Sponsor a Video with Jerry Banfield on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter for Influencer Marketing

Are you interested in getting more people to discover what you are doing? Do you want more people to find you on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, follow your channel, visit your website or buy your product?

If so, one of the best ways I’ve found that I can help you is to do a sponsored video that I also turn into a podcast episode and a blog post for you. And then share it on my YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Blog and Podcast which collectively have millions of followers. My average post reaches around a hundred thousand people in total because my reach on almost every single thing I put out is maybe 20 to 30 or 40 thousand and then some of those that do the best can reach millions of people. I’ll show you inside the data. I’ll show you my pricing. I’ll explain everything that’s included. What I can say is personally when I follow someone like Tim Ferriss and he does ads in his own voice or sponsored introductions on his podcast from a company he’s partnered with, those are much more memorable to me and those are some of the only ways to reach me with an ad. If you don’t have an organic traffic source, it’s almost impossible to reach me with any kind of advertisement because I generally am only on certain websites. I ignore automatically blocked paid ads and for planning my business growth, I am looking on working directly with other people in the same way I’m offering you here.

So, I’ve made a system I hope is helpful whether you want to work with me or see how to set this up yourself or work with someone else. So, let’s take a look if you want to go by what I’m talking about and for that go to Jerry.tips/sponsored. You can buy a sponsored video with me which can be an interview. It can be a tutorial, it can be something else. It cannot be something strictly promotional and where I just go in and say how great your product is without honestly presenting it. We can do an interview and talk about you, your product or your channel. I can go do a tutorial showing how to use it. I’ve learned from the hard experience. My audience is here for trust and therefore, that is a key requirement for me.

Now, not to just present one side of things and say how great this product is but to also look at any downsides if there are any and who might really want to use it. Uthena is where I have this service. Uthena is my primary project right now to make a platform which is already up. Where you can do everything from self free offers and build an email list all the way up through selling things like this as a service and video courses and course bundles all in one place. If you want to sponsor a video with me, the starting cost is $876.54. That’s with me just having finished a series of sponsored posts. I have no other sponsored posts in a queue because I actually was not even offering this until someone approached me directly through a 30-minute free call on my website. I thought I need to organize and present this in actual service.

This is the first time today I’m announcing this service live ever to have a sponsored video with me and I’m showing you how it works here. First, you might wonder, why would I want to invest in a sponsored video with Jerry? Every video on average reaches about a hundred thousand people for free in organic traffic sources globally with the top audience being in the US, Canada, Australia and also significant audiences in India, Pakistan and more generally Asia. The audience is almost every single country in the world. If you’ve got something global you can share, I am in a very good position to do that like an online course. Everything I do, I have no paid ads running in all of my plans for marketing. I use things like influencer marketing myself. Thus, all of my traffic is organic search, suggested videos, email updates, podcast players and readers on jerrybanfield.com news feeds. It’s all organic traffic, there’s no paid ads or anything which to me is the best way to get found.


When I do a video for you, it’s converted into a podcast episode and the blog posts to make sure everyone following and potentially seeing it can get it in all these different formats. Meaning, you might do a sponsored video today and in 5 years someone might find it googling in a blog post. I set everything up to be evergreen and in any format as much as possible. Hopefully, I’d imagine people find it a lot in between then and see it as a long life potential to it. My total following is over 2 million people on Facebook, over 280,000 subscribers on YouTube which does not give you a very good idea of the total size of potential reach on YouTube. In theory, anyone who’s watched one of my videos on YouTube could see your video. I have 24 million views on my channel. Thus, anyone that’s watched a video from me could potentially see it. I have hundreds of thousands of other followers on other platforms.

