Spiritual Foundation is the First Step in Success Online

If you want to find your passion and make it profitable online, the key is having a good spiritual foundation first. That spiritual foundation will help you figure out the why. The step one in my entrepreneurship course is to find out why you’re trying to work as an entrepreneur online. Once you have that why down, then it’s a lot easier to figure out what you should do and how you should do it.

For me, finding my passion and making it profitable has been a journey of finding why I want to work online. The more I dive in why I want to work online, the easier it is for me to tap into my passion and make it profitable. What I love doing is making these courses here with you. I love making these videos and that way it doesn’t feel like work. I feel like I’m just enjoying doing this with you right here, right now. It’s not a means to an end, it’s not a thing I feel like I have to do. It’s something I’m doing because I just love to do it It’s fun because it’s my passion and it’s profitable because after three years of working online, I finally discovered a good platform on Udemy and combining that with my website and YouTube channel to share my passion with you in a format that you like.

The spiritual foundation is key because the spiritual foundation gives me the reason why I am working and is the reason why I’m working. I’m working for you , to serve you, to give what I have inside to you, to point to what you have inside of you and give you the potential and inspiration to do the absolute best you absolutely can. That’s why I work. On a greater level you can say I’m working for the good of humanity to do my best I can in this life. To serve and be a useful human being.

The foundation that gives me is a tolerance for things not going right because if I’m working for my ego, if I’m working for my self-image and even things like I’m working for my family or things really close to me, kind of selfish reasons, everything that goes wrong is so personal then. It’s so offensive when something bad happens as if I set all this up and I messed something up.

For example, when I get a negative review on one of my course it just crushes me if I’m in that ego state of mind where it’s all about me. Often, that’s what happens first, but then I go back to my spiritual foundation. I’m not doing this so I can be the greatest teacher online or so that all of my courses can make huge profits or so that I can have a bigger house. I’m doing this for the good of you and for the good of me because I love doing this and so if a few people don’t appreciate what I love to do, that’s okay. I’m not doing it for self aggrandizement or to be something that I’m not. I’m just a regular guy just like you and that helps me to just do what I love to do and when I get negative feedback, accept that negative feedback as encouragement from my higher power to do things a little differently. That helps a fantastic amount and that all starts with why.

If you want to make your passion profitable it usually starts with this first step in my entrepreneurship course online step one successfully by discovering why you want to work and having that strong spiritual foundation. Then, it’s kind of like asking the universe to say “Universe, use me. Put me in a position to do what you want me to do,” and kind of relaxing and surrendering and say “Okay, what am I supposed to do? Please guide my to do it.” Then you’ll end up being put in the right position. It’s almost effortless. You’ll just wind up meeting the right person, doing the right thing online, learning the right thing online, maybe it’s in this course, maybe it’s not, but you’ll wind up being in the right place to do what you’re supposed to do and you’ll find you love doing what you’re doing and the more love you have for it, the more people will share that love with you and at some point it will become profitable. That’s the journey I’ve been on. I’ve made a lot of money and I’ve borrowed a lot of money to get to the point where I’m in a position to do what I love to do. You are consistently telling me that you love it also and then now finally it’s making good money for me to just do what I love to do. That’s a miracle. That’s been my journey to discovering my passion and making it profitable.

I would guess your journey to discovering your passion and making it profitable is a similar one. Spiritual discovery first. You can try and do other parts of it, but once you’re in the place you’re supposed to be, everything gets so much easier. If you’re trying to force all these things on your own, there’s so many more frustrations, you’ll to get knocked into and towards the position you’re supposed to be in. It’s kind of a surrender, a relaxing of letting the Universe put you where you’re supposed to be. Once you’re there, then look around and see what you like to do and do it and then you’ll discover profitability. I’ve seen a lot of what I’ve seen online is people do it the other way, they want profitability first, then they want to enjoy it and then they want to get into the spiritual aspect of it. In my experience, that works very poorly.

I started out without a very good spiritual foundation. I started out without a very good vision of why I wanted to work. The profitability was absent, I didn’t enjoy what I did, at all. The more I worked on getting the why down and the spiritual situation down, I’ve gotten to a point where I do what I love to do and it’s profitable. If you’re not in that place already, you will be in that place now. Now is the only place you can be in so when you look around to now and surrender to now, you are suddenly in the place where you can have your passion and make it profitable.

That’s an important conclusion in Step one is why you work is something you discover now. That is the only time you have is now. There’s no past and future except functionally and practically to get around in life, but now is the only time you have to discover why you want to work, discover your inner strength, discover your passion and once you have done that at some point now it will be profitable.

I hope this has been helpful for you in discovering your passion and making it profitable.