Sponsor Jerry Banfield’s Youtube Channel and Make $1,975.31/month

Make $1,975.31 a Month Bringing a Sponsor to the Jerry Banfield Youtube Channel

Are you ready to start earning $1,975.31 cents a month?

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I’ll show you exactly how you can do that right now. And the value proposition is very simple. You find a sponsor for my YouTube channel and my entire business online and I will give you 20% of what the sponsor pays. Super simple, and I’ll give you all the links in the description.

“I said simple, I didn’t say easy.” Very simple, you find a sponsor that pays me and I’ll give you 20% for life. What you’ll find in the description and this video is answers to the very key questions. Why would someone want to pay almost $10,000 a month to sponsor me?

 I will show you that here. Right now! The first question to address though is “How am I going to find someone?” when you set your mind to this that you want to do this, that you start imagining that you actually can do this, that you could make almost $2000 a month by just finding one person or one company that will sponsor me.

When you set your mind to this, you will find the best way to do it. You might have someone you already know that would be willing to drop the sponsorship on my channel that is probably one of your highest likelihood for success.

When you set your mind to this, you will find the best way to do it. You might have someone you already know that would be willing to drop the sponsorship on my channel that is probably one of your highest likelihood for success.

You also might know exactly who to go to or who to ask or you might literally be able to Google something, do some research and find the right person. The “How am I going to find someone” you can handle that? I trust that when you set your mind and imagination on this, you will get that done?

That’s the key thing for me to answer is why would someone want to sponsor me for $9,876 and 54 cents a month, or $100,000 a year if someone goes for the yearly option, you get 20,000 every year they continue to spend me, that’s a pretty good deal.

That’s why I’m offering it because I want to help you make money because when I help you make 2000 a month, you will help me make the rest of that every month. Now, I’m not even pocketing that that’ll actually just go to pay the video editor in the graphic designer I already have for my channel. So really, it’ll just pay for the things I’m already spending. And that helps other people to work online.

The key questions “Why would someone want to pay this money?” This is a very simple answer is advertising and organic traffic. What if you get down to the simplest terms of what I’m offering? I have on this description that there’s a link to the description to this sponsor Jerry Banfield service, which is our new theme, if you click on service, and then you go to the sponsor, Jerry Banfield or just go to the description, you will find it there.

The basic idea of this is my entire business gets 5 plus million impressions for free every month.

And when you sponsor me, that’s basically $2 per thousand. I will set it up so that all the impressions I show up in you will show up in as a sponsor. Also, anything from Little annotations on video thumbnails such as sponsored by you or your company to dedicated videos every month about the sponsor,

I will make sure that the five-plus million organic impressions I get every month you as a sponsor or the person you find that who will sponsor or get in on that attention. That’s basically $2 per thousand, which, considering the USA is the largest place for my audience, that’s a really good deal, in my opinion, given how much I’ve done paid ads.

Now that’s the overall value proposition. I’ve given you the very essentials within the first five minutes of the video. And I’ll dig in a little deeper in case you are really serious about this.

Here’s a more in-depth look, what are you sponsoring, when you sponsor Jerry Banfield, you’re sponsoring my entire business online, specifically my YouTube, my Facebook channel, my Twitter, my blog, you will be in all of my podcasts, you will be the exclusive sponsor in all of those spots, except on YouTube or Facebook may put their own third party ads in it.

And that could even be negotiated. If you want me to turn off all my YouTube ad revenue, we might be able to do that as well. We could work that out with an individual sponsor. I will also not accept more than one sponsor because I found that it helps to focus.

Because for some reason you go to this page and there’s no option to subscribe that means someone already has got the sponsorship, therefore, this is a first come first served whoever gets the sponsorship first.

 I intend to make a long term working relationship with us. If someone else gets this done first then you don’t get the chance to affiliate sell it now you can affiliate sell anything at a 20% lifetime Commission on Uthena you can sell this Uthena University bundle for $27.81 a month which currently has 98 courses.

You can affiliate sell anything if you want to sell this though the one key requirement you need to be an affiliate with Uthena.

You need to just click on the affiliates tab up on Uthena or go to the link in the description and roll in the free course finished the course and then respond to our email. Afterwards we show you how to be a successful affiliate on Uthena.

So why would someone want to sponsor me?