The idea with me is to do an honest presentation of what you’re doing. The number one consistent point people make when talking to me is. Jerry, I love your honesty and transparency especially in a world of fake advertisements. I was at McDonald’s last night looking at the drive-through and I’m like this food doesn’t look real. This looks like props on a stage. This doesn’t look real. People are following me because I just put my truth out there. My videos are minimal if at all edited. I just speak from the heart. I don’t use scripts or prompts. I just talk and that’s what people like. It’s awkward, it’s funny and sometimes it’s inconvenient. Thus, I see that sticking to that is critical. I do not present anything like a pump to the moon spirit anymore.

Everything is presented honestly and interview formats a great way to do that as well as tutorial format is a great way to do that. I’m especially effective if you have video courses or a cryptocurrency, I’m very effective at showing how to use those. Or if you just want more people to follow you and get to know you, an interview on my channel is great for that. What I’ve done to calculate the costs is that I’ve looked at the values from social Bluebook. Social Bluebook which did not sponsor this. Social Bluebook has a platform where they tell you the approximate worth in their algorithms of a sponsored post. Now, I personally think some of these are way too low. The YouTube price on my channel is totally low. The value per video upload should be much higher. Now keep in mind, this only includes in social blue-books opinion. The value of the audience does not include production costs or any other fees. It only is comparing it directly to what you would pay for in advertising. When social Bluebook says, that’s essentially comparable to $62 in ad revenue or ad spending that you would spend on Google AdWords to get a YouTube view of similar and comparable relevance in the paid Ad instead of an organic ad. Thus, that’s their recommended price just to reach the audience, not counting anything else.

You can see things like age ranges and countries in the picture above. US audience on my Youtube channel is about 18%. I’ve got a strong India audience on YouTube at 27%, the UK at 3% and others at 52%. Because a huge amount of diversity on my YouTube channel is very popular in India. Mostly are men on my channel. My audience everywhere is very male heavy and lots of younger people are watching on my channel. This is just according to social blue-books data on YouTube. I’ll show you more data in a minute from my direct interface. Now on Facebook, when you do a sponsored video of me and includes all of these platforms to upload. There’s no option to pick one platform or another. Now Social Bluebook suggests $265 for an upload. So, we add the cost of the YouTube video to the suggested price of the Facebook video.

On my Facebook, you can see different demographics in the picture above. On Facebook, the US audience is about 18%, Pakistan at 16%, Bangladesh at 12% and 54% other. Again heavily male on Facebook and a lot of young people watching on Facebook and also you can see the average engagement here.

Now, I think Twitter’s price personally is overinflated. It says $311 for that. To me, it seems overinflated but what I do is, I put a video up on YouTube, a video on Facebook and a video native to Twitter (that’s a short version). Then another tweet on Twitter to the YouTube video, another tweet to the podcast and another tweet to the actual blog post. This will actually include a sponsored video with me. So, it includes 4 tweets on my Twitter which according to social Bluebook should be worth thousands. As my audience grows, the price of a sponsored post with me will continue to grow as well. Thus, when you see this it might say thousands of dollars instead of $800.

My Instagram account also gets a photo of the YouTube video. The suggested price for that is $144. If you have questions, we’ll go through the data in a bit more detail. When I do a sponsored video, every sponsored video is shared on all of the following platforms. My YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Podcast, Blog and even on Steemit only if you’re a part of the 1% that care about that and to one of the largest followings on Steemit. That will be shared multiple times on Steemit if from every single tweet goes out on Steemit.

Here’s a very important thing which I hope you watched all 10 minutes in here to get. Are there any additional costs? Yes, I’ve learned this again the hard way when I tried to do a sponsored video with one person. I did a test case and I didn’t address this particular point in it. Every sponsor video includes one hour of my time plus essentially the cost to reach my audience and pay for help like graphic design on a thumbnail and video editing if needed. This gives me enough time for a 30-minute call to be recorded on zoom. If you use the option to schedule a call for free. If you buy the sponsored video package, then I’ll give you a link to the schedule on the fully open calendar instead of the free one. If you do an interview with me for 30 minutes, it can be uploaded with no edits. Alternatively, if you buy the sponsored video package I am happy to do a quick tutorial for you or a quick overview of whatever you’re doing. An hour of my time is what you get in with the sponsored video package.

