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How can I start a public speaking career today? I love getting up in front of people and talking a lot more than I do just getting in front of videos in my studio today, I’ve got a plan to build my public speaking career after I’ve failed so many other ideas. I’ve tried to launch my own show locally. I’ve tried to advertise and get people to come have me hire me to be their speaker and today I finally got a plan. If you’re looking to build your own speaking career, I think this’ll be really helpful for you because what I’m planning to do for myself is something that can be done almost anywhere else. It’s also something that doesn’t cost any money to get started with and it relies on showing up in front of audiences who are already available. I value your feedback on this plan and any suggestions you have also because I obviously could use all the help I can get and what is my basic plan and how have I been thinking about this?

I love getting up in front of people and talking and to me this is an essential thing. If you have a desire to have a public speaking careers, do you love getting up in front of people and talking? And the second key thing is do people love listening to you? One reason I love getting up in front of people and talking is because people seem to love listening to me. For example, I go to alcoholics anonymous every day and I share at meetings and people are consistently laughing and cracking up and enjoying hearing what I have to say. It seems to be a gift. I have it for appraising something like a public speaking career. Some people just don’t seem to have the gift to entertain an audience. To share from the heart is the key element to me to just open up and share directly from the heart instead of it being completely from the mind.

When you’re sharing from the heart, it’s very easy to connect with other people. I have to provoke emotional reactions and to me that seems to be key for success. Assuming these are in place. Then the following makes sense. If these aren’t in place, these are things that can be worked on in practice. I’ve done thousands of videos in this format. I’ve done thousands of videos just without editing in my own studio and this is given me a lot of valuable experience with speaking. It’s the same kind of format for teaching and doing what I want to do in front of other people. Thus I’m seeing it’s very important to get down to exactly what you want to speak and talk about what I want to speak and talk about are the same kinds of things I make in videos. Therefore, I’ve, I’ve clearly loved doing it.

People love listening to me and I’ve got my topics, the same kinds of things I do videos about. I want to actually talk with people in person because it’s just so much more exciting. There’s a more that gets done in person versus just doing these videos on camera. Therefore, practice, practice, practice. I’ve already done so much practice. I’m ready to go now. Where do we put together the key things we need for speaking career? Number one, we need an audience. As I’m demonstrating here. Clearly I can just make a studio and film at home without anybody and this in my opinion is a great way to start and get some experience and demonstrate that you can talk and have things to say and that people do enjoy at least watching online. From there the key step is ward or I find an audience of people locally that will actually want to come listen to me.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot. I tried to start an online show up by doing ads and talking to people. Nobody showed up. I tried to start a show using just what I know about marketing and such online and nobody showed up to my in person show. I’ve thought about where I could go, where people already be listening or watching and us. Very simple thing has come to mean. Why not just go talk at universities? The kind of things I want to talk about teaching business are the kinds of things students would want to sit in front of and listened to. I did a guest lecture or two when I was working on my master’s at USF and the students were really engaged with whatever I was talking about and I had a great time doing them. Thus, my path that I see is to go to universities locally and ask professors of specific classes to invite me in as a guest lecturer, and then what I do is I bring in literally just my iPhone and a microphone.

I bring in my iPhone, set up a tripod, record it. Then I’m able to put that up on YouTube. Now the beauty of having that up on YouTube is instead of having these videos where I’m in the studio by myself like this, I’ve then got videos on YouTube where I’m actually speaking in front of an audience and that is a big difference. It’s easy these days for anyone to grab a phone and talk by themselves or to set up a studio like I’ve got here, but actually getting an audience to listen to you makes a lot better video and the quality of what’s said in the video can often be better because of the audience. Thus, I’ve consistently been thinking about where our audiences that people take for granted. Most people want to start a public speaking career. I would imagine, would think going to guest lecture for free that universities would be below them.

I’ve been on that same wavelength that I ought to get paid to go speak places. What I’m seeing is going to speak for free at universities is the perfect opportunity for me to build a public speaking career where I’ll get experience probably doing 50 maybe a hundred guest lectures before I might even get an invitation to do anything paid or anything outside of university. Meanwhile, this will give me a lot of videos on YouTube and what I’m looking at the longterm trajectory. The more guests lectures I do, the more I’m going to get videos I wouldn’t have thought to make. I’ll do them completely in the format of questions and answers. That way I can put the exact question and answer video on YouTube. For example, if a student asks a really specific question, I give a specific answer, I cut that part out and put that as a specific video on YouTube.