What I found is influencer marketing is extremely powerful. For example, Tim Ferriss mentioned two companies that I still remember even though I haven’t listened to his podcasts in over a year, I still remember the two people the two companies that he pitched for in his podcast. Influencer marketing works really well because you get sponsorship or you get advertising in a native format. When I go to Tim Ferriss podcast, I’m used to hearing Tim Ferriss and his guest’s talk. The ads are then in Tim Ferriss voice instead of being in some random actor or actresses commercial.

In a world where many of us are getting burnt out on advertising. I try to avoid all advertising I use adblocking. I use the Brave ad blocker browser when I go somewhere I don’t recognize. I scroll straight past the sponsored posts as fast as I can most of the time on Facebook. I also avoid, I have YouTube Red, so I avoid seeing any ads on YouTube. I work to avoid any advertising because I know it works.sing because I know it works.

I also don’t watch TV any more than things like HBO NOW, Game of Thrones, or anything you can subscribe to without ads. We are in a world where people work really hard to avoid ads. And this means there’s a huge opportunity that’s continuing to grow as companies see that if you want to reach people and the way to do it is through people who have an organic traffic based audience. That means people who have people looking for them and proactively going to see what they’re creating or being found in natural sharing YouTube search results suggested videos, Facebook, Sharing Facebook organic newsfeed that these are some of the most valuable ways to advertise.

From what I read influencer marketing budgets are going up 50 plus percent this year and formula I see it’s a race to grab the influencers I am looking at influencer marketing and I’m trying to go down to the bottom “Who can I pay the smallest amount of money?” that no one else is trying to market with as an influencer? Who How can I start a bunch of people off and be the first influencer that makes them an influencer essentially be the first to sponsor them to do influencer marketing for me. Influencer marketing and what it what is an influencer? an influencer is anyone who you could literally make the argument anyone that gets anything read on their posts online on social media or a blog is an influencer.

It’s just the degree of influence and what you can see if you look down on my page, you can see the degree of influence.

The degree of influence for me currently is about 5 million free organic impressions a month on YouTube. Now, here’s the real opportunity for sponsors. I am doing the best growth I’ve ever done, I’m laying the best foundation I’ve ever laid. I’m building my business up better than ever this year.

That’s why I’ve already got all these impressions. And I imagine the impressions a month for me are going to continue to go up and in a year, we might be over 10 million impressions a month on something like YouTube. As I’m putting seven videos out a day on YouTube, I’ve also got my Facebook data 400,000 people reached in this I was testing a couple of ads and as since then I’ve decided no more Facebook ads at all Facebook ads are a total waste of time and energy.

Let everyone else pay money to be in the Facebook sponsored posts. I don’t need that. And it’s a distraction. So most of this reach on Facebook’s organic, about 300,000 or so people reached out update the screenshot next month 200 and something thousand video views of most of that organic also on Twitter all organic 148,000 impressions in the last 28 days.

My podcast I’m not sure how many impressions but it’s got 10,000 plus actual plays in the last month

on Jerry Banfield and my blog 700,000 plus impressions in organic search and my blog I’m about to hire two transcriber bloggers that are going to start putting 10 or so new, detailed, very detailed Wikipedia level of detailed tutorial posts on my blog a day my blog has a huge amount of growth potential coming in over the next year.

I get all these tutorial and video course is transcribed and put them on my website. I’ve done just enough in my business I’ve gone wrong so many different ways to see what really works. Building that organic traffic foundation is what really works at when you sponsor me you are part of that organic traffic foundation.

What my audience primarily consists of other people like me entrepreneurs, freelancers, self-employed all over the world, the United States, Canada, Australia, India are some of the largest regions the US is currently number one, in terms of where the people are following me are from and I believe last I checked, India was number two, I think the US 40 or 50%. It depends on the source on my podcast 75% of people listening are from the USA, on YouTube, it’s something like 45 or so.

And I’m doing new videos. I’ll put some new one’s videos on this page each month to show my updated statistics. If you’re thinking “All right, well, that’s, that’s good tell me more some more about how this works as a sponsor.” What you want to know is that as a sponsor, I will do everything I can to get you in on all my impressions. When I have old videos on YouTube, most of my views on YouTube are from videos I’ve released within the past, actually, some of the number one videos on my YouTube channel or two or three years old, which this is going to get crazy as I’m now releasing so many new videos of the same quality that are actually starting to get a lot of good views every day.