As social Bluebook says, the cost shown is not reflective of production time. If there’s any additional production time required including any of you wanting to review the video prior to release, any revisions, any research necessary for me to do prior to making a video. Such as downloading software and learning how to use it. Any exchanging of emails back and forth to talk more than just to, “hey here’s our project let’s take a look”. If there’s like 15 or 20 emails going forth preparing for video production calls longer than 30 minutes or anything like that, you will need to buy additional hours with me to do your video production. Thus, if you have a grand vision of this perfect video I’m going to do for you, that will be highly edited and we’ll go through all these revisions. Then you need to buy additional hours with me to cover that.

That’s where I learned the hard way with a client. I gave them a fixed price. They had all kinds of research they wanted me to do. I filmed a video and they had all kinds of revisions they wanted me to make and I’m like this is a disaster. Thus, you get up to an hour of my time. I will make it clear to you right away the estimate of the time I think, for example, I’ll give you when you buy the sponsored video and you submit the form as you’ll get an email after you buy the sponsored video saying, “Hey here’s what we do next”. When you get that, then you can tell me what you want to be done and I’ll give you an idea of whether we can do that without any prior hours upfront. Thus, I find most of the clients as we can easily do a sponsored video without any additional hours costs. You just have to have your expectations right beforehand about how this will come out.

My channel is done with minimally edited videos and honest presentations because that’s fast and that’s easy. It’s the same as this, I’m not reading a script. I just literally decided to do this a couple of minutes before I started filming after getting a graphic design done for it last week. Thus, if you have additional production work you want at the bottom of this page, there’s an option to pay for more hours. If you know you’re going to need more hours upfront, if you want to really talk about and get a video done where we’re really on the same page. You’ll want to buy some hours before you buy the sponsored video.

If you want to know what payment methods are accepted, most sponsors will prefer the option to pay with Paypal or a credit card. If you want to use a different option then go to Uthena.com/pages/pay. I take cash and cryptocurrency. With cryptocurrency, it must be included on my payments page in order for me to accept it as a payment method. If it’s not included on it, you can request to include on it beforehand and that’s up to me whether I do it or not. If you want to sponsor multiple videos and be an exclusive sponsor, this is truly the best opportunity. If you are just doing 1 video it could be a great way to start out. But especially when I show you the data, you might want to be an exclusive sponsor. When you’re an exclusive sponsor, I will not accept sponsored videos from anyone else. I will have you on every single thumbnail that is on my top videos, it’ll have a little “sponsored by” right on the thumbnail and every single video will have a little annotation on it, a little card technically that will have a link to what you do on either my website jerrybanfield.com or Uthena. Thus, you will get the best access to the full reach when you are an exclusive sponsor and you’ll prevent anybody else from being an exclusive sponsor.

So, if you wanted to sponsor every video, the current rate is $9,876.54 a month. Out of all the things I’ve seen for paid ads and sponsoring, this worths a hundred thousand dollars a year if you prefer to pay up once. This is the route I prefer to take because I find it easy to do a really good job for one person or one project consistently versus doing smaller videos and projects. However, I understand it you might want to do one sponsored video before dropping the 10k a month or a hundred thousand a year. With that being said, as soon as we have one exclusive sponsor, no other sponsored videos will be accepted on the channel and the exclusive sponsor gets at least one dedicated post every month plus truly featured across where all of my impressions are coming in every month. If you calculate the CPM on the exclusive sponsor, you’re only paying about $2 or less per 1,000 impressions which is really cheap when you consider the alternatives when you consider trying to spend that on your own ads and when you consider the value of repeat impressions and building an audience.

