Steem Voting Bot Replaced with Free Upvoters for Up to 4000 Users on Steemit!

Replacing My Steem Voting Bot with Free Upvotes for Up to 4000 Users on Steemit!

Are you using Steem is a cryptocurrency social media blogging platform that I was really big on. And I haven’t done much with lately. The nice thing is you can post content and get upvotes that actually give you steam and steam dollars which can be sold for real money.

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If you would like to get free upvotes for me, I have an offer where you can get free upvotes indefinitely. By joining my email list, I’ll show you exactly how to do this and you get one upload a day indefinitely on Steem.

So first, let’s take a look at how much is my vote worth currently, my oppose worth about $3.48 cents at 41% voting power.

Now I just ended my voting but I gave everyone a week of notice repeatedly in the payouts that I was ending the voting, bot still, the voting power may drop however the price of steam might go up. So the value of my up bot every day will greatly vary by the price of steem, the steem is given to me and my vote power.

If you want me to vote more for you can always delegate some, now she can get an idea of what it is. So it could be $1 one day it could be $10 a day it could be one cent another day what you get is one upvote a day and I’m voting my own posts on this and I’m voting everybody else’s on this to get one upvote a day from me the Jerry Banfield

one of the top guys on Steem even though I haven’t done much with it lately. So here’s how it works. All I ask is you join my email list and see what’s new with me every week I was going to just offer this with you know,

just post a comment I’ll give you to behave, why not ask you to do something that’s good for you. I think you’ll like joining my email list. So what you can do is go to Jerry.tip/steemvotes , there’ll be a link directly to this, but it’s just Jerry.tip/steemvotes, I’ll show you what everything looks like.

So what you’ll do is I’ll copy this and we will go to this page right now so you can see what it looks like Jerry.tip/steemvotes . Now when you go to the Jerry.tip/steemvotes , it’s just a form to put your first and last name your email and your steam it profiles URL Make sure to put only your steam it calm slash add profile URL here and nothing else in this field will work just put that in there. What you do is type your first and last name, your email address and your profile URL. Then you hit Submit what you’re asking to join is my weekly update email list where I send the newest videos, the newest blog posts, the newest podcast episodes, I asked that you join my email list, take a look at what’s new with me every week and I will continue to update you indefinitely on Steem.

So you subscribe to my email list you hit Submit now there’s you need to do this full processor you will not get to join the list once you will get is this exact screen or something else five edited it since then, you will get this as soon you submit your information successfully.

It’ll say thank you very much for signing up. Please check your email now and click confirm my subscription to activate your auto votes.

If you do not go into your email and click on Confirm my subscription, it will not count you need to actually go into your email. Because otherwise you could just put in any fake email address and start getting auto votes, you need to actually confirm that you own the email address and that you genuinely want to receive these your once daily automatic vote on steam will occur.

After confirming your email address. And after we manually add you to my new voting bought which I will show you how it does it no longer accept any don’t send any money to me for a vote I have I’ve retired that we’re not doing that anymore. Now what it’ll look like in your email is it’ll look like this. It’ll you will see it where it says thank you for subscribing to Jerry Banfield weekly.

And I’ll say you are someone subscribed to the list using your email address, what you need to do is hit confirm the subscription, you need to hit confirm my subscription.

And that will allow you to actually join the list until you’ve done that you have not done everything you need to do join the list. Once you do that, you’ll go back to another field that says thanks for signing up.

And that’s how you know you’ve successfully completed everything you need to do. Now on my end, what I do is I check these every day or two, I see the new email subscribers and I go into my Steem dunk dot x, y z account, I have a platinum plan here,

I paid at steem dollars for this so that I can upload up to 4000 people a day on steem automatically.

So what I do for this is I go in here and I just put, I will put your author name in here, let’s say let’s just do like an account, for example, to show you what it looks like. So you hit a plus button and here, then once you bring that up, you have the option for the voting weight.

Now to make this fair, everyone will get a 100% upvote meaning everyone gets equal votes, then I will also put at least a 30 minute delay minimum on your posts and the maximum daily votes you get will be one this is everyone gets the exact same terms on this except me, I’m voting all my posts every day.

And a couple of my friends I’m voting all their posts every day. But other than that everyone that signs up on my email list gets these exact same terms and you get 100% up fo you get a 30-minute delay and you get one vote. So what I’ll do, I’ll remove that account, and then you just join here, you join here.

And that’s it and you and you say is you stay subscribed to my email list. So what happens is, as I imagine it’s possible that will fill this up to 4000 people over time, then what I’ll do is go through and clean it. If you’ve unsubscribed or emails are not delivering to your email address what all or you’re not posting any more on Steem, I’ll go through and clean it and delete people on it that are not subscribed to email anymore, or not on Steem and then allow people that are newly joining to get on it.

I just launched this today, which is July 4, 2019. This is wide open, this is the best time potentially ever to get in on this and you get the free auto votes on all your posts every day.

So I appreciate the chance to serve you today I’ve ended my voting but after a year and a half of running it based on principle, I’d rather just help you get to know what I’m creating and help you get rewarded directly for what you create. Without any bs or money or artificial conditions.

You do something for me once and join my email list and read it I’ll do something indefinitely and approach you on Steem.

Thank you very much for learning how you can get automatic votes from me every day on Steem.

I love you. You’re awesome. I appreciate you being here and I will see you. I’ll see you on my email list soon.


Jerry Banfield