention of the TOP 15 causes of death in the USA and countries with similar eating habits! Why does the USDA recommend eating so many fruits and vegetables?  The medical evidence overwhelmingly suggests that eating enough fruits and vegetables combined with grains, protein, and foods with the benefits of dairy is extremely effective at preventing all of the top 15 causes of death in the USA and countries with similar habits.  For example, the ingredients in my smoothie have been shown to be as effective as chemo therapy at treating cancer!  Drinking my smoothie gives me confidence I am doing the absolute most I can each day to avoid an early death from hearth disease, brain disease, and cancer.  Read more about this in How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease.
  3. Huge increases in my personal health in just two months!  In May 2016, I started having this smoothie every day after my doctor recommended I read How Not to Die and I actually followed the recommendation.  By July, my blood pressure dropped from 120/80 to 100/50 which is what a healthy human being should have THEIR ENTIRE LIFE!  Rising blood pressure does not exist in places where a health diet is eaten the entire life.  Having a healthy cardiovascular system has a LOT of benefits that have surprised me to see first hand.  Even at just 32 years of age, my blood flow to my male specific parts was already starting to look like I was headed for a lot of frustration in 10 or 20 years.  Two months of this smoothie every day and my male parts are operating as well as they did as a teenager WITHOUT the dangers that come from taking drugs to produce the same result.  In addition to lower blood pressure and better cariovascular health, my weight has dropped an additional 5 or 10 pounds in last three months AFTER a year of tracking my calories every day which already produced 40 pounds of weight loss.  The difference is now that I can eat all I want every day because the smoothie takes up so much room in my diet that I have little hunger left outside of it.  I usually have this smoothie and one other full meal each day along with a few snacks.  If you have suffered from constipation as I have many times in my life, this smoothie eliminates that completely naturally.  Most Americans and anyone else on the American diet worldwide get a fraction of the recommended dietary fiber each day.  Having enough dietary fiber keeps things moving at a regular rate which avoids painful feelings of having a slow moving digestive system and greatly lowers the risk of colon cancer which is likely to happen when food moves very slowly.  I used to have headaches on a weekly basis from stress and since I have had this smoothie, not one headache and very little stress.  This smoothie also eliminated the need for me to take a vitamin supplement because it has nearly all the vitamins and many of the minerals I need.  After being with my wife for five years, for the first time ever, she got sick and I did not catch it.  Every other time she was sick, I got it.  Many times I was sick, she did not catch what I had.  I really believed this smoothie was for real when after a month or so of having it, I finally missed out on a week of being sick and was able to be helpful to my wife the way she had helped me when I was sick so many times.  In summary, I feel 15 years younger in just a few months of drinking this smoothie and have already seen miraculous health benefits!
  4. Completing the United States Department of Agriculture healthy eating recommendations as shown at choosemyplate.gov.  While this might sound boring, I feel really good for the first time in my life to be following the official recommendations on what to eat because the US government has all the data they need to provide accurate suggestions for what I should eat every day.  Most of my life I completely ignored them and I felt on some deep level I was wrong for it.  Recently I started thinking that IF they have access to all of the data they need to figure out what works, THEN they probably are a trustworthy guide for healthy eating.  IF I want to live a long healthy life, THEN I had better stop ignoring their recommendations.  Here is what is recommended by the USDA for me specifically to eat every day. First, 2 1/2 cups of FRUIT.  Second, 3 1/2 cups of VEGETABLES.  The rest includes grains, proteins, and dairy or similar to dairy such as soy milk which I prefer to substitute with beans and nuts.  The average American does not even come close to meeting the first two recommendations in fruits and vegetables both in my personal eating experience and according to the scientific data.  THIS ONE SMOOTHIE DOES!  The smoothie I make every day is my simple solution to eat ALL of my fruits and ALL of my vegetables for the entire day EVERY DAY.  With having this smoothie, the rest of my diet is completely free to eat whatever I want and still meet the USDA recommendations for what is best for me to eat.
  5. Freedom!  While my meals used to be a shameful game of trying to stuff myself with as much tasty food as possible and then consistently feeling the guilty remorse of “why did I eat so much” or “I have to do better tomorrow,” now I finally feel free for the first time to eat what I want to and try new foods inside of and outside of this smoothie.  When I start my day with this smoothie, I know I have already done the majority of the good eating my body needs for the day and I am free to try some new foods or free to truly enjoy a meal with my family and friends.  When I go out to eat, I no longer care about whether my eating is looking healthy or feel pressure to order a salad instead of what I really want.  The smoothie has me covered and I am free to indulge in paste, proteins, and dairylike foods until I am completely full.  In addition to freedom to eat what I want the rest of the day, I am free to enjoy my smoothie while working as I am doing right now.  Drinking two meals a day helps me to make sure I never get hungry for more than a few minutes and that I can eat slowly over an hour or two as a drink this smoothie like I am now while I type this.  For the one meal and two snacks I eat, I now am free to sit down and enjoy them instead of trying to stuff them away in a hurry.  With two very filling meals per day provided by the smoothie, I am free to enjoy everything else I eat that much more.


The easiest question first to answer is who inspired me to try making this smoothie and commit to having it every day?