StackCommerce 148k Income Report for March 2019.

Are you ready to see my income report from selling on StackCommerce? Because this has given me over $100,000 in earnings with very little that I need to do besides film video courses and submit them.

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If you’ve got video courses, getting them on StackCommerce is a really, really good idea. It’s very easy to do. You just go to and submit your courses or other products that you can sell on StackCommerce.

What I’ll do now is show you my income report and I’m grateful the projected earnings are going on a similar path to what I’ve already earned.

I’ll take you for a look inside my account right here. This is what I’ve earned on StackCommerce. $148,994.30 from 2015 to 2019 in February.

You can see the main things I’ve sold so far. The number one earner has been a Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker A to Z bundle. $41,000 in earnings on that off of one course I got in there.

Yes, I’ve now got three more courses filming that I’m intending to get in the next one of these.

Social media marketing bundle is the next biggest off of that with $20,000 in earnings.

I also had two cryptocurrency courses do really well here collectively earning $27,000 on those.

Now, these are my take-home earnings minus the StackCommerce agency fee which is something like 10-ish percent. Therefore, I’ve not actually got paid $148,000 it’s more like $130,000 or so that I’ve actually got paid. 

These are the top courses. The Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker bundle and Social Media Marketing.

Now, in this Social Media Marketing bundle I’ve got a lot of courses in this bundle.

You can see the relative earnings in sales.

So, a lot of sales on that White Hat Hacker bundle versus the earnings. Earning are less than $2 on average on that.

Meanwhile, earning almost $10 on average, a little less than that, on this social media marketing bundle which is currently one of the top sellers.

These crypto courses did very well in sales until everyone started hating on crypto.

Next up, CentOS & Red Hat Linux course. This one, almost $10,000 just the course itself.

The Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker A to Z and the Social Media Marketing in 2019 bundles are top sellers along with the crypto courses.

The CentOS & Red Hat Linux Certified System Administrator and the Complete Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing courses are among the top sellers as well. The Complete Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing course also earned $7,500.

Now, this same course earned over $100,000 on Udemy to give you some perspective. I got it to the top course in the Facebook Ads and Marketing category on Udemy. That gives you some kind of context.

The same Ethical Hacking course here that earned $41,000 on StackCommerce that course earned a lot. I think I made a quarter million or more dollars on that course on Udemy. However, I also got that to the number one course in the category as well.

If you go down further we can see The Ultimate Productivity Bundle is still doing great. And I love being able to help people with productivity. This earning pretty good also. Something like $2.50 a sale on that even though I just have the one Productivity course.

This actually I believe has earned more money than the Udemy course itself did. The Productivity course on Udemy I don’t think it cracked $10,000 while this course, $6,973 so far and continues to sell as a part of this bundle.

The Startup School Bundle did well also. $5,000 on that one. I even had a Videography Bootcamp. These other two Social Media Bundles earning thousands of dollars each.

And what I like on StackSkills, there’s a lot of individual courses that can do well and sell. You’ll notice there’s for some reason two separate Facebook Ads courses here. There’s the Hacking course.

The Productivity course by itself also earning $2,500 putting the total with the bundle nearly to $10,000.

That Productivity course, I’m surprised it earned more on StackSkills than on Udemy.

If you add up all these others what is nice to see is that these courses, so many of them, earning hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

The lowest earning was this Email Marketing course I did with MailChimp, WordPress and LeadPages, that earning $176 on 31 one sales.

I’m grateful even the Genius in 21 Days course managed to make $300.

Thus, if you average all these together, uploading a course on StackSkills for me has been worth on average maybe $1,000 to $2,000 each. I’ve got about 40 courses, therefore, I need to multiply by three.

The average course for me on StackSkills, StackCommerce, SkillWise, all the places that StackCommerce sells has been worth about $3,000 each.

If you’d like to see where these are, will you please go to and click on this links up here and you’ll see I’ve got all these links.

If you go to the Affiliate Links section with Jerry Banfield, you will be able to see each of these yourself in action.

I am just looking more at the StackCommerce business system after years of participating in it.

What you can see, for example, if you go the bundle you’ll see that I’ve got a Master of Online Business Building Bundle that’s just coming up for $48.

This has 30-something of my courses in it all for $48 total. It’s got 170 hours of videos. It’s got like 1,000-something lectures in it. It’s got almost all the courses I’ve put up on StackSkills.

You can see the original price is $4,520 for this, therefore, a 99% discount on this.

Why StackCommerce works so well is that StackCommerce has these custom store integrations it builds in and StackCommerce has a lot of properties that it make sales on.

