How to stay sober and healthy during holidays?

How to stay sober and healthy during holidays?

I am grateful for the chance to enjoy my fifth consecutive winter holiday season sober and third eating mostly whole plant vegan following a Whole Plant Food Based diet.

How to stay sober and healthy during holidays?

For Thanksgiving, we are taking a family trip starting Tuesday to a cabin for the week where I will be uploading videos instead of live streaming.

Yesterday I was reflecting on how much better the holidays have been sober. While the things we use to solve or forget our problems often lie to us and say that they will make things better, an honest look reveals that using anything to try to cope with life actually makes our lives and the lives of those around us worst overall.

Going to an AA meeting each day and practicing principles of honesty, kindness, love, faith, hope and charity in everything I do in my life helps me to remember I have the choice to be the way I want to be. I have the power to make a decision to stay sober and eat healthy for the holidays as long as I am willing to ask for help maintaining my decision and accept the help I receive, which then empowers me to help others.

Praying to stay sober each day is an easy way to ask for help while saying thank you throughout the day is an easy way to accept the help I receive.

My prayer today is โ€œGod I am willing to do anything to stay sober today. Will you please help US stay sober today and appreciate the beauty of our bodies today in each action we take? I am imaging a wonderful day sober today full of adventure, joy and learning. Thank you for the chance to carry this message. Be still and Know that I Am God.โ€

The remainder of the day I say, “thank you” as many times as I remember to. If I am disturbed, I slow down and ask for help on that. Nothing that happens around me has any power to change my decisions about how I live my life in terms of my eating and sobriety unless I agree to it.

Thus, the behavior of my family, friends and community, is not relevant to my sobriety or my eating choices. Whatever people are eating or drinking around me is up to them while I maintain the choice in what I eat, what I drink, where I sit, where I stand, whom I talk to, and how long I stay.

This body is my own creation and what I take into it is up to me. I choose to build this body beautifully with the best ingredients I find and to maintain a healthy balance of enjoying life. Today that means I choose to eat mostly whole plant fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and beans while avoiding anything from animals and minimizing processing because I have already eaten enough animals for a lifetime and want the maximum nutrition from the food I eat.

Whoever is eating or drinking differently around me does not impact my choice because my decision to build my body for maximum health and performance in daily life is based on a desire to be of service here with you and every other person on earth.

I โ€œfit inโ€ by loving those around me as they are, without demanding they change to be like me or that I change to be like them. I eat how I do because it is right for me and I know it in my heart. I stay sober because it is right for me and I know it in my heart.

This body is a gift I have worked to build for 34 years. Let me not forget that for one moment or ever consider destroying it again through any means.

To give up my sobriety would be an act of destruction towards this body. With all the unavoidable pains of life and the certain end everybody will see in the not so distant future, how crazy does one have to be to consciously wreck such a beautiful creation of God/Universe/Spirit?

Our bodies are the project we all have worked the most on this life and reflect every decision we have made.

Naturally the previous decisions have a certain momentum which can be frustrating when we try to take a new direction.

My first holiday sober was July fourth which was challenging for me. I wanted to drink really bad after I acted out and made an excuse not to spend the day with my family.

Thank God I prayed relentlessly to stay sober, repeatedly asked for help, tried a few suggestions like getting a massage to relax, went to more meetings, and got through the pain of making a healthy decision during an uncomfortable time.

My first winter holiday season eating vegan was actually fun as I explored new ways to cook my own holiday meal without animal products and appreciating the time with my family while learning not to judge their eating as inferior or superior to mine.

The biggest challenge in making the transition into a healthy and sober life was the fear of not knowing what my life would look like. My life today was beyond my imagination four and a half years ago because I had no idea what a happy, healthy and sober life looked like.

As I really got to know people with healthy, happy, and sober lives along with learning how they made the transition, I started to slowly imagine what my healthy, happy and sober life would look like.

My primary motivation in doing my gaming streams is to help show you that today, which also helps me to keep maintaining it. While being here together help you see what is possible in your own life, there is no substitute for working with people in person in your own life.

Almost every recovery meeting has someone that can help and our libraries are filled with books that can also help when no one is available.

“The Power of Now” was a huge help to my early sobriety, especially listening to it on Audible. My book “Speaker Meeting 2017” goes into much more detail at about my journey in sobriety and will leave you feeling understood and loved.

I appreciate you reading this message today while this helped me in writing it, and I imagine it is useful for you in imagining your own unconditionally healthy and sober life.

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How to stay sober and healthy during holidays?

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