Sponsor Jerry Banfield in 2,000,000+ Monthly Impressions on YouTube, Facebook, Podcasts, and More?

Sponsor Jerry Banfield in 2,000,000+ Monthly Impressions on YouTube, Facebook, Podcasts, and More?

I could use your help…

I have millions of people that are seeing the videos, I’ve create the podcast, the blog posts, the Facebook and YouTube uploads. I’ve millions of people that see what I create every month, and I could use your help monetizing that via a sponsorship, you at the same time might be interested in getting connected with my audience.

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My audience is on YouTube, on Facebook, on Twitter on my podcast, on my blog. My audience consists primarily of people like me, online entrepreneurs, globally, many of whom are full time are working on a side hustle on my podcast, on my blog. My audience consists primarily of people like me, online entrepreneurs, globally, many of whom are full time are working on a side hustle.

Many are in the market for a lot of products and services like email marketing, like website hosting, like new cryptocurrency Blockchains. There are a lot of opportunities when you’re talking to people like me because I’m consistently researching buying new things, reviewing new things. And I’m grateful for the chance to do what I do every day. And I could use your help monetizing that.

And I’ve put together an outstanding sponsor package that gives you the chance to get in front of everyone who even sees what I do and to build a deep relationship over time, the way I see it, we can work together to make money and to help other people be educated and empowered and in the best position to live our ideal lives.

Thus, I’m looking for one exclusive sponsor who will be featured in everything I do, or individual sponsored videos.

I’ll show you the different options I have right now.

You can either sponsor an individual video if you just like one dedicated video, for example, a tutorial is often the best format or an interview is another really good format.

I have that or you can be the actual exclusive sponsor, and you can get a lot better deal.

Out of being the exclusive sponsor because there’s things I’m able to do for an exclusive sponsor, like put cards on all of my existing videos. Whereas just for a single video, that is not a practical option. If you’d like to be the exclusive sponsor, I’ll show you what you get access to.

If you’d like to talk about this, you can just go to Jerry Banfield and schedule a call on my website in the last 28 days on my YouTube channel 7.9 million impressions.

That means my YouTube thumbnail at a bare minimum has shown up and someone’s seen the thumbnails if then people who’ve actually clicked on the thumbnails and started watching videos. 378,000 views 244,000 unique viewers on YouTube but if you’re the exclusive sponsor I’m available to put Sponsored By on my top thumbnails so that even if someone sees just a thumbnail, you will be getting your name your brand out there.

If you do a sponsored video, I set it up to get you traffic indefinitely. The average reach on a video is about 100,000 over a year, the first 48 hours to a week the average reaches anywhere from about 20,000 at the low end 200 plus thousand at higher end for videos that people find really interesting. My audience the largest single place my audience is in the United States with about 22% on YouTube in the United States. And the next largest is India about 20% and then the next largest after that is UK, Canada, Australia. Those combined are about 5%.

When you sponsor a video with me what makes it outstanding is it goes out in so many different formats. You get a YouTube video you get a Facebook video, which this is my Facebook reach for the last 28 days 138,000 posts reach to 2000 new page like 17,000 page views, and you’ve got 81,000 video views you can see on my page in the last 28 days.

I’ve also every YouTube video I turned into a blog post and a podcast to make sure I can reach everybody with as many different methods as possible.

Now, these are the options I’ve got which gives you access to sponsor me. I’ve just done I’ve just offered this service for the first time made it very transparent with the pricing exactly what you get exactly what I give me.

A good way to start out could be with a sponsored video, but really I can do the most when you sponsor the whole channel there, I can funnel a whole lot of traffic to you that I’m just on one individual video is not practical to change the annotations, or the cards on every single video every time I have a sponsored post.

But as the sponsor, you also get those dedicated videos every month. And it’s a great way to help me get to know what you’re doing. I’ll go over here, the sponsor page itself is on Uthena.

Which is our new platform for connecting, educating and serving all in one place. There’s nothing else like it out there. Imagine putting up your own video courses, building relationships with the people in those courses, and offering your services you can do your whole business on Uthena.

We’re currently seeking investors for that it’s a really good time to sponsor me, as I imagine a whole lot of growth and with more growth comes a greater expense.

You can lock in the rate to sponsor me indefinitely. If you’d like to see more details on all the page views, notice the impressions go up and down by each month.

So in April, there were less impressions on YouTube. There were more impressions on Facebook. You also get several different Tweets anytime you do a sponsorship with me.

As you can see 100,000 plus impressions a month on Twitter.

10,000 plus podcast plays a month on my podcast.

My blog has 700,000 plus impressions a month in Google organic search alone.

I got a pitch video up for up work and you you’ve got the option to lock the rate in indefinitely for $9,876.54 cents a month.

This is enough to pay for full time help for my YouTube channel and for my graphic design. And that is really big help for me as a sponsor, you are empowering me to help others work full time online and to allow me to just focus on creating outstanding videos, instead of doing a lot of the day to day work I was doing before have to actually spending relatively little time filming videos and a lot of time doing things like graphic design and trying to upload the videos to my channel and publishing and sharing.

And I’m very grateful I’ve got a team now that handles all of that, which enables me to just focus on filming great videos like this one.

I screwed up like at least six or eight takes before this. And I’m like, what, what, what kind of video What am I supposed to make? And then like, Look, just lay it down. Honestly, a sponsor is really helpful for me. Right at this time, I have a ton of value I can deliver and the cost is consistently going up as the audience consistently goes up.

It’s a nice time to lock the rate in. You can also sponsor for 100,000 a year, essentially get two months for free. When you sponsor the whole year, I prefer a long term sponsorship to help I found you really want to work with someone in on a long term basis to make the deepest relationship the biggest results.

I imagined sponsoring me for the long term have produced a huge return and you can contact me You can schedule a free call. If you go to Jerry Banfield,if you’d like to talk about it, you can go over and just click on the Contact Page or right on the homepage,

Submit your application for a free call here.

And make sure to put in there if you’d like to, considering a sponsored video or being exclusive sponsor, make sure you put that in there. To help us understand the context you’re scheduling the call because, we don’t approve all call requests.

That way I’ve got time for the most appropriate call requests right can be helpful and then I can skip those words not likely be helpful.

So thank you very much for watching this video and learning how to sponsor me, I trust if you haven’t already, for some reason you got to the end of this.

And you haven’t already joined me hit that subscribe button and turn live notifications on that way I can spam the heck out of you.

With all the sponsored videos I put up I mean, that way I can make some really amazing content for you, you’ll find helpful.

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And if you really want to go try hard, you can hit that Join button, join the channel and I’ll put your username your YouTube channel name directly in the description of the videos I upload and maybe that’ll help you get some more subscribers or just show off your support for the channel.

I love you. You’re awesome. Thanks for making it to the end of this and I’ll see you again in another video soon.


Jerry Banfield