Starting, Setting Up, and Building a Social Media Marketing Business: Questions and Answers.

Questions about starting and building a social media marketing business.

I received these questions from a warrior forum member and think that answering them for everyone’s benefit is the best way I can use my time to help the most people.  If you are thinking about starting your own social media marketing business or building your business based on Facebook, web design, social media creation, Google places, Bing, or Yahoo services, I hope this question and answer session helps!

Another member on the site pointed me to your site. I have been trying to start a web design business. But i was told not to sell websites but sell marketing services and use the website as an added bonus. Here is my thread i started Basically i want to provide low cost web design and marketing services to local businesses. Most of them are small businesses and wont want to spend a lot of money. Im new to the online marketing aspect. MY town has a private college with 2000-2500 on campus student and another 2000+ commuters. There is also a community college in my town as well with a whole bunch of commuters from the surrounding areas.

(Banwork i helped out a pizzeria with my 2 friends years ago by passing out flyers, word of mouth and going a lot outreach at the school and the 3 apartment complexes around the college. Businesses went down over time because the owner didn’t keep up with marketing. Kids at the school get there degrees and then leave, so a lot of these businesses have temporary customers. Constant marketing is necessary).  This is what i sent the site member that referred me to your site.

When I helped out that restaurant in the past, I didn’t do online advertising I get your point. Im going to development my online presence. At the moment I have about 100 people from the school following my social media accounts. That’s because my friend still goes there and lives in one of the party houses. People have followed me because they have seen me at his house and out at local businesses.I’m young, im 25 so developing my online presence isn’t going to be that hard.  I’m thinking about having my friend, his roommate, and one other person help me out with this. My friend and his roommate have almost 1,000 people between them from the school following them. I might just have them post up stuff for me as i develop my accounts. The other person i would ask has a lot of local people that follow him.

I forgot to mention a family member of mine works for our town. And the DPW and other workers have to sign in and get working orders and mail from cousins my building. So that’s a lot of people that constantly looking for new places to eat and for the next deal on products and services.  Now that I think about it, I feel like i have a lot of people to market services to on behalf of clients.  Since i’m going to present myself to these businesses as an individual selling marketing and web development services do you have any recommendations on how i should setup the contract services and payment terms?

Because lets say the person only wants me to build their site, get there social media setup, and setup google places, bing, and yahoo. Then they want to manage it themselves.And no social media/marketing campaign. So the only thing they would be paying for would be for the creation charge and for hosting.  Or lets say they want the above and would like to only try my social media/marketing campaign for a month or something. How do you think I should go about that. Cause I know not everyone is going to want a commitment on that because im thinking of having the bill be broken into portions.

  1. Web Presence Creation.
  2. Social Media Creation.
  3. Web Design.
  4. Google Places, Bing, Yahoo.

What price im charging and Requesting 50% upfront. And the Remaining 50% upon the completion of the above items.  Then there would be reoccurring charges for Marketing/Social Media Campaign & Web Hosting.  Also since i work at a newspaper, should i also throw in some type of package that people could put adds in the Newspaper and the Newspapers website? Or is that going to defeat my purpose?

You’ve equipped me with a ton of knowledge and resources. I really appreciate it!  Sorry for so much overwhelming text. I know your busy I just figured I would contact you since I was referred to your site. I would be greatly appreciated if your able to respond to my post at some point when you get a chance.


My answers are as follows!

Thank you for sharing what you are doing and your kind feedback about how I have helped!  You are well ahead of where I was at 25 and I hope the answers I provide will be useful.

How to setup payment terms?  100% upfront because some people out of laziness, forgetfulness or neglect will not pay the other 50%.  More discussion is here:

How to setup services?  This has been my single biggest struggle.  Simple services with clear value work the best in terms of new clients.  I was successful growing my business first by offering guaranteed Facebook likes.  Pay for 1,000 and get at least 1,000 for a fixed cost.  The simplicity of this approach is beneficial but can cause problems.  You can either charge hourly or offer services.  Hourly is the most simple and transparent.  Services are much harder setup correctly but if done well can be profitable.  I have done mostly services but am now offering hourly for clients with more broad work requests.

Should I offer a package for newspaper ads too?  You can offer anything you want.  I have offered hundreds of different services with less than 20 getting purchased.  If you listen to what people want, you can figure out what to offer them.  I listened to a local business owner talking about how no one could help him build his Facebook page and found my first profitable business.  What are the people around you complaining about that they need help with?  Find out, find them, and then offer it!  If they are not talking about a service you are thinking to offer, why offer it?

Thank you for reading these questions and answers!  Contact me to share your question with me!