The impressions on YouTube next year might be 10 or 20 million a month instead of 4 million. That’s when you work with me as a sponsor now, you’ve locked in the rate at least for a year of the growth. So of my Youtube channel grows to 10 million impressions a month within the next few months with all the videos I’m uploading, you’re not asked to pay anything extra for that.

Even on my old videos, for example, on YouTube, I have the ability to pop up a little information icon. And what I will do for a sponsor on the old videos is pop a little information icon up. And I also have the ability to change the thumbnail and put “sponsored by” everyone who sees an impression on YouTube sees the thumbnail and all the thumbnails of the most popular videos. Plus the new videos will have a little “sponsored by” option on there for the sponsor to help make sure even if people just see the thumbnail of the video or on the blog post if people are just seeing the blog post or on Facebook when I’m live.

I’ll have a little sponsor card that I can pop up something like this…

that I’ve got from my gaming except to give a shout out to a Sponsor instead, I see exactly how to get a sponsor in front of most people. And what I understand from all the time I’ve worked online is that it’s really valuable to be seen over and over again in the same context.

That’s what works about Tim Ferriss ads. On his podcast, he mentions the same advertisers over and over again. That’s why they’re memorable. When someone who’s following me sees the same sponsor 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 times over several months, that is where you get that conversion to action. That’s why sponsoring me with me putting out seven videos a day on YouTube two or three a day on Facebook plus about 10 hours of live video on Facebook which also goes out to twitch which also goes out to Twitter, Mixer, you will get everywhere that I am at.

My podcast you will be in episodes as an advertiser on my blog, you can even be in the blog in each little thumbnail, and even potentially in the meta text upfront, depending on how we can work that out so that if someone just sees even in search results, it will have the ability, say something like “sponsored by.

When we work together like this, it helps your brand to make a lot of growth. And you also know where the money’s going for me. What I found at this point in my business, and my work online, is I want to know where the money’s going. What I find really gratifying is to pay other people directly for their work. I love paying people and knowing that I’m helping someone work part-time or full time online. I love that I know where the money I’m spending is going instead of I used to do a lot of ads online and when you just throw the whole bunch hundreds of thousands of dollars at big companies you don’t know where the money’s going.

It’s kind of like paying taxes. You’re just throwing your money for a large amount of money to you into a massive pool of money that there’s no way accountability from your end to see exactly where your money’s going. There’s someone at Facebook at least one or maybe two people I’ve paid to have at least a year if not two years of full-time employment or is my money just sitting in the bank so Facebook can have billions in cash on hand, where’s all the money I paid to Google and Facebook.

I like paying individual people now and I’m giving up using any paid ads myself so that all of my advertising budgets are laid out for influencer marketing myself. I believe in this and as I get the content foundation rock-solid in 2019 my next step then is to get heavily into influencer marketing.

And to get the influencers who most advertisers would call are at the bottom, I’ll take the guys in India that have big YouTube channels that seem to struggle to get advertisers to pay for them because they don’t have a big enough US audience I’ll have that here. I am on the receiving end of this, it’s important for me to be on the receiving end of this, to help understand that being on the giving end of it also to give people the best arrangements.

Thus, I’ve set this up as something long term. Also, honestly, this is not something that’s worth it for either of us to just subscribe for one month, and to try and immediately look at your data and your metrics and to get afraid and all that don’t even bother with that. This is a long term let’s really help each other over a long period of time.

And the way I see this the one sponsor that will do this will benefit massively from working with me it’ll imagine sponsoring Tim Ferriss very early on in his career and having your brand fully associated with him everywhere you would look back at that and say my, you know, “I’m so grateful I saw that and I got on board before anyone else figured this out,” so to speak, does I’ve given you now for you to sell this I’ve given you all the information that I think you can use to sell this,

because while the odds of me reaching one person directly, who’s likely to do this might be potentially lower. The odds of reaching someone who knows the exact right sponsor for me are very high because of how I set my whole business up. Thus, I’ve said I’m grateful for the chance to help you today with make $1,975.31 cents a month or 20,000 a year with a yearly sponsorship.

Thank you very much for watching this I love your awesome when you want to get started and work on this just go to the affiliates link on Uthena and roll for free in the course links in the description go through the whole course here. You need to watch 100% of the course in order to be approved as an affiliate. Then you will get an email confirming you are an affiliate asking for your payment information and giving you your payment links.


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