Then as all these videos build up on YouTube, then people are watching my videos and seeing that I’m speaking in front of an audience. Then that puts me in a position to receive offers. When someone sees that I’m talking in front of an audience and here’s the audience laughing and sees me in that context, I’m likely to start getting invitations to speak other places. I’ve just went through and my partner calls every week. Jewel and Auret with Essentino Artists are talking about how this happened for them. They spoke at a local networking event and they were then invited to go speak and in another event with travel paid for to go to that event, they put the YouTube videos up and now they’ve got a sense they’ve got videos up that are of a more engaging quality and they’re starting to get recognized.

People are saying, Oh, jewelry. They go speak for audiences. That’s what they do and they’re on a trajectory to get invited to speak lots of other places and they’ve inspired me to look at, well, how can I get started with that? Now I can’t stand going and speaking at network groups. I’ve been to networking groups before, but I love talking in front of students at universities because students are already sitting there ready to learn and I’m lucky. I’ve got so many universities in my area like USF. There’s a lots of classes that I’m perfect to go guest lecture for anything in the marketing or business or entrepreneurship, communications. These are perfect places where I can go find the exact professor of the exact class that exact time, send an email and say, hi, I’m Jerry Banfield. I do YouTube videos online. I’ve built a business online.

I’ve got a lot of valuable experience. I’d love to come share with your students one day and this gives the professors a great deal because when you’re teaching courses, a guest lecture coming in as a professor means you, you don’t have to do anything. You literally just have the guest lecture come in, they teach the class. You might not even have to show up that day. It gives a professor exactly what they want, an opportunity to get some help teaching in the class. Now, not every professor will want that, but certainly some professors would be very grateful for the chance to have someone come in and share in front of their class and that also gives the students what they want. A little something different, a little something that hopefully is really engaging and fun instead of just a session of kind of taking notes and needing to study for an exam, a a, an experience that is high quality.

Thus I’m seeing this is a perfect opportunity for me to build my speaking career and yet I’ve noticed some strange resistance to it. I’ve had this idea for a while and I haven’t done a video about it. Even though this seems to me to be the kind of video that could help others seems to be a load of people online that are doing videos like me that want to get up and speak in front of an audience who don’t know what to do about it, who are listing themselves as a speaker or who’ve got maybe one speech here but don’t seem to be going anywhere with it. I’d love to see more of us go show up and makes the university classrooms more fun. I didn’t have that many guests lectures when I was in undergrad and I remember the ones I did have and I did a few guest lectures when I was a graduate student and those were so much fun.

I imagined them doing this system over and over again would build me connections with students, students that might go to my website, my buy, some of my courses who might want to know about if I started my own classes that I might be able to. Then with the experience guests lecturing, build some connections with students where I could have an email list and say, Hey, I’m teaching my own class now Thursday nights at seven and doing guest lectures in front of thousands of students would probably result in me being able to do my own seminars and just bring the students and maybe some of the professors who’d seen me teach before. Now I imagine I’ve had some resistance to doing this because as you can see, this appears to require a lot of effort for, for free on the front end, not just in outreach and figuring out which classes in which professors to contact, but a lot of speaking for free.

And I was listening to Zig Ziglar on audio and he had a lady who came up to him after one of his paid speeches further on in his career and she said, wow, this must be nice. You just get to show up here and make all this money. And he said, it is. But what I didn’t tell her is about all the times I went in to speak places for free all the times. He said that he drove to places like prisons and high schools and all these times in his career that he just went and for free somewhere often way out of his way, often at inconvenient times. He went and spoke a bunch of places for free and then that ended up to him having the incredible speaking career that some of us know about today’s Zig Ziglar enjoyed listening to that and I’m grateful today that I can see this way forward because I’m constantly looking for and often struggling with how do I make the best content on my YouTube channel and I’ve kept for years now seeing I need to have people in an audience in person because just like going to the AA meetings, the the audience, the things I end up saying in AA meetings and talking about are specific to the audience every day.

Things that I struggle to show up and make a video about AA and my studio by myself, but that come out naturally and are really funny in front of an audience. I need the audience and the audience needs me. I hope putting out this idea and plan I have to build a public speaking career is useful for you today if you’re thinking about how to speak also because there’s a lot of students all over the world sitting, bored in university classrooms that would love to hear great speakers come in and share their experience with them. Students who already paid and are borrowing money to sit there and learn something and Hey, why not do my part to give them the very best experience possible? I appreciate you watching this. I value your feedback on it. If you think this is a good idea, if you have any tips or suggestions, please let me know in the comments. Thank you for watching this. I love your awesome and I’ll see you in the next video.


Jerry Banfield