Here’s SkillWise.

This is a StackCommerce property that it makes sales on.

You can see my courses up on SkillWise as well.

If you click on this for example, Social Media Rockstar Bundle, you can see how these sales work.

I’ve got courses in here. I’m not even sure which one of these is mine. Honestly, I don’t even know. I guess almost all of these are mine. Like half of these are mine.

So I’ve got the Facebook course in this. This is my Complete Social Media course which goes over a lot of the basics.

Then I’ve got a Facebook Marketing course with 55 lessons, 14 hours of video.

Then I’ve got my YouTube course with 57 lessons, six hours of video all in this bundle right here. Then the Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and Pinterest courses are by other people.

You can see how these bundles work.

Here’s my Productivity course right here. The Make More, Work Less: Time Management and Productivity course is here. This is how these sales happen.

Now, what StackSkills does, StackSkills has partners that are publishers.

StackSkills does custom integrations where instead of having an ad unit on your website, StackCommerce will build you out a store so you can sell things like this yourself and that’s where the majority of these sales come in.

It is a combination of StackCommerce’s properties like, like and direct sales on publisher websites. That’s why you’re able to make so much in this business system. For example, here’s another one.

So, this is which looks almost the same as SkillWise. If you’ll see and look almost exactly the same. Then you’ve also got StackCommerce has all these different properties and then on there’s a different interface on there.

If you’d like to get your courses up on StackCommerce you just go to or you can just click on, click on ‘Sell with Us’, scroll down to the bottom, put your name, email and links to other sites. You can put your product, digital, physical, online course or other then you hit ‘Submit’.

That will give you the chance to get a vendor contact. You work with your vendor contact to get your courses uploaded using the Teachable interface enterprise solution that StackCommerce has setup for you.

If you’d like to buy any of these bundles, will you please use my affiliate links on, because when you buy these through my affiliate links, I get additional earnings over the top.

The affiliates on StackCommerce get an additional 8%. Thus, if you go through and say buy this ‘Master of Online Business Bundle’ as an affiliate the take-home I get is higher.

If you’d like to buy anything or go shopping on the courses I trust you will feel inspired to go through and use one of my affiliate links.

And then when you browse some of these courses on here on StackSocial, for example, you’ll see there’s tons of courses on here you might enjoy.

There’s tons of course bundles, there’s all kinds of other tools and such. And if you’d like to buy anything, I’m very grateful when you use my affiliate links.

There’s some really good ‘Pay What You Want Bundles‘ on here too. This is where I’ve made the most. You get these ‘Pay What You Want Bundles‘ where you can put the price down to as low as $1.

This is actually a system I’m implementing on my

What’s cool is they’ve got the average price right here then you click pay what you want and you can literally put in $1, but you won’t get access to the full bundle. So they kind of encourage you to pay the full price then you get all these others.

Basically if you pay what you want, you only get this one Project Management Basics course.

If you put in $5 it doesn’t unlock anything else. Then if you put in $12 it unlocks it.

It’s also got this cool leaderboard feature where you can go through and if you pay the top price you’ll get a spot on the leaderboard.

So, especially if you want to do that, for the 9,000th time that’d be awesome if you use my affiliate link.

Then you hit ‘Add to Cart’ and you’ll come up as the number one on the leaderboard which also raises the average price for everyone else which is kind of funny. It shows you how many bundles that have been sold on this as well.

What I will say from my experience as an instructor, a lot of these bundles do seem to have some older courses in them. Some of the courses they’re putting in the new bundles are from things I made three or four years ago.

For things like the Productivity course, they are extremely valid and up-to-date. StackCommerce also does go through and update things.

Like this Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker Bundle I did not get to get in the future iterations of this because I didn’t have a new Hacking course.

Thus, things like this are done well and maintained. If you go over here for these hacking bundles, for example, this new Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker bundle does not have any of my courses in it. But the one after this should have several of my courses in it.

I hope this has been helpful. I love these income reports myself. They give you an idea of what really is working to make money. I’m grateful for the chance to show this here to you today.

I imagine when this is helpful you’ll leave a like maybe even buy something through an affiliate link and you’ll want more of these. I’m consistently publishing income reports on whatever I’m doing that’s making money online, because I want to show you what’s really actually working for me. And you never know when I could give you a tip like this and you could end up earning hundreds of thousands out of it yourself.

I love you.

You’re awesome.

Thank you for giving me the chance to serve you today and I hope this income report has been helpful for you.

This is a StackCommerce Income report March 2019 with Jerry Banfield.


Jerry Banfield.