Thus, if you want to be the exclusive sponsor you can negate anyone else from being the sponsor. If you can talk about all this by scheduling a free call with me at jerrybanfield.com which if you click on the sales report on Uthena. You can see if anyone buys a sponsored video. Now, that I’ve got the sales reports up, you can see it live right on Uthena on the sales report. If you’d like to schedule a call with me to talk about sponsored videos for free or do the interview for one, just go to jerrybanfield.com, where you can schedule a free call now. These free calls are subject to availability. There’s a maximum of one free call a day and as you can see, the day’s consistently will be booked up. There’s usually when days come available and the email goes out once a week, all the calls will get scheduled at once. So, if you don’t see a free call then just keep checking or hire me hourly for additional projects and to have a 1-hour call at a time that’s much more convenient for you.

If you need to buy more hours for production, $270.72 is the hourly rate for 1 hour and then for every hour you buy in bulk, the rate will go down to a minimum of $189.72 an hour for 27 hours. You might find that you want to do 2 or 3 sponsored videos plus have me to work on your project, install your app and really get to know everything that you’re doing. In that case, you might want to buy the 27 hours and you might want to buy a couple of different sponsored videos and then we can really do something amazing. The 27 hours is fully flexible for example you can work with me for coaching and buy a couple of sponsored videos and you can have me do some paid ads for you and then do sponsor videos for those paid ads. I’m available to get creative with you.

Now, I’ve gone through all of the pages on Uthena. Go to jerry.tips/sponsored, there’s the sales page for it. Once you go through and pay for it, I’ll get an instant notification on my phone that you just bought this. I’ll send you a manual email written by hand since I just set this up this week. I’ll send you an email to follow up myself directly and then I’ll set automation up after the first one of these is purchased. Now what we’re going to do next is we’re going to look at some actual data from my channel because if I was you, I would want to see.

So, in the picture above as you can see is my youtube channel. Now, if you’re an exclusive sponsor, I can get you on every single actual view and I’ll show you my impressions in the picture below.

7.5 million impressions on YouTube alone in the last 28 days and I can get you on the majority of the impressions just on a thumbnail. It’ll have “sponsored by” and I can put that on all of the top videos. We can revise the thumbnail if you’re an exclusive sponsor and put you up there on the top videos.

Now above in the screenshot is an overview of the whole channel. The top videos on my channel are technical tutorials on subjects. Students really want to learn that are underserved on YouTube. I’ve got 3 of these hacking tutorials. What kind of a person watches a hacking tutorial video? People watching these hacking videos are learning about freelancing, learning about working online, trying to figure out how to make money online, are consistently buying courses on Uthena to learn ethical hacking and related programming skills. People interested in hacking are also often interested in programming languages, consistently interested in video courses.

So, the main thing my audience does on YouTube besides watch videos on YouTube is that they buy video courses and the majority of my top videos are all geared towards video courses. So, if you have digital products, if you have something available for sale online that can be bought globally, that is an ideal match for my channel. Also if you have things like web hosting and email marketing, a lot of people are trying to build businesses online. This is in high demand on my channel as well. So, I’ll show you some more of my top videos so you can see exactly what the audience looks like in real time.

As you can see in the image above, the impressions each is getting as well. So, we can see the “start hacking today” uploaded years ago. Now, what I’m able to do for an old video like this for an exclusive sponsor is that I’m willing to change the thumbnail and put a card at the very beginning that links to my website with you as a sponsor on that card. Thus, you can really get in front of all these impressions if you’re an exclusive sponsor. If you’re not planning to be the exclusive sponsor, you can see formats in these top videos. You can look at each of these up on my channel, for example, the “Python hacking course” is brand new. This video’s got 1.3 million impressions in 21 days on my channel. So, you can see some of the videos I put out have a huge reach potential on YouTube. “Best hacking course for beginners”, this was put out about 2 months ago. So, I’ve got a great combination of older videos and new videos bringing in traffic. A lot of technical subjects like Linux, coding, hacking, and scripting.

