Is Speaking Negativity Into Existence Ruining Your Life?

Words have the power of life and death behind them. That’s why I try and use my words to bring and give life and to communicate the love I have for myself and for the world. My thoughts may run crazy and I do have lots of crazy thoughts. My chance to act on my thoughts comes from what I say.

I can think bad things and I can think good things. The words I choose to speak are my chance to exercise my choice of which thoughts I bring to life and which thoughts I allow to die.

I’ve had a lot of thoughts this morning, many positive, many negative. I have a lot of healthy routines that have kept me out of being in the majority of the negative this morning. That said, I still have negative thoughts. These are some of the first words I’ve said today. These  are some of the first words that I’ve communicated. These are some of the first words I’ve actually acted on out of my thoughts. I try to act out of loving, positive thoughts and words to existence. It helps me. The words I speak have the power of life and death for me. What I say is a big part of my experience in life. Anything I’m thinking can be made better or worse by the words I speak. The biggest area I have the chance to practice this in is with my wife on a daily basis, my family and friends, and with you.

With my wife, I’m especially aware of the power words have in our relationship. We communicate well so we notice when the other one is in pain sometimes and the words we put into those situations. We’re both aware of how much worse things can get if we say hurtful negative words of judgment. I’m aware of the positive, good things I say to my wife so I try and say positive things with her.  I say you’re looking pretty. I say thank you for being such a wonderful wife. I say I’m happy to be with her. I say these things as often as I can because these words bring that life into our relationship. I act on those positive thoughts and I give that life that I’ve made into words and she does the same thing with me. She gives kind words back to me. Both of us bring life back to our relationship through our kind and positive words. We each have some negative thoughts about the other person. We’re aware of the devastating impact those thoughts can have when they are expressed in words. Both of us have the love and respect for each other and ourselves to let those thoughts go by and to not give them life.

In fact, when I see other people doing it to each other, it hurts me. It hurts to see one husband or wife say to the other one something negative about who they are. I know the power those words have especially over time.

I’m grateful that I’ve had the chance to see this after saying lots of negative things in my life. I’m now aware of the power that words have and I’m grateful I’m sensitive enough now. I can feel a little warning when I’m saying something that’s bringing about death in a situation. Death, even in the sense of the dissolution of our relationship or a negative thing, knocks life out of a relationship. Even if it is a relationship here with you that’s online.

The words I say here with you bring life or death into that relationship. I can say certain words and you will not want to watch my videos or listen to my podcast or take any of my courses anymore. I can say other words. Maybe some words will make you say “Yes! I like this, I want some more of it.” The words I say make the life into what I experience. The words are a big part of the life we share, especially in the world of mine and the world of thought we often spend so much time together in. The words are life and death. It’s amazing how I didn’t take words seriously. Think of the phrase sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. Most of the times I’m not getting hit with sticks and stones. Rarely will I get hit with a stick or stone if I did not say something first.

When I was a police officer and a corrections officer, they told us that your mouth was your best tool. Your mouth will get you into the most trouble. People often say they couldn’t picture me as a police officer. I was aware as a police officer, especially when I was in a situation that was dangerous. I was aware of the power my words had to make things better. People ask did I have to fight with people . I did not usually have problems because I was aware of the problems my words could cause. Most of the time I put good words into situations that might otherwise have turned negative. Some situations you get called into as a police officer are beyond words because the person you get called out to is not listening. Yet, that person has had people in their lives that they were listening to and more than likely they put a lot of words that were hurtful to that person.

I’m aware of this for online reviews also. I’m hesitant to leave an online review that’s negative because I’m putting words out there that may be more from my own bias and from my own issues than whatever I used. It’s challenging for me because I do get a lot of people reviewing online and commenting on the videos I make. I just got a review today. Someone gave me a one star saying that my videos weren’t professional, the course wasn’t polished, and it was all about me. That’s the words someone else has put into something I created. Those words are a part of the creation itself and I only can do my best. I can do my best each day. I cannot control the words of others. What I can do is control whether I express words towards that other person. I’m thankful that other person took my course. I’m sorry that I couldn’t deliver a course that was good for them as well as good for everyone else. I accept that words others choose are their choice. My choice is how I respond to those words.

Someone posted a review on another course the day before that said I’m just another mediocre teacher. That’s their choice in words. What’s true is I choose my words. I do my best with what I have. In some people’s opinion, I’m a great teacher. I’m grateful I’ve been showered with positive love and comments about how wonderful I am as a teacher. Yet, some people can’t stand me as a teacher. They can’t stand to see my nostrils flare up when I talk. You can see the power of these words. In fact, I’m here because many of you have given me so much positive feedback that more life has been brought into my teaching than death.

If all my comments were about how awful I was as a teacher, I wouldn’t keep doing it. If all my the reviews on the courses were negative, I wouldn’t keep doing it. I’m here and I do this because you said you like it. You like the post on Facebook, you listen to the podcast or you like the post on YouTube and you subscribe. You’re enrolled in the course on Udemy and you’re leaving a good rating, that’s why I’m here. I’m here because the words have given life to what I’m doing.

If you and everyone else gave me negative words of death, I would stop. I wouldn’t keep doing it. I have got to do this because most people give good feedback. Most of the time, you’re telling me I’m doing  a good job and I should keep doing it. I was thinking today, it might be nice to try and do the Easter egg on the new Call of Duty Descent map, that might be fun. When I pray and I asked to be of service, you know what I thought of?

I thought of the hundreds of you that are watching these videos every single day, listening to the podcast, watching them on Facebookand in the Udemy course. I thought of the hundreds that are giving positive feedback. I can’t see hundreds of you in this room. There’s just me and the iMac in front of me and this HD mic. That’s what’s here in front of me, yet I see when I look on Facebook and Udemy, I see the words of life given. The words you give me give life to what I do. The words you give life to everything in else in your life give life to that. When you give life and talk negative about people and you’re into gossip, I can’t handle gossip. I got homicidal one time because of gossip. I learned the hard way don’t do that.

You give life and death into the words you speak and into the words you choose to listen to. I’m grateful to be here and to have been given life by so many people’s words. I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful to share the message with you that the words you speak so seized throughout your day. Every day the words you speak plant seeds all the time that you will come to harvest. If  you plant hurt, pain, and frustration, you will get more hurt, pain, and frustration. If you plant love,openness, compassion, empathy, and understanding, you will get them. I used to speak negitively in my life, especially in gaming online. I was terrible. You couldn’t put your headset on without hearing me talking a bunch of junk.

Now, today I’m thankful not to do that. I pray today that I remember the power words have on life and death in my own life. I pray today that I exercise the power of life through my words and I honor the words of life that have been shared with me. You help me with that. I pray that you have the same opportunity to honor the power of the words in your life. Thank you so much for reading this. I’m honored you’re here and I hope you have a great day today.