I’ve also got things like OBS setup gaming tutorials. Thus, any of these subjects are really good opportunities for a sponsored video because anything I’m already getting traffic on is a chance to do really well. For example, if you have a hacking course or a hacking video or something that hackers might want. My channel is absolutely ideal for a sponsored video on that. And anything related coding and programming, it could do really well in terms of getting millions of potential impressions. This is just in 28 days. If you look at longer periods of time, these are just crazy numbers. Things like gaming on Facebook, I have a very solid foundation on YouTube for gaming and a very solid foundation on Facebook. Part of the reason I get so many impressions is, these are also shared on Facebook, Twitter, Website, and Blog. I have a lot of cross-promotion of all the things I do. So these are the top videos on my channel as you saw in the screenshots. You can see how many impressions these are getting and as a sponsor, you’ve got a good shot to reach all. I’ve got 280k+ subscribers. The subscriber’s growth thankfully is the best it’s been in years on my channel and this time the comeback is on my friends. If you’ve been watching for a long time that comeback is on now. If you’re interested in knowing the demographics of my audience, below is the reference image.

My audience on YouTube is global and what you want to know is that on YouTube, a lot of the people watching are not subscribed. That means even though I have 280k+ subscribers, the majority of people watching are not subscribed to my channel and the majority of the reach happens with people that are not subscribed. In terms of countries, just on YouTube, the largest single audience is India and after that is the US, UK, Germany, and Canada. The top language understandably is English. The gender bias is heavily male on my channel and the demographics are heavily skewed towards young people. I get all types of people from almost every country in the world, every gender, age bracket, etc. Thus, we’ve got a very diverse audience here for you that you will love reaching on YouTube. Now what’s important to consider is, my sponsored videos are just not just limited to YouTube. They also go out on Facebook as you can see in the image below.

10k page views on my page, 236k post reach in the last 28 days, 158k video views, 63k page engagements, 2800 new followers on Facebook, over 2 million total on Facebook and these are the last 28 days of data. Lots of views are on my live videos. Thus, if you’re an exclusive sponsor you will also get additional shout outs in all of my videos as well as the dedicated videos and the thumbnails.

On my Twitter, I’ve got on my Twitter as you can see my tweets in the above picture. I’ve got 171k impressions on Twitter in the last 28 days. A lot of the best tweets are things straight from my youtube videos. My live streams also tend to do really well on Twitter and I promote relentlessly everything. I release all over the place except Facebook. My podcast, blog and all that goes out relentlessly on Twitter.

I also have an email list with over 10,000 subscribers that get emails with YouTube videos, podcast episodes, and blog posts. So, as a sponsor, you have the opportunity to reach my entire email list as well. Thus, I’ve tried to give you every possible thing you’d want to know in here. If you’re interested in doing some influence marketing with me on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Blog and on my Podcast, you can get all of that responsive videos on my channel. Note that based on the number of orders, the price will go up. For example, as soon as one person has ordered, that’s one sponsored video I have to work on. Then another person orders and so on. The much I get in queues, the more the price will go up to deter additional people from ordering and it gives me the focus to bear down on the sponsored videos. I will do a maximum of 1 sponsored video a day. If you see a price that’s significantly higher on here, it may be the best option for you to get that exclusive sponsorship to crowd out all the other potential sponsors and to get benefits way above and beyond sponsoring one additional video. Such as, impressions on the actual thumbnails plus all those clickable cards that are in existing videos and a lot more. This amount of money is enough for me to pay for full-time help on my youtube channel and enough to pay for graphic design on my channel as well. If you know someone who’d be a great sponsor, you can also affiliate sell anything on my website including a sponsorship on my channel.

Thank you very much for making it to the end of this. I love you. You’re awesome. I appreciate you learning about how to sponsor video on my channel. I hope to see you in my email inbox or with the free call as you learn about and get started sponsoring your own video on my youtube channel.


Jerry Banfield